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Professional sports players are usually #freemasons: they are part of the overpaid #masonic distraction schemes (most sports are invented by masons for this reason). That makes any news, tragedy, crime related to these people highly supect. #Hoax/#PsyOp should be considered.
And boy, do our elite have tragedies. Always something happening to them. Car crashes, plane crashes, jewelry stolen, kidnappings, murders, overdoses, drive by shootings. ALL FAKED. I just looked at the #ManUnited crash in 1958. Here pilot #JamesThain, with a #masonichandshake.
I believed this plane crash was hoaxed. 3 past 3 was the time, forever remembered. 3-3. 33. Doesn't get more obvious than that. #BobbyCharlton was on the flight. Some one-eye symbolism with keeper survivor Ray Wood. #ManchesterUnited #busbybabes #hoax #Munich
I've looked at so much fakery already, this for me is proof Munich was staged. Masons always leave their symbols. Next one, today, 1989, plane crash of #SLM #flightPY764 in #Surinam, killing the "#KleurrijkElftal", or colorful 11. Is this the #masoncishoe, as always? Faked?
@redphil250505 3 past 3. Yeah...
Big hints are differing death tolls in events. I still don't know if they do this intentionally or not, these blunders in the storylines. Are they leaving us clues on purpose, to give us the chance to see through the lies? I consider it. - 11 or 13 survivors? #SLM #Surinam #hoax
I'm not sure, but I get that itchy feeling with the cycling crash of #ChrisFroome today. No cameras, ambulance conveniently standing at 100m distance, and lots of symbolism. 88. Ferno F2=FFF=666, plus the INferno #satanic reference. And a 42 on the heli: #freemason in #gematria.
#Froome I already identified as a #freemason, with a few #masonichandshakes. Right SylvanAdams, the Israeli business man who personally sponsored #Madonna's satanic show on Eurovision. Left, colleague/brother #NairoQuintana. Masons need incicents/hoaxes to move up the ladder.
Nobody has any pictures of the crash, nothing? Moreover, no weather to indicate any hard wind in #Roanne, where #ChrisFroome crashed. I am not trusting the official storyline here anymore. Looks almost like the Tour de France is being setup for a new winner, Froome ceding? #hoax?
#ChrisFroome was airlifted immediately, even though an ambulance was present at 100m? #WoutPoels didn't want to look, very strange interview with him.
I put the wrong heli pic earlier, here is the 42. 42 and 58 are the only #gematria codes I remember: #freemason and #freemasonry.
So... either this is a WAY more serious crash than we're being told, i.e. airlifting even though an ambulance is 10 seconds away (!!??), OR this is staged to get #Froome an excuse to skip the #TourdeFrance. Given that Froome's a #mason, and the symbolism, I tend to go for #hoax.
So if he was airlifted, why all the pictures of this ambulance with the occult 88? Was #ChrisFroome in the ambulance or not, folks. These kind of conlicting storylines, e.g. speed of crash, Wout Poels not mentioning a "wall" at all, ambulance or chopper? are typical for a #HOAX.
Funny how the photographer, Anne-Christine Poujoulat, who took this shot of the ambulance (again, DID HE OR DID #FROOME NOT GO BY AMBULANCE??) usually makes photoshoots on the red carpet. Just happened to be in the neighbourhood for Chris fake crash? #ChrisFroome #hoax?
Star docteur #RémiPhillipot operated #Froome, allegedly. That makes it easier, elite connections in the hospital. Not saying Froome faked his injuries, but the possibility that he MIGHT have gets pretty solid by now. I need pics of his wounds. Like we are used to in #cycling. ?
Been looking at the crash speed, I assumed that @WoutPoels would have the most accurate story, with 65 km/h he told us, but now it's suddenly settled at 54. I have a racing bike, and 11 km/h difference you can tell. We have here our first 33, the most #freemason number of all.
