THE TRUTH ABOUT THE HEGEMONY OF SOUTH AFRICA: A researched analysis, by Tess Sulaman.

1986: Not a dark, or stormy night. Believe it or not:

▪️Gold mining income was approx R2.5T p/a (R1/$1 roughly). GDP was only 82B!
▪️Inflation since then ...
... has been 1054%. Which means the real value of that income would be A THOUSAND TIMES that, if it was today. I have no idea what that calc even is! But it’s A THOUSAND TIMES $2.5T. Bear in mind that today’s GDP is only $350B!!
▪️It employed 45 000 + 350 000 miners
▪️Just ONE mine, of 34 large ones used more power than the whole JHB municipality at the time (has that changed?) & produced 80 tons p/a. As well as earned more income than many U.S. States then did! (And not owned by S.A. or its people!)
In total South Africa produced 700 tons of gold (+- 56 000 gold BARS!). In 1941 it was 448 tons.
▪️Despite a 100 years of heavy mining, it is claimed that 70% of the gold reserves were still under the ground!
▪️In 1887 Mayer Rothschild funded De Beers.…
▪️In fact, the “Rothschild SA CEO,” coincidentally BRITISH, has just been appointed as the CEO of SAA (which besides being the national carrier, basically owns our airspace.) And of course, you did know that Trevor Manuel’s next job after finance minister was as ...
... the Africa advisor to the Rothschilds. And that his wife has been the the CEO of ex Barclays owned (British) ABSA bank. And you did know, right, that 4 of the current patriarch’s spawn (This story is multi-generational!) are married to their first cousin ...
... presumably to keep the wealth and “genes” in the family! (There are various online videos from the horses mouth about it!) and that it is this same BRITISH Rothschild family who also basically FUNDED THE FOUNDING OF ISRAEL, and is still a highly heavy benefactor.
▪️What does Rothschild SA do? From what I can tell, online, It’s an “impartial” advisory on all major enterprise disposal / acquisition / market access matters. (Basically, no one does much without their say, yeah?) Oh. And they basically have direct / indirect control ...
... of the banks, finance ministers, and now the national carrier. And indirectly own the reserve bank, and most others internationally. Ja. Sounds impartial to me!
▪️And then I watch this doccie that claims that through financial smoke and mirrors, ...
... effectively, MUCH OF THE CAPITAL of this country, and the rest of Africa, flows outwards and back to BRITISH coffers.
▪️So do you then really need me to draw an organogram of conflicts of interest; at not only an ethical juncture, ...
... but what about from a fiduciary, governance, policy, currency, and management perspective?
▪️SOUTH AFRICA has the RICHEST gold and mineral reserves in THE WORLD, not focusing on oil. Yet look at how rich the Arabs are. And how poor we are! How can it possibly make sense!?
▪️Much of South Africa’s generated resources (see my prev tweets) are used in mining. Which does not even belong to our country! And yet we suffer the fake loadshedding etc, serving that agenda. How can it be possible? Who does this country belong to?
▪️Why do we even participate in all that voting and stuff, ja? Those truly in control haven’t even passed the reigns to a new bloodline, in over 150 years here! What do you suppose some interim 4 - 8 year govt administration is going to do about it? If they EVEN KNOW about it?
▪️& then they write the history, about how ZAR was empty etcetera. & we just believe it; because how would we know any different? Many people don’t even know their g.grand mother’s name, nevermind the family’s history! Who even knows what happened here, to our forebears? Or when?
▪️Industrialisation was started in Britain in the 18th century & spread to the rest of the world from there. In S.A. it became reality after the Boer War. Result: no more specialists (shoe cobbler) ...
... just workers (gluing in soles) which undoubtedly breaks down skill & expertise!…
▪️Industry has declined. Mining has “slowed down” while finance industry performance seems to somehow have an inverse relationship to the consumers pocket.
▪️After the Great Depression of 1929, the world went off the gold standard. Which meant that banks began just printing money, instead of backing it with gold. A price per ounce was then “set at a rate that would stimulate the economy.” Imagine! Out of thin air...
...And most economies have been running this way ever since. (See doccie!) So this set price caused somewhat of a boom to our gold exports, for a while. However; the privately owned mines enriched the foreigners, & our country benefited very little.
2019: South Africa is hardly dark and stormy, but for a different reason altogether. Water restrictions attest to that!
▪️GDP: 390B USD. In 1986 it was 82B. But it was R1/$1. What does it mean that inflation has been 1000%?!
