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well time to finally get around to playing #Fallout4 (because attempt number 1 didn't end well - got bored and just stopped)
So I've made my dudes (bearing in mind I've played this for like 20 minutes once) and it's into the game... I have a robot and a baby, and then Paul Eiding comes to call, I guess war never changes #Fallout4
I sign up to this ridiculous form of doomsday insurance and then settle down to watch the tube with my husband when a wild urgent news report approaches #Fallout4
Good thing I literally just brought that doomsday insurance, otherwise I guess this would be game over. Unnamed Husband and I make like a tree and book it over to the vault #Fallout4
And not a moment too soon, the bombs are coming and it looks like we only just made it #Fallout4
I whack on my jumpsuit and go into cryo across from my husband and son, but things don't quite go as planned.... I guess I'll find out more next time #Fallout4
I wake up and read some terminals, find a cool gun I can't get, grab a pipboy and then book it outside to meet my rowboat butler #Fallout4
Turns out the world ended... bummer for me - but they took my boy because child endangerment is a marvellous storytelling device #Fallout4
I find life, and it's dull and listless but they warn me about raiders tatos and a dead daughter's locket #Fallout4
Wandering on I find some sort of distribution station teeming with ghouls, and a friendly robot guard #Fallout4
moving on I fight some molerats, get merked by some random raider, and activate a giant robot who kills more molerats for me - I take the meat #Fallout4
I leave the giant robot to it's own devices and stumble using the terrible bethesda map towards where the girls locket is (I think... kind of just wandering now) I kill all the dogs outside, waste the sentries and then mosey on in #Fallout4
I kill my way through an extended force of raiders and radroaches, acquiring new gear on the go #Fallout4
It's a tough old world out there, but I wander in the back way through a raider base with my trusty dog #Fallout4
we clean up and decide a days work is done, also fallout turrets still suck and weight limitations are infuriating #Fallout4
Wandering aimlessly further on I find a cool rocket engineering plant, but after an hour of futile searching i conclude there's nothing of value. Dejected, I keep on keeping on and pick a fight with a bear #Fallout4
Finding some snazzier attire, I spy an overpass/highway in the distance and using my knowledge of fallout 3 from years ago promptly die to raiders and turrets. There is nothing of worth here. #Fallout4
Moving in the dark past some ghouls I spy a commotion and wade into a firefight #Fallout4
battling my way into a museum of somesort (?) I bump into some chaps called the minutemen #Fallout4
They have a weird psychic lady and tell me about some power armour, If I can find a powercore - which I already looted because I am a magpie #Fallout4
I kill everything with my looted minigun and lead the minutemen back down the road to where I came from originally and then they asks me to play The Sims and I eternally scream #Fallout4
The Minutemen immediately start bombarding me with requests to perform basic tasks with a terrible interface and eventually I get kind of bored and wander off #Fallout4
After a quick snack I save a trader and her cow from supermutants and then wander into a robot theme park #Fallout4
Again getting bored and wandering off I bump into a threeway brawl between raiders, synths and a deathclaw - somehow prevail and then wander down a sinkhole #Fallout4
So I'm in the sinkhole, and it's a bit ghoulish in here to be honest, but it lets me access a locked location and snag some bonzer gear #Fallout4
Wandering a bit further onward I discover my first vault, everyone here is called Gunner and to be honest it's not that interesting. It does have a gun range though, so I high score it and leave #Fallout4
Todays Session starts with a pack of very burly ghouls, followed by and excursion into somewhere called Med-Tek labs which yielded nothing, but I did pick up several distress signals #Fallout4
I find some dead BOS and details on some kind of operation, and run into more Gunners #Fallout4
Following a completely different distress signal I then bump into Supermutant Smallville. It does not go well for me and dogmeat #Fallout4
His name is Hammer, and like the Gunners he has a skull by his name.... it means you shouldn't fight him #Fallout4
Hammer is a special Supermutant, he charges you instantly and fires his missile launcher at his feet. There is no way I can take him #Fallout4
Using literally every combination of Jet, Buffout, Med-X, Buffjet, Stimpaks and more I finally prevail. I am now addicted to everything. I decide to follow the BOS signal, hoping one of them is a doctor because I'm already in withdrawal #Fallout4
Short Session today, I keep following the BOS through a thunderstorm that lights up the whole wasteland and find another dead BOS member. She doesn't need her armour so I appropriate it #Fallout4
This place is full of ghouls, so I loot everything I can carry and head back to base without making contact. I'm addicted and at my inventory limit so I build a safe and transfer everything. I also discover I have run out of ammo and don't seem to be able to craft any #Fallout4
