👉Hunter Biden’s $1.5 Billion Bank of China Deal
👉Joe & Hunter Biden fly on Air Force 2 to Beijing,China
👉10 Days later
👉Hunter Biden’s gets a $1.5B deal with the Chinese government, not with the Chinese corporation, With the Gov
@Potus @GenFlynn #QAnon
@POTUS @GenFlynn What drives Adam Schiff’s never ending hysteria?
Adam Schiff is an owned hatchet man of Ukrainian arms dealer Igor Pasternak. Schiff’s narrative is carefully orchestrated by his Ukrainian handlers
#QAnon #FridayFeeling #Ukraine #WhistleblowerComplaint
@POTUS @GenFlynn Gangster Joe Biden Ukrainian Threats
👉Biden “threatened to withhold $1 billion in US loan guarantees if #Ukraine's leaders did not dismiss the country’s top prosecutor” #Biden
👉Panic in DC
#QAnon #WWG1WGA #LivePDNation #SaturdayVibes
@POTUS @GenFlynn Hunter Biden makes 83K a Month from #Ukraine
Joe Biden’s son Hunter was serving as "a director to Ukraine’s largest private gas producer," Joe Biden "threatened to withhold $1 BILLION in Aid if the prosecutor was not fired #TruthMatters
#SaturdayMorning #UkraineBiden
@POTUS @GenFlynn Who is spying on @POTUS?
So called Whistleblower🕵️‍♀️contacted IG Michael Atkinson who alerted House & Senate #Schiff
Case was turned case over to DNI Joseph Maguire who says he does not qualify as a Whistleblower
Maguire cleaning out DS #FlyCoatsFly
#SaturdayMorning #Ukraine
@POTUS @GenFlynn Who had access to @POTUS private conversations?#DNI #DanCoats🕵️‍♂️#SueGordon🕵️‍♀️
8/8 Gorden resigns
8/12 Whistleblower files Complaint
8/15 Coats & Gorden exit DNI
9/9 Atkinson alerts Congress
9/10 Schiff demands complaint
#Ukraine #SundayThoughts
@POTUS @GenFlynn The Sting
👉Deep State Whistleblower exposed Joe & Hunter Biden’s corrupt relationship with #Ukraine
👉“Whistleblower” did not listen to the call
👉Leaking of classified information #AdamSchiff
👉Ukrainian interference #SpyGate
#QAnon #SundayMotivation
@POTUS @GenFlynn 👉Devin Nunes: Whistleblower complaint may not even mention Ukraine #NancyPelosi #ImpeachTrump
👉Beware leaks to the media about whistleblower complaint warns @DevinNunes
👉Whistleblower "wants to remain secret. yet his secrets are leaking" #AdamSchiff
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes BOOMSHELL: Ukrainian plot to help Clinton win the election
Ukraine’s top prosecutor in an interview w/@jsolomonReports
Investigation into leaked records about Trump campaign in an effort to sway the election in favor of Hillary Clinton
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports WOW- Mueller with former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych
Talk about colluding with Ukraine🐍
2019 Year of the Boomerang #ImpeachmentNow #ImpeachTrump #impeachment #WWG1WGA #WhistleblowerGate #UkraineCollusion #Ukraine
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports Ukrainian Oligarch deep ties to Clintons, Podesta Group
Victor Pinchuk gave up to $25 million to the Clinton Foundation
$900,000 paid to Podesta group by (ECMU), a group sympathetic former president Viktor Yanukovych
Adam Schiff hosting Podesta Group
#QAnon #WednesdayWisdom
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports Whistleblower’s lawyers works for group that pays officials who leak against Trump
Attorney Andrew Bakaj worked For Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer
👉8/8 Gorden resigns🕵️‍♀️
👉8/12 Whistleblower files Complaint
👉8/15 Coats & Gorden exit DNI
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports WH to release document showing intel community whistleblower had political bias😂
Andrew Bakaj attorney forced out of the CIA's watchdog lost his security clearance is representing the Trump Whistleblower #WhistleblowerGate
#WednesdayThoughts #ImpeachTheMF
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports BOOMSHELL: Democrats Wrote to Ukraine in May 2018, Demanding It Investigate President Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia in the 2016 presidential campaign — collusion later found not to exist #TrumpImpeachment #WednesdayWisdom
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports CrowdStrike DNC email hack hoax #SethRich
👉Seth Rich sent emails to #JulianAssange
👉FBI Never Looked At DNC Servers
👉DNC reportedly paid $168,000 to #Crowdstrike
👉CrowdStrike Connections Ukrainian Billionaire, Soros
#WednesdayWisdom #CrowdstrikeUkraine
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports Dmitri Alperovitch co-founder #Crowdstrike Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council think tank
