[Note from Eve: I'm reposting this thread because sometime between last night and this morning, @Jack thought it would be fun to cut off the last half it. You know... the part that *doesn't* make me sound perma-stoned and actually makes a few relevant points? 🙄]

Let's try again
The Conspiracy Theory of Everything — Part One

You know how all the great theoretical physicists are looking for The Theory of Everything? That one unifying principle that is going to elegantly make everything make sense?

Well, grab your tin foil top hats, folks.

I think I've stumbled upon The Conspiracy Theory of Everything... A conspiracy theory so big, it ties together all the major conspiracies into one cohesive, batshit crazy Globalist agenda.

Before reading on, you really need to watch this 16-minute video. It provides the foundation for this thread and background information essential to this discussion.


What if the ultimate hidden goal of every Globalist platform we are currently fighting is to help Earth achieve the status of a Type One Civilization, as defined by the Kardashev Scale, according to the hyper exponential model used to predict global energy consumption?

In looking at this, I am attempting to steer clear of confirmation bias.

As I pick apart some of the major Globalist objectives, I want to see if they would hinder or help a civilization that was actively attempting to reach that Type One status.

I want to do this without judging the objectives, the methods proposed, or the ultimate goal, while ensuring that I am not stretching truths or science when reaching my own determinations.

In other words, feel free to call me on any bullshit if you see flaws in my logic.

Lastly, before jumping down this rabbit hole, I want to add that I've always wondered why all of the celebrity thinkers in the realm of theoretical and astro physics seem to be Globalists.

Think about it: Sagan, Drake, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Michiu Kaku, and the late Stephen Hawking...

All very Liberal, very vocal Democrats, aka Globalists.

And they all seem to have given this Kardashev Scale a lot of thought...

In the linked video, Kaku states he believes we could achieve Type One Status in as little as 100 years.

I don't think he'd just pull that number out of thin air. He wouldn't risk ridicule if that were a delusional notion.

But, one hundred years to up our global energy consumption by a factor of one million.

Surely, they've started planning...

But how would you possibly convince a planet to go along with this insane plan to become a Type One Civilization?

* I want to add something here: Make no mistake, this IS insane! It's a made-up scale based on guesses made by, to borrow from @joerogan, "a bunch of chimps."

Well, first you'd need to unite the people of the planet under a global system — or, say, an Order — of government that would allow for such a sweeping societal transformation.

One in which the people are more likely to follow along and accept the necessary changes as they come.

It would be best if you could somehow make them WANT the changes.

Even BEG for them...

And what's the big Globalist Goal here?

You want people to want to use more power. A crazy shit-ton more. NOW!

And not just any power. It needs to be Clean, Renewable, Sustainable Energy or the very planet we are standing on will cease to exist.

That's what They have been telling us for years, right?

Still, They need to create a global demand for it that can not be ignored.


Enter 5G.

Turns out, 5G is going to cause global energy consumption to soar.


We're already marching giddily down this path, and we're going to require more power for it.

Where are we gonna get it?

The video discusses nuclear fusion and the practical problems associated with its development.

It discusses heavy hydrogen, but did you know that, when it comes to making fusion a viable, safe energy source, the smart money is actually on Helium-3?

There's not much of it here on Earth, but the moon is lousy with it...

Seriously? Did you really think I'd have a Conspiracy Theory of Everything and leave out the moon?

In 2004, confirmed Globalist, President George W. Bush, challenged NASA to figure it out. Make it happen. Colonize the moon and mine the shit out of it.

China thought that was a pretty cool idea, too...

Here's some spicy sauce...

Here's some extra spicy sauce...

[White Rabbit... Jade Rabbit... Do I still get a KEK?]


But what if all that moon stuff proves too difficult? Too costly? Too time-consuming?


We need this power now. Our smart shit depends on it!

They would need a backup plan...

The video also discusses solar power.

The issue with that, of course, is convincing large portions of the planet to willingly abandon big chunks of land and crowd into urban areas so we can cover the rest of the planet in solar panels...

I know, I know...

"Now we KNOW you're tweeding again, Eve. That's just crazy talk. Like anyone's ever even thought of proposing such a ridiculous notion!"


Actually, They've been working on this one for quite awhile now.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you...

A quick side note...

I'm certain the given explanation for the name "Agenda 21" is that "21" denotes the 21st Century. That works.

But there's a cosmic connection to the number 21 that is, I believe, more relevant to an aspiring Type One Civilization...

Have y'all ever heard of the Hydrogen Line? 😉

I promise, Part Two will start with that little tidbit!

I'm going to take a break and see if @Jack keeps my shit together.

Let me know if you guys see this far! And tell me what you think!


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