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Its really not a great feeling being a British Jew right now.

For years I have been loyal to a country I love and engaged in its politics.

On the far right on the rise with its love of Soros Tropes I as a Jew am seen as part of a nefarious global plot. /1
On the far left also on the rise, I am an evil oppressive world controlling Zionist who wakes up wanting to murder Palestinians, as part of my Jewish identity is connected with Israel existing. /2
Then there's Islamists who believe the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and dream of a Jew free world.

They act on this too through terrorist attacks on a kosher supermarket for instance. /3
Then there's a swathe of people who seem to simply not care or think its overblown.

They turn a blind eye to antisemitism and if they do call it out its only very halfheartedly.

A lot would not act in this towards other minorities, but caring goes out of the window for Jews. /4
Then there are the people who pretend to be friends of the Jewish community.

They will give fine speches and honeyed words. They will even speak at rallies.

However when push comes to shove they will stand shoulder to shoulder with antisemites over me due to tribal loyalty. /5
The worst bit about these fairweather friends is I always get duped by them.

I am so desperate for allies in the fight against antisemitism that I get taken in hook, line and sinker. /7
Then there are the internal fights in the Jewish community.

On the one side we have tiny groups and individuals providing cover for antisemitism and engaging in antisemitism. /8
On another side you have small groups and individuals who ally themselves with far right groups and use rising antisemitism to bash Muslims. /9
And now I get to the shameful position of @UKLabour.

Although I am not a Socialist or Social Democrats I have no hesitation to say @UKLabour was a great party, which contributed so much to the life of the UK. /10
This was a party which stood shoulder to shoulder with British Jews.

It was a philosemite party with the likes of Manny Shinwell, Eric Moonman, Nye Bevan, Dick Crossman and many more passionately speaking out against antisemitism. /11
We had @UKLabour leaders standing up to antisemites like Clement Attlee, Hugh Gaitskell, Harold Wilson, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. /12
@UKLabour was also well represented in the fight against fascism in Cable Street.

They were philosemites. They would fight physically antisemites. /13
Now look at this one great party.

It is led by a leader in @jeremycorbyn who has spent his entire political career hand in glove with notorious antisemites. They have shaped his worldview. /14
@jeremycorbyn himself is antisemitic. This is a leader of @UKLabour who gave life to the dual loyalty and rootless cosmopolitan tropes against Jews.

This is a leader who divides Jews between the good anti-Zionists and wicked Zionists. /15
Its no surprise that under @jeremycorbyn leadership @UKLabour has become since 2015 institutionally antisemitic.

A fish rots from the head and the root when it comes to #LabourAntisemitism is from the top downwards. /16
Weekly I go in to pro-Corbyn groups to monitor and record antisemitism.

I do not have trouble finding antisemitism, shockingly there is so much in the antisemitic sewer I can not include it all.

Every antisemitic comments feels like an attack on me for being alive./17
I check how many of those writing antisemitic comments on these pro-Corbyn Facebook groups are party members.

The majority are and I am talking just about the ones making the comments, not those liking or loving the comments. /18
These people are active @UKLabour members, some of whom I am sure proudly campaigned in the #PeterboroughByElection for a @UKLabour new MP who has an awful record on antisemitism. /19

@jeremycorbyn never calls this army of antisemitic activists out, not once! /20
If you want to see how much @jeremycorbyn does not care for Jews, look at his continued refusal to first meet and then have an open mind on #LabourAntisemitism when it came to his interactions with @BoardofDeputies /21
Look how his response to reporters after @UKLabour became only the second party after the BNP to be investigated formally by the #EHRC.

He looked back and turned his back on them. In doing so he showed his comtempt for British Jews. /22
A former @UKLabour mp in @lucianaberger is left with no option but to leave the party due to #LabourAntisemitism.

Since then its only got worse. /23
If you are Peter Willsman you get suspended for your second grotesque act of antisemitism.

If your @campbellclaret and vote for the Lib Dems in the EU elections you will be expelled in the time it takes to say his name./24
There's people like Tom Watson MP, Hilary Benn MP, Lucy Powell MP.

These are the fairweather friends I talked about earlier who I was duped by.

They told me #LabourAntisemitism sickened them, yet campaigned for Lisa Forbes despite her record of antisemitism.

'Some friend' /25
And the scariest thing for me as a Jew is that an institutionally antisemitic party could be put in charge of Great Britain.

And you know what many of many fellow Brits will either not bat an eyelid or welcome it as they don't care or don't like Jews. /26
Other parties are not great either. The leaders of the UK Greens come from the same polluted sewer of antisemitism as @jeremycorbyn. /27
The Brexit party is obsessed by rootless cosmopolitans and frequently its members put all the world's evils at the feet of George Soros./28
I have also seen in Tory Facebook group growing antisemitic comments around Soros. /29.
Its hard being a Jew now in the UK.

To ensure the safety of our community we have to have a ring of steel around our places of worship, communal centres and schools.

As @CST_UK who record antisemitism, this is not for show, this is what is needed for Jews to live in peace. /29
If you are identifiably Jewish like me on Twitter you will wake up day in, day out to antisemitic tweets aimed at you.

I've become immune to it, reading it has become as routine as eating breakfast. /30
But I'm lucky I am not female and Jewish, because then you get antisemitic misogynist abuse.

Stories of women like @Sara_Rose_G, @RachelRileyRR, @TracyAnnO and many more make me red with rage, sick to my stomach, whilst tears flow everywhere.

I cannot imagine how they feel./31
Then there are those like my Mum who if @jeremycorbyn will leave this country.

A country she has given everything to for 65 years, who loves the UK.

She will leave ike many others will because if @jeremycorbyn becomes PM she will no longer feel welcome in this country. /32
And yes I will stay, but only due to my age and work.

I will if @jeremycorbyn becomes PM feel an unwanted stranger in a country I love with all my heart and soul. /33
And me and so many Jews in the UK are just fed up.

Fed up of being hated, dismissed and insulted for being Jews, whilst others turn a blind eye.

Why do they hold so much prejudice for me being Jewish? Being Jewish means no harm to them. It does not make me a bad person. /34
And what sort of future will the next generation of British Jews have, if the antisemitic virus in the UK?

That question fill me with dread, so much dread I cannot face answering it. /35
So what can active allies of the Jewish community do?

a). Listen to our concerns, don't ignore them or say its blown out of proportion.

B) When you see antisemitism.#BeLouder and act. /36
c) Check any group you are involved with. If there is a whiff of antisemitism steer clear.

d) Don't preach fine words and then not back it up. /37
e) Be there for your Jewish friends and always check on their wellbeing.

f) Write to your MP, take part in protests, sign petitions, blog and
Vlog. /38
g) There are so many groups challenging antisemitism like @CST_UK, @MAAS_UK, @CCJUK @APPGAA, @BoardofDeputies, @antisemitism and many others.

Actively support and volunteer for them. /39
We can fight this open antisemitic sewer in the UK.

Rekindle my faith in the British people.

Let's be louder, prouder then the antisemites and show we are far more numerous and defeat them.

That's the bright future I as a British Jew want to look forward to. /40
These threads where I bare my soul take a lot out of me and leave me emotionally reeling.

It helps if I feel the thread is not in vain, so please share widely as then I feel the warm glow of solidarity. /41
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