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Joseph Stalin said “Give me control of Hollywood & a generation of the young & I will control the world”.
Bolshevists do on both counts; Rothschild, Marx, Trotsky, Lenin, & Stalin were no more Jewish than modern Israel, the Six Pointed Star, Pharisees, Kabbalah or Talmudic Rabbis.
The Wands used in Druid Rituals were pieces of the Village “Pagan” Tree ie “Holy Wood” of the Phoenician god Adonis aka Tammuz (Dumuzi).
Hollywood is Satanic not Jewish.
Hollywood is a global industry run by Gnostics, to entertain the ignorant masses & communicate out in the open with the initiated.
Movies expose much of the plans, progress & timing the New World Order because Satan works at the pleasure of Jesus Christ, & does nothing by force or in total secrecy.
Kabbalah is the broad ranging discipline called the “Work upon the Sacred Tree”; it was originally brought into Egypt by foreign rulers called “Hyksos”; likely from Crete & likely Amalekite brothers of Israel.
Joseph, sold by his brothers to Ishmeelite slave traders headed to Egypt; Esau followed & by their own admission are always liars, evil beasts & slow bellies (Titus 1:12).
Amalekite “Rabbis” called “Priests of On” (Osiris aka Solar Divine Child) infused Kabbalah into Israelite religion & brought the mess out of Egypt after their 400 year captivity; a result of Abram’s disobedience to God in not staying in Promised Land (Canaan aka Eretz Israel).
Kabbalah is the fountainhead of Witchcraft; the controlling forces of nature ie Earth, Air, Fire, Water or Strong Nuclear, Weak Interaction, Electromagnetic, Gravity if you prefer, as well as Religion controlled by an Elevated Clergy “Nicolaitane Doctrine”.
Amillennialism is the Crucifying of Jesus & denying Him the Millennial Reign on earth; Hollywood is a very big part.
God requires Kabbalist secrets to be out in the open.
Cicero said “One traitor inside the gates is better than 700 storming the gates” because he speaks words familiar to his victims; Jesus called them “Wolves in Sheep’s clothing”.
Hitler said “The best place to keep a secret is out in the open”.
This thread is a quick look at how out in the open these warnings are. After this life is over, everyone who has ever lived will be resurrected to judgment & everlasting torment or eternal life.
The choice is yours, not God’s because He chose everyone; We do the un-choosing of our own Free Will (1Th 1:4 KJV) says “your election of God”.
Remember Jesus warning in all the gospels “Ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved”. Mar 13:13
At the very beginning of The Patriot Mel Gibson weighs 2 rocking chairs at 9 lbs 11 oz & after they collapse, he tosses them in a pile a few months prior to the real 9/11.
FOX TV runs a mini-series The Lone Gunman about a remotely piloted commercial aircraft headed for Manhattan just 2 months prior to 9/11.
A space shuttle crashes on re-entry in Armageddon; a movie about planting a nuclear device on incoming asteroids. Fact is that blowing one up merely makes many projectiles out of one, thus ensuring a direct hit.
Capricorn One tells the story of our faking the Moon landings in a Hollywood set.
The Matrix

“The Architect” constructs a computer program to make people who are really just human batteries think they are living a normal life, while underground in the land of Zion, rebel forces are actively working against the system.

The end is determined by a final battle of Good vs Evil for the good of the earth, which has been laid waste. Neo, Trinity, Morpheus, the Oracle & a host of double agents keep us in suspense over the fate of Zion & the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar.
The Athenian Oracle was on Argos; Zion’s Oracle lives in a crowded NY apartment. On visiting the Oracle, Neo is told by a child protégé that the spoon is not bending, but rather he is the one that is bending.
Isaac Newton told us planets orbited in curved paths due to gravity, but when that became unreasonable for many reasons,
Einstein told us planets & stars really move in straight paths through curved space-time that is warped by gravity, a mysterious “Force” physicists are now calling “God Particles”.

As an insignificant part of this extremely vast fabric of Space & Time “Matrix” we are told it is our perception that is warped,
thus nobody but the few enlightened men of “Science” like Newton, Einstein or Hawking are able to comprehend the “MYSTERY” of Dark Matter, Parallel Universes & Time Travel.
In ancient Greece, people visited the oracle to get a view of the future, & so does Neo.
Morpheus, was the son of Hypnos “Hypnosis”; he was the god of deep sleep. Hypnos was the beneficial “good” brother who lived with his evil twin Thanatos the “god of death”.
Hypnos used his wings & magic wand to bring a deep sleep on people as his son Morpheus, the “god of dreams” controlled their sub-conscious thoughts & warded off evil.
Welcome to the worldwide “Society of Red Men”; Professional Liars.
MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT is a world caught up in “Magick” where truth is whatever the loudest person says it is.
Ancient Babylon sits atop what was once the Garden of Eden.
Sumerians & Akkadians battled with clubs, Neo-Babylonians emerged with swords, Neo-Cons emerge with Radiological Bombs; SOSDD.
Neo means “New”; Neo-Assyrians, Neo-Hittites moved into Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran & Greece about 1300 BC;
Neo-Babylon under the “Chaldean Magi” rose from the ashes, & today the “Conservative” Republican Party under Reagan & 2 Bush’s outspent income by $10,000,000,000,000 under the “Neo-Con” banner. SOSDD.
The most famous king of Neo-Babylon was Nebuchadnezzar.
At the time, Judah’s king Zedekiah was debasing the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem (Mormons believe his dead son Mulek traveled to America in a wooden submarine), so God instructed Nebuchadnezzar to destroy the Temple & kill him & his sons to end the family tree of evil.
The name Nebuchadnezzar often elicits thoughts of being “Evil”, but he accepted God as Sovereign after his 7 year punishment by God.
Again, what we consider “Good” & “Evil” is usually defined by the loudest.
Nebuchadnezzar was named after the ancient Egyptian god “Nebu” & the identical Babylonian god “Nebo” called “Interpreter of dreams”.
The word “Morph” means “Form”; thus truth & even God seems to take on many forms such as Minoan/Egyptian Bulls or Assyrian Bees as if by Magic.
Esau literally means Red Magic; when one voluntarily takes the “Red Pill” or joins the “Red Lodge” (Esoteric Masonry), one sees just how vast the “Society of Red Men” is.
In the Matrix, Morpheus commands the Nebuchadnezzar, in its efforts to prevent Zion from hostile takeover; he rescues Neo & Trinity from their “Sleep”;
Neo follows the Rabbit (Annamelech is the Babylonian Rabbit Idol “Ishtar” aka “Easter”) to Trinity & both are able to live in & out of the Matrix. This is the world of Red Men under the cover of Secret Societies whose God is a Goddess.
The French nightclub owner called the “Merovingian” & his girlfriend Persephone wasn’t very subtle, nor was their nightclub “Hell”, the albino Gemini Twins or the Buddhist key maker.
In Greek mythology, Persephone is the wife of Hades, the absolute ruler of the underworld & her name derives from 2 Greek words meaning “to destroy the light”.
Merovingian refers to “Offspring of the Sea Beast” (Rising Sun) & the Sicambrian Franks took over Gaul & renamed it France.
Jesus & Mary Magdalene are their mythical Father & Mother, & they are the Holy Grail. NOT!
Persephone (Monica Bellucci) in the Matrix also played Mary Magdalene in Mel Gibson’s movie Passion of the Christ.
Gemini Twins guarded “Hell” for the Merovingian. Rome called them Remus & Romulus; Greeks, Castor & Pollux; Persians Melek Taus “Peacock Twins”; all symbolic of Esau & Jacob battling in Rebekah’s womb & battling until Esau’s achieves “Dominion” as Isaac prophesized would happen.
Illuminati is much maligned term for “Enlightened, Light or Made White”. They are worshippers of the Rising Sun & the Aramaean uncle of Jacob, Laban who rejected the Holy Ghost in favor of Chaldean Magick. In America we call them the “Eastern Establishment” aka “Puritans”.
The Bavarian Illuminati became public in 1717 on the Feast day of John the Baptist (June 24th) in London. Illuminati worship Lucifer, often under the guise of John the Baptist. In Jesus’ day they were called Gnostics, Manicheans, or Johnitters.
Jesus said John was the greatest man of the Old Covenant; he was born on the opposite side of the calendar from Jesus to illustrate the transition of the Age of Law to the Age of Grace.
Christmas & the Feast Day of John the Baptist are Solar Solstices, having nothing to do with John or Jesus; likely John was born on Passover & Jesus on Feast of Tabernacles in 6 BC.
The Illuminati was set up to recruit high level (indoctrinated) Freemasons & other Secret Society members.

In the Matrix, Neo is “The One”, overwhelmed by “Agents” named “Smith”. Neo tricks them into destroying themselves in the final battle of good vs evil which ushers in an era of peace appropriately emphasized by the first sunshine in years.
Neo became like the Agents to battle them; similarly, Antichrist will declare himself to be God.
Sentinels breach the docks, in the underground city of Zion, & the people take refuge in the “Temple”.
Many times, the “Agent” berates Neo for his worthless feelings of love (Jesus says this attribute is the most important one of all);
how pointless human life is when we can only die at end (Jesus says point of this life is to attain eternal life through Him), & how futile it is to battle with Matrix (Jesus says, don’t kill anybody, do no violence to anyone & he who perseveres to end will attain eternal life).
The Architect appears as an all powerful entity with millions of demons at his disposal.
Satan’s army is much the same way & will be released from the bottomless pit during the Great Tribulation at the 5th trumpet (Rev 9:1) to torment men for 5 months.
In the first movie, Trinity’s helicopter slams into the building after it is shot down, but warps & absorbs into the building prior to the explosion? The same thing happened to Flt #11 & #175.
Video of Flt #175 is much better so if you view it again on the internet, note the bright discharge of energy at the nose of the aircraft just prior to impact, & the subsequent total disintegration without even passing out the windows.
This was caused from wrapping the WTC in a Tesla Shell. These energy shells were tested first on the Thresher Submarine, then Challenger, then TWA 800, & then Columbia.
The latest establishment theories on Columbia’s disintegration are mega lightening. At 250,000 ft, that’s a good one!
The Matrix is a total system of deception, & so is the world we live in.
Lenin, Marx & Stalin (all Satanists with Crypto-Jewish ancestry) said gaining control over the media was crucial & Stalin commented that if he could have control of Hollywood for a generation, he would control the world.

Zionists have control of Hollywood, our children’s scholastic books, the newswires & all the major news anchors are in the Illuminati, even cutesy Katie Couric.
We haven’t heard about the US using depleted uranium munitions in the Middle East because we are in the Matrix. Deny it if you want, or try to hide from it, but the monster will still be there when you pull your head from out of the covers.
Jesus said He who loves his life shall lose it, but he who gives his life for me shall find it. If you’re not prepared to do this, why not open a dialogue with Jesus & let Him explain it.
Transformers features alien robots, Optimus Prime (good) hidden in the Hoover Dam (the Hoover Dam was a primary Illuminati New Deal project following the stock market crash, also an Illuminati project)

duking it out for the fate of humanity in Las Vegas with Megatron (evil) as the culmination of an age old struggle over the fate of humanity.
Black on Megatron & Red & Blue, the colors of witchcraft & the Illuminati on Optimus Prime tell us the last kingdom will be pure witchcraft; Freemasons are initiated into the “Craft” for this reason.
3:10 to Yuma has Russell Crowe showing his Jesuit connections. Priests of the Revolver began 4200 years ago in Babylon; on the revolver handles notice the crucifix surrounded by a solar disc called the “Hand of God”; Jesuits believe they are just that.

