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I felt like I was a little out of the loop on what the Q people believe, so I'm listening to this Qanon Anonymous podcast, which is these two leftist guys who get deep in the weeds on it, and I'm just...
They think Christine Blasey Ford is part of some kind of sleeper cell and she was triggered by some code word in the NYT...
And there's a blood libel thing in which they believe "elites" are drinking terrorized ("adrenalized") children's blood as a super anti-aging serum.

What...does it to to the brain to believe this kind of thing?
I mean... I also wonder what thinking about children going through this sort of torture all the time would do to you...

This is a cult, so I should honestly know more about it than I do.

So JFK is a hero to them because they think he was killed by the "deep state."
And they think JFK Jr. never really died and is planning to announce this to the world on July 4.

And that he will become Trump's VP in 2020.
There's blood libel, the JFKs are involved... It's like all the conspiracy theories are mixed together.
Oh, they think Trump is either sending or will send a worldwide cabal of pedophiles to Guantanamo, which is why you saw Q believers respond to the Peter Bright arrest with tweets like, "Send him to Guantanamo!"
This is why they think Guantanamo is very important and must remain open.

They think there are hidden funds in military spending to upgrade Guantanamo. When Trump said he wanted to send "really bad dudes" there, they thought he meant HRC, Obama and...
They also think there is some kind of snuff film involving HRC and Huma Abedin for some reason.

There's a guy on YouTube who says it was passed to him from Anthony Weiner's laptop.
Oh, they think George Soros, Bill Clinton and others were airlifted to Guantanamo to face military tribunals.
Are they gonna come and try to dialogue with me over this?
I mean, what kind of mind dreamt up an HRC/Huma snuff film?

What the hell...
They think Trump spelling Adam Schif incorrectly (with 2 f's) means "false flag" and that the California wildfires were a false flag.
Or it really does have 2 f's and he took one out because it's code...?

I can't keep up.

It does have 2 f's.
Q believers are really into Saudi Arabia. I haven't really been able to parse...why.
I was thinking about pranking people I know by walking around in a Q shirt, but with my luck I would probably get photographed for the New York Times and become overnight famous as a "Q believer."
So this podcast is made by just some dudes none of you have heard of, but Q believers think they're at war with them. They say these dudes are "the greatest enemies the world has ever faced."
Oh! You guys!!!! Q believers and flat earthers hate each other.
I'm kinda doing highlights of the podcast. The first 20-30 minutes is information, and then I skip the final hour in which they just have open-ended conversations.
There is also a feud between Jerome Corsi and Q.
LOL, Q said, "Corsi attempted to infiltrate Q... There are bad people who pretend to be good."
This is the person who got Roseanne into Q. She claims there's a video of HRc eating the face off a child. rightwingwatch.org/post/liz-croki…
So the Q leaders are embarrassed by flat earth, and they think it's a "deep state" psy-op to keep people from dealing with more important things.

However, there is some overlap between the communities as happens with conspiracies. Q leaders don't want to lose people, though.
So they have decided that getting them out of the movement is low priority.

Also, Q has apparently acknowledged the existence of space.

Q believers think Tom Hanks is involved in the worldwide pedophile cabal.
Other conspiracies they think are involved include the Illuminati and Freemasons.

There is no real...unifying argument or thread tying these things together.
I just learned about this, so you must as well. This is a British guy who calls himself Flat Earth Man who does this country schtick and has a whole album... It is not meant as satire.
All right, so the Q people have a lot to say about Moloch, ancient Canaanite god of child sacrifice, because they believe "elites" are sacrificing children to get their blood. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moloch
They believe mainstream media outlets get a list of approved fake news talking points from the CIA every day.
They also think Operation Mockingbird is active, and refer to the media as "Mockingbird media." These beliefs for them can be boiled down to anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about Jewish "control" of the media. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation…
Weirdly, they think Anderson Cooper is a CIA asset.

Oh, also, they believe the CIA delivers the talking points to the media at 4 am everyday.
The Q people thought cops were going to storm funeral of George H.W. Bush and start mass arrests of the "cabal."
All right, so some of the Q people believe some Pennsylvsnia Trump supporter named Vincent Fusca is really JFK Jr.

And that he is secretly advising Trump so they can take down the "deep state" together.
I knew they'd show up. So I'm gonna block this lady, and please don't engage Q people in my mentions.
All these dates in which they think something big is gonna happen (Dec. 5th Bush funeral, July 4, 2019) is reminding me of the history of very specific end times predictions about when Armageddon or the Rapture would start.
To reiterate, some Q people believe that JFK Jr. will reveal his identity on July 4 and become Trump's VP in 2020.

This is slightly at odds with a Q drop, which claims HRC had him murdered in 1999 (because she saw him as a rival in her long-term goal of being NY senator?).
So the Q people who believe he's alive say they're interpreting the Q drop differently. They claim HRC didn't succeed at murdering Jr., and he's been living in hiding all this time and plotting to get back at the "deep state."

