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Ooh! I know this one! See before the target audience for that tweet was born, those big evil meanies from The Left told everyone it's OK for white women to marry black and brown men, and we shouldn't murder those men. So now nothing can stop that and since white+Other=Other OH NO
Over a long enough period, ALL the white women will marry OUTSIDERS (because they're all so hot!) and there won't be any left to have white men's white babies and there won't be anyone left who thinks they should be in charge of everything because they look like they're sick and
get really bad sunburns! See, the fact that they can't really spend any time outside without a ton of sunblock proves they're meant to be in charge, behind a desk somewhere, out of harm's way!

That was fun, let's see which unreasonable far right beliefs the rest are code for!
"Universities" is actually pretty straight-forward and boring. Neo-nazis keep trying to hold rallies/recruitment drives/hunts for the most dangerous game on campuses, and get driven off by huge piles of protestors.

"The Arts" though is a tough one. I can't really recall any fake
enraged talking points from violent radicals about "the arts" that have any sort of relevance to anyone in These Modern Times. But I CAN recall plenty of these creeps losing their minds about statues pretty regularly. They love sticking random marble sculptures in avatars and get
pretty bent out of shape about historians noticing they weren't pure white marble until Victorian jerks chipped all the paint off to hide that their precious Classical Enlightenment totally had people who weren't white all over the place. And there was that great story where they
were all passing around photos of that one statue with the appearance of a sheer nightgown talking about how only a white man of The West could create such beauty before they found out the sculptor was none of the above. Or maybe it's about people pulling down the dirt cheap ugly
statues of generals who declared war against their own country that racists put up in the 60s to balance out the whole "interracial marriage" thing with fresh reminders of racism on the street? And yeah, we could also just be full on Going There I guess.
"Literature" is another easy one. See people have kinda worked out that pampered white guys with no real problems and a dangerous lack of empathy don't have anything interesting to say about anything and can't write interesting characters or believable relationships so people who
give out awards to books have been increasingly giving them to people who write books that are actually worth reading. And those would also be dominating best seller lists if not for the tireless efforts of far right bankrollers to bulk-purchase entire print runs of propaganda.
OK I hope there's a LITTLE variety as we get to the end of the list, because I'm getting tired of just pointing out obvious racist dog whistles.

"Late-night television" I'm going to get off on a huge tangent with so let me come back to that one.

"Religion" is another weird one.
Like... isn't the whole talking point supposed to be that people on the left aren't religious, don't go to church, etc. Like, to the point where it is universally understood that anytime anyone in America, regardless of where they are on the political spectrum, or indeed what if
any religion they follow, everrefers, in any context, to "religion" they are explicitly referring to far-right Evangelical Christian groups? Even the most twisted logic can't find any problems there to pin on"the left" so the only way I can make any sort of sense here is if we
assume for once that this particular absurd far-right propaganda outlet is actually using the word "religion" to refer to all religion, because it's the only way they could think of to include "we have to get rid of all the Jews and Muslims" while still sounding at all reasonable
Next is "Free Speech" which I have to point out is the only thing capitalized in the original propaganda besides "the Left" and "The Boy Scouts" but don't have to say anything else about at all because now we're just cheating and listing the same thing twice. "Universities" was
already blowing this exact dog whistle. It's the "people get mad when Nazis hold rallies and that's not faaaaaaaaair!" one again. Although the first time out I did forget to point out the irony in talking about how evil universities are while sticking "University" right in your
propaganda outlet's name. It's like Fox News always talking about how you shouldn't trust the media.

So we already handled "Race" which brings us to "The Boy Scouts" and... once again, that really isn't traditionally a huge stronghold of left wing influence. And once again, I
can't think of any recent headlines involving that organization that far right extremists should be clutching their pearls over. So, just trying to think of when that first became a snarl-word for them, apparently they never got over them allowing gay people into the scouts what?
Like 15 years ago now?

Then of course we round it out with "Male-female" because I guess this bigot was getting tired and didn't have faith in that "Boy Scouts" dog whistle properly conveying hatred for LGBTQIA+ people and just decided to say it out loud.
So tada, the whole list is just "Let nazis organize" "I'm a racist" "I'm a racist" "waaah!" "Let's reattempt the holocaust" "Let nazis organize" "I'm a HUGE racist" "gay people are gross" "sorry, all LGBTQIA+ people are gross."