▪️All the online literature claims that mining is “dying”. Despite being the world’s top gold producer as recently as 2007, gold stats on contr. to GDP are almost impossible to source. Mining is now cited as being in decline, yet an expert once told me ...
... that one of the biggest basins is right under the city centre. Too bad that’s nearly all but been abandoned now and is overrun by crime, hijacked buildings etc. I mean, even Louis Theroux did a terrifying doccie about Hillbrow, right next door!
▪️And the currency, despite this being THE WORLD’S EL DORADO, is roughly R15/$1 (How? Seriously? Without jargon? To me it seems as simple as this: that despite being a truly wealthy nation, we let foreign co’s plunder our resources, and not only extract (for their profit) ...
... our minerals, at a low cost, just to send it offshore and sell it back to us at high price. (Um, why didn’t we just send some young, bright minds to train under some world-renowned experts if we didn’t know how to cut and polish, like civilized people ...
... in the old world would have done in a new mining town?) Just contemplate this for a moment.🤔
▪️So we then buy back our goods, which expenditure gets added to the capital that leaves Africa, to the empire. And then we not only buy back OUR property at five times the price,..
... we then pay it at fifteen times the value! Because our currency has devalued so significantly. And then some bright spark pundit will hop on one foot, yelling that that’s because of bonds and the financial sector, as that is (now) a leading industry, and I say to that,...
... what brainwashed cognitive dissonance, if ever there was some: BECAUSE, of all the money in the world currently in circulation, 97% of it is debt. So not even real money! And not backed by the gold standard even. It’s all in our minds!
▪️No, brothers & sisters! Our wealth in #SouthAfrica is the massive store of gold, diamonds, platinum, coal, and other precious minerals which we have here; A UNIQUE TREASURE TROVE IN THE WORLD!✨ That’s our wealth. Not smoke and mirror USURY, inflatory economics;...
... where you pay 3.5 times the value of your house in interest, and think you’re scoring when you sell it 20 years later, whereas you’ve actually lost money, in real terms. Or made nothing. E.g. using a common online inflation calculator,...
... if you’d bought a house for a mill in 1999, now that is R2.8 mill. So homes are not really even an investment? Just a flatlining asset. Unless you have capital not to bond it? Another example of how economies are designed to only make the wealthy richer!
▪️Now Stats SA claims that in 2015 Gold mining had dropped production by 87% from 1980. Yet in 2007 we were the world’s top exporter of gold?
▪️Is all this voting and parliament comedy show malarkey all just the henry the 8th reality tv show of the day, designed to get you to focus on the drama of it all, instead of worrying about those tiny matters, like the wealth and ownership of our country, not to mention our own?
▪️South Africa; are race relations really the real issue plaguing our self-determination, equal rights to happiness & autonomy, or security? No. Not at all. It’s all manufactured. Why? Well, I can’t get into all of that quite yet, but restart at the beginning of the thread. 🙏🏼🌹
Main sources:
▪️Johannesburg: One Hundred Years 1986, by City of JHB
▪️The Great Boer War, 1902, Arthur Conan Doyle
✝️ Our Father, above us, in a heavenly realm beyond our visible eye; hear today a witness, tell the true story of the history of the Boers!
Because it is my true belief, as a sincere daughter of Yours, that the history of this country has been stolen from its people.
That racial prejudices and hatreds have been engineered to obscure all I have revealed here tonight; to perhaps not fully, any one single person currently living on this earth. That you Children of God are easily herded, led, and misled, into these false beliefs about reality;...
...not at all by your own doing but through the permanent opioid (sugar) state you are all in, where you don’t fire on all cylinders because you don’t have nearly enough salt; because the franken, radiated, GMO stuff you all had in your pantries in the 80s led ...
... to all kinds of illnesses. Whereas if you all stopped the sugars, GMOs, canola oil🔺[check labels], (industrial) fluoride in water (filter) & pesticide (organic Banting basically) and used bone broth, L-carnitine, fridge probiotics, high grade fish oil, some vitD occasionally
and green powders, you’d be TEN years younger in no time. And might not even have those symptoms anymore. Add to that a bicarb protocol (reach out for more) and your mind will be as clear as mine, and then you’ll laugh your self dizzy 😄thinking I was standing here before you ...
... sounding all clever, an’ ‘ol, 👴🏻Dadsepe; and I know how unfond you are of pomp and all that swazz. 💁🏻‍♀️So how about confirming whether the I’m on the right track with my imaginary story about the history of the Afrikanders (which if you’re a wordsmith, you’ve now ...