He has no loyalty to his own crew & kills them after his use for them is over. Most gunslingers were indeed “Priests of the Revolver” stealing money for their own cause; they were often confederate soldiers &/or agents provocateur for the north.
33rd degree Mason Jesse James became Montana Senator & his father fired the first cannon shots on Ft. Sumter.
I feel that the 3 in 3:10 eludes to false trinity & 10 to the 10 step Tree of Life in Kabbalah, & adding the 2 numbers gives 13, number of rebellion in the bible “12 years they (Canaanites) served Chedorlaomer (Semitic King of Elam) & in the 13th year they rebelled. (Gen 13:4)
3:10, on a clock dial yields a “V” pointing Northeast; the same direction burial mounds face their entrance shafts to catch morning light in the womb of the mother goddess “Gaea”. The V is victory of the Goddess religion over Christianity; Witchcraft.

Marcus Aurelius rebuilt the Regia “Mars Hill”, Rome’s equivalent of the Areopagus “Abode of Ares” also called Mars’ Hill in Acts 17;

Ares & Mars are gods of war; Ares having originally developed as an agriculture deity in Greece before being transported to Rome in the early 200’s BC.
The character “Maximus” as chosen but exiled Emperor/Caesar has roots in the British Isles.
Myth (Lie) has Zedekiah’s daughter Tea Tephi traveling to Ireland with the prophet Jeremiah at the fall of Jerusalem to found a line of Irish Kings with a claim to the throne of King David in Jerusalem (Bible does not back any of this up).
On 9/11/472 Saxons murdered 360 Briton Noblemen to replace them; around this time Emperor Maximus is said to have married a Celtic Saint “Elen”; likely simply an epithet of Helen & Hellenism “People of Small Stones”.
Stonehenge is easily the most famous of Dolmen Standing Stones, not only sized to the exact size of the Earth in both Polar & Equatorial values,
but it is a Stone Calculator of the Moon’s Northern/Southern most Rise & Set points as well as Lunar & Solar Eclipses & frames the Rising Mid-summer & Mid-winter Sunrise between Trilothon Stones.
Russell prays to the Mother Goddess 150 years before the Roman Catholic Church was invented; the Goddess being the Nabataean Mother goddess Atargatis, the equivalent of the Phoenician “Asherat” called “Our Lady”.
Gladiators were often chosen to become Priests of the Regia ie serve the Mother Goddess during initiations.
An Aryan/Merovingian/Celtic/Norse “Gladiator” will one day claim ties to King David & the world will accept him, out of the final battle of the “Age of Grace”.
He will battle a Roman Pope who will be demonized much like Commodus was as the usurping Caesar who attained the throne by deceit & murder.
Star Wars features Anakin (sons of Anak are 6 fingered, 6 toed genetic misfits called “giant” or fallen ones in the bible) joining Dark Side (selling his soul for immortality) after listening to Palpatine (evil Genii or Magi named after Palestinians).

Yoda (Buddhist master) does the “Training” of the opposition (his son of course), & Padme (Padme refers to Shaolin arts of cranial manipulation) is his lover.
Completion of the Death Star (Project Blue Beam is a space & ground based system to electronically fool & cage humanity) is thwarted, &
an epic battle of unthinking white (good) Rebel Alliance soldiers (Nimrod was the first rebel who married his mother & built the Tower of Babel) & black (bad) drones decides the fate of the Federation (Fedoerati is a Lombard term for Illuminati).
The “Force” is a wide ranging discipline of remote viewing, levitation, & necromancy ie witchcraft.
Star Trek first featured Captain Christopher Pike (cross of Jesuit murderer Christopher Columbus & confederate general, Freemason leader Albert Pike)

then to James T Kirk (Knights of St John of Jerusalem are modern day Knights Templar which Shatner is in real life).
Vulcan “Mr Spock" (Vulcan is the Canaanite fire god associated with the Greek Prometheus, the Roman Bacchus & biblical Tubal-cain).
His famous “V” was used by Pharisees & Sadducees to “High Five” each other in the Temple following the crucifixion. It means means “Vau” or nails used to fasten Jesus to the tree (cross).
Leonard Nimoy was an avid Kabbalist in real life & Gene Roddenberry was an avid Freemason.
Romulans were named after the vanquished Roman twin Romulus who founded the Roman Empire & Borgs assimilated their prey just as Akkadians, Babylonians, Phoenicians, Greeks & secret societies have done for centuries.
A mockery of science including antimatter, space-time warping, course changes at light speed, cloaking devices, thousands of planets with the right temperature, gravity & atmosphere plus transportation of body along with the soul & spirit, went largely unnoticed.
Mel Gibson avoided the Vietnam draft by moving to Australia. His first movie Air America was about a mercenary pilot group operating in Laos, Cambodia & Thailand in support of Operation Phoenix.

What he didn’t tell us was it was an assassination squad operating a drug pipeline in the Burma Triangle or that Air America is today’s Cathay Pacific Airlines.
Mad Max was a futuristic movie in which the world has been nearly destroyed by nuclear weapons, & Max is the hero who helps people cope with this devastation.

4 Lethal Weapon movies were about a martial arts hero persecuted by both sides.

Danny Glover is a regular at Bohemian Grove Druid rituals each summer, & Lethal Weapon refers to 2 different weapons.

The first was a tent peg used to kill the king of the Canaanites, & the second was the spear driven into the side of the king of the Jews, Jesus Christ as He hung from the tree (cross).
Braveheart was the story of William Wallace, the hero of Scottish independence. What he didn’t tell us is Wallace was trained as a religious zealot by ascetic monks & blue & white war paint was the color of early Scottish barbarians called Picts.

His battle with King Edward I on 9/11/1297 touched off Edwardian (Canaanite) style castle building, 700 years of rebellion to authority & revolutions in nearly every country on the planet.
The victims were millions of innocent people caught between the proverbial rock & the hard place.
The Patriot made the Revolutionary War look inevitable & painted the British as demons.

At the beginning of the movie which aired just prior to 9/11, he weighs an oak rocking chair at 9 lbs 11 oz & declares it perfect twice before it collapses under his weight. He tosses it into a pile of sticks which was another identical chair.
Note: Oak rocking chairs weigh considerably more than 10 lbs.
The movie demonized the British, but didn’t show that Freemasons had dressed up like Indians & threw British Tea into Boston Harbor to instigate the war, or that Masons were directing the war on both sides of the Atlantic.
Not only was King George being played, but French Masons who convinced King Louis XVI to help the American Revolutionary soldiers promptly went back to France &
instigated the French Revolution resulting in his decapitation & the brutal death of 3 million French citizens under the guillotine, a mechanical sword.
We were Soldiers told the story of America’s official entrance into the Vietnam War.

A true hero’s story for sure, but significant was the abject brutality of the French during the preceding decade & debut of the Air Cavalry,
which had replaced the mechanized cavalry (tanks) used in WW1 & WW2, which in turn had replaced the horse which had been the dominant weapon of barbarian hordes for over 2000 years.
Also noteworthy is the description of the 200 million participants in the final battle of the world called Armageddon. Horses… breastplates of fire… heads of lions… mouths issued fire… tails like serpents.
More than likely, this is a description of tanks & or helicopters, & the fire issuing forth may be something more than just the rockets red glare, such as electromagnetic weapons.
Signs was a rehash of alien invasion movies with 2 notable differences.

1st Crop Circles were attributed to aliens as if they didn’t have anything better than drawing geometric shapes in crops after their multi-light year journey to earth.
2nd Aluminum hats were put on their heads as if aliens wouldn’t hurt them if they hid behind them. Stupid if aliens showed up, but aluminum does reflect ELF waves which will be used to deceive people into receiving Antichrist.
Passion of the Christ was assumed to be Jesus & hailed by some as a great faith building movie, but was it Jesus?

Mel showed the mob of Jews clamoring for Jesus to be crucified, but the bible says that the chief priests & elders did the accusing & demanded He be crucified.
The gospels do not say Jesus had an eye injury, but the bible says Antichrist will.
The bible says Jesus bore his cross to Golgotha where He was hung on a tree. The cross Mel showed us was too big to be carried, & where was the tree it was affixed to?
His cross had INRI on top of it, but the bible says the inscription said “This is Jesus the King of the Jews” or “The King of the Jews”.
Satan & a 40 year old baby protégé haunted Jesus from Gethsemane to Golgotha. This is Mel’s imagination because the bible is silent on this.
Mel’s movie ends with the empty tomb, not the bodily appearance to His disciples which defines Christianity.
Finally, Mel admitted using his left hand in the movie to nail Jesus to the cross. This is known as the sinister hand which Satanists refer to as the Black Path, so why emphasize this point?
Finally, nearly all the actors hired for his movie were XXX Italian porn stars.
Still think that was Jesus?
Apocalypto shows Aztecs (movie calls them Phoeniki “Men of Purple” & same name Greeks used to describe the Phoenicians) attacking Mayans

& their priests performing human sacrifice, slavery & astrology to destroy one of the world’s most architecturally & farming advanced & peaceful civilizations.
The movie is one iteration off however. Olmecs were supplanted by Mayans; they had the peaceable civilization which resulted from the days of Peleg about 130 years after the Flood before land was separated by water “Archipelago” derives from this.
Aztec was derived from Aztlan; they were called “People of Whiteness”, the exact same title the Hyksos had during Israelite captivity in Egypt.
Apocalypto does not mean “New Beginning” as Mel said, it means “Reveal” as in the Antichrist.
The Aztecs sacrificed humans to Xipe Totec & ate their sacrifices; this religion came from the Phoenician Kahn-Baals (Cannibals) & will resume under MeCHa & LaRaza Unida very shortly in the US.
Mel is aware of this & has purchased a compound in Costa Rica as insurance.
Mexico, its Sephardic successor (Sepharvaim sacrificed their children to the goat idol Adrammelech in the bible & are today called Jesuits) is named after Meci, the Jesuit Priests who brought them there.
Cortez was even able to pawn himself off as the red & purple Phoenix bird Quetzalcoatl; Montezuma thought he was Jesus. Oops!
Apocalypto is about the fall of the Mayan Empire. Just for grins, assume the people of the Americas were isolated during Noah’s flood as the bible says about 4500 years ago.
It's one thing to build a pyramid, but another to sacrifice your own people to a god named Quetzalcoatl, Viracocha or Kukulkan.
Mel subtly showed us the real story. Since about 1000 BC, Phoenicians had been sailing & navigating the oceans from India to the America’s. For proof, read Professor Barry Fell’s book America BC.
When Hernan Cortez landed, he was hailed as Jesus, called by the term Quetzalcoatl.
Mel must have thought the Phoenicians taught them this lie, because the murderous tribe of human sacrificers he introduced to us early in the movie were called the Phoeniki, a name which means Men of Purple & the name Greeks gave to Phoenicians.
Quetzalcoatl is today a plumed serpent with resplendent red & purple feathers, but in 1500 he was a white skinned, white robed man with a beard.
Mel told us Apocalypto means a “New Beginning”. It does not. Rather, it means to reveal or uncover.
I’m going to take a stab at who he is revealing, to be the Phoenician god Baal, another name for Satan!
Shooter featured (Mark Wahlberg) a sniper refusing to be recruited into the Illuminati played by Danny Glover (a Bohemian Grove member) declaring he owns all political leaders,

a mercenary army larger than any & that there are no Sunni-Shiite or Republican-Democrat or Capitalist-Communist conflicts, only Haves & Have nots.
Wicker Man shows a generational witchcraft coven led by a Queen Bee painted in blue & white (colors of Scottish Picts & witchcraft initiates=blue & elite=white)

needing to fertilize the earth on Beltane (Satan’s/Baal’s birthday is May Day, May 1) by burning a man in a wicker effigy (identical to Druid sacrifices).
The 5th Element showed mastery of the 4 forces of nature (earth, air, fire, water) & the 5th Quintessence, the power over the Aether to change human destiny.