So this time I head out to the Car plant and stick my nose in, it's massive and I get lost but we learn some things #Fallout4
It truly is massive, I get lost several times but kill everything and find a terminal where it turns out they were hunting the minutemen to capture the psychic lady for her sight. I leave through a hidden sewer entrance. I also find an addiction cure and take it #Fallout4
Where I popped out is crap, but it is nearby to one of the many distress signals i'm following . I decide to ignore it, RTB and then set out for a different distress signal. I can't remember why I left the vault in the first place #Fallout4
This satellite array is rough, I'm firing a shot and saving it. The supermutants have the high ground and heavy weapons, I have the ammo i'm picking up off the ones I kill and a dog. There is one with a skull by his name and a missile launcher #Fallout4
This is a rough fight, I learn that super mutants can mutate to become legendary, but i find some power armour on one of the satellite dishes #Fallout4
After an extended game of chocobo hot and cold I find the BOS guy and take his stuff, then head to the farm settlement I bumped into a few days ago to drop off my new armour frame, fast travel back to where started the session to follow up on the other distress signal #Fallout4
Well after a grind in WWZ and a quick dip into the steam summer sale its back to more #Fallout4 and following Brotherhood of Steel signals
Lot of dead folks in these parts, lot of ghouls too. I hear gunfire #Fallout4
Bit of a ruck but we manage it, time to have a chin-wag with the Tech Hoarders #Fallout4
Well, turns out we need to go to that place I was in earlier to get a signal booster.... which just makes me sad. I agree to head out and Danse's AI turns in place and begins running infinitely into a wall. I am not surprised by this turn of events, Danse is Sheva #Fallout4
okay, today it is time for the trip to arcjet systems..... where I have already been. I am ecstatic, the walk is boring and devoid of conversation #Fallout4
The clothing I am wearing gives the best overall armour value and protection. I look like I am wearing a diaper. We get in and the BOS guy blames synths.... pretty sure I killed a lot of this stuff last time I was here #Fallout4
anyhoo.... my good paladin friend doesn't understand stealth and bullrushes a whole bunch of synths that weren't here last time. I find a junk jet attached to a terrible backstory log the paladin charges more synths and I cook them all with a rocket engine test #Fallout4
we nab the thingy we came for and exit and then he gives me a rifle and tries to recruit me. I don't even know what the plot is yest so I blow him off but he just stands in place with the same dialogue. Dejected I decide to check out the other BOS signal/base? #Fallout4
So for today I play a little (suffering from the heat) but I go check out that other BOS signal and it's an isolated loon. He doesn't want me here so I give him the dogtags and split to join up with the REAL BOS #Fallout4
of course i'm going to join the BOS for the moment, but they don't trust me so I have to go kill things because game design is terrible #Fallout4
I always hate when there are multiple factions in games and feel like the plot could split at any moment and lock me out of stuff forever but clear the subway and head to the next location. I spy a gathering on the bridge ahead #Fallout4
I can feel myself tensing at the though of diverging plots but I press on with my BOS assignments report on the dude I found, they vomit more assignments at me so I head back to that minutemen chap #Fallout4
I don't like this expansionism nonsense one bit, but the game tells me to set up another minutemen base. At least it's radioactive as all hell #Fallout4
one last stop before I head out to scrounge more tech for the brotherhood and more bases for the minutemen, an old soldier needs to come in one last time #Fallout4
when I load in the BOS chap is just gone, I pick up a signal near a lake and get ambushed by synths, raiders and mirelurks. As I near the source of the signal it sounds like a nuclear reactor is overloading #Fallout4
Yes I ventured into the nuclear reactor overload..... it cost me all my rad x and radaway. There's nothing I can do here except turn off the radio signal. I'm pissed #Fallout4
I pick up a mayday for a boat... turn off the signal and pick up another distress signal from a bunker and again... turn off the signal. This is getting boring. Then I come across a settlement being looted. #Fallout4
I clear out the raiders and move on to another signal..... this one's at an asylum #Fallout4
The guards outside the asylum aren't actively hostile, but they tell me to fuck off which is nice... I pick a new direction and start walking to the edge of the map #Fallout4
It's an uneventful walk, I meet a trader and that's about it #Fallout4
There's nothing here but the dead, I can hear synths but can't reach them. My dog falls down a pit so I decide to head across the water #Fallout4
The museum of witchcraft is locked. I have no idea what the hell it is but I go in through the back and am greeted by a terrifying Monstrous Deathclaw, we engage in deadly combat and I am just getting the upper hand when the game crashes. Again. #Fallout4
The Savage Deathclaw is rough, I employ my favoured tactic of saving after every shot. Turns out some goon stole it's egg. WHY!? #Fallout4
