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#Symbolism Haircut
Zuckerberg is trying to look like Caesar.

Caesar = Aqueducts
Water = Information

Therefore a massive Aqueduct would = ?

Facebook is listening to you 24/7/365
Metadata collection?
Q…#Qanon #Zuckerberg
Leonardo da Vinci never finished the Mona Lisa because he injured his arm
Arm = #MSM
Unfinished masterpiece = Mueller Report.
Why didn't Mueller charge Obstruction? - Because MSM was "injured" not trusted.… #Qanon #GreatAwakening #QTeam
Planet/Moon Symbolism-
Saturn=Cultists (6th planet)
#Symbolically Earth is the planet of sheep while Saturn (6) is the planet the cultists live on. - Just like every other piece of symbolism here - Planet talk allows for comms in plain view of people who won't understand it.
Titan=Secrets (6th Moon of Saturn)… Earth and Titan are the only worlds in the Solar System where liquid rains on a solid surface - though on Titan, the rain is methane (secrets) rather than water (information).
Pluto = Formerly Planet X (target) - no longer a Planet (6) - 9th planet -
9 = flipped 6 - talk of rejecting planet status is used as removing a cultist…
What then? Well if you aren't a 6 but a 9 then you get sent to Mars (red planet) for punishment
e.g. why does Saturn make musical tones-
Why? Because if
Saturn = Cult
Music = MSM - then it's only stating that the Cult owns MSM(obviously)… … You don't have the advantage of being raised with the language so it's harder but not impossible #Qanon
Surgery/Injury Symbolism
Not all surgeries are comms but very public ones can be. -
Anyway Jimmy Carter + "hip surgery" = Operation involving the Panama Canal. - Carter gave away the #PanamaCanal, & currently #China owns it- Look at the map and you can see why it's "the hips" -
As a side note on the Panama Canal - note how close it is to Epstein Island. Consider the Canal was given to Panama under Clinton's watch - and has now become Chinese Property. - Consider the timing of China's #CentralBank it's logo and Q post #Qanon
Mystery of Disappearing Elephant-Seal Dialects… … Symbolism - Either about diminishing republican "clapping seals" like Amash. Or the diminishing republican "seals" like #RodRosenstein and now Dan Coats that are no longer able to stop DECLAS. #Qanon
Golden retriever named #Mueller is mayor of Southern California town
#Symbolism comms -This helps explain why the Deep State trusted him from the start, he was a very loyal dog for them and they used symbolism to celebrate this fact.… #Qanon #GreatAwakening
This is the 2nd Mueller Dog - first one died in 2013 coinciding when Mueller stopped being head of the FBI 2001-2013! & he did such a great job for DS holding back #DECLAS I doubt many plants get such extravagant loyalty symbolism. #GreatAwakening #Qanon
Symbolism: "And a little to the left" - "Yor Max" (6) - Golden (6) Retriever - "retriever" as in someone who gets gold for actions - and also on that page note the other pics - giving comms about actions (catching Raccoons) and blackmail to keep in line. #Qanon #GreatAwakening
Symbolism Comms - Racoons: - an animal known for digging through Refuse (6) - garbage - hence in the last tweets - the "Raccoon" part is symbolizing how he stopped good people from digging through the cult's trash. #DarkToLight #Qanon #TheGreatAwakening
Symbolism Comms - A witch's black cat -cats eat rats, I've covered that common symbolism comm before in this thread, but to appreciate the mythos Consider how to teach a child "magic" You must teach them that "ratting us out is very bad" thus to be a witch a cat is essential
Witch's Broom - fly on a "tree" that allows them to hide = pretend to be cleaning as they are listening. Anyway, they control media so devices for teaching kids tend are over-saturated into the culture. - Mole - as in they are a mole - green skin = colour symbolism -check thread
Symbolism = End - People know symbolism comms all around the world, it's built into the culture (by them) and has no language barrier. We all know what a dog a cat and fire are. - but without learning to use it as language as kids tho it all becomes invisible in adulthood #Qanon
#Symbolism Poncho (6)
Since Water = Info - a Poncho is a 6 (cult) protection from information - This "gaffe" involving George W Bush unable to put on a poncho at Trump's Inauguration was symbolic of a new inability to stay "dry" #DECLAS is coming #Qanon
Lest you think that was coincidence - the exact same "gaffe" happened at George W. Bush's Inauguration in 2001 with his father #POTUS41 George H.W. Bush unable to put a Poncho onto his wife. #GreatAwakeningWorldwide #Qanon #GWB
Why didn't #DECLAS happen then? There was an attempt at DECLAS but the same problems that Trump has were present back then and our FBI was led by none other than Robert Mueller from 2001-2013. (now you know why they trusted him) #QTeam #Qanon8chan
Symbolism comms on D-Day when Trump met Merkel and had liquid (information) removed at PortMouth Port = "secure from storms"- for "unloading" - Mouth = communication. Trump explained to them what won't be in the initial #DECLAS
#Qanon #GreatAwakening
I think the label is Japanese - if so then he's saying that the Hitler/Nuke stuff won't be in the initial #DECLAS which given her bloodline would be comforting & people aren't ready for either of those declas for at least another year. #TheGreatAwakening
I stand corrected. As the liquid is removed Trump says "Unless it's made in German" (6) - (he omits the Y) he is likely saying he is removing the Japan WW2 stuff from DECLAS, but won't be removing Germany stuff until she starts cooperating. #Qanon
1. Uranium = High Quality Blackmail
2. Hillary's Toilet Server = Uranium Reservoir
3. Hillary Server Hack = Uranium Transfer

