#koliveith #sheith #nsfw Listen. I have this extremely complicated au plot in my head but I don't feel like writing about any of it, I just want Keith who fucks pretty much any of BoM when he's going through heat, but mostly everyone know's he's Kolivan's favorite plaything
Kolivan will pull him onto his lap in the middle of a meeting, a large hand palming his ass and Keith just grinds down against Kolivan's dick and nuzzles into his neck, and somehow both of them are still totally capable of contributing to mission plans, even as Kolivan is rubbing
at Keith's dick through his uniform. After the meeting they don't even bother going back to their quarters. The others just file out and Kolivan peels him out of his suit and fucks him over the table, a large hand fisted in his hair and Keith screams because it hurts so good.
And then Ulaz helps Shiro escape, but instead of going to earth, Ulaz brings him back to the BOM headquarters and Keith has never met another human before and it doesn't help that he's in the middle of a heat cycle when he sees Shiro for the first time.
And Shiro is Very Confused why there a single human amongst all these Galra until he overhears Keith call Krolia, "Mom" and holy shit, he has so many questions, but he has so many questions in general, tbh. Keith can't keep his hands off Shiro, he's half fascinated, half horny.
Ulaz has to force him out of the med bay and he pretty much shoves him into Kolivan's chest all, "He's making a fool of himself, take care of him." Keith does not appreciate this, but also, Shiro is /gorgeous/ it's not his fault he wanted to touch.
Kolivan takes him back to quarters tears him out of his suit and pushes him down into his bed. Keith is naked and hard and Kolivan stands in front of him still fully clothed.

"Are we not enough for you, kitten? Am I not enough?" He slowly peels his pants down just far enough to
get his cock out and he takes a step towards the bed. "You need the human as well?"

Keith spreads his legs, reaches down to touch himself, and he's already so fucking wet. "I couldn't help it, sir. I've never seen anyone like him before."

Kolivan makes a disgruntled sound.
He grabs Keith by the ankles, pulls him towards the edge of the bed and folds him in half as he shoves his cock inside him. Keith whimpers, sliding a hand down to stroke over his dick.

"Please," Keith begs. "Please let me come. I need it so bad."

"I know you do, kitten."
He fucks into Keith harder and strokes a hand through his hair. "You haven't had a heat like this in ages. You can come as many times as you need."

Keith's fingers move frantically over his dick and it isn't long before he's coming, body clenching hard around Kolivan's cock.
It's a sure sign he's in heat when his orgasm provides him little relief. When he catches his breath, he'll try again.

"If he wants to fuck you," Kolivan says, "I'll allow it. But I may want to join you."

Keith imagines the beautiful human fucking him in one hole while Kolivan
takes him in the other. He reaches up and fists his hands in the sleek fabric of Kolivan's uniform.

"Harder," he moans.

"That's it, kitten," Kolivan mumurs. "Come on my cock."
Keith's moans grow louder as Kolivan pounds into him and finally his entire body seizes as his orgasm rocks through him. Kolivan slides out, rolls him onto his back, and comes hot across Keith's ass. He drags a finger through the mess and pushes it between Keith's lips.
Keith's licks him clean, tongue swirling carefully across the tip of Kolivan's clawed finger.

"Clean yourself up," Kolivan says. He slaps Keith on the ass, just once, but hard enough to sting. "And behave yourself."

"Yes, sir."
Soooo, after Keith's heat is over, he starts visiting Shiro in the med bay. Because they've already scanned the arm and know that Haggar could really fuck them all up with it so they're keeping Shiro quarantined until they figure out what to do about it. Shiro is really just glad
for the company. Because even though he knows Keith is half Galra, he /looks/ human and the Blades have been nice to him and all, but holy shit is it a relief to just be around another human. And Keith answers all his questions, asks a bunch of his own, although most of his have
to do with what Earth is like, and what kind of food they have, and if everyone is as big as Shiro. (Because the Galra are not a small race, even Krolia has like, a foot on him, but Keith is...not a large person.) And Shiro is just....utterly charmed.
He spends a lot of time looking into Keith's pretty purple eyes while Keith tells him Galra folk stories and he's so touch starved that just having Keith sit next to him, their thighs pressed together feels amazing. Keith will put a hand on his shoulder, or knee, or on one
memorably occasion, his thigh. Thankfully, Keith didn't seem to notice Shiro's face flushing bright pink during the twenty seconds it was there. Shiro has started to wonder what it would be like to just, lean over and kiss Keith and he knows he's in trouble.
First off, because he's met Keith's mom, and Krolia is not someone he wants to piss off. Second, because he's almost certain that Kolivan is Keith's ---- something. Boyfriend doesn't seem like the appropriate word but he's scene hickeys and bruises on Keith that leave little to
the imagination. He's not going to ask, because that seems -- too personal somehow. Although he's gathered that the Galra have very different social norms.
Ulaz tells him they're going to need to replace his arm to be on the safe side but its going to take a while to build a replacement. He asks Shiro if he's okay with it being removed and honestly Shiro is like, please if it gets me out of quarantine.
So he finally gets released and they mostly give him free reign of the HQ and Shiro is wandering around -- totally /not/ looking for Keith, okay. But then he stumbles about Kolivan on the bridge and Shiro's about to ask him if there's anything he can do to be helpful when Kolivan
lets out a low groan and Shiro hears him say, "That's good, Kitten."

