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*THREAD* on my full response to @justinamash's remarks at and since the townhall. PLEASE SHARE!

Today I uploaded this video:
In this video I give several rebuttals and examples of the FISA "excuses" as Amash calls them, and the description box contains the sources cited. This is a brief summary of that video, with source handles incl at the end.

To clarify at the outset, I believe 3 things are true:
1. Justin Amash hates @realDonaldTrump, this is a fact, as evidenced by his refusal to vote for him in 2016, his established membership in the Never Trump club, and a key factor in Amash's motivation, IMO.

2. That distaste for Trump extends to Trump's supporters, MAGA,
and the entire Republican Party as a whole. He brags about being unpopular among R's, and openly states that he runs as an R because he would not be able to successfully run for office as an Independent. IMO? You don't have to love Republicans, but don't use us then lose us.
3. Amash has big dreams. He doesn't want to be a U.S. Rep anymore, as evidenced by his statement to me that its "not his job" to represent his constituents. He prefers to sell his libertarian-ism than figure out a way to serve the needs of D-3. As he is a young man,
running for President or retiring to a well-paid position commentating on a major network is not outside of the realm of possibility, provided he garners enough marketability and name recognition, which he is well on his way to achieving.
Now into his remarks to me at the townhall, he never addressed how reckless and divisive his impeachment call was, how it might affect the country, etc.

I asked why he called AG Barr a liar without proof. His response? "Its not really refutable, Mueller said he misled people"
Actually, it is Justin. Mueller put out a letter (possibly written by his Trump-hating #2 in command, Andrew Weissman, saying "Barr's letter didn't capture the full context of my report"

Then he told me "everything you're saying about FISA (spying on Trump's entire campaign) is just an excuse."

Ummm WUT?

Let's go over just a couple randomly selected "excuses"

Shall we?
1. Why didn't you have anything to say about 19,000 text messages between Strzok and Page being wiped from their govt phones by a technician, *specifically during the time-frame of when they were on the Mueller team? Why you no tweet this Justin?
2. Why do you say you "trust Comey" when Comey testified before the House Judiciary Committee that he knew the Steele dossier was unverified and "potentially biased" BEFORE the FISA warrant was obtained?

(Fun reminder, the FISA warrant allows for two-hop spying, so everyone
Page knows can be surveilled, plus everyone who knows someone who knows Page)

Why no tweet JA?

3. Why did Trisha Anderson, then #2 lawyer at the FBI, testify that she never even READ the warrant before signing it, and that it was approved in an "unusual" way,
because her superiors signed off on it BEFORE her, which is the OPPOSITE of how these warrants are typically approved?

Does that seem ODD Congressman Amash? Tweet-worthy? No?

Ok, lets keep going.
State Department official Kathleen Kavalec met with Steele TEN DAYS before the approval of the first FISA warrant, and was told by Steele about a Russian consulate in Miami that DOESN'T exist, and a trip to Prague that NEVER HAPPENED.

But yet 10 days later the FBI testified
to the FISA court that the source and information from Steele was reliable.

So, either the FBI officials are totally incompetent at their jobs because they can't fact check a couple of simple details, or they lied to the court.

Are we tweet-worthy yet Justin?
5. DOJ official Bruce Ohr revealed in closed door-testimony that he informed the DOJ and FBI that the dossier was paid for by the HRC campaign and DNC well before it was used to obtain the warrant used to spy on Trump.

6. We now know that a chain of emails exist between
Comey and other key FBI investigators that show the FBI was aware BEFORE they secured the Page warrant that the IC had major concerns about the reliability of the the main evidence in the dossier.

But Amash trusts Comey. And no tweets.
Back to the townhall. Amash then proceeds to pivot to talking about how "no one has fought harder against FISA than me" and how he is against FISA as a whole.

Great! Good! I agree with you!

But that is quite obviously besides the point.
Whether you are anti-FISA court or not, it doesn't change the fact that FISA is *currently* the law of the land, and there is a legal way to use FISA, and an *illegal* way to use FISA. Lying to the court is a great example of an *illegal* way to use FISA.
Not to mention, the fact that Amash has RAILED against FISA in the past makes it ALL THE MORE SUSPICIOUS that he has NOTHING to say about it in the case of Trump, who was the victim of possibly the most openly egregious abuse of FISA maybe ever,
that now infects the ENTIRE investigation that Amash cites in his fantastically reckless impeachment tweets.

It actually boggles the mind.

This is quite a long thread already, so I will leave my responses to his tweets trashing Barr and Flynn to be found in only my video,
(Here it is again, my response to the tweets starts a little after the 19 min mark)

But in conclusion, I believe Congressman Amash's failure to address key problems with the unconstitutional spying and the highly partisan Russian Hoax investigation
are hypocritical, unprincipled, and deceptive to the point that I no longer can trust his word on anything, or respect him as an honest broker and fighter for freedom.

Thank you, in no particular order, to @dbongino, @tracybeanz , @drawandstrike , @themarketswork ,
@SaraCarterDC , @jsolomonReports and others for your endless hard work and reporting, and whose work I sourced for my remarks, videos and threads.

PLEASE share, especially if you live in D3-MI!

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