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Story Time: If you cheat on your girl she gets super powers
1. So my homegirl Ruby hits me out the blue and tells me to get dressed. She says her boyfriend Dominic is cheating on her and that she knows where he’s at
2. I was jacking off to step daughter porn at the moment so I was about to decline, but she’s had me in the friendzone for a minute so I thought If i supported her in her time of need it would be my chance to escape
3. So she picks me up, she got her home girl shandrika in the front seat. Shandrika is from Pine Hills Florida. That’s all you need to know right there.. this bitch crazy.
4. Shandrika tells us her grandma works at the hotel and that she called her and told her Ruby’s bf was in the hotel with some chick
5. I was like.. Your Grandma called you?? I learned really early in life that no matter what their age women feed off the pure cosmic energy of “mess”... in other words hoes love drama
6. She said she knows what room they in but her grandmas off for the night & gave back the keys so we gotta go thru the front, So we walk into the lobby, but no matter how my homegirl Ruby and shandrika try to persuade the security guard and staff they will not let us in
7. We go outside & I’m like ahhh geezeeee well guys we tried.. Shandrika like.. “na nigga we ain’t done” and tells us to follow her
8. We get to the back and Shandrika is trying all the doors but they are locked
9. I’m like awww man that’s sucks well we tried guys.. Ruby just forget him it’s not worth it. Shandrika like “na nigga we ain’t done”
10. She steps back, looks up, pauses... and points... it’s that one. And starts stretching...
12. She look down and says “cmon Avery!! Cmon Ruby!!” I’m like nigga you crazy I’m not scaling the side of a FUCKING BUILDING... on que this bitch Ruby start climbing too
13. I went to SCHOOL with these bitches these hoes did NO SPORTS!! NO GYMNASTICS!! Never attempted a ROCK WALL!!! No CHEER!! Just walked around the gym during P.E.. But NOOWWWW ALL OF A SUDDEN BITCHES FUCKING GWEN STACY???? FUCK OUTTA HERE
14. if you have read my other stories I’ve been put into situations where I yes.. had to jump out a couple windows but NEVEEEEERRRR have a I had to CLIMB UP some shit... Ill gladly stay in the friendzone for the rest of my life Pussy cant be that good he cheating after all foh
15. They get to the 3rd floor & climb onto the balcony, then creep thru the sliding glass door in the room where the bf was supposedly cheating. I hear some screams, some yelling but couldn’t make out what was being said
16. 5 minutes go by and a girl comes CRASHING thru the back door!! She falls down.. I’m like oh shit this must be the girl he cheating with
17. Shandrika screams from above, I look up and she says “Avery don’t let that bitch escape!!” In my mind I’m like... what you want me to do.. tackle the damm girl?
18. The girl looks at me and I looked down at my phone like I ain’t see her or hear Shandrika yelling
19. The girl thanks me and gets up to walk away.. all I hear is “NA NIGGA WE AINT DONE!!!”
21. I’m like HOW DID YOU GET DOWN HERE SO FAST?!?!?! Bitch dead ass got Super Strength, Speed, Wall crawling abilities!!! Bitch a hood rat & a part time avenger this shit ain’t make no sense
22. So I was able to pull her off of her... eventually.. the girl ran and Ruby came downstairs. I asked her if she was good and asked what happened. She must’ve been up there arguing with Dominic the whole time
23. She tells me how they got up there and the girl and dude was eating pizza all cuddled up and then shandrika started beating both they ass, then the girl ran and shandrika chased her..
24. I said so where’s bro? What did you say to him?? What did he say? She said he still up there... and that she’s cussed him out and that he ain’t even apologize and tried to flip it on her and how she’s done with him for good and thanked me for coming
25. I thought it was to soon to ask her on a date. I liked her but I know how much a heart break can change you. So I decided to just be a good friend.
26. So over the next couple weeks she FaceTiming me, we on the phone all times of the night as I’m listening to her vent her feelings away.. I finally asked her if she wanted to hit a movie just as friends and she got excited and told me yes
27. That day she’s 30 mins late and I call her and ask her where she at.. guess what she say?
28. I’m with Dominic
29. she said “ I know I know.. but he said he sorry so ima give him another chance.. thank you for always being there when I needed you. You’re a great friend!!”
30. Moral Of The Story: A woman can have all the super powers in the world, but ain’t shit niggas will always be their kryptonite
Thanks for reading!! I have more life stories if you want to read those I’ll link them below!! I also am turning all my stories into an animated series on YouTube!! Subscribe and check it out guys 🙏🏾🙏🏾🤣🤣
If you would like to donate to help support the series I would REALLY appreciate it!!! If you donate even $1 you have a chance to be a character in the 2nd episode!! Im picking 3 and I will also shout out your social platforms at the end of the episode 🙏🏾 gofundme.com/thedreadgodfab…
If you have any questions about the donations and or how to be a character in future episodes you can follow me on Instagram and ask me there, I have less followers on there so it’s easier for me to respond! 🙏🏾🤓instagram.com/theofficialdre…
Here is the link to the rest of the stories!! Make sure you bring snacks !! Enjoy y’all day and thanks for reading 😃 📖
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