And Shiro glances down and sees Keith kneeling between his legs. He's obscured by the base of the hair Kolivan is leaning back in, but there's no one else on the base who's as small as Keith.
Shiro should leave -- he knows this but his feet don't take him out the door, they just step to the side, so Shiro can get a better view. And what a view it is.

Kolivan has a hand tangled in Keith's messy hair, pushing his head down in a steady rhythm.
Keith moans around his cock and -- fuck it's /huge/ -- Shiro doesn't even know how Keith manages to take it all. And then Kolivan yanks Keith's head up, taps the head of his cock against Keith's lips, his eager tongue.

It's then that Keith spots him. And Shiro is /mortified/.
But he also can't seem to make himself move. He's frozen in place and then Keith fucking /winks/ at him. He turns his gaze back to Kolivan just in time for Kolivan to push his cock back between his lips and come in his mouth.

Keith sputters but Shiro can see his throat working
as he swallows and Shiro's feet finally remember how to move. He finds his way to his quarters, a small room that he's sharing with a Blade called Regris. He stays there for the rest of the day.

Keith knocks on his door later that night -- Shiro reluctantly lets him in.
"You weren't at dinner," Keith says.

Shiro's stomach has been rumbling for the past half hour, but after a year of scraps from Zarkon's soldiers, hunger is easy to ignore.

Shiro shrugs.

"Did I -- did i do something wrong?" Keith asks.
And Keith's face is so open, so vulnerable and Shiro feels like garbage for avoiding him.

"No," he says, "I -- I just. I was embarrassed. About having walked in on you -- and Kolivan. "

"Oh," Keith laughs. He takes a step forward and threads his fingers through Shiro's.
"You didn't walk out so I figured you wanted to watch," Keith says. "Sorry if I made you uncomfortable. I forget that humans are prudish about sex."

"I'm not -- I didn't--" Shiro sputters. "We're not /prudish/," he finally manages. "We just do it in private."
Keith's laugh is soft, non-judgmental. He gives Shiro's fingers a squeeze.

"That's considered prudish here."

"Oh," Shiro says.

Keith gives him another squeeze.

"So like I said, sorry if I made you uncomfortable."
"I liked watching," Shiro says quietly, his face aflame.

His heart is pounding in his chest. He spent a year fighting for his life, he shouldnt be afraid of anything. And yet somehow standing here, holding hands with this beautiful half-alien boy is terrifying.
"I could tell," Keith says. He drops Shiro's hand and runs his fingers up his arm. "How long has it been since someone's done that for you?"

Shiro thinks back to Adam, but his memories are muddled with their last fight, their last words to each other. He has to dig to remember
anything good. And then Keith's fingers are tracing across his chest, down over his abdomen and sneaking underneath his shirt.

"A long time," Shiro chokes out.

"I could help you out with that," Keith says. "If you want."
Shiro takes a step back, bumps into the bunks and nearly loses his footing.

"Easy there, big guy," Keith says, putting a steadying hand on Shiro's hip.

"But I thought -- you and Kolivan?"

Keith shrugs.

"He's good at sex," he says. "But it's not like we're /mates/."
"Oh," Shiro says. The culture shock a lot to wrap his head around.

"Maybe we should just go get you something to eat," Keith says.

"Yeah, I think that would be a good idea."
Keith comes out of the showers later than night, a towel wrapped around his hips when Kolivan finds him.

"Come to my room," he says. Keith nods and follows. He drops his armful of clothes onto the floor and Kolivan tugs off the towel, letting it fall to a heap at his feet.
"You're spending a lot of time with the human," Kolivan says as he strips out of his own clothes. He spreads out on his bed and gestures for Keith to join him. "Does he want to fuck you?"

Keith crawls in between Kolivan's parted legs, his small hands on Kolivan's large thighs.
"I don't know," Keith says. He scoots back, laying down on his stomach. "He liked watching me suck you, but he didn't want me to do the same for him."

"Humans are shy about sex," Kolivan says. He curls a hand around the back of Keith's neck and pulls him in. Keith buries his
face in Kolivan's cunt and shoves his tongue inside of him. Kolivan lets out a low groan. "Ah, yes. Just like that, kitten."

They don't talk much after that. Keith licks into him, fucks him with his tongue and when Kolivan can't take any more, he yanks Keith's head back, looks
him in the eye and asks, "Where do you want my cock?"

"My ass," Keith whimpers. "Please, sir."

Kolivan releases his grip on him.

"Get yourself ready."

Between the claws and the size of Galra hands, Keith has never been fingered by anyone but himself. It's not a thing they
need to do for each other after all, their holes get wet the way his cunt does. He wonders if it's something Shiro would do for him, if it's something humans consider normal, if Shiro would /enjoy/ opening Keith up, preparing him for his cock.
Keith fishes out the small bottle of lube that Kolivan keeps for him in his dresser drawer and sits back on his heels. He reaches between his legs and slowly works himself open. When he's ready he looks up at Kolivan.

"How do you want me?"
"You're going to ride me," Kolivan says. "I want to see those pretty eyes while you bounce on my cock."

Keith sinks down into his lap, slowly and when he's all the way in, Kolivan thrusts his hips up hard, pulling a cry from Keith's mouth.

"Don't forget who fucks you best."
Keith limps back to his quarters later, sweaty and covered in Kolivan's come. What he really needs is another shower but he's too tired to do anything but collapse into bed.
A couple weeks later, Shiro is brought back to the med bay. Ulaz and his group of techs have finished redesigning Shiro's new arm.

"We'll have to put you under anesthesia," Ulaz says.

