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Alright, I've seen too many dumb blue check marks throwing the Spurs under the bus for KD's injury even though we're not in the playoffs. I've decided to roughly chronicle what I remember about last season and how Kawhi is not innocent in all this.

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1. Spurs gave Kawhi the keys to his injury in August 2017. They had diagnosed him with Quadriceps Tendinopathy (a degenerative disease that can be treated but never healed). Kawhi and his camp sought out multiple opinions and settled on Philly's doctor (who misdiagnosed Fultz)...
The diagnosis was atrophy instead of Tendinopathy. That can be healed with the right treatment....
2. Story comes out that he will miss a few weeks due to injury. The Spurs are on board with this...
3. Kawhi misses a lot of time and returns in December. The implication here is that Kawhi's own chosen doctors cleared him...
4. The Spurs take a really conservative approach to playing him. He plays every other game with extremely limited minutes. The implication here is that the Spurs worked with him and didn't push him too far.
5. After 9 games of playing, the Spurs announce he will be out indefinitely. Pop says Kawhi didn't feel right and they decided to err on the side of caution.
6. Kawhi is rehabbing separate from the team. Pop constantly is answering questions about an injury rehab he knows nothing about.
7. Story comes out that the Spurs are worried Kawhi's Uncle is angling from a trade. Since Kawhi fired his agent, Uncle Dennis has taken over and been more difficult to talk to. They're worried he wants to build his agency using Kawhi in LA. RC Buford in this story is quoted...
as saying they love Kawhi and are not upset about his rehab.
8. Uncle Dennis speaks to Jabari and says there's nothing to worry about. Jabari writes piece saying the rumors weren't true.
9. Kawhi starts rehabbing solo.
10. From the beginning of the season, Pop is constantly asked questions about Kawhi and so are his teammates. Neither know the answer because Kawhi was in control of his rehab and didn't communicate with the Spurs on progress. The only communication they had was Kawhi stating...
he'd be back in a few games. I believe the last straw was after the all star break. Supposedly Kawhi would be back after the All Star Break.
11. Kawhi rehabs in New York during this break.
12. Kawhi doesn't come back.
13. Pop is asked at practice on Kawhi's status. Pop responds by saying Kawhi most likely won't be back this season. At some point chemistry will be an issue.
14. Kawhi makes a practice session where he takes questions from the media. This is where he says "for sure." when asked if he was still going to be a spur for life.
15. News comes out that Kawhi will be back on a specific game during a nationally televised game. He doesn't.
16. This seemed to spark the infamous meeting. The players called a players only meeting to just ask Kawhi to be straight with them and they were his teammates. There were multiple versions of how this went down. Danny downplayed it and said Kawhi didn't take it bad.
17. Kawhi's team leaks out that Kawhi felt attacked in this meeting despite Danny (Kawhi's biggest proponent in the media) saying he wasn't. Kawhi leaves to rehab in New York again.
18. Manu is asked about Kawhi not returning on that date. Manu claims he had not heard or known about that date. He's asked what advice he would give to Kawhi, and Manu says being around the team despite being hurt. It's a candid answer but there is no snarkiness to his answer.
17. This is a long one because I know how Tony is so I wanted to explain more. Tony gets interviewed about Kawhi. His response is that they need him but he understands. He completely trusts the Spurs medical staff (this is around the time it came out that Kawhi's group...
sought additional opinions). It seemed like Tony was defending Spurs' doctors because their credibility was in question. These were the same doctors that helped him recover from a torn quad. Tony then was asked what advice he'd give Kawhi. Tony said to keep at it, he knows...
what he's been through because his situation was similar but 100x worse. This was taken out of context consistently. Knowing Tony, he's french and egotistical. The French are blunt. To me, he seemed to be patting his own back rather than taking a jab at Kawhi.
18. Story comes out about these interviews and Kawhi's team leaks that it bothered him.
19. There continued to be talks of Kawhi returning.
20. Playoffs start and still nothing. Pop gets interviewed and responds with "You'll have to ask Kawhi and his group." At this point, it seems like Pop had been frustrated with the lack of communication, and who would blame him. I'm sure he sees the writing on the wall...
21. Kawhi doesn't show up to support team. Reports say the team also agreed he'd be a distraction.
22. Pop's wife dies during the playoffs. People around the league send their condolences. Nothing public from Kawhi.
23. Spurs lose in the first round.
24. The draft comes and Spurs reportedly turned down offer for T. Harris and the Clips' 2 first round picks. RC addresses rumors. He says they love Kawhi and their ultimate goal is to keep him and his family happy. This is obviously true due to them turning down their best offer.
25. Reports say Kawhi was at the funeral.
26. Rumors circulate, probably from Kawhi's camp, that he'll only re sign with an LA team. Spurs leak that they have yet to receive a formal request for a trade.
27. Steve Kyler says on Twitter that he spoke with someone close to the situation and they expected Kawhi to sign the Supermax.
28. Woj report comes implying that for them to offer it, it'll take some relationship mending, and commitment.
29. Kawhi asks for a trade publically saying LA was his preferred destination. It can be assumed that they didn't like that report.
29. Pop flies out to LA to meet with Kawhi. They meet and reports suggest it was short exit interview that was always scheduled.
30. Kawhi's camp leaks that he'll only re sign with an LA team and suggest that he will sit out on the Spurs and any other potential suitors.
31. Mike Wright comes out on a podcast talking about Kawhi. He admits Kawhi hid from in New York and Uncle Dennis was hard to get along with. Tells story about All Star Break in NOLA, and then...
releases bombshell info that Kawhi's camp has been in control of his rehab since the beginning of the season and things weren't the same after Kawhi's tour in China with Jordan Brand.
32. Kawhi's team leaks he's 100% to get Lakers or Clippers to offer more.
33. Deal with Toronto starts and Kawhi's camp says they might sit out to go to LA.
TLDR Version:
-Spurs diagnosed Quadriceps Tendinopathy, a degenerative disease that won't heal but can be treated while Kawhi's camp claimed it was atrophy. It can be healed with long amounts of rest and rehab.
-Kawhi still suffers from quad and not as explosive.
-Uncle Dennis states that they lost trust in Spurs doctors despite the team being historically conservative with injuries.
-Spurs gave Kawhi's team ultimate control of his injury early in the season.
-Spurs were worried about Uncle Dennis wanting LA and using Kawhi to start agency.
-Kawhi's Uncle started agency. Deal with New Balance is under Kawhi Leonard, LLC not under just Kawhi Leonard.
-Rumors maintain that he prefers the Clippers.
-Kawhi's team claimed Tony and Manu comments made him upset.
-Tony signed with Charlotte and Manu retired.
-Kawhi still wanted out.
Conclusion: If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's a family member taking advantage of the Superstar's talent to start a business while throwing a team that took the chance on him and gave him keys to the franchise under the bus.

Check out some sources below:
Tom Haberstroh Podcast

Mike Wright In-Depth Article…

Tom H Full Podcast w/ Mike W…

Spurs Insider Pod…
Spurs Wanting to Sit Kawhi Out…
Also, I want to make it clear here... At this point, I don't care what Kawhi does. I just want the Spurs to stop being dragged through the mud. We already have a hard time getting free agents as it is, we don't need any other reason for players not to come here.
Lastly, Spurs fans stanned for Kawhi through all of this. We lashed out at every report (ESPN, Yahoo, Express News, News4SA, etc.), and called it "fake news." In the end, everything that was reported came true. Shout out to those people.
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