Good & evil aliens who chose Egypt to deposit their knowledge & secret guardians (Knights Templar/Jesuit Knights) are of course involved.
Chronicles of Narnia feature Satyrs & Fauns (goat/human & biblical demons), a Lion King (false Jesus) & a wicked witch. No wonder, CS Lewis was a member of the Golden Dawn, perhaps the most evil secret society in London.

Lord of the Rings has the “Evil Eye” of Sauron (Assyrian King Sargon “King of the World”) as the “Ring Lord” needing allegiance of all the other evil ring leaders

in an epic battle inside the earth (Vitriol, Hades, Sheol) against the good magician Gandolf (Rosicrucian mystic John Dee, “007”)

Harry Potter is a curriculum for neophyte witches.

Dumbledore is also the character of John Dee, Queen Elizabeth I’s Kabbalist mentor, father of the British Empire & probable father of Francis Bacon (real father of America).

The owl refers to the Arabian Phoenix bird which resurrects from its own ashes every 500 years.
Hagrid is a Philistine “Giant”, Lucius Malfoy is the black magician from Slitherin & the flying dragon can only be tamed by a master “good” white magic wizard like Harry; in real life, my guess is Thomas Plantard.
The maze refers to the labyrinth, an occult holding place of demons, so who is there? Lucifer himself.
Fantastic 4 shows off mastery of the 4 forces of witchcraft (earth, air, fire, water) for good. The bible makes no distinction between good-white & black-evil witchcraft.

DaVinci Code shows Sophie is the last female line of Merovingians (Holy Grail).

Silas (an ascetic monk) & his Opus Dei handler, a Jesuit Cardinal are demonized.
My guess as to the Illuminati plan is to exact revenge on the Catholic Church by declaring it to be the Whore of Babylon, the Pope to be the biblical False Prophet & the US to be the biblical Mystery Babylon
who will be defeated by a Protestant “Merovingian” Jesus impersonator with a claimed genealogy going back through Jesus & Mary Magdalene to King David.
End of Days has Satan incarnating a Catholic Priest as Antichrist. Note: This will not fulfill biblical prophecy.

V for Vendetta shows Jesuit patience in exacting revenge on the Catholic Church with “V” played by Jesuit agent provocateur Guy Fawkes

& his attempt to assassinate King James for getting the Authorized Bible into the hands of the common man in the Gunpowder Plot of November 5, 1604.
Catholic pedophile priests are demonized to the point where Guy Fawkes celebrations rarely make the Jesuit connection.

Guy Fawkes is an “Idea” embodied in the axiom “Order out of Chaos”; the “Idea” never dies but spreads contagiously; movies such as the Matrix “Agent Smith” (ironically V was also played by Hugo Weaving), Star Wars “Clone Army” & Leo DiCaprio in Inception use the same concept.
Notice the Red “Double Cross” on either side of the Chancellor; Jesus states “A man’s foes shall be the men of his own household” Mat 10:36.
The motto surrounding the Red Double Cross “Unity through faith” comes from Gen 27:39-41; in essence God promises Esau will achieve “Dominion” over the Earth; in selling his Birthright (British=B’Rith-ish=Birthright) to Jacob (Supplanter), his name was changed to Edom (Red).
Examples of this “Dominion” are Nazi Germany (Su=Bird; Ashtika=8-Rayed Star; SS=Knights of the Black Sun), Bolshevik Russia (Red Communism) & Al Qaeda (Al=Supreme; Qaeda=Foudation) all internally created Red Terrors.
In the movie, the police stand by when the time comes to unleash Chaos; Ben Franklin termed this attitude “Join or Die” in his colonial map of the American colonies, Unified by the Serpent (Liberator).
The symbol “V” refers to “Nail” as in the Nails used to fasten (Pagan) Jesus (God) to the Tree (Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil); 5 the flat hand salute used in Fascism, Marxism & Priest Benedictions; 6 (Roman numerals have no “0”) the number of Man;
Victory (used by bi-sexual Druid Winston Churchill, Richard Nixon etc); the Rabbit Idol of Annamelech (2 Kings 17:30); the Wolf (Wolves in Sheep’s Clothes; Zeus was suckled by a she-wolf).
Vendetta therefore is Gnostic Revenge for the Flood, Red Sea Exodus, Fire & Brimstone rained on Sodom & Gomorrah, the walls of Jericho falling, Jesus overturning the Banker’s Tables etc.
300 shows the battle of Thermopylae but fails to show the lifelong pederastic lifestyle of the Spartan homosexual army. The same method was employed by the Thebans, Samurai, Teutonic Knights, Knights Templar, Knights of Malta, Sufi Assassins & others.

Titanic earned James Cameron his 33rd Freemasonic degree for subtly showing the whole event was a White Star Line insurance fraud by JP Morgan.

Titanic was switched with the Olympic in real life & the wheel is turned in the wrong direction 3 times.
The order is “hard a starboard” (this may have been the correct order as pre-1930 Tillers were ordered in the opposite direction of turn); wheelman turns port; then the order is “hard a port”;
wheelman turns to starboard; finally, the starboard rounding of the berg is described to EJ Smith as a “Port Rounding”. Oops!
Olympic actually was hit on the Starboard side by the HMS Hawke by a mistake; exactly those commands were given but reversed by the helmsman.
Jack refers to Jack & the giant killer of Irish/British myth; Rose is the Virgin Mary, the “Rose without thorns”. Their fornication/adultery simulated the occult rite known as the “Sacred Marriage”, a wedding to Satan.
The Mummy shows Ihmotep as an Egyptian Priest; in reality he was the architect of the Khufu (Cheops) Pyramid.

He simulates the 12th Shiite Imam Mahdi, the reincarnation of Buddha or Krishna & the biblical Antichrist.
Evie represents Eve who first fornicated with Satan, & the Magi are represented as the good guys when in reality, they were descendants of Akkadian Kon-Tors, the Priests of the Revolver (Sun).
Scorpion King spun off the Mummy series & featured the Akkadian Scorpion King played by the Rock.

Sargon was both an Akkadian (ca 2200 BC) & Assyrian (ca 800 BC) “Scorpion King” who will one day face off with Orion, & the “Rock” refers to Petra,
the Edomite (Jacob’s twin brother Esau’s descendants) cave dwellings Esau used, to cutoff Jacob (Israel) & take refuge as the Eagle on Mt. Hor.
Raiders of the Lost Ark. Nazi fascination with occult objects of veneration such as the Spear of Destiny, Ark, & Holy Grail is legendary.

The Grail is not a carpenter’s cup; Jesus was the son of a carpenter, not one Himself, & the Knights Templar most certainly didn’t guard it; they were merely initiated Satanic soldiers.
In the 2nd installment, the Jungle King extracts still beating hearts just as Phoenicians taught Mayans to do in order to capture the sacrificed persons soul. It’s also the penalty for betraying a Fellow Craft Masonic oath.
Despite what Ethiopian Orthodox Priests say, the Ark & its covenant with God are no longer in force, & never will be again because occultists crucified its author; remember?
War of the Worlds showed us the biblical beasts from the earth & sea left here long ago by aliens from Mars protected by Scalar EM shields (Twin Towers were encased with same energy fields so aircraft would be completely destroyed on impact).

Disease finally kills them; a disease caused by something already in their systems much like H1N1 Vaccines.

Mission Impossible which has a “Chimera” virus from the CDC as the culprit. AIDS, Bird Flu, Anthrax & XBR TB are real life CDC created versions, but the Chimera is actually a mythical composite beast (lion, eagle, dragon, human) which cannot be destroyed.

The Simpsons Movie showed what quarantine will be like when Martial Law is declared.

Troy mixed myth of Achilles & reality of the Trojan Horse (Hellenes were inside the gates of Troy already in real life)

instigated by Helen, the mythical founder of the Hellenes & not coincidentally the mother of Constantine who decided to make Mt. Sinai a place inside Egypt rather than in Arabia as the bible says.
She was also the first to blame the Jews for the crucifixion; Pharisees actually did that & they were Jewish in name only.
Read Mat 23, Jesus called them everything but Jewish!

Alexander featured Alexander the Great

but failed to mention his pederastic mentoring by Aristotle, his incestuous sexual relationship with his mother (the movie actually eludes to it though) or the stable of sex slave boys (future squires & pages) he made of his now fatherless conquests.
Eyes Wide Shut revealed a little too much about Elite sadistic lifestyles (Stan Kubrick was murdered) such as the Hellfire Club Ben Franklin joined.

The feathered masks stem from the Roman “Carnivale” which preceded 40 days of Lent leading up to Easter a worship of the Babylonian goddess Ishtar (Babylonian Ashtoreth) & her impregnation by the sun’s rays after the lunar cycle following the spring equinox.
By the way, the 40 days of Lent came from Babylon as well when women wept for Tammuz, the son of Nimrod & his mother Semiramis the wife of Cush, Noah’s grandson.
Evan Almighty has its theme “Change the World”.

He prays to God for the ability to change the Word of God which is God Himself in written form; that is Satan’s goal. Evan’s office is called “Emerald City” so he in essence is the Wizard of Oz.
Evan is a Scottish god-man title similar to Siam, Charles, Carl, or Carlos;
he is overwhelmed by God (a false doctrine of John Calvin & Scottish Presbyterian preacher John Knox) into building an Ark to save & humanity, & ARK at the end of the movie stands for Act of Random Kindness.
The biblically literate know Arks are built through Repentance of Sins & then picking up their cross to follow God by warning other people to do the same.
Salvation is totally up to you & your choice to follow God.
Not that God could not be black, but the bible says nobody has seen God at any time (refers to God as the Trinity), so this god is obviously an imposter;
dark skin here does not refer to blacks as inferior, rather it refers back to Nimrod the Cushite blamed for building the Tower of Babel. It was built by people traveling to Babel from the east ie Iran or Aryan.
Washington, D.C. is destroyed by the flood in the movie referring to NAFTA replacing the US, Canada & Mexico to be ruled from Mexico City, the ancient Tenochtitlan of the Mayans and source of the NAFTA Superhighway, a 1200 ft wide road, rail & fuel pipeline to Canada.
Good thing the Twin Cities I-35 bridge failed on Lugnasadh (Druid harvest of souls) eh?
The wolves at the end of the movie are shown to be the Politicians inside Washington who blamed a Red Headed Woodpecker for their delay in taking public lands away from taxpayers & used for development.
There is of course no such bird; it refers to Red “Edomites” in Russia controlling their Scalar EM weather modification weapons known as the Woodpecker Grid.
The Real Estate agent who sold the project is Eve Adam’s, & Evan’s wife is Joan as in Joan of Arc who was burned at the stake as a witch & canonized by the Catholic Church 100 years later.
Die Hard with a Vengeance showed gold being stolen from under the World Trade Center while a terrorist diversion on the streets above occupied police & fire teams.

