Sanatan Dharma means Eternal Dharma. It is eternal because it is applicable for all people at all times in all situations. It is timeless.

As a scientist, you must NOT allow your biases or any human to tell you what is Sanatan Dharma. You must apply above definition to filter..
U must NOT say this is Sanatan Dharma because X said so or it is written in Y book. Well, that can be secondary evidence. But, primary evidence is the Definition itself - universal beyond time, space, situation. Lets work out some examples to deduce Sanatan Dharma as scientists..
This is like Pure Maths where u build up to Advanced Theoretical Physics formulae from very fundamental axioms that cannot be challenged. The word Sanatan Dharma itself embeds these axioms
Sanatan = timeless, spaceless, situationless.
Dharma = Natural, Intuitive to Adopt..
Hypothesis : Rituals are Sanatan Dharma?
A :
Can rituals be done by everyone anytime? No
Can rituals be done in Arctic Circle? No
Can rituals be done u r in midst of Tsunami? No
Since, one counter example suffices to reject hypothesis, Rituals are NOT Sanatan Dharma.
Prev tweet proves rituals are not Sanatan.
Let us dig further.
Are rituals natural for every human to adopt intuitively? No
Can u intuitively decide which ritual is right and which is wrong? No
Hence rituals are not Dharma.
Thus Rituals are neither Sanatan neither Dharma..
This may sound blasphemous but that is because emotions and previous biases hamper scientific thinking. A scientist must keep emotions aside. Be objective. That is common in Physics and Maths, but rare in matters of Dharma.

But does that mean rituals are useless? ...
Let me give analogy of loving mother. Loving mother is greatest emotion one can have. Let me not get into rigorous definition of love and mother for now but just work with intuitive feel for now. We all know loving mother is awesome.
Assume this love is Sanatan Dharma, for now..
We can prove that loving mother is Sanatan Dharma from axioms (u can try as an exercise), but for now say it is indeed Sanatan Dharma. To show this love, you gift her a good mobile phone - so that she can connect with her distant relatives on Whatsapp. Doesn't feel lonely...
Now question is: Is this Mobile or Whatsapp Sanatan Dharma?
You may intuitively interrupt me - Hell No. How can a Nokia Phone or an App be Sanatan Dharma?

Well, you are right. The Phone or Whatsapp is NOT Sanatan Dharma. But the love behind it is Sanatan Dharma...
So far Phone is instrumental in fulfilling love of mother, it is ENABLER of Sanatan Dharma. The moment it develops an independent existence, it ceases to be Sanatan Dharma.

The difference is subtle and that is what Marketing guys exploit during festivals with emotional gift ads.
As a Sanatan Dharma scientist, however, you must know the difference always. Love for Mother is Sanatan Dharma. Everything else is ENABLER of this Sanatan Dharma so far it ENABLES practice of this Sanatan Dharma...
Apply this rule to rituals. If the ritual ENABLES Sanatan Dharma, it is worthy. If it dissociates with Sanatan Dharma and conducted blindly, it is NOT.

Now this conclusion has interesting Corollaries.
One, Since rituals are not Sanatan, they are bound to vary with time, place.
Two, since variation is inherent in rituals, obsession with perfect rituals is NOT Sanatan Dharma. Anything against natural intuition is NOT Sanatan Dharma.

In Sankrit Lingo, it is called Naisargika or Swabhavik Dharma to differentiate from imposed ritualism.
Lets take another example:
Hypothesis - Casteism/ Birth based Varna is Sanatan Dharma
Can you observe a person and intuitively label a caste on him? No
Can you verify birth-record claims of anyone for last 400 generations? No
Hence it is NOT Sanatan Dharma.
Another example:
Claim: Polygamy/ Polyandry is part of Sanatan Dharma
Can u encourage ur sister/ wife/ daughter to practice Polyandry?
Can u celebrate if your father marries another woman?
For me, answer is NO.
So for me, it is not Sanatan Dharma.
One more:
Claim: Is it written in Puran/ Mahabharat etc, hence it is Sanatan Dharma?
Can u understand language?
Can u verify this book is really a genuine book?
What if someone assumes some other book as his religious book and wants to adopt those practices?
Overall, apart from someone telling you this book is Sanatan Dharma, you have no way to axiomatically conclude that book is Sanatan Dharma.
Hence these books or their teachings are NOT Sanatan Dharma.
Like in previous example, there are ENABLERS of Sanatan Dharma...
In other words, if I find something in these books that is eternal, intuitive, relevant, itis Sanatan Dharma.
But if I find stories of a prophet breaking moon, or threatening hell fire for disbelief, or story of 5 Pandava marrying one woman, I will not consider it Sanatan Dharma.
A digression here: That is why in Sanatan Dharma thumb rules, only Vedas are Swatah Pramana or source of Dharma. Everything else is Smriti or human creation and acceptable ONLY to extent it complies with Vedas.

So question arises. How do we claim Vedas are Sanatan Dharma?..
This one is an interesting exercise. Slightly convoluted but still solvable if we stick to fundamentals.

Here are pointers.
One, Veda itself comes from root Vid that means Jaane or to know intuitively...
Hence Vedas themselves claim that they must be adopted ONLY when the wisdom from them is intuitive. In current lingo, I can say that Vedas have issued a fatwa that blind faith is haram, EVEN IN VEDAS!!
This suddenly changes the whole paradigm. This is different from all other religious books. Vedas suddenly become books of pure mathematics instead of Nostradamus Prophecies or Hari Putter or Linda Goodman or Jaadu Tona or Bible or Quran. Vedas say - Don't believe, derive. Wow!
Vedas have a Nisha Sukta that claims all Vedas are embedded within our soul. And our life is a project to unlock that wisdom. The books called Vedas are just lingual representation of that wisdom. Just like your image is a 2D static representation of you in visual dimension.
What if the so-called Vedas are actually some hoax & not real stuff?
Vedas have answer to this as well. They say - Don't believe, derive.
If you can't derive, work through your life with core acceptable intuitive principles. That will suffice and u will get whatever is best for u
To give an analogy, Don't mug up Einstein's paper of Special Theory of Relativity. You can derive from fundamental principles because wisdom is inside you. As u progress, at right time u can always pick up the paper to speed up your journey of physics mastery.
This is so liberating. Nothing is a carrot & stick. Vedas claim nature is so designed that when u follow Sanatan Dharma (intuitive, worthwhile, eternal principles), you will automatically start getting whatever is best for your journey to progress....
You start getting via inner drive, coincidences, people, world etc. Whole world is conspiring to help you every moment!
Hence, Vedas because of its inherent definition and framework is Sanatan Dharma. Even if u dont read Vedas or Einstein, u r on right track so far u r genuine.
Thus, what remains to be cracked is What exactly is Sanatan Dharma? Yes we know the axioms. But are there some more useful formulae that speed up my journey? As we will see, the pursuit of having such formulae is itself Sanatan Dharma! That is where Vedas help us.
Will stop for now. But will try to derive some useful basic formulae of "What is Sanatan Dharma" from core axioms of eternal - timeless, spaceless, situationless, relevant, intuitive, natural, worth being held.
ॐ कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्
Om Krinvanto Vishwamaaryam!
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