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The next few postings are addressed at nerds only and is my attempt to find out together what happened with Facebook Graph and how to solve it. All tools are down which is a nightmare for #osint community and reporters. Please share this thread so other people can comment on it.
Now in the "old days" (=yesterday), you were allowed to find people in Berlin with this now broken link… It is still possible to find this people, but not with a hardcoded ID anymore, but keyword search. (2/...)
Now at my place, I can still find People from Berlin, but with a completely different link now. It is… Can you click on it and reply with YES or NO if you get results too?
Here is the odd thing, and a possible way to find out together how the new language is organised. To explain this, I take another (now not working anymore) link.… This searches employees of an embassy. Don't worry, it doesn't work. (4/..)
Now look at the odd thing. I'm gonna combine the code ?f=AbounsghlxO33B9qzqZI6D5eG7SSoHrwXF5u9YX7lBUFxDxWN_wFt87E8f26sD7Fi3FAALBDTqOnDqZcCQ1bg-BrGNYgbd9-xiPaVhaqWkJF9ocCuY2qfGotoDWPR6sUYoA& from "People from Berlin" with the link of employees. Look what happens. (5/...)
Please click on… Do you get a list of people from Berlin now, although at the beginning of the link it says 145298645525554/employees ? (6/...)
What does this mean? The first part of the formula (people from Berlin) is overruled by the "People from Berlin" code. So ?f=AbounsghlxO33B9qzqZI6D5eG7SSoHrwXF5u9YX7lBUFxDxWN_wFt87E8f26sD7Fi3FAALBDTqOnDqZcCQ1bg-BrGNYgbd9-xiPaVhaqWkJF9ocCuY2qfGotoDWPR6sUYoA& decides what you see
This is hopeful. It means that f=AbounsghlxO33B9qzqZI6D5eG7SSoHrwXF5u9YX7lBUFxDxWN_wFt87E8f26sD7Fi3FAALBDTqOnDqZcCQ1bg-BrGNYgbd9-xiPaVhaqWkJF9ocCuY2qfGotoDWPR6sUYoA& is now the new code for finding people in Berlin. Now I need your help, coders! What could this be? (8/...)
It seems not dynamically generated code, but fixed. If f=AbounsghlxO33B9qzqZI6D5eG7SSoHrwXF5u9YX7lBUFxDxWN_wFt87E8f26sD7Fi3FAALBDTqOnDqZcCQ1bg-BrGNYgbd9-xiPaVhaqWkJF9ocCuY2qfGotoDWPR6sUYoA means "People from Berlin" we should be able to decode the code. Any thoughts here? (9/..)
Now there is some hope here to find the correct token yourself. Here is an example. Go to Facebook and type in gijn - global investigative journalism network (@gijn). You will see this: (10/...)
Now click on "80 K like this" and wait for a very long time (20 secs or so). Now you get the list of likers of @gijn because you have the proper token. Did that work for you? Or just click this link…
Now if we want to find the people who like @gijn and are from Berlin, the secret lies in combining both formulas.……

Can you cut and paste along to see if it's possible to combine both? (12/...)
Here is hopeful thing. I like to search posts from a certain date hence we made t "". Say you want to search for only postings about the spanish inquisition in May 2018 (I know, I watched Monty Python too much). It's still possible! Here is how (13/..)
This is the full link…

Do you see the start_month and end_month? %5C%22%3A%5C%222018-05%5C%22%2C%5C%22 is the start month. Decode it here and you see it says \":\"2018-05\",\"
Meanwhile, I still don't like all the fuzz now needed to restore some of the functionalities. Next post will explain you how to still search for names and companies (15/..)
Hold that tweet! Stupid me. Found a way in! All the silly codes like eyJlbXBsb3llciI6IntcIm5hbWVcIjpcInVzZXJzX2VtcGxveWVyXCIsXCJhcmdzXCI6XCIyMjMwMzg2MDEyMTc5MzJcIn0iLCJjaXR5Ijoie1wibmFtZVwiOlwidXNlcnNfbG9jYXRpb25cIixcImFyZ3NcIjpcIjExMTc3NzE1MjE4MjM2OFwifSJ9 are base64 format (16)
Found a way in ! Bear with me, it's complicated. So here is search for all Henk's from Amsterdam area who work for @bellingcat.… (17/..)
Now look at the code eyJlbXBsb3llciI6IntcIm5hbWVcIjpcInVzZXJzX2VtcGxveWVyXCIsXCJhcmdzXCI6XCIyMjMwMzg2MDEyMTc5MzJcIn0iLCJjaXR5Ijoie1wibmFtZVwiOlwidXNlcnNfbG9jYXRpb25cIixcImFyZ3NcIjpcIjExMTc3NzE1MjE4MjM2OFwifSJ9 It's plain old Base64! Readable, type it into
This means that it should work the other way round too, or what do you think ?
Now 223038601217932 is for bellingcat and 111777152182368 is Amsterdam. What I'm gonna try to do now, is to make a token out of something else. Hold on! (18/...)
Several #osint people found a temporary solution for Facebook problem at the same moment. The not working search… becomes… So just change your old links to that new format. (19/...)
So replace www with m and search with graphsearch BUT, my experience is that often there is a delay between mobile and desktop Facebook services. So this could be a very temporary solution
We will try to fix with same method. Can you all tell me (don't forgot to login first in FB) if this is working?… (21/...)
Ok here is even a better solution to fix Facebook Graph problems. The price of magic with using m.facebook can be a broken html-page. If so, use touch.facebook. Example:… (22/22)
Notified other toolmakers of the touch trick . is using it too, right now
Unfortunately the new way of search in Facebook stopped working and all tools are not working anymore . A bad day for human rights activists, media and #osint people
Well, maybe we found another way in! Hold your horses, checking something
Ok good news for now! is working again, we found a new fix. Also is back online. Will report here if and when will be working again, @danielendresz is working on it right now
And another happy message: we got running again. Big shout out to @danielendresz
A lot of people report me that and is not working. That's because you need to refresh your cache. If you don't know how to refresh a cache, there is a site for that
And down again
All is down again in FB graph. So few ideas left, Lets explore and - help of coders/whitehackers appreciated
Facebook Search Happy News. Thanks to the brilliant @djnemec who studied the impact of in this thread and thought about the consequences. Here is your new way of searching Facebook, already a great manual
After 40+ tweets about broken Facebook Graph I am tremendously impressed how the #osint community worked so hard on alternatives. I think the one I posted just now will be not killed in a few hours by Facebook.
So how do you use the new way of searching Facebook without being a full nerd? Here is an example that will tell you how to do it yourself without the need to have JSON knowledge.
Missing some Tweet in this thread? You can try to force a refresh.

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