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We are in the End Times, and the time is near when Luciferian Baal Worship will become the official religion of the world.
The Old Testament and the New Testament fully agree. Satan has staged events - including what we are seeing right now in the Patriot Movement.
Baal Worshipers have always acted like vampires and werewolves in secret. Their Satan-inspired practices require both cannibalism and drinking human sacrificial blood for the sake of greater magic. And the blood of the most innocent is what they covet most.
To understand the mindset behind abortion, one must understand the old religion of Baal worship. Before St Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland, the worship of Baal was commonplace.
Just as in ancient Canaan and other parts of the Middle East, the followers of this pagan religion indulged in the rite of child sacrifice. They believed the ritual incineration of a child was especially pleasing to Baal, the demon entity that ruled their spiritual lives.
Through this nauseating rite they sought to appease their god and secure prosperity for the families concerned. The Bible refers in many places to this practice among the original inhabitants of Canaan. The god in question was usually Molech, another name for Baal.
When the child,likely a newborn, was handed over by his mother, the priests of Molech would raise a deafening beat on their drums to drown out the victim's pitiful screams and possibly those of the mother.The drumming sound also exerted a powerful hypnotic effect on all gathered.
Jesus says Beelzebub is Lucifer. 'Baal' has different pronunciations in different places. So, you will see Baal, Bel in Babylon, and Beel in the land of the Philistines - Canaan. Beelzebub was a Philistine god, that the Jews hated. It means Baal Master, or lord of the flies.
Every family that wants Baal's favor has to murder an innocent child on their alter to this monster. And it wasn't a swift murder. It was burning them alive. That's why Daniel's Jewish companions were thrown into a fire. It was the fire of Baal. Daniel Chapter 3.
This began with Nimrod and his uncle Canaan shortly after Noah's flood. These two reintroduced the core of Luciferian religion to the reformed world, the same religion that destroyed Noah's generation - the Luciferian, Anunnaki Religion. Nimrod, son of Cush and grandson of Ham.
We learn much about a biblical character by their names. Nimrod’s name means rebel; one who refuses allegiance to and opposes by force an established government or ruling authority. Nimrod refused adherence to, and opposed by force, God’s righteous governing authority.
Nimrod’s rebellious motivation, he built the first ‘kingdom’of man rule. Take note of the term,man ruling over man,a secular State government that rejected the rule of Jehovah. Scripture says, “The beginning of his kingdom was Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh...
They worshiped Fallen Angels, Nephilim, and demons that demanded human blood sacrifices. The Luciferian religion is Baal Worship. Satanism is not ruling the world. They serve the Luciferian Cabal. The Greek gods were the fallen angels.
The Minotaur-ancient Greek monster, half-man and half-bull. The beast lived inside a labyrinth, where he devoured 14 human sacrifices each year. Today, the Minotaur is popular in fantasy and sci-fi. He appears in Dungeons and Dragons, Dr. Who, Wrath of the Titans and more.
According to the research of Fritz Springmeier, the highest ranking Satanists answer to the Highest of the Bloodlines, which are considered Luciferian Royalty, people who claim to have the blood of gods (Fallen Angels) in their veins.
Satan, fallen angels, and demons, all have their hands tied until- humans sin. And as we sin we "loose" their hands so that they can kill. That's why they demand innocent blood. And abortion serves that purpose!
What are the keys to heaven?
In the Gospel of Matthew 16:19, Jesus says to Peter, "I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on Earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on Earth shall be loosed in heaven."

Right now there is global human outrage. The internet is allowing people to learn that Luciferians have controlled world events, and even trashed economies leading to starvation. But worse, we have learned that they are sacrificing our children by the millions worldwide.
In their twisted minds, this gives them power & authority & fame & fortune. They sell their souls for the things of the world. There are cults that the world would consider Christian & they take direct orders from the Illuminati, mostly through Luciferian initiated Freemasons-32^
The Illuminati existed long ago, long before Adam Weishaupt, who started a group he called the "Illuminati". Before they were called the "Illuminati" they had different names. In the past, they were the elite priesthood of the ancient mystery religions-Egypt Babylon Greece, Rome
The high ranking priests of Babylon, Egypt, Greece, etc. hid secrets in plain sight in the form of symbols, images, rituals etc. They have kept the real meanings of their rituals, symbols, etc. to themselves & made up explanations to tell the common people & their lower priests.