Let's see what else is in this hole? Turrets and mirelurks.... well this was worth the trip, oh there's some kind of retirement home where I can return my overdue books. It's full of synths #Fallout4
I find some keys and loot some stuff.. shoot some synths and move on #Fallout4
There is a whole defence system setup here but no one is home.... no one but mirelurks that is. Then I get notified that that farm settlement is under attack... OH MY GOD I DON'T CARE #Fallout4
Well, looks like I can trade this deathclaw egg in for some real dough... OR I could not be a complete monster #Fallout4
Found a thing, my guy is too dumb to hack it but there's a helipad nearby. It's probably not important #Fallout4
Well, I bump into some mutants and then head over to where I think the raiders are.... they're called the forged. Might be the wrong guys. #Fallout4
I kill the ones I can, but i'm too stupid to hack anything or pick any locks so I leave and accidentally bump into a Gunner base #Fallout4
Nothing to do but keep on keeping on so I head to where I think I might maybe have to be. Possibly. #Fallout4
Heading out I spy a Giant in the distance (honestly i forget about this in about 3 seconds) and bump into burly mirelurks and raiders. My dog does most of the ehavy lifting but I found out what book return tokens are actually good for #Fallout4
Instantly forgetting what may or may not be liberty prime I find a new place to explore complete with friendly trader girl. I decide not to rob her, although i could totally have taken her bodyguard #Fallout4
Because we are nearby, and after fast travelling to defend a settlement that I don't care about I decide to go clear out the mines. Like I was asked #Fallout4
Well, todays excursion is the Dunwich Borers. I'm not even going to pretend I don't get the reference. Anyhoo, burly men are here but we work our way through and it seems relatively unspoopy #Fallout4
Dug too deep blah blah blah, anyhoo the deeper I go the burlier things get. I've chewed through my stimpaks and med-x and i'm down to eating radioactive fruit to heal #Fallout4
The boss of this place is Bedlam, who would have been best served by charging me in combat but instead sat at the bottom and let me take potshots amd throw molotovs #Fallout4
So now as is fallout tradition the Dunwich place starts to get spoopy. I elect at this point to try out melee combat with my lucky knuckles if we are going to by sneaking up on ghouls #Fallout4
walking into the mysterious hole I come upon a ritual long passed.... then the locals come to play #Fallout4
After Tim Shoots and misses we come across a deep well, I swim down (unable to see a damn thing), get thoroughly irradiated and find a knife. I guess I have to walk all the way out? #Fallout4
Well, we're out... now to get back to what we were doing before, so I head over to a random cannery #Fallout4
Complaints about the quantity and quality of meat in a fallout game? I think I know where this is going #Fallout4
Well so far it seems legit #Fallout4
Oh no! Oh no that's not where the meat comes from, surely! #Fallout4
Well the deeper I go the worse this gets. I may have to have a word with the proprietor of this establishment #Fallout4
Your defences are meaningless cannery man! #Fallout4
We settle our moral quandary and I move on #Fallout4
Moving on I meet some old Fallout friends who just happen to be hostile on sight..... fuckin' aces they have ray guns as well #Fallout4
Not even given a chance to introduce myself or negotiate it can only mean indiscriminate bloodshed #Fallout4
sick and tired of literally being the world's punching bag I head back to the minutemen and sign up for a shindig #Fallout4
I move on, exploring further and clearing places as I go #Fallout4
eventually I espie some raiders, who I follow into an old lock-up #Fallout4
the raiders are especially burly in this jail, but i throw my dog at them like a good lone wanderer, clearing it out I move on and espie a tower #Fallout4
it's civilisation! hooray. well i'll be damned etc.. #Fallout4
nice little settlement you've got here, dude wants his hat back as well #Fallout4
back to the sinkhole. grab the hat. get the money #Fallout4
moving on to where the ghoul told me to go I pick up some serialised adventures i.e Herbert "Daring" Dashwood . hmm? #Fallout4
So lets see what this ghoul's employer's proposition is ey? #Fallout4
yeah... ancient aliens or some such and back to that place that shot me on sight then find the courier #Fallout4
package received now it's track down his sister... well it's in the direction i'm going anyway #Fallout4
okay so the next area gets very built up and has multiple tiers and..... well, i'm just plain lost at this point. Might have to take a break from this game #Fallout4
i'm picking up all kinds of signals and there are fights going on and a lot of up. Possibly too much up. I do love how built up it is, but i'm confused with where to go with so much up #Fallout4
I come across a dude with a found stall on the lower half of a huge overpass (I think, it's all wrecked) directly under a supermutant base. I do not think this was the way to come, but I pick up a new radio distress signal #Fallout4
I'm in some kind of high up place, but evidently not the one the distress signal is coming from..... I have no idea where I am and it's getting frustrating. Why didn't they update the mapping system? #Fallout4
