How I got spooked for not learning how to mind my own business 😥

I was about in grade 9 when all my peers where started showing off their girlfriends in school
I felt the pressure but I did not want to go for some easy girl cause, I was waiting for someone special.

Honestly bafethu.....Igwababa😥, but OK that was my excuse when they tease me of how I did not have a girl
Few months later some girl was transfered to our school, she was from the rural areas.
Yho she was so flippin hot🔥 her skin was😍👌, you could see it wasn't corrupt, I mean City girl's skin's are corrupted by these Chlorines used to purify our water
But yena you could see that ebehlamba ngamanzi Omlambo, straight from the river😍
Amajita didn't pay much attention to her since she was from a remote village where there's no Tv's or Cars or even Phones
Our teacher said even her transfer letter was written with a feather deeped in female Rabbit blood.
First day she left during break, when the breaktime bell rang she went straight to the gate thinking School was out.
The following day still when the breatime bell rang I saw her heading for the gate, I ran after her and asked where was she going, she said home , I laughed and explained to her the process.
She didn't have any friends as she was new, so I became her talking person, but yho I could hardly understand her Xhosa, it was deep Xhosa
I asked her where she was from, said from Mdantsane.

Mdantsane is an abondoned Village in the Eastern Cape which has been ruled under Monarchy for centuries by the royal family of the Sukwini Clan.
The Chief of Mdantsane bared the Government from entering the his Village, that is why even today the have ZERO technology of whatsever.
OK so I started teaching Moghel about the City life, I took her to my house after school to show her what a TV was , but asked my sister to make my parents believe she was her friend.
Moghel was a fast learner, passed all her subject with distinctions, she ended up being my Maths tutor, at bafethu Maths bindibetha blind blind, I was only good in Life Orientation, I got more marks when it was time to put a condom on a banana
School closed and she was gonna leave for holidays back to Mdantsane😥 just when I thought sama nyobi nyobi😥
Was very sad as if she wasn't gonna com back, but it was just June Holiz. I had grown very attached to her, very addicted..I was already dating her in my mind.
She asked me if I didn't wanna go with her👀, sounded like a great idea but eish!!, my parents😥
Luckily my uncle from the Village called to invite me over🙏🙌, told my parents I could manage to go by myself
But my plan was actually to go to Mdantsane.

So I told moghel I was coming.

But she left a day before, but directed me where to get off and that if she doesn't come to the bus stop, she was gonna send people to pick me up
So I left, akere there's no Cars in Mdantsane?, Taxi I took only dropped me off about 3 days away from where I was gonna meet her.
I walked for 3 days carrying all that luggage, when I got to the spot I was tired as fuck that I slept
When I woke up, there was 2 boys, very short, but in their late 20's, people from their don't grow, almost everyone is midget.

Nutritional imbalance, they eat Paw Paw like we eat Pap & Vleis
So the boys told me that Sinazo asked them to pick me up, Moghel's name was Sinazo, meaning Warior
The boys had a Wheelbarow and I loaded my luggage and climbed in.

They were very fit, they were trained to carry heavy stuf

They drove me in the wheelbarrow until I slept, woke up just before the village
So I got to the village, she told her brothers to pretend as if I was their friend.
Her family was scary, everyone was a traditional healer excepting her.

I got there during their ceremony called Intonjane , where they slaughter cows for Sangoma initiates
They where original Sangoma's , very strong , not these gong kongs that sell Lightning eMlazi Taxi Rank ka R5.

I'm talking about Sangomas who live in the Sea under water.
During the Intonjane Ceremony, a Cow would be cut into 3 pieces and put on a Floating Wood and it would move 5 metres away from the shore then dunk in the water, then a few min later come out and go back to the shore
Will continue later....I'm tired....3pm
I got there at the wrong time, I'd say , cause I wasn't prepared to witness all those stories I was refusing to believe existed.

People who accepted the call to become Sangomas would stay underwater for a certain period as initiation , so Intonjane ceremony was to feed them
Mdantsane people practised a lot ceremonies which in normal people's communities are believed to be witchcraft.

Flying on a broom was believed to have been invented by them, they did far more scary shit like mating Snakes with chicken to give birth to an animal called Inxakwe
So I was all set, slept in on of her brother rondavel's.

She had lots of brothers, I lost count at 38 when she was introducing me to them.

All of them where trained to drive a wheelbarow
Her father had about 17 wives if I'm not mistaken.

He had so many children that he didn't even know some of their names, he called them by numbers, he had them in groups.

Moghel was in a group called the izi trom trom , meaning River Goddesses
One morning I heard loud bangs, noise coming from the singing.