Atlantic Council=anti-Trump think tank
Washington’s most influential think tanks,Brookings Institution,Center for Strategic International Studies & Atlantic Council #UkraineCallSummary
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports Victor Pinchuk & Clintons
Pinchuk donated $25M to the Clinton's
Pinchuk Board member of the Atlantic Counsel
Atlantic Counsel partnership with #Ukraine natural gas company Burisma Group
Hunter Biden on Burisma’s board
#UkraineTranscript #TrumpImpeachment
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports The CIA & FBI use #CrowdStrike software as a back door into the nation's cyber systems
CrowdStrike software is installed in every federal department including Congress, FBI, DoD, WH
👉Rogers "FBI contractors accessed NSA" [Crowdstrike]
#WednesdayThoughts #QAnon #TrumpImpeachment
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports From Q Drop: How the Obama White House engaged Ukraine to give Russia collusion narrative an early boost
#QAnon #TrumpImpeachment #Ukraine
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports 👉Warburg Pincus controls #CrowdStrike #EndTheFed
👉Warburg invested more money into CrowdStrike than Google
👉Federal Reserve was Paul Warburg's idea
👉Timothy Geithner runs Warburg Pincus
👉Geithner was Obama's Secretary of the Treasury
and President of the Fed of NY
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports Democrats FREAK OUT-Transcript Reveals POTUS Is on #Crowdstrike Trail-Origins of Russia Hoax
👉Trump asks Zelensky to look into information on Crowdstrike
👉Zelensky brought up the Biden investigation NOT TRUMP! #FoxNews
#WhistleblowersComplaint #QAnon
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports #Crowdstrike’s co-founder Dmitri Alperovitch
member of Atlantic Council associated with Ukraine, funded by Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk who's goal is to stir up a confrontation with Russia

👉Victor Pinchuk & Clinton's-IMF loans to Ukraine🧐💰

#WhistleblowerComplaint #QAnon
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports John Solomon: Democrats Attempted To Collude With Ukraine In 2016
Solomon Documents prove Ukrainian Prosecutor was forced to leave office because of Joe Biden's threats regarding the Burisma investigation
Solomon Documents👇
#Ukraine #ImpeachmentHearings
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports 🔥Mark Levin: Media ignoring 'Massive Democrat Scandal'
🔥Rouge CIA Agent's lawyer worked for Chuck Schumer, Clinton doesn't want the identity of the whistlerblower known!
🔥He's trying to impeach the President🐍
🔥Who wrote the legal #whistleblowerHearing brief?
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports Perkins Coie law firm represents: #CROWDSTRIKE, Fusion-GPS-Google-DNC-FusonGPS-Podesta-Obama-HRC
👉Perkins Coie attorney Robert Bauer served WH under Obama
👉James Baker 2016 met attorney from Perkins Coie
👉Perkins Coie hired Fusion GPS
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports Kurt Volker, McCain Institute resigns one day after #WhistleblowerComplaint #DrainingTheSwamp
👉#KurtVolker Key Fig #WhistleblowerScandal
👉Lynn Rothschild CEO of McCain Inst.
👉McCain Inst Stealing Millions In Child Trafficking Donations
Q-Nicholas Rasmussen-IMPORTANT McCain Ins
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports Soros-Victor Pinchuk Partners #Ukraine
Victor Pinchuk Foundation collaborate w/ Clinton Global Initiative, (SORO's) Open Society Inst.,Clinton Aids Int, Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation #MoneyLaundering
👉They all have foundations & institutes for a reason
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports 👉John Kerry's son-in-law, Christopher Heinz Joins Ukrainian Gas Board Burisma 2014
👉Hunter Biden's join the board of Burisma Holdings, 2014
👉John Kerry’s son cut business ties with Hunter Biden over Ukrainian oil deal
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports Hunter Biden & John Kerry's Son in law Chris Heinz co-own Rosemont “a $2.4B private equity
Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC, received regular transfers into one of its accounts — usually more than $166,000 a month from Burisma
#SaturdayThoughts #Ukraine
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports Hillary Clinton’s Attorney Is Preventing Roger Stone from Obtaining ‘Evidence’ of Russia Hacking from #Crowdstrike!