...already figured out the denouement; but are still interested anyhow, for the artistry of it. (And that’s how I figure things out, like this; through writing it up as a good story. And seeing what comes up. & then when I find confirmation, it’s just astounding. And I keep on.
Which is why real writers throw the books of unworthily published journalists against walls, as disgust is the only worthy emotion of The Artist, or so says Oscar the ••••••, Petals, who’d ya think coulda braved it, my heart strings? Of course, Sis, it’s your...]🚪
People; it is my belief; that this world has been overrun by invaders. That there was a terrible war in generations beyond our memory. That Afrikaner history in South Africa is much older than we were led to believe. (I’ve written many posts on here about it.) That they are an...
...older occupier of the country, along with other nations; tribes, and peoples, who lived together generally easily. Which is why they have their own language, when nearly all other colonised lands took on the occupiers’. In South Africa we have Portuguese, Lebanese, Greek, ...
... and other traditional communities. They don’t change their language. They keep it. Even living amongst other cultures, as you have overseas. Where even if the kids get overrun with the local clothing craze, and culture, they never lose their mother tongue, if it’s different.
I suspect that Jan van Riebeeck is manufactured history to put a stake in the ground for when the “Dutch arrived” in Cape Town to “progeny” the Afrikaners. And how about the group areas act so people never work it out? That we don’t lose our culture that easily, ...
...without it being beaten out of our kids through tarty music videos that hook into their youthful energy, and give them all the weird messages. (When it suits the rest of the agenda anyway.)
There was this paper published; about the genetic origin of people
...identified as Cape Malay, and it basically said, no such thing. They’re Indians from a much earlier arrival who were here so long; had been interbreeding and so looked a bit different.
And the Afrikaners? These folks are either descendants of peoples who speak a Romance based language like Flemish, settled here at a much earlier arrival date, along with the other peoples of tribes now considered to be South African.
And so why the ruse; you ask?
🕵🏻‍♀️Well, if you don’t know who you are, or how anything works, how would you know that you were being robbed blind by invading gangsters and thugs that have no place among you. And are not even the same species as you are; honestly. Unless someone pointed it out to you?
Why do you suppose there are Mother and baby blood groups where mom’s blood can start harming the baby, or worse? Still births etc? Maybe it’s because we’re not all the exact same species of human, and which might be why they keep ...
... directing you to DNA as the breakdown of who we are, which is like getting you to focus on the atom instead of quantum mechanics. Blood is a very extraordinary substance. And yet there’s very little science accessible about why we have different blood groups etc.
I mean, what if your blood group is your race? Who could say? Why isn’t it a possibility to even entertain? We don’t think anymore. Just respond.
But it’s all these GMOs and hormones and things. Not all you. My prayer is that you will now be free of the bonds ...
... that have kept you down and that you return to your true identity - a child of God. In just a few short generations our cultures and identities have been destroyed through the systematic abuse of the female, and the moral assault on ...
... the male through the abuse that is pornographic materials, subliminal programming through all media and mediums, and the active encouragement for females to degrade themselves by messages in pop media.
Afrikanders were ‘other Africans’ okay. Related to the Dutch, surely. But as I said already, we’re all related via DNA. Why do we still take mechanics so seriously, when the soul follows a bloodline, let’s say; which is even why it’s still even referred to as such?
And in fact, if there was some big war, and not as many people were left as was necessary to keep up the growth of our civilization, then I would say, yes, we’d have these huge, empty cities, like we see in these historical pics. Some with ...
... technology that doesnt seem like it should be in it. As I’ve posted before. Wouldn’t that then make sense then? And also explain this sudden “industrialization” which undoubtedly led to globalization; and unsustainable inflation. (Where does it end? Million $ notes?)
And all this decades fast fashions and advances in tech to keep up with a rapidly rebuilding civilization. And to hide that more tech had been there all along. (Another thread altogether.)
Well, anyway. Father. I do believe that this country belongs to its numerous hundreds of years residents; namely the native Black tribes of Southern Africa, the Khoi San peoples; the Malay peoples; and the Afrikanders!
May this land soon find its ownership returned to its true heirs. Not foreign bankers who’ve trapped us in an unsustainable financial system, which doen’t support our #Christian ✝️ #FamilyValues of centering life around the parents; children & a healthy family life. Amen. 🙏🏼🌸✨
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