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While commercial planes suddenly re-routed to fly at a diagonal on both sides of the house, twice an unmarked plane flew low over the backyard when I stepped out. Looked like the high-up silver chem trail planes. The one yesterday was all-white, Possibly 2500 feet. 157/
Sudden construction projects launched on houses all around block this past week so massive noisemaking is made Plausibly Deniable. Police sirens tear up the air (ongoing), Black Ops pickups park on st. & send heat bombs & LRAD hits on shielding, planes fly directly overhead.158/
Exposing the corruption in UK govt agencies like MHRA and pharma cos who are colluding to suppress the natural cancer cure of GcMAF is apparently seriously threatening to the network of billionaires who use radiation weapon targeting to silence journalism, shut down #Truth. 159/
I'll note I was also faxing letters to a judge in Oregon to expose the infamy of Judge Kasubhai's fraudulent decision in Todd Giffen's case. Coming close to exposure in the US court system seems to get the Black Ops plane-stalkers in a major panic.Will post an update shortly.160/
#ForTheRecord Sure enough, right after Report # 135 with Barbara Hartwell and Matt of Equal Justice, a group focused on exposing Hillary Clinton's crimes, nonstop scalar heart-hits which have not stopped--vicious heart-hits I shd say, and drones, zoomers, Zio assassins on st.161/
#ForTheRecord Loud LRAD pulse hits on shielding at heart, seat from 2 doors down, street, above as drones, zoomers, installed-assassin neighbors go crazy with scalar radar in desperation to stop the insistent Disclosure of NLW Crime & every other ABC crime, post NB28, IC13. 162/
#ForTheRecord Next-door neighbor, at 12:29 am, drags trash can up drive in noisemaker mode...willing to comply with inane, at-all-times demand when st is asleep, to run out to monitor his neighbor, abt whom he knows nothing, yet complies to assist in stealth-assault against. 163/
#ForTheRecord Thx to @NHSCorrupt for alerting me to this evidence of RF/scalar/stealth weapon assault while doing a podcast. I am hit at my seat, on heart, and face regularly doing podcasts--drones, zoomers, next door neighbors. Something registers circling in on this vid. 164/
#ForTheRecord I recall this moment now, I believe I sensed a hit at my eye and tried to move, instinctively, to disrupt the track of the beam, which I imagined was linear. The vid. seems to indicate otherwise--low-level laser from a pencil toy played with by neighbor? 165/
#ForTheRecord Right after I sent off my Second Memo to Trump-- to be pub. in full soon--a more personal missive than First, 1 day after working on #ParallelConstruction article to be released soon, Mass StatePolice blasts siren, lights racing past on empty Blue Hills rd. 166/
#ForTheRecord I'll also note that while I worked on it, neighbor next dr along w. Ryan of Red Pick-up flourished lawnmower, weedwhacker, leafblower at speed for 35-40 mins, blasting the air at high vol 5 ft from me. Filmed & will post. Informed him this was Noise Harassment. 167/
#ForTheRecord While updating the #SectioningIsTerrorism article today w. records Mental Health Fraud on Equity Lawyer Ed Ellis, a Lufthansa Boeing 747 from Frankfurt is diverted to drive (thunderously) directly over my home. Note the loop, and how much further north Logan is.168/
While I haven't updated lately, the unlawful Stealth Assault Weapons assaults have continued. I will write more soon. Here I'll note #ForTheRecord that since recent exposes & postings, attacks have ramped up. Congestive heart frequencies currently, shortly after Info-Talk 2. 169/
This particular focus on heart with these sorts of congestion (pulse-shot) attacks from direction of all neighbors incl. Nortons' garden shed began while I was writing the Report #144 article. The podcast itself invoked much air-noise attention (drones, helis). #ForTheRecord 170/
Early this morn, all night, & currently, v-close-in scalar radar attacks, heart-focused, waking me. Absurd plane flyover at 4:44 am. Planes/helis yest. while creating & uploading video files of the TradCatKnights radio talks on Weaponized Neurotech. 171/
Confirming my intuitive suspicions that #DrKatherineHorton, #RichardLighthouse, #EllaFree, #MidgeMathis are well-supported, most poss by the Intel/#InnerCircleRothschild faction also propping up @Suzi3d, it is telling that I was so heart'attacked while writing to/about them. 172/
Dr. Flores' #Nanomafia article, it must be noted, has proved major thorn in side of the #CrimIntel Cartel seeking to keep #Nanoweapons quiet. The AngloZioNaziCIA faction on #CapeCod subjected me to a Major assassination attempt (heart) at Mojo, Provincetown, 8/21/19. 173/
That attempt was engineered by a teenage blond Nazi sitting diag. from me, GPS-Tracking/cell triangulating w. an older guy outside doing ditto, a parked SUV, minivan pulling up in front: Major heart-hit, worst I've known. Shielded, ran across street. w. brief wds to fam. 174/