@ServaisKnaven also not convincing me with his interview. It's hard to act when you're a nice guy like him. So YOU DIDNT SEE HIS OPEN FEMUR FRACTURE? Show us the injuries. Then we can stop speculation and analysis of all these weak, conflicting non-convincing interviews.
Note the clip length, 3:11. 33. I get that sneaking suspicion that Froomie is safe and sound at home, that @GeraintThomas86 is being prepped to win the #TourdeFrance 2019, and that #Froome will recover like a #masonic #Phoenix later on. No, @TeamINEOS? Then show us the injuries.
They're probably not used to someone having in-depth knowledge of occult symbolism. I won't bother you too much with the 1152 #INEOS plate in the back, which represents both 77 (11x7) (11 is never reduced) or 63 (11+52), #kabbalah and satanic coding that #freemasons use a lot.
#Brailsford doing the occult #JesusLook, looking upward. Straight from the symbolism books. You guys coming with some evidence that Froome was really injured or you gonna keep faking it the whole way for the masses? #Freemason trickery, or not @chrisfroome?
#Cyclingnews says "Several hours of road side assistance"? Don't give me bullshit. If it's a open femur fracture, that requires hospitalization, as this may have fatal consequences. Sorry, but it's looking like a #freemason #hoax more and more. #ChrisFroome #Froome
I actually found the brancard/stretcher, Ferno is indeed a stretcher company with an F2 model. The coincidences always. - No proof, no crash, is my end conclusion with this one. We got pics of all Froome's crashes, wounds, etc, but not this one. "It's a bad crash" is the script.
#Freemasons and their humor. The Climb. Climbing the #masonic ladder. Masons go through rituals, and the most elite public figures, have to do a fake event to prove that they are willing to lie for their #luciferian club. #ChrisFroome now 33rd degree Scottish Rite? Fake crash?
By the way, I watch professional cycling for over 30 years now, and I have 2 racing bikes, 2 mountain bikes, an indoor cycling trainer, and cycling is like the only sport I still watch, so yeah, a #hoax in cycling is 2 hobbies coming together for me. I have expertise in both.
@danmartin86, you also involved in @chrisfroome's crash hoax? This was a descent, and you said were 20 meter BEHIND INEOS team car? Going 65 km/h in a descent? And still SEEING froom's crash? Part of the #freemason club? Not even a tweet to brother Froomey? Tss. #CrisisActors
Suddenly strikes me: the official #ChrisFroome bullshit crash story is that a "gust of wind" blew of his bike. #WoutPoels riding beside him, SAYS NOTHING about that wind affecting him. He surely should've felt it, and corrected. Nothing. And Poels not even mentioning a wall? Lol.
To take of both hands of your handle bars is also nonsense, you need 1 hand to blow your nose. Especially in a descent going 65/54 km/h. You can most of the times still correct with one hand. That's what you're a professional cyclist for. #ChrisFroome #hoax #cycling #sportshoax
Haha, get a load of this. @chrisfroome apparently SIGNALS to his teammate Poels in a descent, going 65 or 54 km/h, THAT HE IS GOING TO BLOW HIS NOSE. Seriously. Come on. 😂
#ChrisFroome following exactly 333 atm. How coincidental. Right at the moment of his biggest LIE in his career, this fake crash of his, he shows the number 333. ->> The most influential satanist #AleisterCrowley wrote a book called 333, a.k.a. THE BOOK OF LIES. @chrisfroome?
I forgot to link Crowley's work, Liber 333. The book of Lies. Right at this moment of freemason #Froome's shady crash, he follows exactly 333 folks. This is how they communicate in the club of brothers. With this #hoax, #ChrisFroome is set up for a long and influential career.
