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"Some young Catholics of Del Noce’s generation came to the conclusion that the fight against Fascism required an alliance between Christianity and Marxism. This was the guiding principle of the so-called Communist-Catholic movement"
"Del Noce noticed that..society was moving in a very different direction from what Marx had predicted: capitalism kept expanding, people were eagerly embracing consumerism, and the prospect of a Communist revolution seemed more and more remote."
"Marxism pointed to a deep contradiction. Marx had taught historical materialism, the doctrine that metaphysical and ethical ideas are just ideological covers for economic and political interests."
"On the other hand, he had prophesied that the expansion of capitalism would inevitably lead to revolution, followed by the “new man,” the “classless society,” the “reign of freedom.”
"But what if the revolution didn't arrive, if the “new man” never materialized? Marxist historical materialism would degenerate into radical relativism—the idea that philosophical & moral concepts are reflections of historical & economic circumstances & have no permanent validity
"This would have to include the concept of injustice, without which a critique of capitalism would be hard, if not impossible, to uphold."
"A post-Marxist culture—one that kept Marx’s radical materialism and denial of religious transcendence, while dispensing with his confident predictions about the self-destruction of capitalism—would naturally tend to be radically bourgeois."
"Such bourgeois society would be highly individualistic, because it could not recognize any cultural or religious “common good” In the Communist Manifesto, Marx described the power of the bourgeois worldview to dissolve all cultural & religious allegiances into a universal market
"The post-Marxist culture would be “a society that accepts all of Marxism’s negations against contemplative thought, religion, and metaphysics; that accepts, therefore, the Marxist reduction of ideas to instruments of production."
The post-Marxist culture "rejects the revolutionary-messianic aspects of Marxism, and thus all the religious elements that remain within the revolutionary idea: the bourgeois spirit triumphant over its two traditional adversaries, transcendent religion and revolutionary thought.”
Del Noce was highly critical of the post–WWII “Western project of progressive modernization based on science & technology,” he did not mean science & technology per se but technocracy, the notion that all social problems can be solved by technical progress & economic growth."
"Del Noce also reflected deeply on the political repercussions of the advent of such “post-Marxist bourgeois society.” He believed that, ironically, the enduring influence of Marxist ideas would leave the left ill-equipped to correct the excesses of capitalism."
"If values like justice & human dignity do not have an objective reality rooted in a metaphysical order, then social criticism becomes purely negative. It can unmask the contradictions of ideals like religion, family, & country, but there is no conceptual ground for new ideals"
"Del Noce thought that the left itself was doomed to become “bourgeoisified,” by losing its ties to the working classes & becoming focused on causes broadly linked with sexuality. By doing so it would end up embracing an essentially individualistic and secular idea of happiness"
"Conversely, politics would no longer be the expression of a fabric of social life organized around families, churches, ethnic neighborhoods, trade unions, etc., because all of them were being undermined by the individualism of the new culture."
"This “realistic left” can only organize itself around two principles: trust in science and technology, and what Del Noce calls “vitalism,” sexual liberation, which provides a “mystified,” bourgeois replacement of the revolution. "
"The second option is “unrealism”: dreaming the impossible, rejecting existing reality altogether & embracing political extremism in various forms, all of which are destined for defeat. Unrealism “becomes an accomplice of the first attitude in the global rejection of all values.”
"In human societies ethics always reflects an “ontology,” a vision of humanity and its place in the universe, usually based on a mythical historical narrative, or on explicit philosophical and religious foundations."
"If ethics is affirmed in an ontological vacuum, without simultaneously affirming a clear and explicit “idea of man,” it loses traction."
"Our culture has largely embraced a form of “scientism” that excludes all mythical, philosophical, and religious narratives from the public debate except one: the myth of never-ending technological [& economic] progress."
"Technological progress keeps changing the means of production, but does not bring about moral change. The paradox is that these two trends (leftist critique of authority & conservative technocracy) converged into “the alliance between the technocratic right & the cultural left”
"To Del Noce, the religious dimension meant that human beings are not reducible to sociological, economic, and biological factors. To be human means to be able to raise questions of meaning that transcend our historical-material context—including religious questions."
"A passion for freedom, not as empty self-determination, but as protection of the most specifically human sphere, which is precisely the religious dimension, the search for meaning."

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