No I wasn't hit from a satellite. I was precision-hit after close GPS-tracking from very close-by, through whatever means: portable ultrasonic/microwave-pulse device or beamformed from antennas/celltower closeby. Carried today in cars, pickups, SUVs, minivans; back-pockets. 175/
Back to report major heart-hits, right after last eve's podcast on an action campaign from NSA whistleblower Karen Stewart to abolish Terrorist Watchlist and Thomas McFarlan to expire Patriot Act Section 215. Parked vans and SUVs on st, congestive heart frequencies. 176/
Deep-State Madness #ForTheRecord: Heart-hits earlier right after publishing article reporting heart-hits, where Ryan of red pick-up's leafblowing at Eardrum Destruction Levels – normalized noise harassment in lawless Quincy, MA– is published: everydayconcerned.net/new-columnists… 177/
Last night of course was rather momentous. Late at night I posted this Twitter thread after watching incredible (Augmented?/watch her eyes) #NeuroKristen admit NLWpns–using '52 Hodgkins-Huxley model to affect nervous systems -have capacity to torture. 178/
That was while posting this article sketching diverse targeting tech. incl. of invasive #RemoteHumanAccess NLWs, neurowpns, biometric surveillance weapons, & delivery methods/targeting platforms in use—refs to come, but much from rpts on front-line: everydayconcerned.net/ti-station/ext… 179/
I get the pic today the #DOD/#CIA crowd are freaking out.Planes in steady stream (loud reverberations) all day, heavy-duty trucks, vans, SUVs pounding up & down st, neighbors yelling, non-stop pulseshots at chest, covert comms re. death/funerals.Stalked on walk.#ForTheRecord 180/
Hit on walk w. heart frequencies--in middle of reeds, marsh, trees--but not far from antennas, parked buses, trucks. Backpacker picks fight w. dog, says "Are you a normal human being?"- an odd thing to say. #MayhemofTargeting This town is rigged for attack anywhere. 181/
#ForTheRecord: If the Military/Intel agencies don't want their targeting tech to be revealed, they shd not be hitting their own citizens w. them. #Treason from #CIA #NSA #DHS #USAF.Stay tuned for Wide Angle, a regular Newswatch podcast, to cover SciTechMilIntel News & Views. 182/
#ForTheRecord: Have been meaning to record that the most sustained, extended hits to date occurred that Monday aft, eve, night after last tweet on this thread, Sep 30 and Oct 1, 2019. Exacerbated and accentuated microwave pulse BULLETS at heart all aft, eve, night, next morn.183/
... directly after a private talk w. friend & colleague on infiltrators in midst of TI activism, but also following Sunday's Newsbreak 41 w. its Abolish Terrorist Watchlist message, & a thread on #Transhumanist neuroethics. Intensive, audible hits on shielding at heart... 184/
...and trucks, vans, SUVs, drones pounding up & down st. & sky all eve, night. This infamy is permitted by local govt, terrorized neighbors. "Threat" assessments & "Countering Violent Exremism" programs are being misused by #DHS #FBI to permit such atrocity on ground in US. 185/
Further, #ForTheRecord, since re-publishing this article by Barbara Hartwell bearing witness to Terror and Torture in US, have been hit on hand, arm, wrist, shoulder. everydayconcerned.net/2019/10/03/cia… 186/
These are pointed & obvious attacks on a Writer's writing hand. They also follow my statement everydayconcerned.net/2019/10/02/ram… & notes there & here re. @Suzi3d's purporting to inform others on Intel targeting, yet putdown-attacks on those who report Neuro/DEW crimes she doesn't cover.187/
Since Twitter like Youtube appears to be censoring my cover images, let me include one here while noting again that Global Gestapo 12 was censored for all the wrong reasons--I suspect the powerfully voiced words in it, not the mention of Zionism was behind it's being pulled. 188/
But I stress that current Microwave Pulse attacks on my wrist, hand, arm, shoulder since yest. denote obvious attacks on a Writer's Hand. This is like Saudi Arabia's cutting off heads/hands, Columbus cutting off Taino Indians' hands or Communist Russia gulag'ing writers. 189/
It's clear to me now that speaking out abt Containment Opsters & the Secret Pgms of US Terror/Torture w. NLWs has Satellite-Owners, Media-Owners freaked--heart-hits, hand-hits ensue. Exposing Psy Ops in alt-media gets them trying to disable yr hand. 190/
Of course, interviewing major witnesses to Seamy Underworld Hollywood targeting of people with Destructive #Neurotech, eg #V2K also seems to have excited some interest in stopping my work. My Friday interview with Craig Laforest bears much witness. 191/
The Negative AI component plus ongoing #FusionCenterCrime aspect to this continued assault must be noted. It never stops--ongoing heat-hits, nerve-hits, eye-hits, bone-hits, noise-hits continue. But ramps up with exposure, as w. heart-and-hand bonanza lately. #ForTheRecord 192/
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