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#storytime #threads #storytimethreads the time I got this 🐱 💦👅 ATE !!
Yo slimessss 💚💚👉🏾. Sooo I see majority of y’all chose first time getting my cootie cat ate so let’s get into it shall we ?
So the nigga that did this is my ex best friend from previous threads. His name is Lenny. Ima re- describe him to y’all Incase y’all don’t remember. Soooo he’s tall 6ft. a milk chocolate 🍫🍫🥵color. he got dimples 😩 a lot of curly hair and a BIG ASS DICK!! His shit is 8in👅
Like ughhh😍😍😍 he’s sooo fine. So we were the type of best friends that did shit together. If y’all remember the threads we would do shit in class or in the hallway during our basketball and cheerleading practice. If y’all want the tea with that go read it 👀
Anywhore let’s get to the story ! So this happened over Christmas break a lil while ago. So he ft me and asked me what I was doing that day and I said nothing why. He said let me come scoop you ☺️. So knowing my hoe ass I said yea😂 So you know I took my shower shaved made sure
I was smelling tropical
Then I got dressed I looked like a whole dyke 😂. I put on sweatpants and a hoodie Bc what I look like tryna be cute in 20 degrees weather ?😂😂🤚🏾. Tuhhhh. Anyways he came and scooped me
Gtg ima finish after this class ! Bye guyssss
Ard I’m back ! But so he came and scooped me and we in the car listening to nba ( his music is so ass but I listened to it for my bestie 🙄) then he start grabbing my hard rapping his lyrics to me and I’m just like awww 🥰🥰 cuz he’s so fine anything he does is cute to me
So we get to his house and he lives in a one floored house so as soon as we get there he said he was gonna smoke and asked if I wanted to join him. Now I normally don’t smoke unless it’s hookah I had weed a few times but I knew something was gonna go down that day
So I chose to do it high then sober. So we go in his bathroom Bc his mom don’t like the weed smell going through her house
Brb again ! Gotta take my drivers Ed exam
I’m back again you guysss if I pass this drivers ed test in my school I get my license 🤪🤪.
But ard lets get back to the story. Sooo we go in his bathroom I put on power 99 ( Philly radio station ) and they playing the remixes and shit. So he start smoking and I’m just sitting there admiring his fine ass. And he passes it to me and I soon as I took a puff I blew it out
Andddd I guess you supposed to hold it longer but how I’m supposed to know I don’t smoke that shit 😂😂😂
So he laughs at me and takes the blunt from me and takes a puff and then tells me to come here. And then he kisses and blows the smoke in my mouth. And that shit was low key realllll sexy 😍😍😂. So I inhale and then exhale it and I start coughing like having a whole cough attack
And he just found that shit soooo funny like🙄🙄🙄. And then I hit him and he hit me back so we fighting in his bathroom until I slapped the bs out of him and I had to grab his hands to make sure he ain’t hit me back 😂 and he took my hands off of him choked me lifted me on
His sink and started kissing tf out of me 😩. And everytime we would kiss he would stop and bite his lip and his dimple would show and just UGHHH😍😍
Then I grabbed his dick and tried to put my hands in his pants and he moved it and put my hands on his abs instead 💦💦😩. And then he took my down from the sink and took me to his room
Then he lays me on his bed and mind you. At this point we are BIG FRIED !! So he starts kissing me and my neck and he takes my sweatpants off and I ask to suck his dick Bc I really wanted him at this point ! 🥵 and he said “ naw lil mama ima please you just sit back and let me
Take care of you “ 😩😩😩 whewww he ain’t have to tell me twice. So I payed back down and he starts kissing me again this time he put one hand on my neck and the other one is slowly going down my stomach and I got goose bumps Bc wheww the way his hands make me feel is CRAZY !
So he puts his hand on my pussy and starts playing with my clit. Now let me tell y’all .. my clit is so sensitive. So he’s doing that all soft and ny back started arching likeeee idk if it was just his touch or just Bc nobody never really did nothing to be before besides him
So then he went down further and tried to start fingering me and let me tell y’all FAT MA WAS WET ! I WAS SOAKED ! And I guess it took him by surprised Bc he stopped and looked at me some type of way and I’m like what ? And he’s like why you so wet like that? And I’m like
Cuz of you daddy and I guess that turned him on more Bc he bit his lip started kissing me again and then started fingering tf out of me. Btw this is also the first time I squirt ! So he’s fingering me and I’m Moaning into his mouth and he starts kissing my neck and I guess he
Touched my g-spot Bc out of no where I start squirting allll over his hands. And at first I thought maybe I peed or something. 😂 cuz I didn’t know it felt like that
And he took his fingers out of me and licked one of his fingers and He was bouta lick the second one but I took it and licked it myself. Man I was oss that day 😂😂😂😂. Then he kissed my lips softly and made his way down to my pussy. He started kissing my stomach first
And once again ! My back is arching Then he starts teasing me by kissing my inner thigh and my belly button and I’m moaning like crazy !
Then he starts eating my pussy. And let me telllllll youuuuuuu. He knows how to work his tongue !!
He’s spitting licking and fingering my shit at the same time 😍😍😍😍😍💦💦💦💦💦😩😩😩😩😩😩 ommggggggg I saw heaven for the first time 🥵🥵. I tried to back away but he grabbed my hands and pinned me down so I had to take that shit like a G 😩. And I’m moaning daddy and his
Name And he made me cum 4 times! And he licked allll that shit up 👅💦. Then after he was done sending me to heaven I reached for his pants and he was SOLID ! HARD ASF
And then I sucked his dick 👀. If y’all want that thread lmk in the comments 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾.
Anyway moral of the story let your bestie eat ya box cuz you trust them more and it feels soooo good 😩 bye yalllll ❤️
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