Some of them think Q *is* JFK Jr.

I hate noticing typos 5 tweets later.
Some of this comes from drops from some anon called R.

To whom Q responded, "There is only one Q: Q."
They think Vincent means "to conquer" and Fusca means "the dark."

Also, unclear if Fusca knows they think he's JFK Jr.

Apparently someone dressed their toddler as Fusca for Halloween.
So, they think JFK Sr., Reagan and Trump are the presidents who challenged the "deep state."

The "deep state" allegedly put Reagan and JFK into the presidency not knowing they would be challenged. So the CIA had to take them out (but failed with Reagan's assassination attempt).
They believe George H.W. Bush played a role in JFK's assassination.
But seriously, don't engage them in my mentions. I'm just blocking. "Think logically!" 😂😂😂
Okay, so, Q believers think the "deep state" is bad, but it isn't at the top.

This is who they believe really controls the world: the Saudi royal family, the Rothschilds and George Soros.

I knew about the anti-Semitism, but apparently that's where they think the Saudis come in.
They call them "the triangle of puppeteers."
They say the Rothschilds head up a Satan-worshipping cult whose interests they pursue through vast international banking networks.
Whew, the hacker or investigative journalist who figures out the identity of Q is gonna have a field day.
In government, they imagine there's an ongoing battle between the "white hats" (good people, mainly in the military, working against the "deep state" who are close to Trump) and "black hats" (anti-Trump bad people in government + the "cabal" of evil international elites).
I hope Q is, like, a bored middle schooler.
Or not. Honestly, Q is a hard-core anti-Semite, and I don't hope that's on a 13-year-old. I mean, I realize it could be.
So that person in my mentions wanted me to know that I'm just tweeting out fringe Q believer beliefs (i.e., that JFK Jr. is still alive) as opposed to real and sound Q theories (e.g., HRC killed JFK Jr., Satanic cabal of demonic financiers who drink the blood of kids).
Who could have imagined Q might attract fringe inventive people?
I know "inventive" is a charitable word.
I'll pick this back up until I get caught up. If you're learning things, I'm listening so you don't have to, and I've got a GFM running due to a lack of income coming in July. And my PayPal is kristinelisa5@gmail.com (please use "donate" button if you can)
All right, so I should tell you that the podcast is organized around a Q theme each week. The guys discuss the theme, put it into the context of the conspiracy world-building, and then spend a fair amount of time debunking the Q claims.
There's usually a guest who has some expertise in the theme of the week to help with the debunking.

I will tell you I'm not listening to all of the debunking because, like, I already know their claims are ludicrous and don't need to be convinced.
But it's impressively researched, so I feel comfortable recommending it as long as it's clear...

It's mostly white men with the occasional woman as a guest. They seem self-aware about it and seem to be trying to get better about that...
I can say I'm learning quite a bit about the Q conspiracy theories, as far as that goes, with the caveat in the above tweet.

I'm gonna keep tweeting as I follow it.
They seem to be friends with the Chapo guys and people from TYT, but I'm currently listening to @chick_in_kiev call them out for being misogynists on the podcast, so I mean... It is what it is, but as I said, it's well-researched and I'm learning a lot.
Okay, so, apparently Q has been gaining steam in Canada, where the far right has been trying to benefit from the energy of Trumpists in the US.
The Q people have joined up with the Canadian version of the yellow vests.
Onto the far right (and Q's) obsession with shadow banning!

They think all journalism is compromised, so social media is VERY important. It's the main way they get their message out.
A 2017 Q drop said, "We are fully prepared that all social media will be shut down to prevent the spread of this information (i.e. POTUS' Twitter account and/or mass censoring."
LOL, they noticed, as I did, that Q used i.e. instead of e.g.
Q people really like AT&T.

It has...something to do with wanting protection from being banned on social media.
They think they're being "shadow banned" on Twitter and Facebook every time they lose followers.
There is apparently a lot of Q merch on Amazon and etsy.
Etsy has very weird things like the charm bracelet with a slice or pizza (for p*zzag*te), a white rabbit and a Q. "Made with love for the children."
There is a Q Christmas ornament "in honor of our beloved president."
There's an outdoor Yahtzee/Q yard game "to help you r*d-pill your friends."

There are Q comics...
So Vox Day, the guy who runs the fascist comic "Alt Hero" is way into Q and has published comics about it.
All this reminds me of the Left Behind books.

They really think they're doing something world historical here.
There is a Q-believing sex worker named Domina.

One of her specializations is "age play." Again, she's a Q believer.

I didn't make this up. This is a person who exists.
Anyway, you can apparently find just about anything with Q branding.
All right, so Jerome Corsi was into P*zzag*ate and supported Q from the beginning.

