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1 Gonna try to do some live tweeting on Episode 3 of "Unidentified." - Spoilers to follow...
2 Enter @mintyhyperspace. He heard there were contacts. He looked up in the sky with another guy and saw a constellation of lights all rotating. Cahill: If this was on radar, why isn't this on the news every night? He said he spoke to Day the next day. Narrator says Cahill & Day
3 saw a longer version of the Tic Tac that next morning. Kevin Day has no recollection of seeing a longer video. He says he only saw the same video that's been made public. Elizondo & Cahill go to the location where the Tic Tac may have gone. #unidentified
4 BTW, that part about Day having no recollection of seeing a longer video is not in show. That's information I know and so do others. - Now in Mexico. Guadalupe Island. Team up with a Mexican journalist, Jorde Lebrija. Pilot witness, Jan. 2015, south of Ensenada in afternoon.
5 Said he saw a UFO. Smooth & clean and moved erratic. Believes object reacted 2 his presence. 10 miles away. Once he put lights on, it took 3 seconds 4 the object 2 fly past him at an estimated 5,000 mph. (How did they calculate that speed? ~Joe) - Baja coast known as a hotspot
6 Talking to local witnesses who believe they had UFO sightings. Spherical objects. One witness, a fisherman, says it dove into the water. Ensenada, Mexico. More fisherman/witnesses. Describing lights coming out of the water, hovering and then diving back into the water.
7 Elizondo: UFOs seen a lot around large bodies of water. One witness draws what looks like a Tic Tac-shaped object. Lots of the sightings (maybe 10?) occurred at Guadalupe Island. Just where Kevin Day told them to look. 150 miles off the Baja coast. Heading to Guadalupe now.
8 Cahill and Elizondo describe what different witnesses say they saw. Objects that are luminescent and different colors. Elizondo says there is a magnetic anomaly just north of the island. Bryan Bender says Lue went in as a skeptic and came out, almost a religious believer
9 thinking, this stuff is really happening & these are credible reports. He felt it was his job 2 get senior leaders of Pentagon & public to pay attention to this. 20 hour boat trip to Guadalupe Island. This is where Kevin Day noted as where the Tic Tacs went off of his radar.
10 Talk to more fisherman who have seen various UFOs. Chrome Ball is one. LED Light. Sphere. One moving as fast as a shooting star. People don't make fun of them when they share their sightings bc so many have seen these objects. Now near magnetic anomaly. Scientific explanation
11 for these sightings. M. Hoyas, Marine Biologist. Great White Sharks cluster around this area. Maybe bc of the electromagnetic signals. Hoyas says compasses move weirdly as vessels travel to island. Hoyas and his captain have seen the same thing: Thought it was a hallucination
12 at first. 2006, started tracking great white sharks for 24 hours. 6am, saw a little light in mountain. Sphere. Suddenly moved quickly. A perfect sphere. Took two seconds to move and disappear. UFO hotspot map is shown. So, there is a continuing UFO presence in area. Nimitz may
13 have tripped over one of these UFO hotspots. Cahill: 5000 witnesses on Nimitz. Must be a lot more witnesses. Cahill didn't speak publicly bc he felt people would look at him like he was crazy. Lue says, you know what it feels like to serve your country, only to have someone
14 say you're crazy? You know, "f**K you." - Elizondo says he wants to show everything that he's seen and what he knows. But he can't bc of NDA with government. Frustrating for him bc, "I know this is real."
15 Back in US at TTSA headquarters. The prediction that they would have their own sighting is looking shaky. AATIP has allies and others who were diametrically opposed to what they were doing. New witness who is in silhouette. Intelligence officer. #unidentified
16 She worked closely with Lue at Pentagon. When she found out Lue was resigning, she was personally very upset. "This is my friend. My co-worker. A mentor. Somebody that I truly believed in." She continues to work for DoD, so...anonymous: "Lue sees things in patterns. And he
17 " see the analytic piece behind putting all of this puzzle together. And what the various outcomes could be. Unfortunately, he had to work through layers of bureaucracy that u would only read about in 1960s Russia. It doesn't matter what administration it is. It doesn't matter
18 " who's in charge. It's just, 'Oh, this is going to get very messy, very quickly. I'm gonna, I'm gonna pass it along.' The government, I believe, doesn't know what to do. They don't know how to address this." Interviewer: "Helps us understand, how is it that the people who are
19 "entrusted w/some of the most dangerous missions, when they write a report, that that is not taken seriously?" - Former co-worker of Lue's at Dod: "If ur pursuing this & very vocal and very public about it, you won't have a career. And that's been stated. That's been proven.
20 "There is no question that it's dangerous." Interviewer: "Are you scared yourself about your own career & your own proximity to this issue?" - Former co-worker: "Not going to answer that question." - (WOW! ~Joe)
21 Bender says he talked to folks in the Pentagon who told him there was resistance on religious grounds. Senior officers who were Christian who thought looking into this was dangerous. Elizondo says he was pulling into the office one day and one of these Senior Officers looked
22 him in the eye and said, "I want this program to stop." Elizondo: "Well, okay. What's the rationale?" Senior Officer: "Well, what you are looking at is something that is a demonic presence." George Knapp talks about the faction in gov't who are high up and who are
23 religious fundamentalists who are concerned that anything paranormal, like UFOs, is demonic & studying this is inviting Satan into your world. Elizondo: "You're telling me to ignore it because it goes against your philosophical belief system. Well that's the same sh*t I faced
24 in Afghanistan and in the Middle East. There's no difference. Only you're wearing a three-piece suit and they're carrying a Kalashnikov. So, I couldn't believe what I was hearing." John Podesta: Natural tendency to just sweep the question away and avoid the taboo. Elizondo:
25 Imagine having to tell your boss..."we don't know what it is. What don't know how it works. We don't know who's behind the wheel. We don't know what their intentions are and by the way, there's not a damn thing we can do about it." - By 2017, he was so concerned that whatever
26 these craft were, the US military has no way to defend itself against this advanced tech. Elizondo realize that none of what they collected in AATIP was being transmitted to the Secretary of Defense. He felt the threat was so great that it required the attention of the SoD,
27 James Mattis. Elizondo: "There are five people I can count on this hand that, if they were to call me @ four 'o clock in the morning, I would put my boots on & I'd go to war with them. Secretary Mattis is number one. He is truly one of the greatest Americans I've ever had the
28 "honor and pleasure to serve with. And for." Narrator: Every attempt to get a meeting with Mattis was thwarted. Elizondo: "This particular case you had a lot of people that were worried about their political careers." Christopher Mellon: "I attended some meetings that Lue was
29 "present at, trying to see how I could be helpful. And this actually lead to a meeting with these senior people who were very close to General Mattis. And they were very sympathetic. But they did not see a way ahead. They did not see how they could get this by the Praetorian
30 "Guard (elite unit in the imperial Roman army ~Joe) around the secretary." Elizondo: "This is a man who's responsible for the safety and security of our country. And if you don't give him the information he needs, that is ammunition in order for him to make a right decision."
31 CM: "Despite our best efforts, we were not successful in actually getting this issue in front of the secretary & letting him evaluate the evidence himself." Lue: "We've got a problem internally. We've got blinders on. And if we've got blinders on baby, ur gonna get blindSIDED"
32 End of Live (with a pause button as my friend) tweeting of E3 of "Unidentified." Great episode. #ufo #uap #delonge #elizondo #mellon #cahill
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