They where about to start one of their rituals called "ukubhebhisa umtshakazi" a ceremony where a woman is taken to the river and chooses a man of her choice then sama nyobi nyobi
When I woke up, everyone had gone to the river, only this other guy was left behind. He was always left behind during ceremonies cause his height was different from the rest of the village people
Stayed in anticipation till I decided WTF!, I gotta see this shit.

I then headed towards the river following their trails.

It was my first time in the rain forest
They where rules you needed to follow inorder to go through the rain forest and make it safely to the other side
To be continued..........8:30am tomorrow morning ✌
Rain forest was regarded as the most scariest places in that village.

It was all misty and foggy, they believed it was bad spirits causing that mist
So before you go through the forest you had to take puppy chickens and put them on both sides of your pocket while walking and singing their traditional song "Asiphelelanga"
You had to walk with your eyes closed, the puppy chickens will guid you through the forest, but before exiting the forest you feed those puppy chickens to the forest caretakers , a white Hummer head shark and a crocodile.
People who opened their eyes in middle of the forest never came back, the got lost.

I remember this one time while I was sleeping in a rondeval hearing a knock on the door in the middle of the night, a guy was busy saying "Ndicela okwe jersey ndiyagodola"
Which meant "ask my ancestors to come free me"

Shit scared me to my toes
Witches trained their children in that forest, calibrating their lightning 🌩, practicing how to turn people into dogs all that, it was just some busy day at work.
So while I was walking through the forest to the other side I got tempted to open my eyes when I got to the centre of the forest
I could hear the noise and feel the mist on my face, as they said that the noises and mist where from the witches evil doings in that forest
Fok that I opened my eyes, to find a white guy crying for help, trapped in a crashed Airplane
Apparently , about 20 years ago an Airplane crashed in that forest and search party couldn't get in to look for it since Chief Sukwini didn't want any outsiders in his village
So this pilot been trapped in there screaming for help all these years, and the so called Mist & fog was the smoke and noise coming from the Airplane Engines, but Mdantsane people didn't know that, they believed Airplanes where witchcraft
I tried to help the pilot buy needed more hands on the deck since I was alone, he was very thirsty still, he never had any water nor food since the day he crashed

So I left to go find help , but proceeded to other side towards the river where everyone else was
As I walked out of the forest I didn't notice that I had blood on my clothes from the Pilot I was trying to help
I walked out of the forest and people started screaming and some cheering and dancing when they saw me
They believed I had killed the evil spirits in the forest when they saw me covered in blood
In my hands i had 2 empty bottles of 2L Twizza I had picked up to collect water for the thirsty Pilot stuck in the crash
The chief quickly called for the villagers to perform a cleansing ceremony on me called UKUFUTHA and UKUCIMA

Ukufutha and Ukucima is a ceremony where Xhosa people slaughter a cow to celebrate heroes, a Cow is slaughtered & drained off it's blood, about 30L of blood then..
Soak that so called hero in it for 2 days to get rid of the bad spirits they went through.

So they did the UKUFUTHA & UKUCIMA ceremony on me, and took me out then offered me a bride
They offered me Sinazo's sister Nomzamo, meaning trouble soul, as my bribe for my bravery, a 25 year old virgin who had lost her husband while perfoming duties of the Chief, her children had no father so they saw me as a warrior who fitted in the equation
Nomzamo's sister was flippin hot, she was a kinda girl who looked like she didn't have any children even though she was in her 20's with 3 Children
But the problem was that I went to that village to accompany my girl Sinazo, but I couldn't do otherwise cause the chief had spoken
I never told them what really went on the forest as I was preparing for the cereremony of Ukubhebhisa umtshakazi, ceremony of Sama nyobi nyobi
My new bride to be had already chosen me to do sama nyobi nyobi to her so it was gonna be a quick in and out
The day came, all pre rituals performed, they asked to move towards the river up to knee high
As I got in I could feel stepping onto something like a bottle in the water.

Deeped my hand in the water and pulled out those 2 bottles I had found in the crashed Airplane, ones meant for water for the crashed pilot
The 2 bottles 1 green and 1 clear tied to each other from the neck with a plastic string.
Green bottle had an i photo of a gentleman from the village who did sama nyobi nyobi with the Nomzamo when the chief made it very clear that Nomzamo was to stay a virgin until they found prince charming for her
The photos in the bottle where smeared with a traditional herb called iBhere which meant "Lock up" witches used it to bind one's success called
So they used it on the guy so that never will he be sucessful in his life cause of disobeying the Chief
Now as I looked closer in the bottle, the guy in the picture looked very familiar, I just wasn't sure if had seen his face on one of my instagram followers
So I pulled out my Huawei P10 Lite and logged into to instagram using the nearby chief's WiFi router
While I was looking , my phone rang, and everyone ran away including the Chief
To be continued...........
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