This happened in real life on 9/11; Muslims & aircraft had little to do with building collapse. The event was a massive insurance rip off & gold heist.

The 4th installment shows the financial assets of the entire US being stolen electronically as the traffic signals, airlines, banks & communications systems are taken over.
It’s a little late, this has already happened!
Live Free or Die Hard is an occult kick in the pants to join the club free of God’s rules or die in the coming chaos.

“Fire Sale” is the phrase used for the destruction of America & acquisition of her assets at “Fire Sale” prices, through value loss & currency devaluation.
Freemasonry means Free of Jesus & masonry refers to people of stones ie Hellenes who first defied God by building cut stone altars; polluted by the hand of man.
Hellenic Greece actually began on Crete. So did Egypt’s War Chariots & Kabbalah for that matter; & as Timothy said, Cretans are always liars & slow bellies!
Superman of course resides in the north where God does & is born on a distant planet, Krypton (Mormon Kolob) sent to earth to save humanity from Lex Luther (no imagination here).

Pan’s Labyrinth shows how Pan (Greek god of perversion) lures people into his service (witchcraft) all so innocently, despite is grotesque appearance set in Franco’s Fascist Spain.

3 Initiations:
retrieve a key from a giant toad sucking life from the Tree of Knowledge shaped like a uterus. Toads supplied the toxin used in witchcraft giving the illusion of flying.
2nd Retrieve a dagger from a blind Pale Man who eats children; his eyes are later placed in his hands; a very occult symbol.
3rd Bring a new born baby to the Labyrinth on the full Moon; her refusal leads to self sacrifice, blood entering the Earth through the Labyrinth; the sole reason for War.
The Mandrake is a nice touch reminiscent of Leah’s Mandrakes sold to Rachel resulting in Isaachar’s birth.
The Aviator & The Hoax examine Howard Hughes, but fail to mention the Mormon Mafia & Aristotle Onassis murdered him to get his money in order to build up Sin City.

Last Samurai glorifies the Samurai soldiers who guarded the Shogunate Emperors of Japan; too bad it didn’t tell the story of their homosexual pederastic mentorship (exactly like feudal knights in Europe) to become Samurai.

Blood Diamond shows how the Dutch DeBeers group artificially create rival gang wars & control the price of diamonds artificially.

It’s honest but very disturbing;
if only it would have told the whole story about how Afrikaners (French Huguenot followers of John Calvin, an Ashkenazi crypto Jew) first began to loot South Africa
or how the empire that Rothschild & Cecil Rhodes built called Rio Tinto is tied in closely with the CIA & basically runs most 3rd world countries that have any raw materials.
Babel illustrates how interconnected the world is; too bad it glorifies the original Tower of Babel, a bridge to heaven for occultists.

National Treasure makes Freemasons out to be the good guys & fails to mention their hideous oaths of allegiance to Lucifer (Satan).

Pirates of the Caribbean has Calypso (a voodoo goddess) leading the group into the underworld in the Black Pearl.

Jesus is the Pearl of Great Price so the Black Pearl is the Ark of Antichrist.
Will Turner was also the name of the captain of the Lusitania, an intentional sacrificial murder by Druid Priest Winston Churchill of innocent people which led to WW1.
Davey Jones’ locker refers to the finality of selling your soul to the Beast of the Sea, & the “Pieces of 8” refer to the 8 on Noah’s Ark.
Good Night & Good Luck reversed the real life role of Senator Joe McCarthy who was trying to expose the Illuminati; they are the Communists!

An Inconvenient Truth is a bold faced, unproven lie that increased carbon can raise temperatures; the opposite is the case, but the photosynthesis equation is self balancing anyway.

Al Gore is a Tennessee moon shine producer named after the boar that gored the Egyptian god Osiris who married his twin sister Isis to produce Horus, the Horites who hid in the caves on Mt. Hor near Petra Jordan & the ones who put Horus’ eye on our $1 bill.
Global Warming results from terawatts of microwave & radio frequency energy extracted from solar wind near the polar regions which is discharged around the globe for worldwide weather modification, artificial volcanic eruption, & earthquake production.

It is no more mysterious than putting a glass of water in the microwave oven.
Read the bible about day #2, the earth & atmosphere contain, pardon the expression, a boat load of water!
I am Legend is a Rastafarian look at the end of the world.

Disease kills the magic number 5.5 billion out of 6.6 billion (same as the Georgia Guidestones) making most survivors into gravity defying, superhuman cannibals who can’t stand light.
Will Smith is humanity’s saviour like his Rastafarian mentor Haile Selassie considered to be a reincarnated Jesus.
The Mayan calendar date of the end, 2012 is prominent & New York is “Ground Zero”; how convenient.
FYI, Rasta’s believe Haile Selassie is not only God in the flesh, & that he is not really dead, they believe he will reincarnate to save humanity as the Lion from the Tribe of Judah; the same attributes Antichrist will use to impersonate Jesus.
The Prestige

Notice the shape of the box is a trapezoid (there is no need for the shape to be an unfinished pyramid) containing Nikola Tesla’s energy transmission machine (Scalar Electromagnetic Energy) developed 100 years ago to transmit power anywhere on the planet free of wires.
The note with it says he advises destroying the machine & the instructions to build it; because the technology is being used to manipulate the weather & create natural disasters today.
The movie is basically about a hidden war between magicians going on outside of public view which is exactly what world affairs are; a public battle created by leaders of nations who work together for a hidden goal.
10,000 BC shows the building of the Egyptian Pyramids 12,000 years ago; too bad they are in reality, approx. 4000 year old post flood solar/lunar/astrological observatories & ritual initiation sites.

Occultists deny the flood as a real event & calculate the precession of the earth’s axis through the astrological houses taking about 26,000 years;
12,000 years ago the axis would have been in Leo, hence the title Lion King & the Sphinx, a woman headed lion represents the “Divine Couple”.
The young girl with blue eyes assumes the mantle & her life from the dying “Old Crone”, a concept we may equate with mentoring today, in ancient Greece & in witchcraft it means something entirely different.
Notice the scar left on the young girl’s hand forms the constellation Orion; in mythology Orion is alternatively stung on the heel by the Scorpion or pierced in the head with an arrow shot by Diana (Artemis).
The Temple of Artemis would later become one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world & temple priests would take the title Mellissae or “Worker Bees” for the Queen Bee who literally represented the Living Word; albeit a lie of course.
In the days when the actual pyramids were being built, the title “Legitimate King” was taken by Assyrian rulers called “Sargon”;
the Great was in the time of Nimrod & the Tower of Babel (ca 2250 BC), so in the movie, language was being restored by light skinned barbarians “Aryans”
from the mountains (Iranian Highlands) who came from the east to Egypt by way of Babylon bringing hostages for a bounty which were used by Egyptian solar priests as human sacrifices to the sun god Osiris.
Notice they wore red & purple; the Hyksos were foreign white rulers from Crete &/or Phoenicia (Canaanites) who wore those colors of royalty; they controlled the Pharaoh a word which literally means Great or White House; the Pharaoh then was a human incarnation of the sun god.
The old Shaman passed her dying breath to her young replacement as practitioners of witchcraft do today in “Croning”; her husband & hero of the movie proved his worth & began his overstated legend by killing a Mammoth & befriending a Sabre Tooth Tiger.
These became extinct in Noah’s flood, but no matter, with his legend intact, he was selected to carry the White Spear (Spear of Destiny) guided to his destiny by the planet Venus,
the Morning & Evening Star, a role coveted by Hitler among other leaders throughout history & a role which will eventually be filled Antichrist.
Not in the movie, but Scottish Highlanders claim descent from a Scythian & Egyptian royal marriage (ca 700 BC) & identify each other with Tartan Cloth also called Phoenician Cloth; the Tartan was the chief of the Assyrian Army.
September Dawn

On 9/11/1857, Brigham Young ordered the Dannite Band (private police) to murder 120 unarmed west-bound pioneers.

The movie demonizes the Mormon Church as a whole, but the doctrine of Limited Atonement is not peculiar to the Mormon Church; Muslims, Calvinist Protestants & Catholics also subscribe to the doctrine that Jesus’ blood only covers His elect.
Notice the side by side prayers: Fancher Party chaplain giving thanks to Jesus for the hospitality & the Mormon bishop prayer for Gentiles to receive blood atonement & go to Hell.
Full of inaccuracies about Mormon ritual & their prayers are not for gentiles to go to Hell; they believe certain sins need to be atoned for with their own blood.
Sole reason for this is not unlike atonement made through Catholic Priests, Cardinals & Pope, Calvinist Protestants claiming Jesus’ blood only covers people He chose capriciously or Muslims shedding blood of worthless pigs who choose to follow a man (Jesus) who died on the cross.
The Dannite Band became the Avenging Angels & today it is called the Mormon Mafia.
Jesus is God; His blood atones for everyone’s sins who accept it.
Pray that Mormons, Protestants & Catholics don’t rise up in arms against each other, because that’s why this movie was (poorly) made.
Elizabeth: The Golden Age

There is little difference between Dr. John Dee, a Rosicrucian/Kabbalistic “Magi” who served as Elizabeth’s court astrologer & the Jesuit conspirators setting up the Mary Queen of Scots’ beheading & blaming Elizabeth.

The object of this period was to set the Sephardic (Spanish) Empire against the Ashkenazic (British/Aryan) Empire.
Order out of Chaos is the route to the Golden Age used by the world’s occultists; they do not & never have worked for their respective nations.
Elizabeth II proclaimed herself “Queen of Jerusalem”; the empire “Lion with Eagle’s Wings” Daniel prophesized of, began with Dee & Elizabeth I;
Francis Bacon, the real father of America may have been their illegitimate son & Dee lives on in characters such as James “007” Bond,(whose license to kill was not given by God) Dumbledore & Ghandolf.
British Freemasons “Confederates” desired to divide America & desire to divide Great Britain (Braveheart was first to try); in doing so biblical prophecy of Daniel will have plucked off all 4 wings of the lion; the Lion will stand on its feet, & a man’s heart will be given to it.
This then is the Golden Age; the original serpent from the Garden of Eden seen as the great liberator of humanity by people who rebel against God.
Notice the solar “Halo” at the end of the movie.

