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Imma rewatch Tank Girl and live tweet it. I watched this movie many times in the back when. I am now The Old and don't remember any of it.
I predict glee.
*note I have not yet read the graphic novels
Oh man I dig the 90s music
Oops already nudity. They set those expectations early.
Hey 2033 isn't that far from now
The yak thing with the goggles I can't even
Ooh she takes off her gear and my pansexual heart goes all aflutter
But where do they get power for the music in their humble abode??
*Things I didn't worry about in the glory of my youth.
I was entirely taken in by the strip play the first time, I was so concerned for her
Oooh the scary man whose name escapes me
He is indeed a scary man
"Water is life. Water is power."
I mean, he's not wrong. Maybe he isn't such a bad guy.
Oh that map with elevations it's so space age
He does appear to have a temper. I doubt those glass maps were free. Simmer down there.
I know murdering an underling by sucking the water out of his body is supposed to cement him as a bad guy.
Maybe it was baby monster fucker tendencies, but I always thought evil guy lackeys deserved what they got.
Sell outs.
He's drinking the water of his enemies and walking on broken glass.
Am I not supposed to be rooting for him?
She's such a goof I love her
If I had a candy necklace during the apocalypse I would save it for a special occasion
Oh boy, a Dangerball, let's give that to the child to play with it'll be fine
How do they still have cigarettes in the apocalypse??
Much cooler when everyone smoked.
Awww "I snogg you" that's so sweet
Whoa Bush came on and I was transported to another age
Already another strip tease. With scissors.
My poor old brain is all concerned about scarcity of resources.
*also my phone is autoducking stray a's into ass and am I being punked?
Oopsie that's not your boyfriend
This is when we pray she can kick ass
Indeed she can kick ass! With Batman-ey background music.
If she did not kick ass my young self would have abandoned this movie. I had no patience for wimpy heroes. My tastes have aged like fine wine. Sure.
Realistically, a human against a helicopter with a machine gun is not a good bet
The yak I love him I want to pet him
*water buffalo? Giant floof regardless
Please don't hurt the yak
I'm surprised I didn't remember that part. I'm good at holding grudges.
They all have to die now. Every single W&P employee.
"I like pain" she's so extra
She IS gonna bite it off dummy
Scary man's background music is scary
She killed EIGHT?
See he goes all literary and I could still be rooting for him. Except for the yak.
I forgive her her dislike of poetry. Maybe. Not really.
Hey it's Hole I used to know them
Baywatch reference oh gee the datedness
Yass the geeky mechanic girl she's the one I identified with.
She tries to drill her boss's face when he makes advances.
While I appreciate the cinematic beauty of the dirt shower scene
I'm glad I didn't have to film it
I would die, I would inhale dirt and die
*Why is there no gif of this??
"Quit picking on my girlfriend" this is where her fate was sealed as my favorite forever
I appreciate that he was on the louse side of the de-lousing station
And the brunette slinks away. Yup. It me.
She's on the wrong side of that cell door. Mayhem will ensue.
Oh no don't give her a tank she's already dangerous enough
Hey brunette is useful. Go semi-me.
"Places to wreck. People to do."
That line is beauty.
She can't even talk to the extra girl. I feel her pain so keenly.
"They'll take away my tv privileges" there's some of that glee
"She'll be fun to break"
Yup he's a bad guy. Kill him.
He's touching her without her consent. Even baby me knew that wasn't cool.
Extra girl sliding around on the bathroom floor is extra
"It's been swell, but the swelling's gone down"
Brunette covers her mouth when she laughs. I still do this.
Snatched for torture.
The good news is my writerly brain can now feel the beats in this movie.
"The pipe" waiting to be scared here
That thing would be a pain in the butt to build. Just sayin.
Passing out is not a bad plan
Booger insults will get you nowhere.
Wait he appears to have a rage weakness for booger insults.
The fear of my entire childhood
Monsters incoming
And brunettes
She just happens to find an extended cigarette holder of course she does
Don't shoot! I'm just a girl, stealing a helicopter and crushing on you!
"You take the tank"
"Are you sure??"
Oh L7, I still have your station on Pandora
*graphic noveley interlude
He's too cool for painkillers how dare
The doctor's hair hurts my head
Oops it's another husk tale thst away Jeeves
BAM you know it was based on a graphic novel, the fish bonk worked
"To the BatTank"
Where did they get the brain from??
I gotta confess that tank looks like fun
Her plane flew off without her
Ack that man is saying hold still while I cutt off your head
Bjork is still part of my everyday life I never grew away from Bjork
"I can get you out" to the hologram. I bet she would try.
I love that they got in a dress up montage
YEAH Dangerball the perv
Brunette means business
I have been waiting the entire movie for the song
It just gets more extra
Oops bad guys.
You were singing you knew it was going to happen.
Whoa those cybernetics are not good for structural integrity
The tank is a puppy. We all knew this.
The scary hand with the blow dryer is scary
The dude with the puppy he's so cute
"I have two words for you: brush your teeth!"
Hey be nice to dude with a puppy you meanie
"All in favor of crumpets and tea say aye"
I wanna tail I can raise!
Coin toss time??
Jet girl is not into the innuendo
Oh yeahhh the kangaroo guys were experiments I knew that
Beatnik drums in the apocalypse
Damnit stop being mean you meanie
The meanie was a cop.
HE WAS A DOG BUT HE WAS REALLY GOOD what a good boi I knew I loved him
Boink with a bowling pin works on course
What could possibly go wrong with this espionage side trip??
"What are you doing? Those guys will mangle you."
"Jet. They're men."
Hello again Bjork I still love you
Lesean have we left ourselves in our purse??
Jet is having trouble disengaging
It's the Batman music again!
Grilling during a firefight is the ultimate in safety
See I'm ok with the bad guys getting run ovrr they killed the yak it's only a matter of time
Oh gosh the trolls on the steering wheel. This was before they were cool. Again.
Of course a massive cliff into ex-civilization
Saved by a kangaroo puppy!
That's a lot of food at the end of the world
His poem has saxamaphone
The Rippers are the best movie surprise
Verurca Salt bringin it down
She is hanging off of the puppy's every word I love it
Scary Rippers freaking out is scary
She just had to with the parachute it couldn't be helped
She's blowing up a lot of stuff
"I'm gonna fly this rocket right up your socket"
More mayhem
Oh good let's drown the child how ironic
"We're much better in the dark, like Count Chocula"
Whoa Rippers can fly
"I'll see you cats at that big jam in the sky"
Oh my heart
Uh oh Ripper freak out
Here comes the good ole tank
"There's something about you that's different"
Ah well you helped the bad guy better curl up in a ball and die.
Oh wait.
"I'm going to hit you so hard, your children are gonna be born bruised."
How could that surprise me AGAIN?
Meanwhile Rippers are eating the yak killers
"I won" you sasser
The beer war tee hee
Bahaha water kills the water and power dude
Quit talking and pull her out already
Yeah Jet you tell him
Weird ending but as long as the yak killers got dead I'm ok with it
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