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Calls for strikes & protests for June 12th in #HongKong. That's when the extradition bill is scheduled for a second reading. Carrie Lam, the HK head of government is under pressure to resign. She is doing the bidding of #China's #CCP government.
HK leader Carrie Lam says the extradition bill was not proposed by Beijing. "We are doing it," she says. Not true. She is China's stooge in H.K. Why HK people elected these leaders? It's because China has veto power over the candidates. Only pro #China candidates can run.
#HongKong leader defiant as city gears up for fresh protests, strikes - Carrie Lam vowed on Tuesday to push ahead with the bill tuoitrenews.vn/news/internati…
Hong Kong geared for more protests, including strikes, transport go-slows and even picnics, against a proposed extradition law that would allow people to be sent to China for trial, even as the city’s leader vowed on Tuesday to push ahead with the bill.
Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam’s defiant pledge in the face of more mass protests underscored deep concerns across vast swaths of the Asian financial hub two days after hundreds of thousands took to the streets to protest against the bill.
“I call on schools, parents, institutions, corporations, unions to consider seriously if they advocate these radical actions,” #China's stooge Carrie Lam told a news briefing.
#HongKong businesses pledge closures as extradition anger builds - Scores of Hong Kong businesses have vowed to shut down as anger builds over government plans to push through a law allowing extraditions to China, despite a huge weekend protest. bangkokpost.com/news/world/169…
#HongKong was rocked by a huge rally on Sunday as vast crowds called on city's leaders to scrap the Beijing-backed plan. Organisers said more than a million hit the streets but the record crowds failed to sway chief executive Carrie Lam who rejected calls to withdraw the bill.
On Wednesday the proposed law will have its 2nd & third readings in the city's parliament, which is dominated by Beijing loyalists, making its passing all but assured. Protest groups vowed to stage a fresh rally outside parliament that day & urged people to join or go on strike.
Business owners have taken to social media using a hashtag "#612strike" to announce solidarity closures, allowing staff to join the protest. A large chunk are mom-&-pop style stores shops that are a key part of the city's economy.
"Hong Kong was built by our various generations with hard work," wrote Meet Yoga studio on its Instagram account. "A Hong Kong without freedom -- how about we just wipe it off the map entirely and call it China?"
The HK Govt would require any party making a fugitive request to guarantee a set of human rights protections before deciding to activate the surrender process - Right, we can trust the word of the Chinese govt that kidnapped booksellers & tortured them? 👎 news.gov.hk/eng/2019/06/20…
Speaking to the media ahead of today’s Executive Council meeting, Chief Executive Carrie Lam said the Government decided to make further amendments to the proposed extradition law change after attentively listening to public views.
Noting the first step for such a request requires the Chief Executive to trigger the process, Mrs Lam said the additional amendment which safeguards human rights is crucial.
“Before the Chief Executive triggers that process, that is, to accept the requesting party’s request to surrender a fugitive offender, we will require the requesting party to undertake, to guarantee a long list of human rights protections.
👍 Got it, people have nothing to worry about, people only need to trust China's stooge Carrie Lam & her paymaster, the Chinese government that they'll respect the rights of the people. Sure, we feel so much better now.
#US State Department and #UK’s Asia minister express support for Hongkongers protesting extradition bill - The US government issues its most strongly worded critique yet of proposed changes to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance 👍 scmp.com/news/china/dip…
Expressing US government’s “grave concern” about proposed changes to the law, State Dpt spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus stopped short of calling on the HK government to roll back the plan but said “any amendments to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance should be pursued with great care”.
“The peaceful demonstration of hundreds of thousands of Hongkongers yesterday clearly shows the public’s opposition to the proposed amendments,” said Ortagus, speaking at a regular press briefing.
In a show of global solidarity, Sunday’s protests in Hong Kong, which organisers said drew more than one million people, took place alongside demonstrations around the world, in cities including New York, Vancouver, Melbourne and Tokyo.
The US statement came as Mark Field, the UK’s minister for Asia and the Pacific, spoke of a potential “chilling effect” on Hong Kong’s rights and freedom. He said the protest march “was a clear demonstration of the strength of feeling in Hong Kong”.
“Many fear above all that Hong Kong nationals and residents risk being pulled into China’s legal system, which can involve lengthy pre-trial detentions, televised confessions and an absence of many of the judicial safeguards that we see in Hong Kong and in the UK,” Field said.
“We shall continue to stress to the HK & Chinese gvts that for confidence in the ‘1 country, 2 systems’ policy to be maintained, Hong Kong must enjoy the full measure of its high degree of autonomy & rule of law as set out in the joint declaration & enshrined in the Basic Law.”
Earlier on Monday, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam vowed to push ahead with the extradition bill, saying that delaying the amendments would only lead to “more anxiety and divisiveness in society”.