The thought sends a panic through Shiro, even though he knows he's safe here.
Ulaz has been nothing but kind to him, but going under brings up memories of the Druids, of being strapped down against his will. He drags his hand across his forehead, wiping away the sweat there.

"Are you okay?"

Shiro nods, even though it's a lie.
"Could I see Keith before we begin?" Shiro asks.

This question ears him strange looks, but Ulaz simply nods. "I don't see why not." He gestures towards one of the others. "Go retrieve him. I'd like to begin as soon as possible."

As soon as Keith enters the med bay, Shiro feels
a weight lift off his shoulders. He approaches the bed and sits down next to Shiro. It's a rare occasion when any of the Blades are not in uniform and today Keith is wearing what must be the Galra version of work out clothes.

"Today's the day, huh?"

"Yeah," Shiro says.
"I'm nervous."

"Ulaz is an excellent surgeon," Keith says. He pulls up the leg of one of his pants and points out a small scar under the cap of his knee. "I totally destroyed knee when I was about 14, he completely rebuilt it, cartilage and all."
Shiro reaches out and hesitates, his hand hovering just above Keith's skin.

"Is it okay?"

"Go ahead," Keith nods. Shiro traces his finger along the tiny scar. He never would have noticed it if Keith hadn't pointed it out.

"Thank you for showing me."
"It's not a problem," Keith says. "Especially if it puts you at ease." He pulls his pantleg back down and hops off the bed. "I should go before Ulaz gets annoyed."

"Yeah," Shiro says. "I'll see you when I wake up?"

Ulaz and the others return to the room, but stand back, waiting
"Of course," Keith says. He turns to Ulaz, "Have some one come get me as soon as he's out of surgery, okay?" Ulaz gives a small nod. Keith reaches out to give his hand a squeeze and someone behind them clears their throat. "You're gonna be fine. Better than fine."
"Okay," Shiro says. He lets go of Keith's hand and curls his fingers along Keith's cheek. Keith's eye widen in surprise, but he doesn't back away. Shiro leans in and presses his mouth to Keith's. It's barely a kiss. But Shiro doesn't think he could stand to go under the knife
without kissing Keith just once. Keith's eyes are even wider now as Shiro leans back.

"I -- I have to go," Keith stammers before he all but runs from the room.

A look of concern graces Ulaz's face, while the others won't even meet his eyes.
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Keith heads straight back to his quarters without stopping, his heart racing. He tells himself that Shiro didn't know what he was doing, that it couldn't have meant to him what it meant to Keith -- and to everyone watching. But that doesn't change the fact that Shiro kissed him.
Keith thought he was being bold, holding Shiro's hand in front of Ulaz and the others. It's not something he would have ever done before meeting Shiro but after a conversation with his mom he learned that it was sometimes done as a gesture of comfort between human -- that there
didn't have to be any romantic feelings attached. If anyone had brought it up he could have easily brushed it off, but a kiss? On the mouth? Keith is far from an expert on humans but he /knows/ that's a romantic gesture.
He leans back against the door to his quarters and lightly touches his mouth. Shiro's lips had been chapped, but soft against his. Keith sighs. He wishes he had been able to enjoy it but his mind had been filled with nothing but panic.
He has no idea how long the surgery will take, but his friend will need him. He needs to be ready. He finds his mom discussing an upcoming mission with Regris.

"Is there something we can help you with, Keith?" Regris asks.

"I need to speak with my mother in private."
Regris takes his leave.

"What's wrong?" Krolia asks. Keith's never been able to hide a thing from her.

"It's Shiro," Keith says. "Before the surgery on his arm, he kissed me."

"Oh, Keith," she says, pulling him into a hug. "I'm sorry. He doesn't know what it means to us."
Keith heaves out a shuttering breath, all of his feelings coming to the surface. He's tried to be more like Kolivan, stoic and stern, but Keith can't help the way he feels. His mother told him once he takes after his father in that way. Keith wishes he could have met him.
"Should I tell him?" Keith asks.

"I think you should," Krolia says, gently stroking a hand through his hair. "Otherwise he might do it again."

"I think -- I think I want him to," Keith whispers. The admission makes him feel like someone has taken a sledgehammer to his chest.
Like he's being cracked open and his insides exposed. How is it that humans do this so casually? Krolia drops a kiss to the top of his head and rests her hands on his shoulders.

"Are you sure?" she asks. "We don't know how much longer he's going to be staying here."
The thought hadn't occurred to Keith until just this moment. Where else would he go? Keith knows that only those with Galra blood can join the Blades, but there are dozens of races fighting in the resistance against Zarkon.
"I know how hard it is to leave the one you love behind, Keith. I'm not saying don't follow your heart -- just be careful with it. Okay?"

Keith wipes the tears burning in the corners of his eyes away and slowly nods.

"Thanks, Mom."

"Of course, my beloved."
When Shiro opens his eyes, the room is blurry. The lights are bright and the sounds are muffled. There's the outline of a tall figure in front of him. He tries to form words but his mouth isn't cooperating. The lights dim and Shiro can make out Ulaz's face.
"Easy, Shiro," Ulaz says. "The sedative is still wearing off. Don't fight it, you'll come around naturally."

Shiro lets his eyes fall shut again. He doesn't drift back into unconsciousness, instead listens to the sounds around him. There are several sets of heavy footsteps and
Shiro can only assume that means Ulaz isn't alone. He doesn't know the names of the other Blades who were with him when he went under. There's still /so much/ he doesn't know, even after having been with them for weeks. Keith is the only one who has truly offered up anything of
himself to Shiro.


