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(1) This thread references a response by Ella Free of @FFTI_org to my tweet (attached) to .@TargetedMadison, who apparently RT'd Ella to "bring her into the loop."

My tweet: "Ella Free is a perp/controlled opposition. She has some great guests - but has been compromised."
(2) In response, Ms. Free made this statement (see image attachment) and then blocked me before awaiting to hear my response to her for my original Tweet.
(3) So Ella stated that she "had not been compromised," & that "some people just need to shut their mouth when they don't know what they are talking about."

But what Ella is really afraid of is losing control of HER narrative, and people who DO know what they are "talking about"
(4) Why did I state that Ella Free is compromised and also is "Controlled Opposition?"

I will explain.

Firstly, she has frequently hosted a "Dr. Matthew Aaron" (alias) on her show who claims to be a Neurobiologist and an "expert" in the aspects of targeting.
(5) I listened to one Ella Free show where she hosted a very well-educated guest who was discussing aspects of #EMF & advanced targeting platforms, including #RemoteNeuralMonitoring (#RNM)

The guy was awesome and really knew what he was talking about. Then Dr. Matthew Aaron ....
(6) stepped in and launched an emotional ad hominem attack against the guest, implied that he did not know what he was talking about, and then stated (as a "neurobiologist") that there was no proof that the technology even existed.


Charlatan Matthew Aaron can kiss my A$$.
(7) The technology has been functional for 6+ decades and some half-cocked jack-tard on Ella's show goes off on an individual who was obviously more well-learned than him.

So Matthew Aaron was also afraid of losing control of the narrative, in addition to proving he has ....
(8) little to no knowledge of the technologies utilized in this program.

On other Ella Free shows, Matthew Aaron has stated that "the US and foreign governments are not involved" and that #TheProgram is perpetrated by criminal cartels.

This "Doctor" also stated or implied ....
(9) that while living in Canada, he discovered that "walls were being manufactured with devices/mechanisms/technology to 'target and burn' people." 🤣🤣🤣

You know, here on Twitter there r a lot of targets without a Ph.D. who have more knowledge of the technology than the ....
(10) aforementioned individual, who is prone to emotional rants while on Ella's show.

Why would a talk show host who wants to "spread the truth" give the floor repetitively to such a person? He maintains that "Matthew Aaron" is an alias, but appears publicly, and ....
(11) indicates on-line which university he attended for his degree(s).

So much for anonymity. That is a bit of a contradiction. IMHO the guy is either an idiot or a government-funded, propagandist plant.

I opt for the latter suggestion versus the former
(12) Look at people such as Ramola D,, Katherine Horton or myself, who have become acquainted and learned in technologies outside our original fields of study, who are able to discuss the targeting in technical terms.

"Doctor" Aaron was incapable of that the last time I ....
(13) listened to him, and Ella - who I believe was targeted, gives that buffoon air-time and allows him to verbally stomp on the most well-educated of her guests.

He is a jealous and nasty little twit who does more damage to spreading the word about targeting than good.
(14) I also heard a show in January where Ella "gave the floor" to an absolutely deluded individual.

Some people who are targeted do eventually have psychological issues, some had them before targeting and some who are not targeted want to "join the club."
(15) But my point is, why give delusional individuals who are spewing non-stop nonsense extensive amounts of airtime?

What about the non-targets who have heard about #TheProgram, and wanting to learn more, tuned into Ella Free's show only to hear moon-bats rant?
(16) That does not depict the targeted citizen community in a good light, and misportrays the claims of rational individuals who truly are targeted.

The last time I listened to Ella Free was in December or January - and then I was done - and this is why.
(17) In one instance Ella had on a guest who was violently ranting about Law Enforcement Officers being "P!gs." Another phone-in guest pointed out (and I agree) that not all LEO's were involved and that it was inappropriate to use this type of language.

Once again, allowing ....
(18) these types of individuals on a show regarding government-funded targeting does what to the reputation of the targeted community?

As the host, I would excuse the person for his language and drop him from the dialogue immediately.

What did Ella do? She disconnected the ....
(19) call-in guest who had pointed out that the language was inappropriate and harmful. The guy called back in twice - and Ella twice said "just a minute please" as she disconnected him, and allowed the ranting idiot more airtime.

What about the LEOs who may have ....
(20) tuned in to learn about this extrajudicial operation?

Why give the floor to a ranting lunatic and then disconnect (THREE TIMES) a guest who calmly pointed out that such language was serving to harm the entire community.

On another show, during the same time period ....
(21) one of her invited guests was talking about technology in complex terms, & once again a phone-in guest was intentionally disconnected during an interaction w/ the invited guest, that the invited guest obviously appreciated, as it served to facilitate his information release.
(22) Alex Jones also uses the similar technique of interrupting speakers at pivotal moments, just when vital information is about to be disseminated, or he feels like he is losing control of the narrative.

This is how #ControlledOpposition operates.
(23) Allow some truth to flow, while controlling the narrative & selectively choosing who is allowed to respond, interact, reply & when

Ella uses a very peculiar methodology for whom she gives airtime to.

She seems like an intelligent woman & thus I believe this is ....
(24) intentional versus accidental.

Ella Free at .@FFTI_org just dipped in (via Tweet), told me I should "keep my mouth shut" and that I "didn't know what I was talking about," before blocking me.
Ella is intimidated, because like some of her phone-in guests (the ones she intentionally disconnects), I do know what I am talking about - and she can't control my narrative.

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(6B) The guest may have been referring to #DNA-based targeting platforms versus #RemoteNeuralMonitoring
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