Do we really need to get in this debate at a time when #TwinkleSharma, #MathuraLynching, #AssamStripping is happening every few hr? Maybe I will leave with some brief pointers for now.
One, No, Agniveer is not bound to any Samaj. We work with all.
Agniveer is a social organization. We have members from all sects and belief systems so far they adhere to our fundamental social goals and ground work. The views that I express on @SanjeevSanskrit are my personal views...2
I am driven my reason, logic, science that also is why I happen to be a Data Scientist and Science Researcher. I thus am trained to take data in context, filter noise, look at patterns and then come to conclusion instead of binary mode of out of context evidence-conclusion..3
Why @TrueIndologyliv pits Brahmo vs Arya Samaj when he adheres to none, by his own admission? If I go by trends, most people critical of both are those who believe in birth-based casteism. I must also ask - Does he reject birth-based casteism?..4
To be more specific, what is @TrueIndologyliv stance on issues like allowing access to Grabha Grihas, Veda Mantras, white Janeu to so-called Dalits? Does he criticize those who say Brahmin etc is by birth alone? Similarly, what is his own view on Sati? Right, wrong, maybe...5
I ask because historically people who defended casteist and anti-woman practices in name of parampata were biggest critics of Arya/Brahmo Samaj labeling them Christian agents etc. And @agniveer has primary duty to change ground. Clarity on stance on this is crucial to issue...6
I can get into deeper nuances. Refer prev thread for hints. Specifically, as a scientist, I don't consider criticism/praise as absolute rejection or acceptance. I never said I admire Brahmo Samaj. I said I differ with them but dont doubt their intentions.

RRMR was a self-seeker like other humans. There is no reason to doubt his intent. We can agree with his views but he did contribute in a society that was rotting under fake Hinduism where upper age of girl marriage was 11. And Sati was endorsed by fake gurus.
RRMR's views evolved with time. I admire his self journey under zero access to google or published books in 1800. I differ but I respect. He wrote a book in Persian Tuhwat e Muwahiddin and used Islamic views to conclude that God cannot do miracles, thus busting roots of Islam!
He wrote Precepts of Jesus & busted whole foundations of Christianity. The so-called Unitarian Christianity is a rebel group of Christianity. He supported that sect of Unitarian that rejects even Jesus as God! He migrated to Upanishads and even converted a Christian priest!
He was the first one to thus criticize Islam and Christianity in his subtle ways, though getting funds from Mughals and British! No other religious leader ever countered these faiths till then. Yes, one may find gaps sitting in 2019. Even I do. But I won't call him stooge.
Yes, he had a confused mind and did shuffle between many priorities as well as with human weaknesses. But who doesn't. He was far better than those citing parampara to justify casteism and gender discrimination.
His recommendation to promote English is misinterpreted. He did that to open gates of wisdom to modern developments in science tech in west. Thanks to that we produced geniuses in future. Even Tilak benefited from this and took pride in study of calculus.
He wrote among first books on Bangla grammar in Bengali and made Sanskrit the base of Bangla. He clearly wanted all to master Vedanta and Upanishads and hence was not a Sanskrit hater. But yes, he believed British are best bet against a growing Jihadi population
Interestingly, despite mingling with British and Muslims, he would have his own cook and complex Shuddhi norms for dining with them. He was a man of multiple shades, ever evolving, even self contradicting at times - just like most of us. But he did make some unique contributions
One, he helped ban Sati - a great move. Perhaps irked by Sati committed by own sister in law, and also the news of Ranjit Singh's wives committing Sati. Two, he was first Indian to question roots of Islam and Christianity. Three, he did try to put Hinduism on pedestal of reason.
He and Brahmo Samaj did have follies. They were too enamored by English ways and suffered from inferiority complex. Just like most Indians till date. They, in name of reason, ignored lots of foundations. And got bitten by bug of pseudo secularism.
So yes, they lost relevance soon and got extinct. Served the purpose, became irrelevant, and died down. We can debate on merits and demerits, pluses and minuses. However there is no evidence to bracket them as stooge or agents or conspirators. That is not rational thinking.
And biggest thing is that if RRMR is guilty of praising British, well that is a trait exhibited by almost every single leader till 1930. They will all take British education, praise British, and demand just an inch of autonomy. Do we call all stooge or traitors? I will not.
I never have any issue in someone doing intellectual pros-cons analysis. But yes, based on few snippets, calling names, abusing etc is not reasonable. I would reserve that for those indulged in more ghastly crimes or those endorsing them.
Enough for now. Perhaps more when I get some time from current attacks by certain people every few hours - all surprisingly having Arabic names. A rare probability if we assume all are equal. Right now working to prolong some jail terms and get some more in jail. 🙏
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