Shiro remembers kissing him and he remembers Keith all but running out of the room. It wasn't the reaction Shiro had been hoping for -- he hopes he hasn't ruined things with the one real friend he has here.
"He's still coming around," he hears Ulaz say, his voice is distant. "But you can wait."

Soft footsteps pad towards him and when Shiro finally opens his eyes again, Keith is there, a soft smile on his face.

"Keith," Shiro says. His throat is dry and his mouth like sandpaper.
But he manages. "You're here."

"I said I would be, big guy," Keith says softly. Shiro smiles at the nickname. It had started as a joke. Tall as Shiro may be for a human, he was dwarfed by most of the Blades.

"I'm sorry," Shiro says. "I didn't mean to upset you."
A blush creeps over Keith's face and he ducks his head. He turns back to Ulaz.

"Can you give us a moment?"

Ulaz nods and gestures for the other Blade to follow him.

"Shiro, there's something you should know," Keith says. Shiro steels himself for the worst.
"We don't kiss in public," he says. "That's what /we/ do in private."

"Oh," Shiro says. And realization suddenly dawns on him. All the times Keith had touched him before, they'd been alone. In the med bay, in his quarters.
"I embarrassed you." he says.

"A bit," Keith laughs, nervously running a hand through his hair. "It's okay, there's just -- one other thing." Keith averts his eyes, bites his lip, takes a breath like he's preparing himself for something.
"It's not a casual thing -- to kiss someone. It's a gesture that's usually reserved for -- those we care deeply for, those we -- love."

"Oh, Keith," Shiro whispers. He raises his human arm, his body still sluggish to react, and curls his hand around the back of Keith's neck.
"Are you asking me if I'm in love with you?"

"It's okay if you're not," Keith says in a hurry. "I know it means something else to you but I --" he pauses. His eyes lock onto Shiro's and he takes the hand from behind his neck and holds it in both of his own.
He kisses Shiro's knuckles and then his palm. And suddenly Shiro feels like he understands why the Galra view kissing as a more intimate gesture than sex. "I just need to know, because I think I want to kiss you again."

"I'm falling more every day," Shiro says, truthfully.
"Can I --?" Keith asks, his voice barely above a whisper.

"Come here," Shiro says. He wishes he could wrap his arms around Keith but the new one is still immobilized. Still having Keith lean over the bed railing and press his mouth to his is pretty great.
He opens his mouth -- just a bit, he doesn't want to overwhelm Keith -- and kisses back gently. He can't imagine Keith has much experience in this area but he's certainly a quick learner.

"Wow," Keith pants when they finally part. "That was so much better than the first time."
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Shiro's is looking at him with a dopey grin on his face, and part of that might be from the anesthesia still wearing off, but Keith is pretty sure at least part of it is from the kiss. He's still running high on adrenaline, a mixture of excitement and fear that he's only ever
experienced when he's been out on a mission. There's a tap at the door and Ulaz pokes his head in.

"Everything alright?" he asks.

Keith nods, smiling at Shiro. "Yeah, we're alright."

Ulaz unstraps Shiro's arm, takes a few readings and has him test it out with a few simple
gestures -- bending his elbow, wiggling his fingers, making a fist.

"I hope you don't mind, we removed some of the weapon capabilities," Ulaz says. "Kolivan didn't feel comfortable with you having access to that much Galra technology."

"That's not a problem," Shiro says.
"I didn't exactly sign up to be turned into a living weapon." His voice is tight and Keith can see the pain that still lingers with him written plainly on his face.

"If you feel well enough to stand, you may leave," Ulaz says. "Do not exert yourself for the rest of the night.
You may feel residual effects from the sedative for another 12 hours."

Shiro stands, a little unsteady on his feet, but Keith can tell he doesn't want to spend any longer in the med bay than he has to, so instead of insisting he sit back down, he puts an arm around Shiro's waist
and Shiro's flesh and blood arm wraps around his shoulders for support as Keith walks with him back to his quarters. Regris isn't there and Keith wonders if he's still hashing out his next mission with Krolia. It hasn't escaped Keith's notice that he ends up going out on fewer
missions when his mom is back on base.

"Would you like me to stay?" Keith asks, helping Shiro into bed.

"Please," Shiro says. Keith strips down to just his t-shirt and underwear and climbs into Shiro's bunk.
"Is it okay if -- if I hold you?" Shiro asks. Keith feels a flutter in the pit of his stomach.

"Yeah," Keith says. "I'd like that."

He rolls on to his side and feels the warmth of Shiro's chest pressed up against his back. Shiro's arm slides around him, his fingers splayed
across Keith's chest. Keith covers Shiro's hand with his own and takes a deep breath before closing his eyes.

"Shiro?" Keith whispers.

"Hmm?" Shiro's voice is already thick with sleep.

"Nevermind. Go to sleep."
When Shiro wakes up, he's alone in his bed, but he finds a note from Keith.

Went to dinner, I'll bring you back something.

He lays back down to wait but finds himself restless. He heads out to the mess hall and finds Keith eating with Regris.
Keith smiles when he sees him. He stands up and ushers Shiro over, pulling out a chair for him.

"How're you feeling?" Keith asks.

"Better," Shiro says. "Less groggy."

Keith pushes his plate towards him.