Seems the sheeple are finding my thread speculation. Well, we do NOT HAVE: ANY pics of the crash, crash site, crashed bike, wounds, roadside medical assistance ("hours"), the house Froome crashed into, X-rays of fractures, a picture of Froome at all. AND I AM SPECULATING? LMAO
What we DO have is: Wout Poels missing the speed of the crash by 11km/h, him NOT HELPING his teammate, Dan Martin seeing the crash from behind a car, differing wounds, NOBODY (Brailsford, Knaven) MENTIONING the OPEN FEMUR FRACTURE, which is life-threatening (->immediate hospital)
And we DO have RIDICULOUS storylines (Froome signalling to Poels HE IS GOING TO BLOW HIS NOSE. Seriously, FFS). Poels NOT mentioning a wall at a all "very bad crash", changing facts, vagueness all around by everybody, an elite doctor, a freemason cyclist and loads of symbolism.
If they keep piling on the bullshit, I will not stop questioning. New facts coming out suddenly. #Froome now lost 2 liters of blood. Which is exactly what I referred to when saying TO GET HIM TO A HOSPITAL ASAP. Instead, they were doing "roadside assistance" for HOURS?? #hoax??
2 liters is exactly the amount a normal person can lose before dying. No doubt #Froome is on another level regarding physical shape, red blood cells, etc, but very conveniently chosen. AND we have confirmation of the OPEN FEMUR FRACURE WHICH NOBODY MENTIONED OR SAW. Knaven, etc.
You want to know what an #OpenFemurFracture LOOKS LIKE? I dare you to click this link. Very #NSFW nor for the faint of heart. So how come somebody like @ServaisKnaven was not even mentioning this in his interview? #Froome was gravely injured. ALLEGEDLY. google.com/search?q=open+…
As always, there are a few with eyes that see and question things. A rare trait, these days. This is #masonic #PredictiveProgramming, 100%. They do this all the time with certain events, let us know what is coming up. #Froome crash #hoax. For me 100% now.
The doctors set recovery for #ChrisFroome at 6 months. As @EwonSprokler pointed out in the thread linked above, this crash may be a coverup for a 6-month #doping ban that #Froome may have received, and carries out through a dramatic crash. #Freemasons are masters at this fakery.
Linked the wrong tweet. Watch this people. And then read the narrative on #ChrisFroome's #fake #crash.
Before it magically disappears, like most incriminating information, I screenshotted the vid. Watch. This is MINUTES BEFORE the "crash" of #ChrisFroome. Seriously, are you kidding me? Perhaps cyclingfans are not up to speed with #predictiveprogramming in media #hoaxes, but I am.
AKA "#RevelationOfTheMethod". Give the #sheeple a look under the cover, while knowing the public is too dumbed down to notice. Gives them a sense of pride and ego tickling, knowing that they're smart and we're oblivious. But we're not all dumb. SOME use what God gave us. #Froome
@ChrisFroome, you can come clean and tell us this was all #fake. We've seen worse lies than this. Even if it was #doping. Never too late to repent. #Jesus will accept your repentance. Lying only serves the real lord of your club: #Lucifer. Accept #JesusChrist while you still can.
To confirm the #hoax, this is typical script writing for #masonic hoaxes, e.g. mass shootings, terrorist bombings or other total fakery. Always the "It could've happened to me, to you". It's all about mass #psychology these #PsyOps, and they use certain standard scripts for that.
I know you guys @TeamINEOS are watching this thread. Feels bad huh, to know that some people know you're lying flat out? That's because #God gave us all a sense of morality. To make #choices. @ServaisKnaven @DanMartin86 @WoutPoels: don't get sucked into of lie-system of #Lucifer.
This is the orthopedic surgeon of the #TourDeFrance that talks in #Equipe about #Froome's faked injuries. Notice the medals on this guy. Elite circles. As usual. #GilbertVersier. Little doubt he is a freemason/jesuit. Resting my efforts on this topic. Wasted enough time on this.