Raleigh’s voyage to America in 1585 was not to set up a permanent colony, so much as it was to place the eventual capitol (Temple of Jupiter) exactly on the “Ley Line” (Earth Current)
connecting the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico with Stonehenge (the world’s first astronomical, solar & lunar calculator) &
Mt. Hermon (place where women gave themselves in Sacred Marriage rites to demons in Gen 6. This was done by producing offspring with their sons or brothers; not from intercourse with demons)
Raleigh’s “Meridian Marker” for Washington, D.C. would eventually end up on the 77th Meridian, just north of the Pentagon (witchcraft star), built 77ft tall & hit by American Flt #77 (actually a uranium tipped cruise missile)
because in Gen 4:24, God pronounces 77 fold vengeance on Cain’s descendant Lamech.
The Golden Age does not have a sovereign America in it; she is the land of the setting sun & the Golden Age is a world governed by the “Rising Sun” & the “Kings of the East”.

Iron Man

The name of the nemesis is Obadiah Stane; Obadiah means “Servant of JEHOVAH”.

Stain means foreign matter; reproach or dishonor.
This movie is about Jesus Christ & His judgment of Edom; only Jesus is portrayed as the nemesis.
Astrophysicists claim Iron is the last Exothermic Fusion reaction (energy given off) theoretically possible, thus Iron Man is at the top of the evolutionary chain.
His colors are red & gold illustrating Esau (Red) taking of Canaanite wives.
Baal was the Canaanite (Phoenician) corn god & source of gold acquisition by occultists.
Obadiah is the shortest book in the bible & deals with God’s judgment of Edom at the 2nd Coming; Iron Man wearing red & gold eludes to Esau winning the final confrontation with Jacob.
Betting against God is not smart!
Obadiah was likely written by Jesus & I can assure you, He has no “Stains”.
Iron is not produced in nuclear fusion within stars, nor is Carbon or anything else heavier than helium. Stars produce light by combining hydrogen forming helium (Helios was the Greek sun god).
Scientists claiming the element of life, Carbon or Iron are formed by stars are, pardon the pun full of hot air.
Iron Man provides weapons to both sides of wars; the symbol of his company is the Double Headed Phoenix & he keeps a Gold Suit in reserve as he says “for later”.
Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

This movie is about Baal (Satan) worship; the quest of knowledge to become a god.

El the Phoenician “Father of Men” (ca 1500 BC) was shown with an elongated skull; Kahn-Baal’s taught Royalty to bind their children’s heads to form this shape in order to set them apart as the Royal Race of Baal.
Priests of Kukulkan continued this in South America.
A Russian version of Eve seeks knowledge among the “Sons of God” in the Temple; exactly the reason for the Tower of Babel & Mayan Pyramids.
Royalty was handed down among illegitimate sons; the movie showcases this in Dr Jones’ family.
Demons communicate with followers using crystals which vibrate in magnetic fields; similarly EM weapons have the same capability to control the human mind. The bible calls this the “Strong Delusion”.
The lost city of El Dorado was (in my opinion) timed with the FLDS raid on El Dorado; incest is the vehicle Royalty are taught to propagate the Divine Seed; Jeffs believes himself to be Jesus “The Golden One”.
The interdimensional alien craft unveiled at the end alludes to the 4th dimension “Height” where the spirit realm exists;
Born Again Christians have access to this through Jesus Christ, but occult Royalty believe their ancestors (incestors) had access which was passed on to them genetically.
At the beginning of the movie, Hangar 51 makes people think they are referring to Area 51; this is not the case. Hangar 51 is the Mother Goddess, worshipped by Royalty for 6000 years.
5X1=5 the Roman numeral V worn in allegiance to the goddess. Dr Jones relates the concept “As above, so Below”; the V illustrates the Great Work of the Goddess devotees “Bees” to recreate the Heavens (Stars) on Earth.
5+1=6 Gen 6 is where sons of god saw daughters of men & took wives of them; the Sacred Marriage is worship of the day when Satan is cast to earth to become King of the world.
The man he inhabits will demand worship with the number of the 3rd perfected man; for them Adam, Jesus & Antichrist.
Turning Jesus into a man is the fundamental lie of all religion.
The crystal skulls & skeletons in the Temple at the end of the movie represent the Sumerian Kings of Kish who began this lie soon after the flood;
I lost count but it probably shows the “Council of 9”, surrounding the Divine Couple; the demons who communicate with occultists to effect the Great Work.
This movie is the product of sick people like Spielberg & no he is not Jewish in any sense of the word; he is a Hollywood magician having more in common with Druids than Jews.
Get Smart

I realize this movie is slapstick cliché humor but there is way more to it.

The messages in this movie are basically transmitted to occultists like the Cone of Silence; but take note that in the movie it doesn’t work; hence it’s all out in the open as Hitler said it should be.
Ordo ab Chao is Order out of Chaos; thus Control represents the New World Order which will come out of the chaos of WW3. This will start with Iran, thus the hit man for Chaos is portrayed Muslim.
86 refers to the age of Abraham when Ishmael was born. Ishmaelites aka Hagarenes are the Saudis who are guarding Agar, the real Mt. Sinai in Arabia.
Agent 13 refers to Ishmael’s age of 13 at crucifixion & thus became the number of rebellion in the bible as well as Kabbalistic “Gematria”. 99 refers to the age when God made covenant with Abraham, promising Isaac.
Agent 23 is played by Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” as a double agent; this is exactly what Antichrist will be; Esau pretending to be Jacob; their “Eagle’s Nest” is Petra which also means “Rock”.
2X3=6 His number will be 666 because his followers do not regard Jesus as God in flesh, hence he will be the 3rd Adam, created on day 6.
Perhaps greater perspective is realizing previous roles; Dwayne Johnson played the Akkadian “Scorpion King”; Sargon means “Legitimate King” &
the scorpion “Scorpio” is the antagonist of Orion in mythology, a woman usually portrayed by Diana or Artemis who is Orion’s sister & wife who attempts his murder; he is essentially portraying Antichrist here.
The President is played by James Cahn because “Cahn” means “Priest” as in Kahn-Torrs of Akkadia, Kahn-Baals of Phoenicia & today’s Neo-Cons “Priests of the New World Order”.
86 is portrayed by Steve Carrell; his previous roles have been Noah & the 40 year old virgin both relating to being cleansed by 40 days rain & 40 years wandering in the Arabian desert; he knows 86 ing something means to “Throw Out”.
Control is opposed by the CIA because they will indeed take down America; JFK was set to expose their drug operations in Vietnam & treason during the Bay of Pigs invasion & was assassinated.
Finally, nuclear weapons are being sold to Middle East nations from Chechnya because that’s exactly where Iran gets its weaponry from.
Hold on to your hats, when war starts, it will likely spread rapidly into WW3!
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

I hope Brad Pitt got his 33rd degree Freemason award for this Movie Magic like Jim Cameron did for Titanic.

Jesse & Frank were both 33rd degree Masons; Authors claimed Jesse was one of 100 men who actually owned America from the wealth stolen from his train robbery days.
Both were Knights of the Golden Circle, a spin off of the Scottish Society of the Horseman’s Word which is why the movie eluded to the Presbyterians being opposed to Jesse & Frank’s father being pastor of Hope Baptist Church.
On April 12, 1861, their father had the honor of firing the first cannon shots on Ft. Sumter to begin the Civil War.
Today, the Southern Baptist convention is basically a Masonic Organization.
John Wilkes Booth, also a fellow 33rd degree Luciferian Mason & Knight of the Golden Circle, escaped law enforcement after the Lincoln Assassination (with Masonic help)
& like so many supposed dead villains like Hitler, Hussein, Bin Laden etc lived on, only to be poisoned by Jesse in 1903 while Jesse was the honorable Senator from Montana (1901-1907) using the assumed name William Clarke.
Jesse was a founding member of the KKK (Kuklos derives from Circe, Circle and Church; Klan from Makhaut & Malkuth the entry level of Kabbalah, thus Knights of the Kuklos Klan are initiated into the Solar Cult & are next of Kin=Klan ).
His Robin Hood legend had little to do with reality, being much like the original Robin Hood story; it’s all an effort to collect wealth for Lucifer; maybe that’s why as a couple, Brad & Angelina are the Angel from the Bottomless Pit.
Yeah, Brad knows all this and so does Hollywood; it’s named after Druid Magic Wands after all.
If you watch this movie, notice the Ford & James brothers talking about the thrill of a woman scalping an entire congregation (congregation is an Old Testament Jewish term; Born Again Christians are Holy ie separate “Ekklesia”)
& notice James Carville plays a Presbyterian Governor; in real life he campaigned for Satanists like Bill & Hillary or Israeli PM Ehud Barak.
Israel is not populated by Jacob today; this is why Jesus calls Jerusalem “Spiritual Sodom & Egypt” in Rev 11:8 & Obadiah points out spiritual Jerusalem is above all in Heaven.
The one in Israel is currently being held captive in Sepharad; the Canaanites who routinely sacrifice humanity for their gods Annamelech & Adrammelech. You know, the Goat & Bunny!

What doesn’t this movie have.

The Assassins are a 1000 year old secret society formed in a monastery in eastern Arabia;
they are the historical Ishmaelis aka Sufi Hashishim who were set up as the Antithesis to the Knights Templar (Thesis) to establish control over Jerusalem & create the International Banking Cartel we know today as the World Bank (Synthesis).
The “Elite” killers have a bloodline which has been passed on giving them their super powers & unlimited monetary assets.
Angelina Jolie (Angel of the Bottomless Pitt) is code named “Fox” because they were of Edomite descent. Jesus called Herod an old Fox for trying to kill Him (F=6, O=1+5=6, X=2+4=6).
Blood in Blood out applies to Mafia (Giuseppe Mazzini formed this Masonic gang in Sicily), Gang (Gangland Disciples use the Six Pointed Star) or Freemasonic or Knightly initiation; it’s bloody going in, murder is eventually required to advance & there is no getting out.
This movie is nearly identical to Matrix showing the hidden war going on under the noses of the Sheeple & the Assassins are basically identical to League of the Just (Marx’s Bolshevik Gang in Russia)
or the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen justifying “killing for the greater good”. This unfortunately is also a Protestant theme used to justify war called Limited Atonement.
The leader of the Assassins has no loyalty to the group just like the movie 3:10 to Yuma & their bank should be noted; “Sovereign” refers to “King”.
Their leader is a faceless capricious god called the “Loom” who encodes death warrants in binary code in fabric in advance of any crime just like Minority Report.
The Assassins are quickly rejuvenated by Water carrying out their orders without conscience because the “Loom” decides; this is identical to the Jesuit Oath which requires one to have no will of his own.
Finally, Morgan Freeman as the leader was no accident. Freeman & Frank mean “Free”. The name derived from Hellene “Men of Free Stones which later became the foundation of French Merovingian Empire which claims relation to Jesus & Mary Magdalene.
He’s played God before in Bruce Almighty but being black associates him with Black Virgin Statues of Ethiopia where the Tribe of Dan (falsely) is claimed to have found safe refuge in King Solomon’s day.
Using a “Decoy” to divert the attention of his victim (9/11 used the aircraft to divert attention from demolition explosives), he is successful in killing his prey.

Gen 3:5 “Ye shall be as gods” KJV is changed in new bibles “Ye shall be as God” NIV Oops!