"You should eat something. "
Shiro has been with them for nearly two months and he still hasn't worked up the nerve to ask what it is they're feeding him. The meat on Keith's place has the texture of steak and the vegetables that accompany it are shades of purple. He eats without complaint.
He gets a few odd looks from Blades through out the mess hall, no one he knows, so he tries not to pay it any mind. Keith doesn't seem to be phased by it.

"Will you be moving into Keith's quarters?" Regris asks.

"I'm sorry?" Shiro says.
"Regris, I don't think --" Keith begins but Regris ignores him.

"Mated couples get preference over sleeping quarters," he says.

Shiro nearly chokes on his food. He hopes he doesn't look as shocked as he feels. He doesn't want to offend Keith, but this seems a little -- fast.
Shiro looks to Keith for answers and thankfully, Keith's expression is understanding. His hand settles on Shiro's knee, underneath the table he gives a gentle squeeze.

"We're not there yet," Keith says to Regris, making it clear that this conversation is over.
Regris shrugs and returns to his meal. Before they leave the mess hall, Kolivan approaches the table. There's a sinking feeling in the pit of Shiro's stomach.

"It looks like Ulaz did a fine job," he says.

"He did," Shiro nods. He flexes his arm for Kolivan to see.

Kolivan and Keith exchange a loaded glance. Keith puts a gentle hand on Shiro's shoulder.

"I'll meet you back at my quarters later, okay?" He doesn't give Shiro time to respond, already standing up and collecting their dishes.
Shiro watches him as he leaves and he wishes he had literally any kind of excuse to not be left alone with Kolivan. Keith had told him it was nothing more than sex between them, but the way the Blade Leader is looking at him tells a different story.
"Walk with me," Kolivan says. It doesn't sound like a request. They wander the halls of the base in silence for a while, until they've reached a wing Shiro has never seen before.

"Was there something -- in particular you wanted to talk about?" Shiro ventures. He doesn't know why
he's feigning ignorance, but it seems like the right thing to do. Kolivan fixes him with a concerned gaze.

"Keith is very special, as I'm sure you've realized."

"Yes," Shiro says. "He is."

"And I'm sure you're aware he's had many sex partners, myself included."
Shiro didn't actually know that first part -- not that it matters. "And I've grown quite fond of him." Kolivan clears his throat and it's clearly a struggle for him to get the words out. "But I want you to know that I would never stand in the way of him finding someone to love."
"Oh," Shiro says. "Thank you for letting me know."

Kolivan holds out a hand to him and Shiro takes it.

"How do you feel about a sparring match?" Kolivan says. "We could test out your new upgrade."

Shiro bristles at the term, as though he's a machine.
He nods reluctantly though, not wanting to offend the senior officer. He follows Kolivan to the training deck. Thankfully, it bears more resemblance to an Earth gym than it does the Arena. They take their stance on the mat and Shiro holds his own, striking just as many blows as
Kolivan, but in the end the larger Galra has the advantage. He pins Shiro to the floor, knocking the breath from his lungs.

"You fight well," Kolivan says. "With a little training you'd be as good as any of our soldiers."

"Thank you," Shiro says, still catching his breath.
Kolivan extends a hand and helps him to his feet. He places a large hand on Shiro's shoulder and fixes him with a stern gaze.

"Take care of him," Kolivan says. "Or you'll have more than me to answer to."

Shiro nods and Kolivan releases his grasp.
It isn't until Shiro is halfway back to Keith's quarters that Shiro's heartbeat slows to normal. When he knocks on the door, it slides open immediately, as though Keith has been waiting for him. And maybe he has -- he's grinning up at Shiro like he hung the stars in the sky.
All of the tension leaves Shiro's body as soon as Keith wraps his arms around him. He hugs back fiercely, buries his face in the top of Keith's head and breathes in his scent.

"We should talk," Keith says when they finally part.

"Yeah, I think that's a good idea."
Keith pulls him into his bunk and curls up next to him. Shiro's playing with his hair, twirling it between his brand new metal fingers. Keith feels like he could stay just like this for hours.

"So does the entire base know I made a fool of myself?" Shiro asks.
Keith laughs softly and presses a kiss to Shiro's chest, snuggling closer. It's true that word travels fast but Keith doesn't honestly believe that anyone thinks less of Shiro for not being aware of all their customs.

"You didn't make a fool of yourself," Keith assures him.
"But -- it's safe to assume that most of them already know we're together."

As the words leave his mouth Keith worries if he might have spoken too soon. After all this is what he'd wanted to have the conversation in the first place. So they both know what they are to each other.
But Shiro told him point blank he's been falling in love, he kissed Keith back, knowing full well what it meant to him. He looks up at Shiro, bottom lip worried between his teeth.

"We /are/ together, right?"

Shiro laughs, pulls Keith into a kiss, grin still on his lips as he
presses them against Keith's. Kissing might just be his new favorite past time. Every time they do it, he loves it more and more.

"I didn't just have the most terrifying conversation of my life with Kolivan for nothing," Shiro says when they part.
"He would have never hurt you," Keith says. Shiro's mouth presses into a thin line and he raises a single eyebrow. Keith rolls his eyes. "So um, how does human courting work?"

"Courting?" Shiro repeats. He's grinning as though Keith said something hilarious.
"Well, that's what we're doing," Keith says.

"Sorry," Shiro says, pressing a kiss to Keith's temple. "It's just an old fashioned word where I come from."

"What do you call it?"