okay so this session was long but unproductive, i'm going into and out of towers up and down trying to locate signals. The map is terrible and I find the entire thing to be nothing less than an ordeal of boredom. Funnily enough this is why I don't like Skyrim #Fallout4
I go into a tower, ride an elevator up and find I can't progress so head to the bottom and fail to progress. I know the radio signal is coming from a tower.... I just can't navigate with the crap map. I feel my ragequit coming #Fallout4
growing ever more frustrated I fight through raiders on the street level and then give up trying to find the lower entrance to the tower. A distress signal coming from a tower I can see but not reach and a map that might as well be a kids drawing. I do rob a bank though #Fallout4
Still clambering along the rooftops I come across a medical centre, but ignore it for the raiders and scumbags also milling about in the area and come across somewhere called Combat Zone (wasn't that a book?) #Fallout4
Well here I am thinking these guys are friendly raiders when all of a sudden the whole damn place starts lighting up on me #Fallout4
Well turns out I didn't really do the owner a favour. My bad #Fallout4
I guess you break it you brought it, so I send the dog away and now I have a follower who I can actually talk to #Fallout4
Cait is clearly picking up the wrong end of the stick, but it's someone to talk to who will talk back so i'll take it #Fallout4
my new companion and I move on, meet a delightful chap in a pond and proceed to a nearby subway because I just gotta wander #Fallout4
This subway is full of triggermen, they dress real fancy but one of them mutates and has a fatman he fires at his feet #Fallout4
I kill the bastard, take his splodey-launcher and then pop up topside to get my bearings #Fallout4
okey dokey a new vault full of triggermen #Fallout4
Some guy named Dino has a toaster cornered in the vault's overseer office.... going to be honest now - I have no idea what is going on #Fallout4
The Toaster's name is Nick and he can help me or something.... I have no idea who anyone is anymore but we have to get out of this vault #Fallout4
I pacify the boss by saying something that... I guess just comes out of thin air and he gives us a head start just this once. We split and then the toaster tells me to head to diamond city to discuss my case #Fallout4
So this time I walk around the corner and come across the comics office, the BOS told me to clear this out so okay cool, I find a cosplay costume that I can't remove from my inventory and then finally find the base of the tower signal #Fallout4
at the top of the tower we find Fist and mid-combat Cait stops me to chat about bullshit because now is the best time #Fallout4
we meet Strong and Rex and then apparently we have to book it all the way back down to the base of the tower. #Fallout4
I instantly dislike Strong and have no desire to associate with him #Fallout4
we ride one of those window cleaning thingybobs down the side of the building and I hate everything about this, then Strong force joins my group and I lose Cait #Fallout4
Cait leaves, I send Strong to Red Rocket but have no idea where Cait went I fast travel around and wait for a bit at all the locations but she never shows... I was just learning her plot. Annoyed and giving up for the day I go and get mama murphy high #Fallout4
Found Cait, back to exploring that hospital I found earlier #Fallout4
ooohhh more power armour, incidentally this is a hospital where the chap from the town that became a supermutant stronghold said his wife worked #Fallout4
we kill our way across the roof and down into the next building #Fallout4
out and onto a highway and across to a military checkpoint #Fallout4
well god damn, how many suits of power armour are in this game? #Fallout4
back to the homestead to play silly buggers with the power armour #Fallout4
back and around the corner into the Mass Fusion building, Gunners are here, but it's worth an explore #Fallout4
Despite me turning on everything as I go.... the Gunners don't seem to notice me until it's too late #Fallout4
i'm actually running a bit low on ammo for my good guns but whatever.... i'll worry about it later #Fallout4
Cait gives me her tragically boring backstory and I think I hit on her.... I just saw a speech check option and took it #Fallout4
There's nothing much here to be honest, time to move on #Fallout4
a friendly welcome I have become accustomed too #Fallout4
so a new settlement, I guess more quests to sign up to #Fallout4
walking through the streets I pick up more work just being here #Fallout4
there's some kind of rally going on outside, yeah - I don't really care #Fallout4
found out why I had to lug this stupid costume around #Fallout4
let's get on with our adventure ey? #Fallout4
poking my nose in where it doesn't belong #Fallout4
I chat to a cheerful bartender chappie and then have a word with the local lounge singer #Fallout4
I meet the guy who got me into the vault..... he's not doing so good #Fallout4
turns out Cait's got a problem and it's now my top priority, after I negotiate another little job #Fallout4
I pass through a town full of ghouls and i'm not interested in scavenging just yet, we'll come back after I fix Cait, who by the way I cannot cure with my cure-all #Fallout4
I march a bit further up and find a gunner outpost to use as a (hostile) fast travel point and then return to the town.... I WANT THAT TREASURE!