Hancock is the last of his kind with his wife “Immortal” “Ye shall not surely die” Gen 3:4 “sons of God saw the daughters of men…and they took them wives…There were giants n the earth in those days; and also after that.” Gen 6:2-3
This a cinematic portrayal of ½ angels, ½ human “Nephilim” walking the earth much in the same vein as Dracula or Highlander.
Hancock’s reference to Frankenstein & the French bully were also subtle.
Antichrist will claim French Merovingian descent & as Satan was a created Angel who desires to replace God, so does Frankenstein, a story written by Mary Shelley & her Protestant minister husband in London.
The “Stein” was no accident; it eludes to Edomites impersonating Jacob (Jews) using names like “Stein”, “Heim” or “Berg” etc.
They have been impersonating Christians & Jews for over several thousands of years now in order to destroy God’s people from the inside as “Wolves”. Hancock will mention this at the end of the show.
New bibles change the word “Giant” to “Nephilim” in order to perpetuate this myth of angels mating with humans.
Mr & Mrs Hancock began 3000 years ago, so it’s an obvious reference to Philistines, whom Samson brought down house on, further eluded to with symbol of the Eagle on Hancock’s suit, his hat, his pet & at the bank in Los Angeles where he becomes “Accepted” as a bona fide Superhero.
Antichrist will be an Edomite who claims genealogy back to King David (Jacob).
Notice his reference to his fellow “Angelinos” (he is referring to literal Angels here, not people in Los Angeles) & notice which TV channel covers the story “19” is the British Corporation which also produces American Idol & a lot else.
The Eagle is the symbol of Esau (Edomites), not the Tribe of Dan as many theologians claim.
Notice at the end of the movie the Crescent Moon earrings on Charlize Theron & the heart placed in the Moon; that’s an even older symbol of the Sacred Marriage; the Crescent being “Sin” & the shape of the swords used by Ishmaeli Assassins to murder Christians.
A subtle touch was her recalling the summer of 4 BC when Assassins came for Hancock with swords; I’m assuming they chose that date because Jesus was born in 5 or 6 BC & Herod an Edomite ordered the killing of 1st born males (Herod died in the Spring 4BC; this is a guess).
Notice her history lesson progresses to Queen Elizabeth I (British Empire means Birth-right & began with her) & the JFK assassination being cause because of the Bay of Pigs betrayal; it’s subtle but speaks volumes.
Hancock ties into the US Declaration of Independence signed by the namesake to indicate US independence is over; it’s being combined with Canada & Mexico now with the Amero as the new currency.
The symbol of the circled heart flows through the movie. The heart is synonymous with the cup or grail in the Tarot as in the Holy Bloodline.
Will Smith produced the show & knows all this, I’m quite sure.
Dark Knight

In the Tarot, Jesus is the Joker. Here, the Joker is the master of Chaos (obviously Satan).

On the card, the Joker is shown holding a severed head. Occultists have long believed decapitation destroys the Holy Spirit & heart removal the Soul of the vanquished ref the Omen, Apocalypto or 3rd Indiana Jones Temple of Doom.
Joker is not interested in money but motivates others with money “Love of money is root of all evil” & tricks people into Sinning. He is only interested in seeing the world destroy itself, “Order out of Chaos” is the motto of high level Masons, Jesuits & Skull & Bones initiates.
Batman is the hero, but also a law breaker (Killing for the Greater Good finds its root in Calvin’s TULIP “Limited Atonement”) whose face is hidden (obviously a reference to Jesus).
The DA literally becomes 2 faced, seeking revenge on those who killed his girlfriend Rachel (biblically Jacob’s wife).
Batman’s financial guru is Lucius Fox. Lucifer & Fox references Herod the “Old Fox” who tried to alter the Word of God by killing Jesus shortly after His birth.
Herod was Edomite & died shortly thereafter in the Spring of 4 BC & notice Heath Ledger did as well.
Notice the theme in Angelina Jolie’s movie Wanted is similar “kill a few to save many” & the names are both Fox.
F=6, O=1+5=6, X=2+4=6. This Luciferian Fox, Morgan Freeman also plays the same character in both movies & the last Batman.
The flip of a silver Liberty Dollar determines life or death; the opposite of the bible. Lady Liberty represents Isis, Ishtar or Semiramis as being free of God.
I believe this is why Freeman was chosen as for these movies as well as the portrayal of a black God in Bruce Almighty & Evan Almighty. For Ethiopians (Rastas) Haile Selassie filled this role with Bob Marley his prophet.
The cult of the Black Virgin is at least 2000 years old.
Jesus called Herod & “Old Fox” for trying to kill Him before His time in the Word of God; Herod was an Edomite.
The dilemma in the movie is whether to kill yourself or another group; this is the Gnostic dilemma being set up now. Muslims vs Christians. Blacks, Whites, Spanish against each other etc & a world war brewing against Israel.
Out of the chaos will stride Antichrist as a Man of Peace who defeats an evil Antichrist.
Rachel dies in the movie; the goal of Edomites is to do exactly that; kill Jacob.
In real life, Heath Ledger died; I mean no disrespect here, but in Gal 7:6 read the words “God is not mocked…whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”.
The Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor “Kings of the East” (Rev 16:12) are sinners out of fellowship with God, but here they are Chinese Terracota Warriors awakened to do battle with Christian Martyrs in Armageddon.

Evie wears a double headed Phoenix necklace, the Gnostic symbol of a final battle between Jacob & Esau; the bible however describes Armageddon as cleansing of sin by fire.
Jet Li as Antichrist was a nice choice because China is fully controlled by the Li family (Li KaShing).
The female guardians of the fountain of youth (Eye of Shangri La) living for over 2000 years guarding Cave Entrance (Gaea’s Womb) at the top of world (Himalayas) & the 3 headed Dragon being awakened to immortality were obviously the work of knowledgeable occultists (Joel Cohen).
Dragon Emperors like Egyptian Pharaohs or the Assyrian version “Sargon” are all physical embodiments of the sun-god.
They believe the Lucifer (Dragon) is the “Light” of Genesis 1:3; unfortunately for them it’s a lie as Armageddon being a battle of “Good vs Evil” or in this case “Yin and Yang”.
The 3 Headed Dragon represents the occult Trinity: Father (Satan), Mother (Gaea or Mother Earth) & Son (Antichrist).
The biggest lie perhaps of all time is that Kings of the East are related to a geographical location on earth ie China; East in the bible means out of fellowship with God & in fellowship with the rising Sun (Satan); the religion of Cain.
Employee of the Month

Glengarry is Invernesshire in the “Highlands” of Scotland. This movie is about the Jacobite desire to reinstate the Stuarts on the throne of an independent Scotland.

Bet you didn’t see that one coming.
Glen Gary & Glen Ross are brothers & owners of Super Club (Costco or Wall Mart really). It’s all about selling lies; in 1992 the Box Office flop, but award winning movie, Glengarry Glen Ross followed the Tony award wining play and book by the same title.
Red (Adepts; Red Pill in the Matrix), White (Great White Brotherhood aka Illuminati) & Blue (Initiates aka Porch Brethren) are the colors of Scottish Rite Masonry & Witchcraft as well as the Tam of Glengarry.
Scottish Plaid is called Phoenician Cloth because Presbyterians & the Jacobite cause is a repackaging of Canaanite religion in a Christian veneer;
Jacobites identified their “Kin” by Tartan Plaid & annually bless (Kirk means Priest) the Assyrian captivity of Israel at the “Kirkin O Tartan”.
Invernesshire is home to Loch Ness, the lake where St. Columba banished the monster for 1000 years with the Word of God (obviously just another lie);
Boleskine House where Aleistair Crowley & later Jimmy Page performed lengthy Kabbalistic witchcraft rituals called “Abramelin the Mage” (a veiled reference to Abraham); Tomnahurich Hill “Abode of Fairies” (Fairies here refer to the bloodline of Cain, not Tinkerbells).
The so-called Fairy blood is today revered by the “Order of the Garter” & Garter means “Witch’s Belt”;
Well of Heads which is home to a gory statue of 7 severed heads of revenge victims (in Genesis Cain’s murder shall be avenged 7 fold in Gen 4:24);
Culloden House, the place where Bonnie Prince Charlie was said to have been just prior to the Jacobite defeat;
several “Cairns” (Burial Mounds) of elite families (Cair Sidi is the Mother Goddess called “Genius of Noah’s Ark” by the Druids);
Lake Morar where the Beast called “Morag” dwells & Ruthven Barracks where Alexander Stuart “Wolf of Badenoch” lies in Limbo after betting his immortal soul in a card game with the Devil.
Jacobites like Jacobins instigate Revolutions (American, Bolshevik & French) & only pretend to be associated with Jacob (Israel);
in reality they are aligned with Edomites (Red), Canaanite religion (human sacrifice on solar holidays), Rosicrucianism (Roses & Crosses are all over Scottish Castles).
Big Box Stores (Costco, Wall Mart, Home Depot, Target etc) are literally sucking the financial lifeblood out of America & other countries they reside in.
Employee of the Month refers to monetary incentives given to Satan’s Elite (Monsanto, ADM, UN, Halliburton, DynCorp, Raytheon, Black Water etc). This movie is a pep rally for them to continue.
By the way; the acting is terrible & the movie is loaded with potty humor, sexual & homosexual innuendo.
Reportedly, the original 1992 movie Glengarry Glen Ross used the F word over 150 times.
My guess is that Scotland will declare independence from England when the Iran War begins with a Stuart leading Protestants against the Roman Catholic Pope (Jesuit controlled); effectively playing the role of Archangel Michael (Israel’s protector).
We’ll just have to wait & see.
In the Valley of Elah

Elah is an Aramaic name of the Babylonian god Allah. El was the Phoenician father of man which is the same as the Canaanite Bel “The Confounder” or Baal (Obelisks are Baals).

Far earlier, the ancient Akkadians called the same god “Sin” as represented by the crescent moon & Shriners proudly wear this symbol on their blood stained “Fez”.
Elohim is another Pantheistic variation for “gods”.
Elah is also an Edomite prince “Duke Elah”; Elah Brook is the place where the young King David took the stone used to slay the Philistine giant Goliath & the Cave of Elah is where he hid in “No man’s land” between Israel & Gaza. Today, this land is much like the Berlin Wall was.
The Elah tree “Terebinth” serves similar function as the Elm or Oak; trees like these were used throughout Europe for human sacrifice called “Thor’s Oaks”. Victims were hung upon a “Cross” made of the largest branches.
Elah was the son of king Baasha who went in the way of Jeroboam (Golden “Apis” Bull Idols); God (the real JEHOVAH) pronounced judgment on all of Baasha’s descendants which was fulfilled through king Zimri.
Israel conspired against Zimri (he sacrificed himself) & installed the wickedest king up to that point, king Omri; his son was Ahab (worst of all) who married Jezebel, the Phoenician princess who gave birth to 70 sons of mixed blood who were raised in Samaria.
Today we call them the Sanhedrin who will soon enforce 7 Noahide Laws on humanity calling for the death of Born Again Christians. This included the 144,000 Israelites protected by God who will accept (or are doing so now) Jesus Christ.
Prince Elah reigned 2 years; the Academy Award winning movie was released in 2007 so you do the math. The goal is to exterminate every last Christian on earth just as all of Elah’s were.
In the movie, Tommy Lee Jones’ son was killed by the military on public land & drug back into military jurisdiction by burning & distribution of his body parts; this is identical to human sacrifice where the body & blood are said to fertilize Mother Earth.
In times of war, there are few rules & military JAG’s are usually only interested in protecting the military from prosecution as the movie illustrates.
Jezebel became fertilizer for Israel’s first Kibbutz set up in Palestine on 9/11/1922; like her Elah’s (Esau’s) descendants were consigned to be eaten by dogs & fowls of the air. Who’s going to do it? Elah was an Edomite descended from Jacob’s twin brother.
What’s their symbol? The Eagle is the symbol of Edom. King David did not use the Six Pointed Star; that came from Solomon, Omri, Ahab & Jezebel.
Twice in the movie (Elah reigned 2 years) the story of David slaying Goliath was read; both of Tommy Lee Jones’ boys were killed in war & twice the US flag was installed upside down. This is the symbol of America in distress. Who installed the flag upside down?
First it was a Mexican immigrant (by accident? Sure!); next it was the boy’s father who had figured out American soldiers in Iraq are committing unspeakable horrors on Iraqi people.
This movie was written with expert bible knowledge by serious occultists. Occult means hidden & this is exactly what Edom is doing today, hiding behind the Six Pointed Star.
It's time to seek the Lord Jesus Christ; Edomites are about to pull the rug out from under America.
TV Series Eleventh Hour

The title Eleventh hour refers to Rev 11 a description of the final 42 months “Great Tribulation”.

