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1/ #Gamergate - when the Left met its match.
2/ In August 2014, word got out that some thot nobody had slept with five guys in the gaming media. People started asking questions about whether said whore's poor slideshow 'game' may have had inflated rankings as a result. This anon post summarizes the events well.

3/ Gamers on a variety of platforms discovered that, much like the infamous JournoList, gaming journalists were in cahoots and utterly corrupted by money, early access and perks from game publishers.

Unsurprising right? It would have been but for the backlash.

4/ The pushback to all the people asking questions about all this was INSANE. I watched as a huge thread on reddit's /r/gaming was just deleted while I browsed. Threads on 4chan talking about this started being deleted - which was unheard of.

5/ It was very confusing. Talking about Zoe's quim was seemingly forbidden everywhere - including the the last bastion of free speech, 4chan. @AdamBaldwin coined the term #GamerGate during this time. Popular Youtubers like Sargon and Internet Aristocrat piled on.
6/ Then in the first few days of September, a couple of dozen articles appeared all over the media declaring that, and I quote, "Gamers are dead". The articles said that "gamers don't have to be your audience" and "gamers are over".


7/ 4chan /v/ - the videogames board - was deeply suspicious about all of this especially when it found out that a bunch of social justice warriors had been suddenly appointed as moderators and started deleting threads. There was a large exodus to 8chan at this time.

8/ But 4chan being 4chan had already done a considerable amount of digging. It had connected the thot nobody to a PR group with connections to the Digital Games Research Association - DiGRA - AND to the Guardian.

9/ The attacks on 4chan during August were not limited to the usual nonsense in the MSM. At the end of August, a leaker started posting nude pics of celebrities supposedly obtained through a security hole in Apple's iCloud.

10/ News of the leaks further discredited 4chan right as the stories declaring 'Gamers are dead' broke - which wasn't coincidental. Threads on 4chan pointing this out were actively policed and shut down - pic related.

11/ For the record, no-one has ever proved that there was a security problem with iCloud. It seems much more likely that an alphabet with access to Jennifer Lawrence's nude selfies had posted these to 4chan as part of the ongoing smear.

12/ The censorship had a galvanizing effect on /pol/ which had been languishing somewhat since the media blackout of its darling Ron Paul during the 2012 primaries. /pol/ and /v/ became far closer during this crackdown and started feeding off each other.

13/ One of the important strands of research to come out of this turbulent time was the fact that very powerful people seemed to be behind the connection between gaming and education. Yeah well, so what?

14/ Anons did some impressive digging and discovered that gaming and the 'gamification' of education influenced the direction of Common Core, pushed by Bill Gates and others.
Some example propaganda of the day:

15/ Suddenly the frenzied push to paint gamers as overweight neckbearded virgins jerking off to anime in their parents' basements made sense. Gaming was being moved in a specific direction by some very powerful people who wanted to control the US education system.

16/ /pol/ and /v/ realized they were disrupting a massive social engineering project - the coopting of the games market by billionaires in order to push Common Core and create a new land grab for gamification companies. Gamers didn't need to be your audience! Aha.

17/ Social engineering requires a lot of moving parts to make it work: lobbying, think tanks, media and government policy. Anons dug and found the Gates Foundation had spent literally hundreds of millions of dollars in all of these areas.

18/ Not only that but Gates had convinced a dozen other billionaires to give away more than half their fortunes for this 'greater good.' Needless to say this is serious money to be devoted to things like Common Core.

19/ I won't get into the details of Common Core here but suffice to say it is an attempt to take over the entire education system of the US by an unaccountable elite. Do your own research - it's bad.

20/ The extraordinary attacks against gamers as a demographic was merely the establishment trying to neuter any perception of gaming that would interfere with their plans for the future of education. Hence the outsized crackdown on any discussions of the issue.

21/ The problem for the elites was that gamers didn't roll over and meekly accept any of this. Haha. No. They fought back as only people programmed to grind against all odds can fight back. In retospect, they were the worst possible target for the Left.

22/ Gamers went after advertisers - big time. Gaming as an industry is enormous - it actually dwarfs other media industries like Hollywood. Gamers complained to advertisers giving their money to Gawker in particular - an obvious target during this period.

23/ Gawker no longer exists. This is not accidental. Gamers said that if Gawker was going to fuck them over, then they would fuck Nick Denton right back. Which they did - spectacularly.

24/ Anons and gamers realized a) they had power and b) the Left was not used to effective pushback.

This last point simply cannot be underestimated. Western civilization has been under attack for half a century by the Left.

25/ All Western subcultures have rolled over and submitted to the onslaught of political correctness and destruction wrought by the Left and their lackeys in the media.

Gamers didn't. Gamers said:



26/ On the chans, there was a large influx of new anons on both 4chan and 8chan, certainly that I noticed. Many redpills were dispensed. Many new users were educated in late 2014 and early 2015 about the mainstream media and the establishment.

27/ Consequently, when the Luciferian elites kicked off their plans to invade Europe with shitskin immigrants in 2015, anons looked at the Clownstream media coverage and said "gosh, this propaganda looks familiar."

28/ Then when @realDonaldTrump announced his candidacy, anons noticed the same tactics being used against him. As in exactly the same: misrepresentation, bullshit accusations, feminist horseshit - the usual bollocks.

/pol/ and /v/ were more than ready.

29/ It wasn't hard: @HillaryClinton is basically the most corrupt sentient being in history apart from her master Satan. /pol/ hit her hard, especially from July 2016 when #FBIAnon started giving us very juicy insider details and @wikileaks was leaking her emails.

30/ There are a bunch of articles from woke lefties (search for them) complaining that there is a straight line between #GamerGate and the election of @realDonaldTrump. They are absolutely correct.
@realDonaldTrump 31/ This anon's comment correctly summarizes what I've been saying.

32/ The Left was poised to complete its subversion of Western Civilization.

And then it came for video games.

Bad idea.

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