But... He got mad when one too many Q predictions didn't come true.

So a Q drop came out accusing him of using Q to build his brand or whatever.
Corsi has a PhD in political science.
Corsi tweeted, "Qanon is not my God. My lord and savior is Jesus Christ."
This guy is a Q believer, and this incident didn't do much to slow the movement's growth. buzzfeednews.com/article/skbaer…
The name of the podcast is in tweet #1 of the thread, but some people seem to think I'm hiding it because I didn't provide a direct link.

It's @QanonAnonymous.
Some of the white dudes in my mentions are mad that I haven't, idk, shown sufficient fealty to the men who make the podcast, and like...

Bros, you're gonna be disappointed if you keep reading.

I have complimented their research and also explained why the podcast isn't perfect.
And when I called them "leftist dudes you haven't heard of," I wasn't slighting anybody but making a statement of fact.

They're not famous journalists. It's fine.

I would also be described as someone you haven't heard of.
So anyway, I'm going to keep going with this because I'm here to talk about a hate group.

I won't change my approach, and I view it as not my problem if some of the fans don't think I've adequately amplified some white guys.
Okay, so remember when Trump wanted to do a military parade?

Apparently the Q people thought this would be preceded by mass arrests of "elites" and there would be a mass perp walk in the parade.

They also thought the Nunez memo would dismantle the "deep state."
The parade thing came from an unusually specific prediction from Q.

They thought this would finally unite Americans behind Trump.
When the parade never materialized, Q wrote, "Timeline's changed. Watch the budget."

So they watched the budget.
On the day of the cancelled parade, some naturally occurring geological phenomenon caused seismic waves in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Mozambique.

Q believers thought it was the "white hats" using special secret technology to send out...evidence, I think.
Or to reverse some kind of secret mind control tech that the "cabal" has us all on.
There was some discussion, and they settled on super secret mind control technology.

Wonder why they think this secret tech doesn't work on them?
The Chapo guys are guests on this podcast more than once, and I really wish the guests were... Better.
Besides Talia so far. She was great.
So! Q folks think RBG is getting special off-market drugs to keep them alive.
This guy is a Q believer and Proud Boy. thedailybeast.com/proud-boy-memb…
Q believers think Maggie Haberman sends codes through her tweets.
I'm really interested in the overlap between Q believers and Christian fundamentalists, and I'm hoping there's an episode on this that I haven't heard yet, or that there will be in the future. I keep thinking about failed end times predictions. @QanonAnonymous
Q thinks Hillary and the Clinton foundation are involved in human trafficking in Saudi Arabia.

They point to real mass arrests by MBS as a model for mass arrests in the US.
So when you heard people claiming the Clintons were "paid off" by the Saudis?

That comes from Q.
Also charitable foundations linked Pelosi and John McCain.

I mean... The Saudis donate to all major charitable foundations, but Q believers think it's linked to child trafficking.
Again, Q believers think the Saudi royal family controls the world along with the Rothschilds and Soros.

They also think the Saudis were linked to the Vegas mass shooting.
They believe the Vegas shooting was a failed assassination attempt on MBS, and claim he was there that night (He wasn't.).
So... They believe the "Saudi old guard" put out a hit on MBS and that he was staying in the hotel. They think MBS is key to overturning the "cabal" in Saudi Arabia.

They think the FBI sold guns to the assassins...
They think MBS was instead in the crowd, so 2 assassins had to open fire on the crowd as cover to get away...
And... They think Paddock, the shooter, was killed and made a patsy.

Because...otherwise the US would "have to go to war with Saudi Arabia."
I see overlaps specifically with the Tim LaHaye/pentacoatal millennarian aspects of fundamentalist Christianity and the sects that frequently make end times predictions that fail.

This includes the people who believe they have found numerical "codes" in the Bible.
I have some familiarity with this because my parents were Pat Robertson pentecostals when I was very little.

But I wouldn't say I know this world as well as Reconstructionism because I was exposed to that when I was a little older and I remember more.
*pentecostal two tweets up, jeez
I remember seeing Hillary Clinton conspiracy theory books in Christian bookstores in the 1990s too. Generally by the same end times-oriented pentecostals.

Q *must* have attracted some of those same people, right?
I didn't read these books, but Hillary seemed to be depicted as the *real president* wielding "unbiblical" power over Bill.

That's how I remember the caricatures on the book covers.

They were obsessed with Vince Foster conspiracy theories.
I think this has to be rooted partly in conspiracy theories of that time.

In the sense that if you believed THAT about the Clintons, there might not be a limit to what you'd believe about them.

Also the idea that Hillary was uniquely evil and her husband was a pawn.
I don't see the latter part as specifically with Q as opposed to everyone else, but it is, in fact, one reason I thought she couldn't win.

(Before you get excited, here's my disclaimer that I didn't think Bernie could either.)
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