Whatever it is, people died trying to get it. I'm salivating at the thought of unbroken un-corrupted pre-war marvels #Fallout4
The treasure was the journey, or friendship or something.... I'm pretty bummed #Fallout4
moving on past a gunner base and a mirelurk infested swamp I find someone #Fallout4
Long story short she shot her kid and thinks she's a synth. I tell her she's not and then read her terminal that says shes a synth and knows it. We go thorough THE EXACT SAME DIALOGUE TREE AGAIN #Fallout4
eh.... I guess it's a new base but i'm low on base building resources and don't really car so whatever... oooh a coastguard building is nearby #Fallout4
popping OVAH DAH RIVAH I bump into a little radio station run by our man of culture, the guy I think was with Strong? eh..... his dialogue is the same as when I rescued him which is a little boring #Fallout4
I did Cait's cure addiction quest thing, and accidentally romanced her but it's cool. I'm also addicted and it wouldn't let me use the addiction cure machine, no screenshots because steam is being weird
So with Cait freshly cured of all addictions (unlike me - Buffout, Med-X etc..) it's time to actually do stuff..... although I kind of want to explore #Fallout4
well i'm just following quest markers at this point, no idea what i'm doing #Fallout4
I'd have felt more threatened if I knew who the fuck she was.... this is why you don't stop playing games people. Jesus i'm going for a cigarette #Fallout4
yeah this cosplay sidequest is something else all right #Fallout4
fuck it, i'm going all in on this ridiculousness #Fallout4
the idiot radio-ghoul's been kidnapped, he's a damsel in distress and it's up to me to save him #Fallout4
As far as I can tell it's impossible to save the radio-ghoul. I give up after reloading and trying for an hour and a half. Fuck it, didn't like him anyway #Fallout4
Okay, time to move on, after some kind of radiation storm on the homestead #Fallout4
exploring like a boss #Fallout4
keep on keeping on #Fallout4
moving further forward and there's some kind of boat city of death.... no obvious entrance that doesn't involve swimming, I may have to ditch my power armour #Fallout4
these guys were ex-minutemen. now they're ex-raiders #Fallout4
moving on I find the protectrons on parade, they annihilate a legendary deathclaw and I'm kind of okay with that #Fallout4
i'm heading to find more holotapes on the the left side of the map. I get caught in a radstorm again, shit is like a blowout in STALKER.
moving along the side of a lake flooded with mirelurks I explore onward for more police stations and holo-tapes... because I like collecting? #Fallout4
there's nothing much here but ghouls so I move on #Fallout4
Heading towards a police station and it's getting a bit.... aggressive out here #Fallout4
You might be able to spot my new friends #Fallout4
It looks like this was a supermutant base at one point or another, there's a new blood in town though #Fallout4
oh dear, i've hit the edge of the map and it has a guardian #Fallout4
okay another day, another dollar - time to go looking for more random crap in the wastes! #Fallout4
yeah - power armour greasers..... I can dig it #Fallout4
pootling about aimlessly because that's how I play these games #Fallout4
HI ALL! #Fallout4
well now everyone here is dead, why don't we check out the basement? #Fallout4
that was a lot of mirelurks, like a LOT of mirelurks. I never want to see another mirelurk aga..... oh balls #Fallout4
Amok Time #Fallout4
ooohhhh spilt open tanker boat... me go look #Fallout4
I think these guys are speaking russian? no idea - I prefer them to mirelurks though #Fallout4
honourable thing trying to build a living in the wastes #Fallout4
I don't know.... there's something quite romantic about trying to make something of it in the dirt #Fallout4
just so we're clear - fuck mirelurks #Fallout4
well, this little island appears to be abandoned. BECAUSE OF THE MIRELURKS #Fallout4
I think it's Safe #Fallout4
I should probably leave this boat area alone, I doubt there's anything good out here #Fallout4
might as well check the other boats while i'm here #Fallout4
now turning in quests and back to exploring #Fallout4
so head onwards to more police stations and holotapes #Fallout4
a day at the races #Fallout4
so i come across a school while i'm running from a sentry bot - DAMN THING FOLLOWS ME IN #Fallout4
this whole area's pretty flooded, but I snag another holotape #Fallout4
just around the corner from the flood is an airport, a ghoulish airport #Fallout4
this place can clearly be used as a base and there's an elevator that requires a keycard, so I go looking #Fallout4
two hours and no keycard, so I keep on keeping on #Fallout4
well, i'm working my way to the minutemen meet-up, but no harm in poking my head in here #Fallout4
this place is crumbled, and if there is a secret goody stash somewhere I eventually concede that I will not find it - nice power armour though #Fallout4
okay minutemen minitize! #Fallout4
fucking mirelurks.... of course, oh well, fort captured - I'm sure they expect me to build it up but fuck that - back to the greasers #Fallout4