But I skipped over the "waaah" because, again, rant
In the middle of this list of dog whistles, we stop to just point an accusatory finger at "Late-night television" as something "the Left" has "ruined." Which is pretty weird because I mean, late night TV really hasn't changed in any meaningful way whatsoever, ever (unless we want
to get into the historical landmarks from a few years back now of allowing shows to be hosted by people who aren't white dudes, but I kinda have to figure Prager U isn't particularly concerned with the demographics of Daily Show spin-offs so much as those existing to begin with).
Content-wise though, late night has always been late night. I mean, "late night TV" is only even a term that can be used because variations of "Late Night" or "The Late Show" have been floating around... hell not even since literally the dawn of television. Before TV the format
had already been established for radio shows. We have a host, he does a little monologue, discussing news headlines of the day, some random comedy stuff, and then sits people down for softball interviews. Always has been, always will be.

So if that is something you find yourself
thinking was good at one point, but now you hate them, that's not, by any possible stretch of the imagination, because anything has ever changed at all about late night TV, in any way, during or before your lifetime.

The only thing that's changed is you. You have become someone
who just... hates everything. At some point, a hate group radicalized you. Your entire outlook on the world changed, and you were taught a bunch of perfectly innocent things you used to enjoy are The Enemy and pose some vague abstract threat to you now.

That should terrify you.
I mean, people sat down with traditional time-tested brainwashing techniques, used them on you, quite successfully, and now you feel threatened by freaking late-night TV? And Star Wars movies? And comic books, video games, the freaking boy scouts?

Like, I realize there's no way
any of the people I'm addressing here are ever going to read this thread (they're absolutely terrified of me and anything I might have to say after all), but seriously, this is what radicalization does. It makes you deathly afraid of like, children's television and toys and such.
Or look at the professional transphobe crowd. This week they're all shouting doomsday nonsense about how trans women (that meek timid destitute fraction of a percent of the population who just want people to leave us alone) are going to start barging into their homes, abducting
them and absconding to underground black market surgeons who are going to harvest their organs. That's such an absurd thing for anyone to be afraid of. It's so weird that so many people manage to so completely isolate themselves from rational grounded people that that becomes a
normal thing to try and have a conversation with people about.

It's also weird just how self-perpetuating so much of this stuff is. Like one of the biggest thing bigots of all stripes get worked up about is diversity in the media right? If a movie comes out with more than 1 or 2
women in it, or non-token black people, or someone who's unambiguously queer they all start screaming and hiding under their beds and setting up botnets to spam names onto online petitions and pretending they have the numbers to organize boycotts because they're terrified of just
even acknowledging the basic fact that people even exist who aren't straight cis able white men.

That's such a weird freaking thing to be afraid of! And it's something I can't really imagine someone being capable of fearing without people having taken absurdly rigorous steps to
shelter them from even being aware of, again, THE VAST MAJORITY OF PEOPLE. Like really stop and think at what all needs to be done to accomplish that.

First off, you need to physically isolate someone from anyone who doesn't look like him for at least like the first 25 years of
his life. That requires you to set up an entire self-contained community somewhere of nothing but white people. The logistics of that are really just staggering. Massive efforts to keep anyone from outside wandering in and to keep the people we're conducting this weird experiment
on from ever wandering out. If places like that didn't exist, and I didn't personally grow up in one, I don't think I'd be able to conceive of anyone trying to set one up. The logistics are a nightmare and the required scale is totally impractical.

Then you have the minorities
that just inevitably spring up even within a controlled isolated population. Gay people, bi people, trans people, and people with various disabilities just kinda spring up no matter where you are, so to keep any of those people from being normalized you need to get your entire
controlled population on board with some kind of emergency action plan to locate, and either kill or cover-up the existence of all queer and disabled people born inside the control zone. And not only THAT, but you're trying to set this up as a self-perpetuating system so the same
population you're trying to convince that queer and disabled people don't exist somehow also has to be trained to keep each other in the dark about it. I mean even as someone who lives in a society that does this, and as a member of one of the groups we cover up, I don't get how
you can even do this. Like, obviously I fell through a crack along the way, but is there some weird cishet coming of age ceremony I'm unaware of, where The Horrible Truth is Revealed? Like some weird reverse Santa Claus/Easter Bunny thing?

Or is it all just kinda haphazard where
everyone just accepts that their kids are going to find out about The Others sooner or later, and just hope they manage to get them properly indoctrinated before that happens with a steady diet of children's entertainment with heteronormative relationships between freaking 8-year
olds and absurd cartoonish villains who are always disfigured and queer-coded?

Don't forget though, we're ALSO trying to bring together the conditions to give rise to horrible misogyny, where men freak the hell out if they see too many women at once. This is a really really hard
one, because not only are women absurdly common, like, roughly half of any given population and all, but we also want this to be self-sustaining and while it's possible to get new generations of men without having any women around, it's tricky and basically impossible to maintain
population growth, and that's before really handicapping yourself by actively and outright doubly excluding gay trans guys and non-binary people.