#HongKong June 12th - Hong Kong protestors started to block some roads and do sit ins. Today is a key day. HK legislators will do a 2nd and a 3rd reading of the proposed extradition law. 👍💪#HongKong💪👍
#HongKong June 12th - Tens of thousands of #NotToChinaExtradition demonstrators are surrounding the #HongKong legislature and gov't headquarters, with many spilling out onto Harcourt Road - the site of the 2014 Umbrella Movement. Via @HongKongFP 👍💪#HongKong💪👍
#HongKong June 12th - #Chinese security forces heading to Hong Kong - Video taken in #China's Shenzhen city which is next to Hong Kong shows convoys of Chinese security forces heading to Hong Kong 👍💪#HongKong💪👍
#HongKong June 12th - Great video of Protesters chanting before spilling out of barricades in Hong Kong 👍💪#HongKong💪👍
#HongKong June 12th - Another video - Protesters on one side, police on another. Many are wearing face masks and holding umbrellas to shield themselves from pepper spray like in the 2014 Umbrella Movement. 👍💪#HongKong💪👍
#HongKong June 12th - Another video - It’s not even lunch time and this is what the streets of Hong Kong look like now #ExtraditionBill #香港 #反送中 👍💪#HongKong people will prevail💪👍
#HongKong June 12th - Triumph👍 (for now) The government meeting to consider the extradition law was postponed to a “later time”. Protestors blockaded the building & legislators could not get in.👍 #ThePeopleUnitedwillNeverbeDefeated 👍💪#HongKong people will prevail💪👍
#HongKong June 12th - #Breaking: #Chinese police are deployed in Hong Kong & are detaining protestors. People know they are from mainland because of their accent 👍💪#HongKong people will prevail💪👍
#HongKong June 12th - #Breaking: #Chinese police are deployed in Hong Kong & are detaining protestors. People know they are from mainland because of their accent 👍💪#HongKong people will prevail💪👍 Sorry, had posted the wrong link before.
#HongKong June 12th - The video of #Chinese police deployed in Hong Kong that are detaining protestors. Different uniforms, mainland China accents
#HongKong June 12th - Protesters who initially pushed through a police barrier around the legislature on Tim Mei Avenue have retreated after police use pepper spray and tear gas. There are reports of some protester injuries. Via @HongKongFP. 👍💪#HongKong people will prevail💪👍
#HongKong June 12th - Video: Police are firing tear gas and using batons against Hong Kong protesters #ExtradtionBill #香港 #反送中 👍💪#HongKong people will prevail💪👍
#HongKong June 12th - #Breaking: Police chief Stephen Lo confirms the use of bean bag bullets and rubber bullets against protesters, describing the situation as a “disturbance.” Things are getting ugly 👍💪#HongKong people will prevail💪👍
#HongKong June 12th - Video: Protesters smash on the door of the Hong Kong Legislative Council building, where the #ExtraditionBill was due to be debated 👍💪#HongKong people will prevail💪👍 
#HongKong June 12th - Video: Police in full defensive gear and pointing weapons push towards protesters outside Hong Kong's government building #ExtraditionBill #香港 #反送中 👍💪#HongKong people will prevail💪👍 
#HongKong June 12th - Video: Tear gas surrounds demonstrators carrying umbrellas as they clash with police outside Hong Kong's government HQ #ExtraditionBill #香港 #反送中 👍💪#HongKong people will prevail💪👍 
#HongKong June 12th - HK police chief just appeared on TV, already called the peaceful protesters a "mob", the very word #CCP used 30 years ago at #TiananmenSquare to describe the protesting students. 👍💪#HongKong people will prevail💪👍 Via @HGW45599518
#HongKong June 12th - HK protesters launched an international appeal, see picture below. Via @adam_ni 👍💪#HongKong people will prevail💪👍
#HongKong June 12th - Video: HK protestor wounded by police 👍💪#HongKong people will prevail💪👍
#HongKong June 12th - A small group of pro-Beijing protesters are outside the US Consulate, demonstrating against so-called “US intervention in Hong Kong affairs." The official China version is that the demonstrations are instigated by the CIA.
#HongKong June 12th - The Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union, which represents more than 100,000 members, called for a strike, citing “deteriorating social circumstances". Good, a general strike is needed to paralyze the city until the government gives up. 👍💪#HongKong💪👍
#HongKong June 12th - Video showing Hong Kong police firing on protestors (rubber bullets?) 👍💪#HongKong💪👍 
#HongKong June 12th - Police is firing bean bag munitions against the protestors. They consists of a small fabric "pillow" filled with #9 lead shot weighing about 40 grams. It is fired from a normal 12-gauge shotgun. When fired, the bag spreads out in flight and distributes.....
...its impact over about 6 square cm of the target. It is designed to deliver a blow that will cause minimum long-term trauma and no penetration but will result in a muscle spasm, etc to disable a person. A bean bag round can severely injure or kill in a wide variety of ways.
#HongKong June 12th - Police charge on a protester and brutally beat him with batons. 👍💪#HongKong💪👍
#HongKong June 12th - Video: "I will be possibly extradited if it is passed." Ex-Hong Kong lawmaker @nathanlawkc says it will cause "tremendous fear" for dissidents if the #ExtraditionBill is passed #香港 #反送中 👍💪#HongKong💪👍
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