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New Thread Specialy for #Canadians
We have all seen the strange phenomena. We never understand it. Piglets and puppies always go to the same nipple when they nurse from their mother. Cows file in order when its time to go back in for milking.
We have seen videos of this strange thing and its cool but no one ever understands it. Birth order of you and your siblings. I always wondered how each egg ripens in the ovary and why that one does. Its because they formed in an order and come out in the same order.
Yes so what?
This is real, electrical phenomena. All countries have counties. Why do we have counties? Is it easier to divide everything up so much? No its because each country has a town seat. The main center of power.
That important city will have a Square or circle where festivities happen. For example London, Ontario. The park is near this hub, there is a street called Queens because the female (negative) energy line is called that. As you can see the Basillica is right beside it.
Now look at this topographic map. The pink spots are elevated. Hmmm, they just happen to match the spot where the St. Peter's Basillica is.
And city hall too. That is because these are sacred energy points. No one every told us that. This is why people cross themselves when they pass a Catholic church. It is to do with Jesus because Jesus was crucified on a cross on an energy point. Thats why they used crosses.
Just like your computer has little circuits in them so does the earth. These circuits are wandering all over but there are wheel shaped hubs where more lines meet. Energy flows upwards out of the ground in these spots.
Years ago these were the sites for sacred buildings. However going ever farther back into Egypt, Mexico and other places, these spots were used as electricity generators, likely for the Royalty and other elevated folk. They had actual batteries or other systems.
Europeans discovered these electrical harvest sites and stole the technology, destroyed any trace of it where they found it and went home to work on it.
I believe the super smart Germans were likely the first to get working systems in place. As I said "sharp people" have points
These sharp folks made the electrical plants from connecting to underground rock formations or crushing rock and releasing waves of electricity. I am not privy to the secret just the concept. They began to meet with other world leaders to tell them their sacred sites were
Not just holy, they were money makers. They told them it would change the world. All the old coal and dirty energy would be a thing of the past. All they had to do was destroy the buildings over these points, get down to bedrock and rebuild.
One catch though. The sheep or workers can never, ever find out. The technology will be masked in something poisonous so no one will ever try to get near it. Nuclear. Radioactive!!! Watch out!
The only other thing was that since all buildings had to be destroyed simultaneously the best way to do it is to make a fake war. Then all the buildings are gone, technology installed secretly, and massive money to be made in the rebuilding process.
So the countries involved all signed on to WW2. Young men were harvested and made into heros, martyrs and villians. Movies and music, sad memorials, salutes are all for one thing. Money and Electricity. Fake surrender of Germany at the end.
Hilter rolled up in rug and burnt or something along that line. Like the False flag player that gets shot or kills himself every single time.
He went somewhere nice and warm and enjoyed old age. He as a great actor, should have gotten an award.
The Blitz was a specific bombing to destroy the buildings on these energy sites.
Here is an interactive thing you can access.…
After the war the energy plants started running in Europe. This was the best of times. Everyone was having babies and the world was green again. US started building theirs in secret. Canada was not on board yet. They built some of their first Nuclear reactorsin the
1960s. Were they actually nuclear? I doubt it. More than likely they ran on Natural gas and were part of a world wide shell game being played. Weird looking stacks and steam, potential meltdowns and RADIATION!!!
They didn't have the technology from the US and Germany yet and were struggling to keep up. Coal fired generators were making it smoggy on humid days. Low density made it possible to keep running.
We all remember as Ontarians back in 1999 something odd began to happen. The government started dividing our Ontario hydro into sections. This is because the US told them to get on board with the new technology things had to be split up so it was easier to hide secrets.
Canadians leaders were wondering if this technology was for real. The Americans told them there would be proof of the awesome power soon enough. Watch for it.
The signal would be 9/11. This technology from the underground was used to vapourize 2 giant specially constructed
Towers. Before I thought they were built with explosives in but I was wrong. Just a few at the top to simulate plane crash marks.
The real culprit was electricity that melted all the beams causing it disintegrate.
Every passage in the bible describing electrical phenomena on mountains says there is a cloud, smoke, flame and noise.
I remember a physicist describing the top of WTC as lathering up with smoke. Here is a pic and look at the wheel they got in to show why (at bottom)
@MCaseum wheel design
This awesome and horriflying display showed all the countries the technology was real, that they would kill people to put it in place and it was worth alot of money.
Countries like Canada jumped right on board. They ramped up fake security at nuke plants to initiate design and rebuild.
Remember that weird "Debt repayment" charge that was on your #hydroone bill for 17 years? Thats what this was for!!!
Liberals got in and things got ticking. Some parts of our disorganized government did not know what the head of the snake was doing so they tried to keep building natural gas plants.
There was two almost completed when suddenly, some kind of protest group (fake of course) popped up and bribed politicians to shut it down as they only wanted you to have access to their new, free energy source. No choice, controlled price.…
This is why Wynne's people destroyed hard drives, emails, ect. It was not to hide costs it was to hide the true reason for shutdown.
Same as Hillary Clinton's private server. Same thing, same method. Secret deals and trades.
Then our buddy Trudeau got elected, Fine hair and tight suits, he strutted around like a peacock.
He was going to revolutionize Canada, get rid of pollution and shut down the oil patch.
Shut it down because everyone would be forced to go on electric due to massive carbon taxes
The new plants went on line when Harper was in , Yes Harper knew all about it and did not tell us.
He is also part of the CREEP club.
Bruce Candu reactor makes 60 percent of the province's hydro. The others near Toronto are being rebuilt as I type.
He wants to get rid of oil and gas so he bought the pipeline so no progress could happen.
He ties up the ports so we can not ship natural gas. He is getting paid into secret accounts to do this. This is why RCMP will not investigate anything involved with him.
Here is the best part. Remember his SNC Lavalin thing? He does not want them to go to trial on old corruption charges. They met with him dozens of times. WHY?? Blackmail. They are the contractors for the fake nuclear (geomagnetic) plants. 13 billion for Bruce alone.
SNC is holding the secret over the heads of the Liberal party. If they do not get them a prosecution agreement they might leak the true nature of the electricity being produced.
CAN YOU imagine this guy trying to explain to Canadians why he is ramming carbon tax on people
And getting massive amounts of carbon free, never ending electricity from the ground?
This is why it is getting cooler. We have less smog, Since 2014 we had no more smog days!!!
I even wonder if when they started up these generators it altered the geomagnetic
My thread is breaking up now.
When they fired up these machines we had the #PolarVortex
Remember the jetstream pulled down into Ontario and we had the coldest winter in decades. Mind numbingly cold.
Thats because the jet stream is tied to the ground electricty.
This is why it is snowing in Europe, Australia, yaks are dying in the mountains.
They are destroying the natural flows of the earth God made to make money with these ground sucking electrical units.
People around Windsor hear weird noises, humming and bangs. This is why
And I just figured this out myself so now I am in shock.
@MCaseum this ties in with the plane fuel thing. The jet stream is linked to ground source channels
Here is an article about the vortex…
The worse weather is when they fire up the these geomagnetic things
It makes it colder
It changes rainfall and screws up the migration patterns of all the birds. This is why birds are disappearing so rapidly.
@Puglaas @fordnation @RobertFife you people better tell the truth or you are gonna answer to God for this when your time comes
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