Dr. Jacob Hood & his FBI protector Rachel refer to Jacob & his wife Rachel who gave birth to Dan & Joseph. Hood refers to Cloak; Latin “Domini” is hood & mask Esau uses to impersonate Jacob.
Dr. of what? Seems to be a secret, but my guess is it refers to the Egyptian Thoth/Hermes brought to Egypt by foreign Semitic rulers called “Hyksos” also likely of Edomite descent.
The book of Obadiah spells out judgment of the houses of Joseph & Jacob being a flame; British-Israelism teachers claim (falsely) the house of Joseph is represented by Britain & America & Jacob by Israel.
Further, by following the Eagle, one can track Dan into the US. Jacob prophesized Dan would one day judge his people as a tribe of Israel, but they are not listed among the “Saved” tribes of Revelation 7.
Esau uses deception to impersonate Jacob in Israel & the Eagle was NEVER used by Dan; it is Esau’s symbol & I’m quite sure Hollywood knows this; after all Holly trees were used to make Druid Magic Wands & Esau means Magic as well.
In Genesis 11, fair skin, blue eyed “Magi” came from the east to build the Tower of Babel; Jacob Hood has those features, in reality, Jacob (Israel) does not.

Quantum of Solace

The title refers to “smallest packet of light”; Sol being a synonym for Mithra & Helios. Solace also means “alleviation of distress”.

Sand features prominently in the introduction and end; Hellenic means “people of sand”.
007 refers to Rosicrucian mystic John Dee, considered the father of the British Empire; British means “Birthright Covenant”.
Q is not in this installment; Q was always Bond’s Gadget man “Magician”.
The mysterious group “Green International” are criminals playing both sides of every government “King Makers”; hidden, anonymous & in control of intelligence services CIA, MI6 etc.
Water is the most valuable resource in the world, but stays under the guise of oil. The movie makes use of oil for killing; in fact the world is literally awash in oil; Montana/SD having perhaps more oil than Saudi Arabia.
The overarching theme of the movie is “Revenge”.
This movie reveals volumes of truth; control of water is the world’s most powerful tool of control; example the Bush family & Sun Myung Moon collectively own the Guarani Aquifer on the Argentina/Brazil/Paraguay border; T. Boone Pickens & ethanol producers Algonquin Aquifer in US.
Green International is a pseudonym for the UN rewilding program which ostensibly creates open spaces but in reality herds populations into confined areas.
Carbon is touted as being the cause of Global Warming; it is in actuality just a lie used by hidden criminals to control & blackmail governments.
Revenge is the religion of Esau; Vengeance is God’s role; to me, this movie says to hidden criminals their “Masquerade” is nearing an end.
The movie’s villain goes from rich & untouchable to alone in the desert with nothing to drink but a can of oil & gets 2 bullets in the back of his head from his own people; literally SOL.
Message: Stay in line or pay the price, the measure of solace (Esau’s distress is in keeping up pretences) is coming.

Check out Nicolas Cage listening to a newscast at midnight describing an oil rig fire in the Gulf of Mexico; the release date was Mar 20, 2009; the Deephorizon rig exploded April 20, 2010.

This movie has Amillennialism, Rapture, Aliens, Spirit Guides, Aryanism, modern day extra-biblical prophecy, Indigo/Star Children, Anti-gravity, Kabbalah, Masonry, Mormonism, Gematria (numerology) & New Age Witchcraft elements.
The movie attributes the destruction of man & man-made things to the Sun spewing out an Ozone destroying Tesla EM wave; LIE. The Son does this at the 2nd Coming. The Sun does not spew Tesla magnetic waves nor would magnetic waves destroy the ozone layer.
Solar radiation contacting the earth’s magnetic field creates Auroras which Man can duplicate with Tesla EM “Scalar Radars”.

These can be used to destroy the ozone layer by opening up holes in the magnetosphere to electric discharge; but make no mistake here, Wicked (wicked means willingness to cause others harm) Man is causing it, not the Sun.
This movie blames God’s creation of the Sun & therefore God for destroying His own Creation rather than wicked Man.
Aliens who manifest as spirits or 3 dimensional Aryans “Rapture” children on the last day prior to this predicted global disaster;
obviously the New Age makers understand Revelation 19 because this is exactly what Jesus does to the living who are sealed to Him just before the Day of His Wrath.
What they don’t understand is nobody on earth knows when the last day will be; as Jesus said when He was on earth, only the Father in heaven knows.
The movie changes Jesus into multiple interdimensional beings of light who arrive in a space ships when everything appears normal on earth. Read Revelation, the world will be anything but normal when Jesus returns.
Antichrist will impersonate Jesus in this fashion.
Kabbalah teaches the goal of enlightened man is to become liberated from the 3 dimensional world as beings of light; this is clearly on display.
Mormonism teaches spirits reside on a star called “Kolob”; since Jesus returns to Earth to establish the Millennial Kingdom, the location of the New World is at another location.
At the end of the movie, the Golden Age begins on another planet with one “Tree”; the film makers understand Revelation 22 because this is exactly what Jesus does after the Millennium.
Nicolas Cage’s father in the movie is a Protestant Minister who quotes 1Co 12 with a small, but deceitful twist. He says honor the “Prophets”.
Indigo & Star children are being promoted as having “gifts” such as healing, clairvoyance, prophecy etc.
The last “Prophet” of God was John, & he died after Jesus gave His testimony in Revelation; the book is closed.
Prophesy is understanding what His Word means, not making predictions about the future as a Prophet.
New Agers hope to rewrite the Word of God by adding a chapter 23; NOT!

Gematria is an occult science of numbers.
God wrote the Word before time began & used numbers to illustrate the Word was not written by Man, but rather by Man as they were led by the Holy Ghost.
Black stones figure prominently; this is exactly opposite of Rev 2:17; Jesus gives His people the hidden “White” stone; Black stones are used in Masonry to exclude undesirables “Black Balled”.
As the ships take the children; smooth black stones levitate indicating they can influence “Gravity”. Sorry, but Newton lied about Gravity to simply put the Sun at the center of Creation rather than the Earth; levitation is again just part of Magick.
The children are given white rabbits; this being the symbol of Easter (Ishtar) & ritual initiation.
In 2 Kings 17:31 we read the Sepharvites (fake Jews “Sepharvaim” burned their children in fires to Moloch) made rabbit idols dedicated to the Mother Goddess Anammelech who functioned at the Mother of the Assyrian sun god Adrammelech.
Recall in Matrix Neo is asked to voluntarily follow the white rabbit where he meets Trinity & the subterranean ship called the Nebuchadnezzar in Zion.

The world has been conditioned to believe Satan is a Red Horned monster; the fact is, this movie has most of the elements of Satanism with no red horns in sight.
The drawing in the Time Capsule is called Ezekiel’s Wheel (Eze 1) a description referred to as the Glory of God.
Speculation about this “Merkabah” began after the 2nd Temple was destroyed and took root in Kabbalah, Talmudic Judaism, the Dead Sea Scrolls of the Essenes & Hasidic Judaism with the mystic Maimonides.
Ezekiel recorded the departure of the Glory of God in Eze 8 because of Man’s grievous Sins in worshipping the Rising Sun; they want it back & hope that day comes in 2020; they however call it “Shekina” the feminine Spirit of God. Oops!
Cage’s other movies National Treasure & Wicker Man are likewise very true depictions of Satanism hidden behind the facades of Witchcraft & Freemasonry.

End of thread.
Slum Dog Millionaire

A very real look at life in Mumbai & an illustration of Muslim vs Hindu vs Christianity.

Vedic Aryan gods entered India with Zoroaster (ca 7c BC); with it came the rigid caste system on display in the movie.
Noteworthy is Barack Obama reportedly carries a Vedic Idol of Hanuman their god of good luck in war.
India & Pakistan were split along Hindu/Muslim lines following WW2 & that is on display as well. British derives from B’Rith or Birthright & modern India is their creation.
Aryanism spread similarly into Russia, Europe, Great Britain & its vassal the US; the birthright here being Esau’s (Gen 27:40) prophesied “Dominion” over Jacob.
The answer to the movies primary question; how did he win the game show? Was “Destiny” & so it is with the 3rd Beast in Dan 7:6 when the Leopard achieves Dominion in what will be WW3 (US/Israel/Britain versus Iran) & hands it over to “Little Horn”.
Christianity differs in that Prophecy is prewritten history & will indeed happen as written except the Lamb’s Book of Life has room for anyone who makes the decision to covenant with the Lord.
Destiny is an eastern as well as Calvinist (Protestant) philosophy not found in scripture; 1Th 1:4 KJV “Knowing, brethren beloved, your election of God” is changed in new bible versions & the Aramaean bible “Syriac Peshitta” to reflect this false teaching.
End of thread.
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

First, notice Obama is President & Swine Flu is joked about; This movie was in the “Can” long before Obama was elected or “Swine Flu” was even known about. America has not had a fair election for a long time.

Obama means “He is with us”; the movie centers on a fight between Decepticons & “Primes” Autobots. Sorry, but Autobots refer to Churchianity Christians who are told by their Wolves in Sheep’s clothing “Ministers/Pastors/Priests” that America is a Christian Nation.
Fact: Jesus said He hated the elevation of Clergy “Nicolaitane Doctrine” (Rev 2:6:15) & never once suggested for His people to attend Church services, much less on Sun Day.
I suggest reading 1Co 11:27 before taking Communion from one of these “Decepticons” & if you believe the Water they sprinkled or dunked you with “Saved” you; Guess again & let Jesus do that for you!
Jesus is God & does not need Christians to pick up arms in the final war of “Good vs Evil” either. Pick up a sword & you shall die by the sword!!
Megatron rises out of the Sea & travels to Saturn where “The Fallen” is in exile.
Saturn aka Satan is often referred to as “Lapis Exilis” or Fallen Stone. Allegedly, the Rosicrucian mystic Nicholas Roerich (FDR’s Guru) hid the “Lapis Exilis” in the Foundation Stone of his tower overlooking the Cathedral of St. John Divine in NYC.

