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(1) The importance of this FOIA release is stunning. The requestor submitted a FOIA request to a #DHS-funded #ThreatFusionCenter & they accidentally gave him an extra file containing referencing Remote Neural Monitoring technology & Psychotronic Weapons.

(2) This is important to note, because this means that the proliferation of this technology has gone far beyond the US Military, #CyberCommand and #NSA.

#ThreatFusionCenters are the umbrella headquarters for at least 15 federal agencies, Fire, EMS, FAA, Local LE and ....
(3) a host of other agencies. In total there are well in excess of 30 different state and local entities working at Regional #FusionCenters.

These #ThreatFusionCenters are funded (at least in part) by #DHS, and possibly #DoD as well, however they are "overseen" by ....
(4) the states in which they are hosted.

For example, in Virginia the (Federal) #DHS-funded #ThreatFusionCenters are overseen by the Virginia Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security.

So what am I getting at? These highly advanced and classified military grade ....
(5) #RemoteNeuralMonitoring systems and #Psychotronic Weapons platforms are being abused to target "political dissidents" which are referred to as "Domestic Terrorists" by #DHS #FBI #JTTF #NSA #DOJ, with little forensic evidence to prove their deployment.

(6) Anyone who spoke against the Bush-Cheney administration's aggressive "War on Terror" was instantly red-flagged as a "potential domestic threat" AKA "Domestic Terrorist."

Remember the line "If you are not with us, you are against us," and "you will have no safe quarter?"
(7) Furthermore, under Obama, the "domestic terrorist" target database expanded under the still-ongoing #OperationHammer, which is also, like the domestic "War on Terror," coordinated through #ThreatFusionCenters.


(8) While remotely monitoring and modifying peoples' brainwaves may seem like the stuff science fiction movies are made from, the technology has been around for more than 70 years, and the US Military has developed it within classified programs to the extent that would ....
(9) would scare the living he77 out of America.

The ultimate domain of privacy has been the human mind, but for nearly half a century, that no longer holds true.



(10) This is a reference to a 1976 Patent entitled "Apparatus and Method for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves."

This technology is warrantlessly deployed in the USA and is highly advanced.


(11) So what #DHS #DOJ have done, unbeknownst to the public is set up a #PredictivePolicing protocol in #ThreatFusionCenters, which in turn is integrated with US Military Operations, Army #PSYOPs units, #CyberCommand and the #NSA.

This extrajudicial protocol is highly invasive.
(12) This technology is very similar to the technology depicted in the movie "The Minority Report," minus the part of the integrated humanoid AI floating in a sensory deprivation pool.

The technology employed by #ThreatFusionCenters on up, is most likely integrated with AI ....
(13) or (sentient) General Artificial Intelligence AKA GAI, for the purpose(s) of behavioral pattern recognition and algorithm monitoring and flagging.

But here is the nasty part, when a red-flagged "domestic terrorist" does not exhibit signs of behavior indicative of being ....
(14) being a real threat, #DHS #FBI #JTTF will use street level tactics to harangue the civilian "targets" in order to trigger emotional states of anger, duress and apprehension, so that they appear on the AI-integrated, remote neural monitoring system as bona fide "threats."
(15) Furthermore, via the utilization of psychotronic weapons platforms, they can also remotely induce changes in behavior, emotions and mental states of a "target" in the privacy of his or her home, via frequencies beamed into their domiciles.

The mind has no firewall.
(16) Additionally, they now have 50+ year-old technology at their disposal which does not just alter moods, but can actually subconsciously insert thoughts in the "head" of the target.

The US MIlitary refers to this time-tested technology as #SyntheticTelepathy.
(17) So what #DHS #FBI #JTTF r doing is spoofing the Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) systems by agitating civilian "targets" with seperate technologies, in order to induce mental states that the RNM system identifies as threats.

(18) If that is not bad enough, #DHS #FBI #JTTF work with private contractors, that employ #DHS-funded, vigilante-style civilian militias referred to by #DHS and #DOJ as "Surveillance Role Players."

Google the term to see the thousands of job openings for these positions.
(19) #ThreatFusionCenters relay civilian "target" positions to the private contractors and #SurveillanceRolePlayers via a special smartphone app, allowing for the "domestic terrorist" to be stalked relentlessly on foot and by vehicle - referred to by US Mil as "Battle-Swarming."
(20) So the civilian target is unknowingly influenced by Psychotronic Weapons Platforms and extreme pain-inducing Active Denial Systems, Synthetic Telepathy AND street level stalking, harassment and assaults 24/7.

Remember what George Bush Jr. said "We will give them no quarter"
(21) If that was not bad enough, #DHS #FBI #JTTF create a fake "dossier" on the target and relay it to local LE in order to bring them into the loop & substantiate the targeting of the innocent civilian

The civilian "target's" family, neighbors & friends r told that he/she ....
(22) is "mentally ill," a "threat to national security," & "under investigation," essentially severing the innocent "target's" support system in order to isolate them.

Neighbors and employees of the commercial locations the "target" frequents are shown a "community notice" ....
(23) and told that the target is a "threat" and to "avoid contact at all costs."

This is how the US Government is extrajudicially targeting tens of thousands of innocent Americans thru #ThreatFusionCenters, which basically equate to high-tech, #Gestapo-styled command bases.
(24) Everything that the US Diplomats were hit with in Cuba and China have been deployed in the USA by #DOJ #DHS - with an array of much more dangerous technology. The innocent victims have no recourse.



Read about this 70+ year old technology and weep. It is deployed throughout the USA. The mind has no firewall and we are all subject to "cerebral" rape and torture - with the perpetrators manning this technology remotely, maintaining plausible deniability.

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