i'm starting to get to know the atom cats when there is a gunner attack #Fallout4
holding the line for the atom cats has got me in good with them, which I don't really care about - I need to find more holotapes! #Fallout4
So I head on over to that Gunner base I skirted earlier on the search for more holotapes and killing time #Fallout4
coming off of the overpass I had wound up on dumps me in the shittest radioactive nightmare I could ever have hoped for #Fallout4
Clearing out a gas station and moving on #Fallout4
coming out of that small factory and heading toward a school, which is an objective for something or other #Fallout4
ah - the pink paste is it? #Fallout4
leaving the school presents me with a fun encounter with a sentry bot #Fallout4
thinking on checking on those settlers Preston told me about, as long as I don't have to build anything we should be good #Fallout4
bloodbugs cleared, secret initiation site found and ignored, now to check out that vault nearby #Fallout4
this vault is still up and running... got to be honest, I was not expecting that considering LITERALLY EVERY OTHER VAULT IN THE FALLOUT UNIVERSE. What's the catch? #Fallout4
it's a literal vault that worked. they must be cannibals #Fallout4
so I make with the introductions and take a tour #Fallout4
I'm in the middle of the tour and the kid just disappears.... I think he may have bugged, but I find a terminal with the skinny on what's really going down #Fallout4
looks like there is such a thing as a good overseer #Fallout4
I need to find the kid so I can finish this tour, eventually I loop back and find him in class and the teacher asks me to do a presentation. then she sits in place and I can't interact with anything, google says it's bugged. never change bethesda #Fallout4
I get through the stupid presentation, and then a little girls cat runs away? #Fallout4
I hate this stupid presentation #Fallout4
nothing is really happening here so I leave to find the stupid cat #Fallout4
while I was gone looking for the stupid cat a molerat bit a kid and now he's dying. There's a hidden section of the vault though..... suprise
long story short DISEASED MOLERATS #Fallout4
well I let the toaster out and she's already growing on m, she only has one cure though #Fallout4
well we burn the cure on the kid, ah well #Fallout4
You know what? the toaster is growing on me.... Sarge is an unpleasant surprise #Fallout4
operation: secret minutemen stash of goodies acquisition is go! #Fallout4
yeah, the minutemen have an ass-load of gear now..... not really sure if that's a good thing operation: secret minutemen stash of goodies acquisition is go! Now i'm going to go check out that pickman gallery that someone (I don't remember) told me about #Fallout4
there are raiders here, trying to kill this pickman character.... I think he's a serial killer. Got to be honest, this was just a marker on my map #Fallout4
the toaster is growing on me.... let's kill killers together! #Fallout4
the toaster is giving me a quest! we're going to be best friends! #Fallout4
turning it in #Fallout4
while I'm here I bump into some fellows and do some stuff #Fallout4
quick settlement save and now off to follow something called the freedom trail #Fallout4
following the freedom trail #Fallout4
following the freedom trail #Fallout4
making contact with the railroad #Fallout4
let's make some introductions #Fallout4
you know my name, YOU ALL KNOW MY NAME #Fallout4
well whatever.... at least this faction is doing something #Fallout4
time to do some boring-ass minutemen legwork #Fallout4
clear out plant and off to meet that railroad chap #Fallout4
well I guess into the donut shop we go #Fallout4
and we're in #Fallout4
know my name railroad #Fallout4
god I hate these people already #Fallout4
doing grunt-work #Fallout4
have to do some things to earn the trust #Fallout4
earning the trust #Fallout4
an all time low for the railroad #Fallout4
that's a pretty big loss #Fallout4
well I get a mission that takes me somewhere I haven't been yet - so I might as well start going thattaway ohdistractedbytheshiny #Fallout4
Vault-Tec regional HQ? This should be good #Fallout4
actually you know what? Kind of disappointed #Fallout4
moving on #Fallout4
and now I can go to the asylum #Fallout4
the Cabot's have been telling us some porky's #Fallout4
so alien artifact makes him immortal, resilient and psychic? jeez..... #Fallout4
well it's all very good but immortals are unnatural and must be stopped #Fallout4
That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die. #Fallout4
not much of a reward, I would have taken the fancy hat #Fallout4
checking out some shit, then heading in the exit door to that hallucigen place #Fallout4
can't really remember why I am here #Fallout4
oh right, grab canister - also..... I should have used that one cure for myself #Fallout4
beer robot escort mission.... ugh #Fallout4
long boring escort mission over, now onto other stuff #Fallout4
god damn I DON'T WANT TO PLAY THE SIMS #Fallout4
I don't want to play the sims #Fallout4