He & others believe this Green Stone was cut from Lucifer’s Crown by Archangel Michael when he was cast to Earth. Nice try! Satan/Lucifer is cast to Earth at the 5th Trumpet 18 months before the 2nd Coming.
Optimus Prime is resurrected by a relic of the “All Spark”.
Constantine’s mother Helena began this Relic Worship (Spear of Destiny, Piece of the True Cross, Nails, Shroud of Turin etc) in the 4th century; all of it is occult nonsense just like her location of Mt. Sinai in Egypt; Gal 4:24 says otherwise.
The All Spark gives new life to Optimus Prime (Jesus in His Red, White & Blue American colors) & notice Bumble Bee guards the movie hero. Bee “Dabar” means Word in Chaldee.
Google “Eagle Gate” in Salt Lake City & an Eagle can be seen carrying a Beehive in its talons; this means Edom carries Satan’s Lies into the Golden Age of Zionism.
Amurru was the Nabattaean Arab & Edomite Serpent god & Shepherd god; & Can means “Opposition or Rebellion to God”; thus America is an Edomite Nation; not Christian or of Jacob.
Freemasons & Rosicrucians built America on a foundation of Lies for 3 reasons:

1. To be a New Atlantis; return to the pre-flood world as envisioned by Sir Francis Bacon & the Rosicrucian John Dee “007”. In the movie, this is the Government Agency “Sector 7”.
2. To be a New Jerusalem which Mormons refer to as Zion. Biblically this begins after the Millennium of Jesus Christ, but for occultists it is installed at the dedication of the Millennial Temple, the Throne of Zeus & the Abomination of Desolation in Jerusalem.
This is why the Eagle Gate sits just south of the Mormon Temple.
America was the vision of Christopher Columbus a Knights Templar (Red Cross) & Marrano ie a Kabbalist & Talmudist who only pretended to be Catholic.
DC gets its name from the Roman goddess of fertility “Columbia” aka Statue of Liberty & Christ-Taufr or Red Christ is given credit (A Lie) for her discovery. The Red Christ is of course Edom’s Messiah.
3. Rev 18 precedes the 2nd Coming; for occultists America’s demise will precede the Red Christ & all speculative Freemasons & high level Jesuits know this.
Capitol “Temple of Jupiter” & Capital derive from the Latin “Caput Draconis” as in finished. America’s “Capital Punishment” is coming quicker than you may think.
Jesuits & Masons share control over America from Georgetown & the Supreme Temple of the 33rd which sits 13 blocks north of the Capitol. Gen 13 is where Abram & Lot separate paths & Rev 13 is there the Beast (Megatron) rises from the Sea.
George refers to St. George aka King Arthur & the Temple is built as in exact replica of the Temple of Halicarnassus in Ephesus Turkey.
Check out the Sphinx’s guarding the entrance, Lucifer’s Eye in the foyer & the rooms dedicated to the Apollo Moon Landing & FBI.

The original structure was built by Mausolus & his twin sister wife Artemisia (Artemis means Bee & she was the Queen of Witchcraft aka Diana). Bees served the Queen Bee their & do here as well.
The Rosicrucian motto “The Rose gives honey to the Bees” reflects their goal; their HQ is in California & mimicked by the Lincoln Memorial west of the Capitol as he was the head of Rosicrucians in America.

Blue represents the Profane or Porch Brethren; Red the Esoteric Lodge & White the Luciferian Illuminati; they are the colors of Witchcraft.
Look at the Icons of America (Washington Monument, Capitol, Pentagon, Layout of DC, Supreme Temple of the 33rd, National Cathedral with Darth Vader carved as a Gargoyle etc) & you will see this is true.
There are Christians in America but as a nation America is most assuredly not Christian; our Declaration of Independence is a Declaration of Independence from God’s Laws: Love God; Love our Neighbors.
The ultimate weapon in the movie is capable of darkening the Sun; nice because that’s the claim of advanced Scalar EM weapons. I seriously doubt this capability, but they are capable of creating natural disasters & blaming God for them.
This was the claim of the Death Star in Star Wars as you may recall, but this one is hiding in the Cheops Pyramid left there by the Decepticons & “The Fallen”, eons ago.
This is also the claim of theologians using terms such as Nephilim which also means “Fallen”. In Gen 6, the Word of God uses “Giant”, not Nephilim because Man causes his own Sin, not Fallen Angels or Aliens.
Sorry, but unless we are in covenant with God (Love God; Love our Neighbor) & accept His perfect blood as Jesus Christ which came from the Father in Heaven, we look in the mirror & see MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, so stop blaming others for it.
Here is reality, Paganism is undue reverence for one’s ancestors ie “Bloodline”.
Pagan Arabs connect themselves to the Abrahamic Covenant through:
Hagar (Egypt)
Ishmael (12 Tribes; the equivalent of our “Neo-Cons” aka Zionists)
Esau (Edomites; the real Decepticons posing as Israel under the Six Pointed Star of Saturn)
one of their own had been residing in the White House which they knew would happen in advance.
Like it or not Obama was not born in America, was not sworn to defend the US constitution & is the first US President to not use a bible (Lincoln bible was used for intentionally botched oath by Jesuit John Roberts; repeated oath did not use one).
He is in fact the Edomite in Chief of Amurru Can “America” & as Isaac prophesied in Gen 27:40, Esau will soon achieve total “Dominion”.
This is why Obama bowed to King Abdullah on April Fool’s Day when he was President.

Orion’s Belt stars line up with 3 Egyptian Pyramids; but in the movie they also point to Petra. LIE. Petra means “Rock” as in the Rock of Edom whose symbol is the Eagle.
The 2nd Coming is complete judgment of Edom as described in the book of Obadiah, & this movie puts this on display.
Satan “Transformed” himself into an Angel of Light & that’s what this immensely popular movie is about.
Interesting that it begins in France as Merovingians claim to be the Holy Grail isn’t it?
End of thread.
X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Adamant refers to God hardening a person’s heart (Eze 3:9; Zech 7:12); in this movie it gives one invincibility.

Adamantium is the fictitious material derived from a Meteorite; not the stuff of Hollywood fiction, these Stones from Heaven form the basis for Islam (Kaaba & Black Stone of Mecca) & Zoroastrianism (Cube of Zoroaster).
In Acts 19:35 Ephesians worshipped Diana & the image which fell down from Jupiter (Zeus).
X refers to the Egyptian Sun god Osiris. His “Divine” son Horus will win the final battle against his evil brother Seth (played by Sabertooth, a Vampire type character).
In the movie they must combine forces against Weapon 11 a US Military creation & conglomeration of the attributes of those before him.
In religion, this is called “Ecumenicism”, the combining of attributes of many religions which will result in a secular world rising from the ashes of America called “New Atlantis”.

X-Men refer to Shemsu Horus “Followers of Horus” who for Millennia have initiated men into secret rituals called “Divine Union” designed to mimic the bible’s new birth.
Wolverine dies & comes back to life in water (physical birth is in the womb in water); fused with Adamant, he is both Logan the semi-divine but separate Race of human “Mutant” & Wolverine, the invincible, secret weapon.
His dog tags reflect this just as the Great Seal of the US with the Eagle on one side & the Unfinished Pyramid & Eye of Horus with “Novus Ordo Seclorum” (New Secular Order) on the reverse.
Not to give away the ending, but only a bullet made of Adamant will kill him; when shot in the head he fully repairs physically (immortality), but has no memory of his past. This too mimics scripture of the New Earth in Rev 21.
Weapon 11 is killed in an Atomic Energy cooling tower; that’s exactly what Iran is being accused of building at Qom, Shiite Islam’s Holiest City. Iran is a name derived from Aryan “Noble Caste”.
Dan 8 records the Grecian Rough Goat defeating the Mede-Persian Ram & out of this comes the king of fierce countenance who destroys the mighty & holy people aka Antichrist aka the Rider of the Pale Horse.
As if this isn’t hard enough to digest, Atomic Energy utilizes Uranium, a heavy metal named after Ur, the first post flood city of United Religion (UN heads the URI “United Religion Initiative”) that sets up a chain reaction.
In the movie, Logan’s girlfriend tells a myth about Divine Union of the Moon with her lover; not coincidentally a Moonie once lead (at time of movie) the UN (Ban Ki-moon).
Symbolically Atomic Energy dies with Weapon 11, & in Genesis 11 we find the Scapegoat is called Nimrod.
Take note in the movie the US Military Colonel (insignia is the Eagle, the bible’s symbol of Esau) who designed Adamantium is banished to walk forever as Cain once was.
It is my belief America was destined (when the Capitol’s Foundation Stone was laid) to be the Scapegoat for Babylon in Rev 18 (6+6+6) in order that a false Messiah can be accepted by the world, a copy of Rev 19. Capitol means Temple of Jupiter.
America’s Foundation Stone was brought to NYC by the Rosicrucian mystic Nicholas Roerich; he was adviser to FDR at the start of WW2.
It’s likely no coincidence Ahmadinejad was claiming (at time of movie) to be Jewish (he is Satanic &/or Edomite not Jewish) & once held American’s hostage during Iran hostage crisis, or that Jimmy Carter’s adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski was also Obama’s adviser in Iranian affairs.
America’s Foundation Stone is called “Lapis Exilis”; the Green Stone cut from Lucifer’s crown during a war in Heaven. All well & good except that war hasn’t happened yet & Lucifer never had nor will ever get that crown!
End of thread.

3 Twitter errors later...
The Fountain is another movie full of occult symbolism. 3 stories laced together represent the Quest for Immortality.

Past; a Conquistador in Mayan America serving the queen of Spain (Spain here represents Sepharvaim who sacrificed their children to Molech) through killing & stealing gold.
Present; a doctor trying to save his wife with secret medical experiments finishes her “Book of Life” with ink & blood.
Future; a space-time traveler carrying the Tree of Knowledge to a dying star in Orion’s Belt. The dying star is Lucifer represented as a Single Point of Light in the movie;
the Fountain is the Tree of Knowledge nurtured since Cain’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden & the Conquistador represents soldiers in Satan’s Army who have committed themselves in service to the Queen in Sacred Marriage.
Notice Jackman initiates this with the wedding ring & subsequently with Tree Ring Tattoos, ultimately becoming part of the Tree Roots upon his death. This mimics Hebrews 9:22; his blood is remission for his sins.
His Queen admonishes him to “Save Spain from Bondage”. This relates to Esau’s (Sepharvaim are mixed Edomite/Canaanite blood, ref 2 Kings 17:30) bondage under the yoke of his brother Jacob in Gen 27:39-41 & the intent to be Free;
the Queen is the Goddess of Liberty & the Fountain is the pouring out of Knowledge in the Age of Aquarius which likely (occultists believe this) began on the Mayan Calendar date December 21, 2012.
Bottom line here is Occultists have committed themselves to their Queen in Sacred Marriage; you should do likewise to the true King Jesus Christ & become wedded to the Lamb.
End of thread.
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