"Dating," Shiro says. "We go on dates, spend time getting to know each other. Generally all that
happens before you tell the other person you love them." Shiro smiles down at him fondly, reaches up to push a lock of hair behind Keith's ear. "But I suppose we've already been doing that for the past month."

"Guess so," Keith says. He thinks about every visit he made to the
med bay, all the spare time that he devoted to seeing Shiro, the number of nights he spent with his hand wrapped around his cock thinking while thinking about Shiro's soft smiles.

"On Earth I'd call you my boyfriend, is that okay? Do you have another word for it?"
"We don't really have a word beside mate," Keith says. "But I don't think we're there yet." It's possible that Shiro really is his mate, but Keith doesn't want to jinx it. He'd asked his mom once how she knew his father was the one for her. She'd just said she could feel it was
right. Keith had never understood what she meant, not until now.

"Yeah," Shiro agrees. "Hey, can I ask you something?"

"Of course," Keith says. Shiro has a nervous look in his eye and Keith straightens up. "What is it?"

"Before the surgery -- was that your first kiss?"
Keith nods as he asks, "Why?"

Shiro's cheeks are flushing pink and he scrubs a hand over his face. Keith peels his hand away and his nose brushes against Shiro's when he asks, "What is it?"

"I've never been anyone's first kiss before," Shiro says.
"I wish I'd done a little bit better."

"If it makes you feel any better, it's not like I had anything to compare it to," Keith says. "And the second one was really good."

Shiro smiles and curls his hands around Keith's face.

"I'm glad you liked it," he says.
He tilts Keith's head and the kiss is so soft, Keith doesn't want it to end. He can't help but wonder if its going to be like this every time. Shiro stealing his breath away every time their lips touch.
Keith exhales a shaky breath and rests his forehead against Shiro's. He closes his eyes and feels Shiro's breath against his face. In stories, kissing was never like this. Keith always thought it was a symbolic gesture -- a way to show someone your feelings that you didn't have
the words for. This feels like so much more. It makes his blood run hot, makes him want to touch Shiro /everywhere/.

"We can practice as much as you want," Shiro says, and there's a teasing tone in his voice.

Little does he know how fast Keith plans to take him up on that.
"Do you think it's because I'm half human?" Keith asks. "Why I like it so much?"

"Maybe," Shiro says. "Some scientists think we developed it as a way to bond when we were still evolving."

"Shiro," Keith says. "I don't want to talk about science." He rolls onto his back and
pulls Shiro down on top of him. "I don't want to talk about anything right now."

"Wow, um okay," Shiro says. And his startled expression makes Keith laugh.

"Kiss me," Keith says. "Show me how good it can be."

"/Fuck/, Keith," Shiro whispers, awestruck. He props himself up on
his prosthetic and pushes Keith's hair away from his face. Shiro's fingers are so gentle against his skin. He's looking at Keith like he's something to be treasured -- and Keith knows the Blades care for him, insomuch as any of them care for each other -- but Keith doesn't think
any one has ever looked at him like that before. Shiro bends his head and kisses along the line of Keith's jaw and Keith can feel Shiro's stubble against his skin. He gasps out a soft moan, reaching up to cup a hand around the back of Shiro's head.
When Shiro's mouth finally finds his, Keith is more than ready for it. Or at least, that's what he thinks. Shiro sucks on his bottom lip and the sensation sends a lightning bolt of desire straight to Keith's dick. And then Shiro's /tongue/ is in his /mouth/ and Keith doesn't even
know how he's supposed to feel about that. But as strange as it seems, it also feels /good/. Shiro's tongue slides against his and Keith rocks his hips up against the wall of muscle that is Shiro's body. He wants Shiro's cock inside him more with every passing second.
When Shiro leans back, he's breathing hard, his face flushed, hair falling in his eyes.

"How was that?" he asks, as though he genuinely isn't sure if Keith enjoyed himself.

In lieu of an answer, Keith pulls him back down. He kisses back frantically, mimicking the things that
Shiro did that felt good. When he has to stop to breathe, Keith curses his stupid lungs.

"Wow," Shiro laughs. His mouth is red and swollen and Keith wonders if he looks the same. "You're a fast learner."

Keith chuckles under his breath, he reaches up and traces a finger over
Shiro's bottom lip, still shiny with saliva.

"Shiro," he says, "I want you."

"You have me," Shiro says, leaning in for another kiss.

Keith laughs, fingers curled around the back of Shiro's neck. He rocks his hips up against Shiro's once more.

"You know what I mean, right?"
Shiro rolls off of him and the look on his face gives Keith pause. "Did I say something wrong?"

Shiro shakes his head. His prosthetic fingers curl gently along Keith's cheek.

"No, I just -- I'm not sure I'm ready for that."
(heads up for talk about past sexual assault and physical abuse)
"Oh," Keith says, realizing belatedly perhaps he shouldn't be quite so obvious with his disappointment.

"When I was captured -- they didn't just experiment on me," Shiro says quietly. "Zarkon's soldiers, they --"

Keith stops him with a gentle hand on his chest.
"It's okay," Keith says. "You don't have to tell me."

Shiro closes his eyes, exhales slowly and Keith thinks he might be trying to hold back tears. He wants to tell Shiro its okay, he can cry if he needs to, that he's safe here, with Keith. That he'll always be safe with Keith.
But he doesn't want to overwhelm Shiro more, so instead he just presses a soft kiss to Shiro's forehead.

"My body hasn't felt like it's really mine in so long," Shiro says. "I just need some time."