right back to not the sims, interestingly I can't find the brotherhood anymore.... I hope I haven't broken them #Fallout4
god damn, can't you give me orders out in the field? #Fallout4
at least I can confuse the toaster on the way out #Fallout4
more railroad nonsense #Fallout4
clearing with glory then moving on #Fallout4
sweep and clear #Fallout4
you know what? I'm bored of the railroad and the minutemen.... i'm going to go do the plot #Fallout4
so this is the great diamond city huh? #Fallout4
meeting the other toaster #Fallout4
okay looks like we have our perp #Fallout4
god damn do I have to use the dog? #Fallout4
yeah this is an escort mission #Fallout4
following the pooch #Fallout4
So this is where the bastard is holed up #Fallout4
closing in on our friend Kellogg #Fallout4
working our way through this bunker #Fallout4
well one way to make me upset is to endanger children. I hate child endangerment as narrative device #Fallout4
child-catcher gonna get his #Fallout4
child-catcher got his #Fallout4
well, Nick suggests we see Piper, and then we get a surprise when leaving (legitimate chills ran down my spine) #Fallout4
looks like the brotherhood may have a bit more muscle than we initially thought #Fallout4
okay a quick look into the mayoral bunker and then it's off to say hallo to the BOS #Fallout4
ohshitohshitohshitnotgooddon'tbezealots #Fallout4
oh god they mean business #Fallout4
oh no - are we the baddies now? #Fallout4
I mean - I guess the ideals are kind of solid? eh..... #Fallout4
this is not your daddy's BOS #Fallout4
oh damn this shit is hardcore in a not okay way..... #Fallout4
they are literally just rolling up and taking over.... jesus this is bad #Fallout4
shit, I think i'm in too deep #Fallout4
okay so I am not cool with the BOS at all, let's see what they want #Fallout4
all my settlements are dying.... I can't bring myself to care #Fallout4
well. I think i'm just going to plow on ahead with the plot now, I hate the BOS in this and the minutemen and railroad are no better. God... if it wasn't for the sims thing I might enjoy it #Fallout4
okay - we're back on track #Fallout4
but first a quick diversion #Fallout4
and this whole robbery was a stupid set-up #Fallout4
resolving things with Hancock, I think he wants to be a companion - but I can only do one thing at a time - now on to the memory den #Fallout4
well, it's mostly an attempt #Fallout4
okay it's mostly brain bits right? that'll work while we play Psycho Diver Soul Siren #Fallout4
I guess next time we try the grey meat #Fallout4
well that was unpleasant #Fallout4
hey, I finally finished up with Curie #Fallout4
just a bit more (as my settlements die off one by one) and then look for the private dick to take into the radioactive sea #Fallout4
not sure where nick is, the toaster may have to do #Fallout4
so i'm trying to put together a little expedition into a radioactive hellhole, but I can't find nick valentine anywhere and I want to take him with me #Fallout4
so now i start doing miscellaneous shit in the hopes that nick will show up at whatever settlement I apparently sent him too, in the meantime I spruce up my power armour #Fallout4
okay - I still can't find Nick.... this is bad #Fallout4
still no Nick so we just keep on keeping on 'til he shows up #Fallout4
just doing odd jobs wondering where the fuck nick is, this is a stupid system. I have now waited over 200 in game days and nada #Fallout4
Hancock sums up my thoughts on this situation perfectly #Fallout4
oh dear oh dear #Fallout4
well all's well that ends badly #Fallout4
on to somewhere i've been before to close up another case #Fallout4
Nick is opening up to me, and I think I know where this is going #Fallout4
oh this is those damn Holotapes isn't it, pre war uploads and cracking an old case from the real nick valentine #Fallout4 (Good thing I already got them all I think)
okey dokey then #Fallout4
now we can do the holotape tango #Fallout4
well I wasn't expecting it to be that #Fallout4
yeah well now we know why we needed them #Fallout4
unfuckingbelievably Andrew Station is my exact current location because the minutemen asked me to clear it. This is fate, it was worth finding all those stupid fucking holotapes #Fallout4
Eddie winter is an ass clown #Fallout4
Eddie winter goes down like a little bitch and I think Nick gets some peace #Fallout4
okay for this session I decide to see if hancock wants to hang, he might have a loyalty mission thing. I've lost the merc from goodneighbour who I never recruited properly #Fallout4
and herein comes the bulk of the session, and me beginning to lose my patience with the game #Fallout4
so i'm fast travelling all over the map fulfilling these crappy little pump-and-dump settlemet quests and I hate it #Fallout4
like, seriously am sick of this shit, this should not be in the game - it should be optional but instead everyone hates me because I don't have the gear or the patience to play the sims in Fallout #Fallout4
Hancock is the only thing that makes this drudgery bearable #Fallout4
Jesus Preston stop it for fuck's sake #Fallout4
go to place you've been before and kill respawned enemies..... how is this good? #Fallout4