👉Of course the Attorney is Mark E. Elias, from Perkins Coie
#SaturdayThoughts #Ukraine
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports Obama Funneled Millions via John Kerry’s Daughter’s Nonprofit
👉Depart. of State funneled $9M plus through the Peace Corps to Seed Global 💰#Laundering
👉The Peace Corps in bed w/Seed Global Health Foundation
👉Military Aid #Ukraine #Iran
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports 💥Gen. McInerney Obama Admin committed #Sedition-#Treason using intelligence community to influence election, impeach Pres
Military OP taking down the DS
Military Intelligence
No media
No leaks
US Military=savior of mankind
Must watch 16:00 4/2019👇

@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports Peter Schweizer: Releasing Documents about Hunter Biden’s $1.5 Billion China deal w/Chinese Gov
Hunter Biden’s Partners Include Mobster Whitey Bulger’s Nephew, John Kerry’s Stepson
👉Rosemont Seneca & Bank of China created BHR
👉 Chinese Surveillance Technology
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports Q-BIDEN/CHINA VERY IMPORTANT MARKER
Biden's brother $1.5b contract in Iraq #WakeUpAmerica
Joe Biden son/brother net worth tens of millions
Biden $15M book deal 2y after leaving WH
Selling our America #Traitor #China
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports Deep State Intel Community & Congress Colluded w/ Whistleblower Documents ALTERED - Likely Illegal Act
👉This is a Coup d'etat on the President by Deep State including C_A Media Assets #Treason #Sedition
#ImpeachmentIsComing #Trump2020 #TuesdayThoughts
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports 💥Huge-Pelosi NECK DEEP in Ukraine- Female Ukrainian Party Girl Connected to Military and Government is Her Legislative Aide
Ivanna Voronovych is connected to the Ukrainian Embassy, the Ukrainian military, the Ukrainian government
#TuesdayMotivation #QAnon
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports Altantic Council at the center of Ukraine connections creating the #RussianHoax
Dmitri Alperovitch co-founder #Crowdstrike Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council think tank
Warburg Pincus controls #CrowdStrike #EndTheFed
Timothy Geithner runs Warburg Pincus
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports Former Feinstein Staffer Raised $50 Million from donors including Soros
Jones hired Fusion GPS & Christopher Steele and worked as a senior intelligence staffer for Feinstein,who is on the Senate Judiciary Committee investigating Fusion GPS
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Speaks Out – Says Joe Biden’s Son Hunter Biden Should Be Investigated 👏#BidenCrimeFamily #UkraineScandal
#TuesdayMotivation #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports Schiff Staffer Trip to Ukraine Backed by #Burisma
Atlantic Council funded by Warbug Pincus,Google, Burisma,Soros’s,Rockefeller
Dmitri Alperovitch co-founder #Crowdstrike Senior Fellow at Atlantic Council works in partnership w/ Burisma
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports Intel IG Admits It Secretly Erased First-Hand Information In Aug
👉ICIG must possess reliable,first-hand information in order to find the whistleblower credible
👉Whistleblower filed an outdated report & checked they had first-hand knowledge
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports Schiff is a fraud #Trump2020LandslideVictory
President Trump says Schiff 'helped write' whistleblower complaint, after House panel admits advance knowledge of Whistleblower Complaint
Schiff COUP D'ETAT Plan Fails🔥
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports 💥Ken Volker, McCain Inst. met with Burisma at center of impeachment inquiry hosted by the👉Atlantic Council 👈
"Not going to take a fall" #DrainTheSwamp
👉Volker resigns one day after #WhistleblowerComplaint
👉L.Rothschild CEO McCain Ins
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports Adam Schiff hand picked by Soros
Adam Schiff financed by George Soros-MoveOnOrg to win his Congressional seat
MoveOnOrg "owns" the Democratic Party George Soros owns MoveOn
MoveOn to host Democratic candidate forum
Atlantic Council funded by Soros #Crowdstrike
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports Former Mitt Romney Adviser Sits on Burisma Board of Directors
Joseph Cofer Black, national security adviser for the 2012 Romney campaign, sits on the board of #Burisma that paid more than $83,000 per month to Hunter Biden
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports Romney’s Top Terror Adviser was Former Head Of Blackwater
COFER BLACK, who was director of the CIA Counter-terrorism Center at the time of 911
Black also helped shape President Bush’s counterterrorism policy #PureEvil
#SundayMorning #IMPEACHMITTROMNEY #SundayThoughts
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports Joe Biden's son with Christopher Heinz stepson of John Kerry invested invested $1.5B in Chinese Communist Party app that spies on Muslims
👉Bohai Harvest RST-BHR
👉China forcibly detained over 1 Million Muslims in concentration camps
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports Seth Rich provided WikiLeaks the DNC emails before the 2016 election, not Russia
👉DNC hired Crowdstrike who stated the emails were hacked by Russia
👉CIA & FBI use #CrowdStrike
👉CrowdStrike Connections-Ukraine, Soros, Bankers, DS
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports 🔥Massive corruption of the Obama administration around the world
👉Infamous Whistleblower Eric Ciaramello: Connected to the Fake Steele Dossier and the Transfer of Funds from the IMF to the #Ukraine
👉Ciaramella worked for Obama,Biden
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports 💥Hunter Biden steps down from China-backed company
#HunterBiden's $1.5B deal w/Chinese Communist
Partners- Mobster Whitey Bulger’s Nephew, John Kerry’s Stepson
👉Rosemont Seneca & Bank of China created BHR
👉 Chinese Surveillance Technology
#ExposeCNN #SundayMorning
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports John Bolton Was WH Point-Man Behind Ukraine Hit Job
Hill testified it was #Bolton who directed her to alert a lawyer about his concerns over a investigation that could implicate Biden
Bolton DS Bush-era war hawk🐍
#DemocraticDebate #TuesdayMotivation
@POTUS @GenFlynn @DevinNunes @jsolomonReports What else is Hunter Biden involved in?
Chairman of the UN World Food Programme🐍
Directorship Boards -U.S. Global Leadership Coalition which is UN Climate change
Board of Dir- Truman National Security Project w/Podesta, Madeleine Albright, Harris🐍
#WednesdayThoughts #DemDebates
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