4. Uranium Enrichment = Blackmail Money

Timing Conversion Utility: Minute = Day
Hours? Not enough hours in day + timezones
Seconds? Impossible to time
Minutes? Plenty of numbers, easy to time. Can be used to modify or comment on dates in countless ways in coded comms
#Qteam #TheGreatAwakening
2019-6-20 Fascinating photos from 1974 set of Spielberg's movie made public for first time after Martha's Vineyard man kept them in his BASEMENT for 45 years
#Symbolism -> "Note "Martha's Vineyard" for 45" = for "POTUS45" - What is the comm? Well...… #Qanon
2019-6-23 2.8 Trillion Tons of Nearly Fresh Water Found Under the Ocean offshore Martha’s Vineyard…
Nearly = 6 = Cult info from a few years ago
Fresh = First time seen- Water = Information - So... what kind of information?
#Symbolism #Qanon #GreatAwakening
"Martha's Vineyard" -so what does that mean in context of secret info? Well WHO goes there? Chelsea Handler (check thread) is a regular visitor… it's where a lot of important people go for "fun" - what do they do for fun? And was it videotaped? #Qanon
2019-6-24 Two Quintillion Tons of Metal or Dense Oxides Found on the Moon
Symbolism = End
Moon = Secret Location (check thread)
Quintillion = Q = Highest level of classification (and lots of it)
Metal = HD/Server etc… #TheGreatAwakening #QAnon
Symbolism comms:
"set that turned Oaks Bluffs harbor into Shark City."
#DECLAS was a bluff before -> it's not anymore
there are others - but this one is tied to the last few tweets in this thread and gives it much better context.… #Qanon
CNN: Chief Justice John Roberts is about to show his cards -
Symbolism=End "his cards" = his family's green cards. - this is a blackmail threat to fall in line with judgments or this becomes a scandal #OperationMockingbird… #QAnon #GreatAwakening
TrueEye: "How do Deep State actors communicate when all private comms are watched? Old fasioned but effective."
Me: A good answer to why this thread exists. Symbolism=End - Learn the language and see the world hidden all around you.
#Qanon #GreatAwakening
Name Symbolism:
First Two On Moon
1st: Neil Alden Armstrong
2nd: Edwin Eugene Aldrin Junior
First notice 1st man on moon is AA - 2nd Man is EE - one vowel later - Ald[e]n Vs Aldr[i]n - again 1 vowel later difference for one man later on moon. But there's much more to this #Qanon
Armstrong? Why that name? Well... the cult has a body symbolism thing going where each human body part equals a part of the cult, and the Arm = Media
Therefore: ArmStrong = MSM Strong - as in they can make people believe anything. #GreatAwakening
What about "Neil" Well that one works backwards - As Niel Armstrong backwards = Gnorts, Mr Alien - combined with "Armstrong = Media" it translates to MSM's Mr. Alien. Symbolism comms exist like this as a way to tell cultists of all ages in America it's a joke on the sheep. #Qanon
Most people didn't get taught the cyphers growing up so stuff like this is just taken literally... anyway, to continue... Buzz Aldrin (Edwin (win code) Eugene (6) Aldrin (6) Junior (6) - so he's got a 6 wining thing going on. #Qanon #GreatAwakening
the Middle name of Neil Armstrong is Alden which is a reference to an old custom boot making company... you know, like the iconic boot-print on the Moon? Also shoe = Travel. as Q says Symbolism = End because the entire media and history is coded this way #qanon
Q says Moon Landings are real. However that too is symbolism. Ever heard of Moon Township Pennsylvania? I've covered geography coding before, it's just another way to hide in plain site. Makes it easier to lie when they did technically go to "a" moon. #Qanon
As a final word on the Moon Here's some great info… Note his bg pic symbolism: Tiffany Blue = Secret info - Eyes are green = He sees plants. He breaks down in scientific and logical terms this absurdity so anyone can understand. 400+ paragraphs! #Qanon
Course it always helps to question what the media pushes as true - they do tell the truth tho - but only in symbolism form.
Colour Symbolism:
Gold = Money
Blue = Information
Symbolism: We make money from these hoaxes - and we know they are lies. #Qanon #GreatAwakening
05/16/2019 Jeff Koons ‘Rabbit’ sculpture goes for record $91.1 Million
#Symbolism 91.1 = 911 - as in a person/org had an emergency (911) needed expensive help. What's one way to transfer that millions? Art! As for "Rabbit"...…#Qanon #TheGreatAwakening
Symbolism: "Pulling a rabbit out of a 🎩"
Hat = Job - Top Hat = Top Job (Like CEO) - Rabbit = 6.
Thus to "Pull a rabbit out of a hat" = is for a plant - to hire other plants. It's a very common symbolism in media as it's how the cult takes over companies. #Qanon #GreatAwakening
Not the only aspect of rabbit symbolism - ears for "tuning" i.e. the person pulling their strings, the hypersexuality they are famous of (blackmail), -and others. Note the distinction between ears up "tuned" like antenna rabbits and the ears down & ears cut off rabbits. #Qanon
Symbolism: 911 = Emergency
This is a number everyone in America associates with EMERGENCY! Thus it is a perfect symbolism when applied to things unrelated to phones. This simplicity and oft universality is core to the power Symbolism comms have. #Qanon…
Symbolism is not inherently good or evil. A good man named Ken Starr chose the Emergency date 9/11/1998 to send a report that led to Bill Clinton's impeachment - and evil people chose the same date to take down the Twin Towers.#Qanon #GreatAwakening
The most common symbolism comms I cover are the colour/element ones - I hope people understand the power of these as it's prevalent in the QMAP. I'll reiterate again.
- Focus on just blue water and green plants for a moment. #Qanon #GreatAwakening
A plant is a person planted in an organization or family - The news is fluid thus "Watch the Water" means watching the events unfold - Consider with this knowledge why Q says "plants need water" in context of Manafort being in jail. #Qanon
Color is the same in symbolism as the respective element - thus blue to green - you say the exact same thing as Plants to be given water. - And this is why on Drudge when Manafort went to jail the page was covered with blue to green imagery. #GreatAwakening
You can just use a photo of yourself handing a bottle of water to a dignitary - agents will know "they got the info" or how about filtering information? What does that mean in #Symbolism to agents? #TheGreatAwakening
And the same is true of the other colors -
like yellow-