"It's okay," Keith says. "Take all the time you need."
"Thank you," Shiro whispers. He opens his eyes and they're a little bleary as he looks at Keith.

"What kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn't take care of you?" Keith asks, offering him a small smile.

Shiro offers one in return and he pulls Keith into his arms.
"Do you want to stay the night?" Keith asks. The Blade that he shares his room with is away on a mission, has been for months now.

"Yeah," Shiro says. Keith presses a kiss to his chest. He can feel Shiro's heartbeat, still quicker than it should be.
They get underneath the blanket and Keith spoons up behind him, silencing Shiro when he protests.

"Let me take care of you," he says. He slides an arm across Shiro's chest, his fingers rubbing in soothing circles until Shiro relaxes against him.
Keith presses soft kisses to the back of Shiro's neck, breathing in his scent and it's as much a comfort for him as it is for Shiro.
Weeks pass and more often than not their nights are spent with together. Shiro has taken up working out on the training deck. Keith is busy preparing for a mission, his first away since they've been together. Shiro tells himself there's nothing to worry about, that Keith is a
trained fighter. He wouldn't be a member of the Blades if he couldn't handle himself. Still, uneasiness lurks underneath his skin. He's been sparring with a training bot for the better part of an hour, sweat soaking his shirt and running down his forehead. It feels good to work
his excess energy.

"Up for a real opponent?" asks a voice behind him. Shiro turns around to find Sorrol, a Blade member he's seen in passing, but doesn't know particularly well. He's not as tall as Kolivan or Ulaz, but he's still has several inches on Shiro, in both height and
width. He's purposely avoided fighting with anyone living and he knows it, his impromptu sparring match with Kolivan has been the only time he's fought anyone since the Arena. Logically he knows he's been preparing for something -- the Blades are a resistance organization after

"Sure," Shiro says. "Why not?"

Sorrol moves into a fighting stance and Shiro mirrors him. The hand that comes to the back of his neck gets his hackles up immediately and he breaks out of Sorrol's grip in an instant. Shiro ignores his racing heart as he blocks Sorrol's
attempt to pin his arm behind his back. He doesn't have the same luck when Sorrol kicks out his leg and pins him to the floor. Shiro can't breathe.

"No!" he shouts, throwing the larger Galra off of him and sitting up.

"Shiro?" Keith's voice is quiet but concerned.
Shiro scans the room, finding Keith by the doorway. Before Shiro can do anything to assure him that he's okay, Keith is rushing to his side, his hands curling around Shiro's shoulders.

"Are you okay? Are you hurt?" Keith asks. There's panic in his voice.

"I'm fine, Keith."
Sorrol strides up to them, extending a hand. Shiro takes it, allowing himself to be pulled up to his feet.

"Good match," he says, before walking away.

"Shiro," Keith says, curling an arm around Shiro's waist and plastering himself to Shiro's side.
"I think there's someone you need to see."

That's how Shiro ends up seeing the Blade of Marmora therapist several times a week. There's actually no Galra word for "therapist" but it's clear that's what they are. Shiro didn't have any objections to speaking with someone, but he
had expressed surprised that there was such a person on the base.

"The Blades are soldiers, Shiro. They have to make life changing decisions in an instant. Not everyone makes it back. Do you not think that weighs heavily on the shoulders of all involved?"
Shiro had never thought of it that way before. He didn't exactly have a favorable first impression of the Galra and after being brought to the base and observing the stoic nature of so many of the Blades, he had simply assumed they weren't a particularly empathetic race.
Having Rohn to talk to was especially helpful when Keith was gone for 8 days -- instead of the planned 4 -- and Shiro spent several sleepless nights worrying about him.

After their session, Shiro meets up with Keith at his quarters.
"Come in," Keith calls when Shiro raps on the door. It whooshes open and Keith is half naked in the middle of the room. He's in the middle of pulling off his boots, nearly toppling over as Shiro walks in. Shiro catches him with a steadying hand and Keith smiles up at him.
"Hey, how did it go with Rohn?"

"Really good," Shiro says. "Talking with them has really helped -- especially while you were away."

Keith pushes himself up on his tiptoes and kisses him, arms sliding around Shiro's neck and pulling him down. Shiro trails his hands down Keith's
bare back, his skin is slick with sweat and the thought occurs to Shiro that he wants to know what Keith tastes like after he's been working out. They've fooled around a few times, mostly rubbing off against each other until they come in their pants.
Shiro feels like a teenager but Keith doesn't seem to mind.

"I should shower before dinner," Keith says.

"We could -- um," Shiro starts. He almost chickens out entirely but Keith raises a curious eyebrow. "Shower together?"

"Yeah?" Keith presses.
"Yeah," Shiro says. Because his need to get his hands on his boyfriend's naked body outweigh his nervousness at said boyfriend seeing all his scars.

"Let's go then," Keith says, taking Shiro by the hand.
Keith grabs three towels on his way into the showers and pulls Shiro into a stall.

"It's not gonna freak you out if I tell you that I've been dying to see you naked, is it?"

"Um." Shiro laughs nervously and scratches the back of his head.

"Forget I said anything."
Keith reaches into the shower and turns on the spray, a huge overhead spigot with amazing water pressure. Shiro learned a while back that there are definitely perks to being one of the smaller beings aboard a base of very large aliens.
He strips out of his pants and Shiro hadn't even realized how intently he was staring until Keith winks at him. He hooks his thumbs underneath the waistband of his underwear and Shiro starts to turn around.