Symbolism is the language of the Luciferians; in fact it is the language of Masonry mysticism and philosophy. THEY thought that symbolism was a more ingenious and ideal method of preserving their transcendental knowledge. "SYMBOLISM WILL BE THEIR DOWNFALL~Q
Symbolism WILL be their DOWNFALL~Q
Alfa Romeo
It symbol features a ‘biscione’ that is a serpent eating a child,terrifying the people,also leaving them in confusion what the serpent symbolizes to as the human child signifies to the Moor.
Symbolism WILL be their DOWNFALL~Q
Chicago Bulls
Have a close look and try turning the logo reveals a robot sitting on a park bench reading a bible.
Symbolism WILL be their DOWNFALL~Q
The 23 symbols you should be able to find include a sun, a hand, a bee, a palm tree, hair, a steaming bowl, DNA, a tea leaf, ice cream, a container, clothes, lips, a bird, a fish, a heart and more abstract symbols.
Symbolism WILL be their DOWNFALL~Q
Google chrome search engine released in 2008–dot in circle exhibits the subliminal satanic devil number 666 that is associated to the biblical number of beast. The GPU is named adreno, renamed by Google in 2009. ADRENOCHROME
Symbolism WILL be their DOWNFALL~Q
The circle within a circle often symbolizes a secret society. Outer circle is unaware of what the innercircle does.Moreover it contains a pentagram.The symbol that we are referring to is the Sigil of Baphomet, a/k/a ‘Seal of Satan’ .
Symbolism WILL be their DOWNFALL~Q
The UN emblem showing a globe with latitude and longitude lines outlining 33 fields, symbolizing the 33 degrees of Freemasonry.
Symbolism WILL be their DOWNFALL~Q
Examine this of Disney carefully & observe the three six camouflaged in the writing of the Walt Disney corporate logo.
There will be an entire thread JUST FOR DISNEY. There is SO MUCH Symbolism in their movies, too much for here.
Symbolism WILL be their DOWNFALL~Q
TWC being 2nd largest cable provide. Logo of Time Warner cable resembles the udjat & the all seeing eye,that is believed to be the eye of Lucifer. This one is a symbol of Illuminati.
How many pictures like these have you seen?
Symbolism WILL be their DOWNFALL~Q
CBS Broadcasting Inc. (CBS) is a major U.S. commercial broadcasting television network, Its logo resembles an eye which indicates to the eye of Satan.
Symbolism WILL be their DOWNFALL~Q
This logo exhibits the pyramid without capstone,used in divination. Hexes,curses,psychic control and all corruption are worked through this emblem.
Symbolism WILL be their DOWNFALL~Q
There is a resemblance between logo of NATO and swastika or sun wheel- An ancient religious symbol used in Buddhist inscription, Celtic monuments and Greek coins. In sun god worship it is said to represent the sun’s course in the heaven.
Symbolism WILL be their DOWNFALL~Q
The corporate symbol is Pentastar, but the logo on the car is a winged sun disk that is an ancient symbol associated with Egypt most commonly. It comprises a sun orb with a wing on each side.
Back to the Illuminati for a minute-The progressive agenda was formed by the Illuminati to introduce a lite form of Baal Worship, which serves Satan's greater purpose, the enslavement and destruction of mankind.
Symbolism WILL be their DOWNFALL~Q
Progressive Insurance
Symbolism WILL be their DOWNFALL~Q
The Illuminati are Luciferians. They are not Marxists or Fascists.
In truth, they think they are ancient Emperors and Pharaoh's and they want a world with rulers, slave drivers, and slaves. Period.
MK Ultra program was meant to produce slaves.
Symbolism WILL be their DOWNFALL~Q The symbol of the eye is satanic in nature since the reptilian bloodline is evil in nature (reptilians are also known as the Archons in Gnosticism). Many cultures believed in a malevolent ‘evil eye’ that was able to place a curse on a person.
Symbolism WILL be their DOWNFALL~Q
The LDS church has roots in Freemasonry, with Joseph Smith’s membership and conducting of black magic rituals to find the golden tablets, and you can see the All Seeing Eye on the Salt Lake Temple in Utah.
Symbolism WILL be their DOWNFALL~Q
Symbolism WILL be their DOWNFALL~Q

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