1. I may not finish this whole thread now, but I’m going to at least start giving you all some details from today’s visit to The Creation Museum with @julieingersoll and @QuiverfullTwee1, with whom I also just imbibed a fair bit of white wine. Tomorrow we hit Ark Encounter!
1. Answers in Genesis, the organization behind The Creation Museum and Ark Encounter, is devoted to apologetics for young earth creationism. As a result, The Creation Museum embodies the worst of two American “traditions”—anti-intellectualism and kitschy roadside attractions.
3. Whoops, last tweet should have been 2, not 1. Anyway, The Creation Museum is a pretty surreal place. It falls under what I have elsewhere, with apologies to Rod Serling, called the Jesus Zone. My first #TheJesusZone thread is here:

And my second, which has to do with the kind of young earth creationist material I grew up with, can be found here:

This is number three.

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5. Now on to today’s main attraction: AIG’s Creation Museum. The first thing you notice when you walk in are a bunch of installations dedicated to dragon legends. And check out the music! 😆
6. So, what’s the deal with dragons? Young earth creationists believe that legends of dragons provide “evidence” that humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time, a point visually emphasized in many places throughout the museum.
7. Check out these fancy animatronics!

#Exvangelical #TheJesusZone
8. From here The Creation Museum quickly reveals itself to be one large visual, auditory, and tactile exercise in presuppositionalist apologetics. The pseudoscientific sleight of hand rests in suggesting that creationists and “evolutionists” both have theories that fit the facts.
8-a. If you’re not sure what I mean by “presuppositionalist apologetics” or “presuppositionalism,” here’s a thread to help with that:

And now due to the hour and poor cell reception, I’m going to stop for the night. This thread will be continued soon...
9. Okay, let’s continue revealing the bizarro world of AIG’s Creation Museum, a massive monument to fundamentalist/evangelical ideology that overtly tries to convert visitors (though I doubt they get many not already in the fold, but hey churches do this too. #TheJesusZone
10. Oh btw did I mention they have a zip line on the grounds? Zip lining for Jesus, because Lord knows we must Christianize everything.

In the museum itself, we quickly move from a faux scientific “both sides” approach to a non-existent “controversy” to “Biblical authority.”
11. Now, you might wonder: why does a young earth matter so much to these fanatics? What could possibly be at stake? According to them, a lot. W/o a literal Genesis, you have no basis to keep the gayz from getting married, you see. They don’t try to hide this. They foreground it.
12. According to @QuiverfullTwee1, the emphasis on racism is new. There are several spaces in the museum with assertions that there is only one human race. It’s bad enough that this is simply fundagelical for “We don’t see race,” but it serves a more insidious purpose.
13. The insidious purpose served by this approach to race—an approach that is a far cry from robust anti-racism—is to blame slavery and genocide on “the Fall” and on non-Christians. And to conflate them with... wait for it... abortion! As #ExForcedBirth I’m attuned to this code.
14. But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. As we go on, we’re introduced to “ The 7 Cs of History.” Holy sermon outline, Batman!

According to AIG, ALL THE HISTORYZ can be encapsulated in “Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, Consummation.”
15. And now we will advance through the 7 C’s. This is how The Creation Museum represents creation. Sorry I turned the phone and that makes the video really wonky (didn’t realize it wouldn’t just flip the picture because I can’t technology), but you have to hear the audio.
16. Here’s some more of how the museum represents creation, the FIRST C OF HISTORY (history, history, history...)
17. Okay, I’m back on 4G here at the campsite, and we’ll be leaving for Ark Encounter soon, so I will leave off here for now and continue later.

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