& red-
Q linked this video a dozen times which combines the two-when Trump calls out the press 3 min in
good press to bad!
yellow to red! #Qanon
More name symbolism - I cover each type of symbolism in between all the other types because that's the nature of it. A name, a colour, a planet, hairstyle, a number - put it all together and you get a roadmap of the real world hidden all around
FBI shines light on now shut down "human chop shop" in Phoenix

He had body parts piled on top of each other & a cooler filled with male genitalia.

His name? Stephen GORE
Name symbolism in the cult is real #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall… #Qanon
With symbolism it's a giant bag of tools to communicate around the uninitiated - it's playing charades - a wink with a name is equally as good as using any other symbol. say you are in the cabbal... and you want to promote your services to others in it.…
That autistic rant demonstrates a bit of mechanics - but basically "if nobody talks in the cabbal" - how do they recognize one another? - well symbolism - wear a green ring, have a plant tattoo, give yourself (or your kids) 2 six letter names #Qanon
Most Comms are simple & designed to be dismissed whenever seen by u = why shills push absurdity like RBG/Hillary clones walking around or Lizard People, Flat Earth, & Cannibalism. To make you look for secrets out of sight when as Q says it's ALWAYS BEEN out in the open. #Qanon
"You have more than you know." = If only you were fluent in the symbolism comms you'd be able to "watch the water" because sadly the media control the narrative and as such despite their world crumbling around them those that can't read the comms will always see nothing. #Qanon
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