"Shiro," Keith says and it stops him in his tracks. "Look at me."
He slides his underwear down and Shiro's eyes travel all over his body -- long and lean and muscular. Shiro wants to put his mouth /everywhere/.

"Take as much time as you need," Keith says before stepping inside the shower and pulling the door shut.
Shiro's dick has already taken some interest and its not like he can hide that fact from Keith now. He carefully peels off his clothes, leaves them in a pile next to their towels and pulls open the shower door.
"Wow," Keith says. "I guess you saw something you liked."

Shiro laughs, a little embarrassed. At least if Keith is looking at his dick that means he's not looking at Shiro's scars.

"Can we just ignore that for now?" he asks.

"Yeah, whatever you want."
Shiro curls his fingers around Keith's hips, his thumb resting on the curve of his hipbones as he pulls him close. Keith slides his hands up Shiro's chest and scratches his fingers through his chest hair before placing a kiss between his pecs.

"Fuck, you're beautiful."
Shiro ducks his head, flush spreading down his neck. Keith's hands slide up to his neck, pulling him down into a kiss.

"I'm serious," he whispers.

Shiro kisses back in lieu of an answer. He lets his hands wander down Keith's back, eventually settling on his ass.
Shiro's spent a good amount of time groping that ass through his clothes. The fact that he's finally gotten skin on skin contact is doing nothing to quell his growing hard on.
"Keith," Shiro groans as Keith grinds up against him. "Can I -- can I suck your cock?"

"Fuck, Shiro. How can you even think I'm gonna say no?"

Shiro laughs, pressing a kiss against Keith's neck. He pushes Keith back against the wall of the shower and drops to his knees.
He nudges Keith's legs apart, the powerful stream of the shower beating down on his back. Both hands slide up Keith's strong thighs and Shiro leans in to press a kiss to his belly button and then his patch of pubic hair.
His metal fingers spread him open and Shiro leans forward, his tongue darting out to taste. Keith is already moaning above him and Shiro's barely done anything yet.

He runs his tongue up and down the length of Keith's cock listening to him whimper. His hips piston forward as he
tries to fuck up in Shiro's mouth. It isn't long before Keith's hands find his hair, grabbing on tightly as Shiro sucks his cock between his lips.

"/Fuck/," Keith cries. "Please, I need your fingers."

Shiro obliges. Two fingers slide easily inside Keith's hole, already so wet.
He fucks into Keith in a steady rhythm and Keith whines as he grinds down against Shiro's hand.

Shiro licks around his fingers where they disappear inside Keith, tasting him and Shiro can't get enough. He returns to sucking Keith's dick and it doesn't take my longer before Keith
Is shouting his name as he comes, his body clamping down around Shiro's fingers. Shiro licks him through the aftershocks, slowly eases his fingers out and immediately pushes them between his own lips.
The taste of Keith on his tongue is everything he's wanted. After licking his fingers clean, he rests his forehead against Keith's hip, one hand stroking down Keith's thigh. Part of him wants to go back for more, to lick Keith until he's sure that he'll never forget his taste.
But he can still feel Keith's legs trembling beneath him and he doesn't want to go too far too fast. Shiro stands, kisses his way up Keith's neck, back to his mouth. Keith's eyes are heavy, barely open, a sleepy smile plays on his lips.

"Was that okay?"

Keith laughs.
"Shiro," he says, winding his arms around Shiro's waist. "That was /amazing/."

Keith tucks his head into the crook of Shiro's neck, licking away the water that pools in his collarbone. Fingers trail gently up the underside of Shiro's cock and a desperate sound escapes his lips.
Keith's teeth drag across his skin and he looks up, water clinging to his long eyelashes.

"Do you want to fuck me?" he asks. Shiro can hear the hopefulness in his voice.

"I -- I do, but," Shiro swallows around the lump in his throat. "I don't think I'm ready for that yet."
He closes his eyes, bracing himself for Keith's disappointment, but when he opens them, Keith is still smiling.

"That's okay," Keith says. "Is there anything else you want to do instead?"

Shiro bends his head and the water cascades down his neck and shoulders as he kisses Keith
fiercely. The knowledge that Keith is willing to be patient with him makes warmth bloom in his chest.

"Thank you," he whispers against Keith's lips. Their mouths are still close enough that he can feel Keith's smile.

"Of course."

Shiro kisses him again, softer this time.
"Can I -- um. Can you use your hand?" he asks, feeling like a fumbling teenager.

Keith nods, sliding a hand between their wet bodies. He wraps his fingers around Shiro's hard cock, stroking slowly at first and Shiro gasps. It's been so long since someone he cared about touched
him like this. It's overwhelming.

"/Keith/," he moans.

"Is this okay?" Keith whispers. Shiro nods. He presses his forehead against Keith's. Neither of them speaks again until after Shiro comes.

"Fuck," Shiro pants. "Wow."
Keith kisses his cheek and turns around to wash the come off his stomach. Shiro trails his fingers over Keith's shoulders and down his spine. He presses a kiss to the side of Keith's neck and smiles.

"I suppose we should probably wash up, huh?"

"Yeah." Keith laughs.
They make their way back to their separate quarters and dress for dinner. Shiro notices that Keith sits a little closer than usual, his thigh pressed up against Shiro's, his warmth bleeding through the layers of fabric between their skin.
He lets his human hand rest lightly on Keith's thigh as he eats. Keith flashes him a small private smile before returning to his conversation with the rest of the table. It's been a good day.
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