And honestly, I really am stumped on this one. Like, you can keep it perpetuating with intensive segregation efforts and propaganda,
like the literally-almost-all-media-anywhere where women are portrayed as only like 5-10% of the world's population, and generally repressing the hell out of women and preventing us from working in various fields, but like... how the hell do you manage to establish that system
the first time out? Especially when that one's been with us a good bit longer than mass-media of any sort, because I mean seriously the lack of women in the media is doing a huge amount of the heavy lifting here. I'm honestly stumped.

And then of course we have to consider what
a double-edged sword mass-media access is for this sort of system. Like yeah, it's a huge help in screwing with everyone's heads when you can bombard them with all these fantasy depictions of worlds where there's just a bunch of cishet white dudes, but you're leaving this massive
gaping hole in your quarantine system. Unless you manage to control every entity capable of producing or distributing media, and you don't because global conspiracies are an implausible fantasy, depictions if not actual evidence of the actual population of the real world can slip
through and reach kids before their indoctrination has taken hold.

Anyway, it's utterly absurd that all this preposterous nonsense I've been rambling about is the real system people have honestly set up to perpetuate bigotry in real life, but it's even weirder when you realize
that there isn't any end-product produced by any of this BESIDES establishing this false picture of reality that's so fragile it's inevitably going to shatter and leave people so terrified of the unfamiliar world they live in that they try to recreate it.

Like, that's the whole
goal. You keep raising children on propaganda that breaks their minds so bad they become deathly afraid of the bulk of the population, purely because YOUR mind is broken and you're so terrified of the bulk of the population that you've gotten into this siege mentality and feel
like you have to take desperate measures to recruit more people to your side, or else any minute you're going to be totally overwhelmed by your innumerable enemies.

To tie all this back around to that first dog whistle I broke down at the start of this very long thread, that one
ridiculous notion racists have where the legalization of interracial marriage is going to lead humanity down a road where men of color marry all the white women and have non-white babies? The racists who beat the drum about that call it "white genocide." That's their term for it.
Some nazi with an astounding lack of self-awareness or introspection imagined this absurd "nightmare scenario" where the number of white people dwindles down naturally over time, his fear-filled brain decided to call that "genocide" because he sees everything in the world as some
secret war on the verge of losing, and not one of his friends heard that and said "OK calm down dude, you're catastrophizing to an absolutely ridiculous level here."

Meanwhile this massive overwhelming enemy force these people imagine is bearing down on them just does not exist.
If every terrified siege-mentality right wing radical suddenly snapped out of it, realized the sky wasn't falling, came up for air, and got a healthy hobby, nothing would change for them. Well, I mean they'd actually get to start enjoying life, and they'd have more options on the
table from doing so, because all the creative people they've been terrorizing would have the boots taken off their necks and be able to get back to work, and hell, some of them could resume similar careers that they totally abandoned to scream about the sky falling, but what I'm
saying is, nobody is going to start suddenly making sweeping changes to school curriculums, start smashing marble statues, burn the writings of terrible hacks, change late-night TV in any way, forceably convert anyone to Judeism or Islam, actually censor anyone, or keep white
women with low standards from dating any of them. The boogiemen are all imaginary, and the sky isn't actually falling (unless you mean that as a metaphor for climate change, but really if this crowd settled down we could get on that pretty quick I'd imagine).

Also this is one of
those wonderful magical times where I keep getting sidelined and take so long to finish a thread that a few scared little nazis actually do come out of the woodwork with newly registered twitter accounts to try and bark at me but only manage sad little whimpers.

So to actually
break my usual rule never to engage these people, let me respond here, publicly and in good faith no less, to this sad scared person using an account with no avatar or followers to ask me "Are you enjoying life?"

Yeah. I am.

I have quite a lot of real problems in my life, many
as a direct result of bigots wasting all their time and energy trying to screw with me, but rather than spend all my time on anonymous image boards where sad scared lonely losers trade conspiracy theories and push each other towards plans to shoot up crowds and kill themselves,
I spend the vast majority of my life trying to do nice things for people who seem upset, watching/reading/playing things that make me happy, going for walks around my neighborhood and appreciating the scenery, and when I find time, creating art for others to enjoy. It's all quite
enjoyable and fulfilling. I suggest you try disconnecting from the hate groups that I can see based on who you're following dominate all your time and try it yourself for a while. You'll almost certainly end up feeling a hell of a lot happier and less scared than you do right now
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