You tell me, is this a coincidence or is this 6-symbolism. 6 hours, 6 weeks, 6 months. 666? Would not surprise me. This is #freemasons at work with their symbol fetish. #ChrisFroome #hoax #froome @EwonSprokler
Another thought: if #Froome really crashed on the parcours, and was treated "for hours" on the roadside, the TT track would've been blocked for hours, and everybody doing recon having to pass Froome and see. Nothing on this. Apart from ZERO pictures of course. Typical #hoax.
I was going to research whether some sport events are staged, well here we have one. @WoutPoels, after his #crisisactor role with #Froome's FAKE crash, gets rewarded with a stage victory in #Dauphine19. #Fuglsang and Buchmann not even reacting! Fuglsang yellow. Everybody happy.
I'm a Dutchman and I've never felt so NOT excited by #WoutPoels staged #Dauphine victory today. I should be elated. Instead I am disgusted, Poels should too, with his lies, all for more fame and money. You know this is how the #Devil works, do you, @WoutPoels? He sucks you in.
Look, we get real #evidence of #ChrisFroome "horror crash" . OK, case closed. Not. - The more they avoid any facts, the more it confirms a #hoax. #Froome #fakenews
Does this simple bandage confirm an elbow fracture? #froome
A fractured elbow, broken ribs, BROKEN NECK VERTEBRAE, LOSING 2 LITERS OF BLOOD, an ffing OPEN FEMUR FRACTURE (google it if you dare), and you look like this the next day? No monitoring, no infusion (IV postoperative painkillers), etc? Gimme a break, gullible sheep. #Froome #hoax
I will sum it up in 2 pictures: either you believe this, or you don't. You either believe that a broken neck requires no treatment, no brace, a normal pillow, or you don't. And I even forgot his broken hip in my last tweet, What a fantastical bullshit, @TeamINEOS. #froome #hoax
And of course they didn't check for a #brokenneck on the first day, NO, they find out a day later. As if you dont check immediately when someone crashes with 60 km/h, has such extensive damage (allegedly) and lost consciousness. Right... Any medical doctor want to chip in here?
@Russianvids4 Big sports #hoax I uncovered here. Motive unknown, could be silent doping ban sitting out without loss of reputation. Could be betting profits, or something else. Anything you could see as why this happens? Or is it just big #masonic theater to move up the ladder?
More people chipping in, not only the nutter witht the Cheese icon. Common sense still is present in some pocket of resistance.
Clearly I attract a different crowd than others, at least regarding sheeple/agents. 😂 Perhaps the occult research is hurting people's sense of pride, someone telling them they don't know the world (they don't). Read the comments here, much bettere crowd.
Phil Gaimon crash yesterday vs Chris Froome. Spot the differences. h/t @maelstephen
Bear in mind #Froome's crash "was bad" (as uniformly scripted by all the actors, Knaven, Brailsford, Poels, Martin and in the controlled media), and that Froomey had 6 (or 8?) hours of surgery, ICU stay. Not a scratch above the elbow (not visible either), a DAY AFTER. BS alert.
@ChrisFroome happened to donate his #TourDeFrance #yellowjersey to a local #Freemason event... How coincidental. If you still believe in coincidences. Not me. If you know occult symbolism, like the #masonichandshake, 42, #predictiveprogramming: it's a nobrainer: #Mason #hoax
Haha I made it big, folks. Major cycling channel now covering my tweets. These gullible #tinfoilhat screamers (the originality!) are again giving me free promotion, which will only bring more followers, because some people WILL see the logic in my story, vs the no logic/facts. 😂
The phase of ignoring is over, now the phase of sheepish ridicule has started. And they actually think they can contain truth by actually spreading it. Must be desperate. - Hey #Froomey, not liking the spotlight on your little #hoax? Asked your media friends to chip in? Thanks!
Just to add the final nail in the coffin of this #hoax: I forgot #Froomey boy also had #sternum fractures. That is the bone right in the middle of your chest. A fracture means a hard impact, and thus redness, bruising, skin loss, etc. What do we see #Froome have there? Nothing.
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