for fuck's sake I hate this. This is terrible game design.... fuck the minutemen and fuck fallout 4 : The Sims #Fallout4
okay I came back to give it another go and..... fuck this sims nonsense #Fallout4
so I ditch the ghoul for the reporter and figure it's got to do something right? #Fallout4
so I give her the interview just to clear it off my quest list #Fallout4
jesus..... #Fallout4
just.... end it #Fallout4
I tool around with Piper for a while but I am so sick of this.... I'm going to have to head for the radioactive main plot #Fallout4
okay fuck it, into the radioactive hellhole #Fallout4
there's probably some wicked sick shit out here but nope..... just nope #Fallout4
curie doesn't need the power armour so i'm not that bothered about her wrecking it.... other than it's frustrating to watch #Fallout4
bloody children of atom..... REALLY GUYS? #Fallout4
I cannot believe this is a cult that is
a) still going
b) still going out here
but now I know where Virgil is I guess
okay..... found Virgil #Fallout4
Virgil is a bit..... tense #Fallout4
trying to reason with Virgil, lay all my cards on the table #Fallout4
no sense beating around the bush #Fallout4
it's always something with these guys #Fallout4
go kill a guy, fine #Fallout4
on the trail of the courser #Fallout4
well, i mean we're on the trail of a super deadly institute guy but whatever..... #Fallout4
courser shmorser #Fallout4
okey dokey.... off with ye toaster #Fallout4
not really sure what I'm doing, but off to the railroad because that's where the quest marker is #Fallout4
I wonder why I couldn't have it analyzed by anyone else? what if these guys were hostile? #Fallout4
I try and do the miscellaneous crap the game wants me to do but my endurance is flagging #Fallout4
fuck it, I give up - I just want the game to end now. NO MORE SIMS NONSENSE #Fallout4
If this leads to the end of this game then fine! #Fallout4
okay it looks like I have to build the teleporter thingy with one of the three factions: BOS/Minutemen or Railroad. Got to be honest Minutemen and Railroad are both on my shitlist and the BOS have been useless #Fallout4
I don't know... I hate this faction nonsense so I guess use the interwebs to look for bobbleheads #Fallout4
apparently I missed this quest last time I was here.... #Fallout4
I don't really care about this assclown, I just want the collectible #Fallout4
well at least I managed that #Fallout4 . Still can't decide on who to support, may have to throw a D6. 1-2 Minutemen 3-4 Brotherhood 5-6 Railroad
oh this is going to be fun #Fallout4
okay going places now, also Mercer is a bust but i'll use the starting settlement. I'm sure the minutemen won't mind #Fallout4
jesus even this is tedious #Fallout4
well I built the shitty teleporter.... for the railroad.... in a minutemen settlement #Fallout4
clearing out some random school #Fallout4
bonding with Curie #Fallout4
more bonding with curie #Fallout4
even more bonding with curie #Fallout4
clearing another safehouse... or something.... whatever #Fallout4
okay fuck it... let's get down to brass tacks #Fallout4
yeah all in with the railroad #Fallout4
well that safehouse nonsense is done, if Preston had just stopped with the settlements maybe I'd be siding with the minutemen, hell if the BOS had given me quests i'd be siding with them #Fallout4
flirting with Curie and annoyed at the BOS for not giving me anything to do #Fallout4
oh man this is it #Fallout4
time to crack some heads #Fallout4
oh shit.... I know where this is going, but damn #Fallout4
well played Bethesda, I knew it would end up like.... but damn #Fallout4
called it #Fallout4
well, we're going to have to kill our elderly son #Fallout4
oh Shaun...... #Fallout4
well..... this is really well done, kudos Bethesda #Fallout4
like in mass effect Y O U R E I N D O C T R I N A T E D #Fallout4
I'm going to have to chop him up with my poison sword aren't I?
tell the boy no #Fallout4
well, there's a name I recognize #Fallout4
oh Father..... #Fallout4
it's not about being closed minded, it's about not being shown the whole picture..... going to have to do some digging #Fallout4
might as well check out my railroad contact #Fallout4
this is going to get complicated #Fallout4
might as well take the tour while I'm here #Fallout4
I'm going to end up disappointing Shaun #Fallout4
yeah, that's some FEV shit going on in there #Fallout4
okay, don't blow your cover now #Fallout4
so i'm guessing I have to buddy up to these bastards because I need them to do the railroad stuff? #Fallout4
Shaun I am Dissapoint #Fallout4
Shaun, buddy, we're going to have a falling out #Fallout4
well, time to unwrap this shit #Fallout4
yeah, i'm full Railroad now #Fallout4
shame the BOS didn't give me any quests or interactions #Fallout4
now to fulfil a promise #Fallout4
jobs a goodun boss #Fallout4
okay but I have a lead on the password right? #Fallout4
so into the polymer labs it is, let's get a job! #Fallout4
I can't work out what this quest is all about, I think I missed a terminal somewhere.... I get frustrated and kill the bot #Fallout4
SCIENCE! #Fallout4
still undercover I head off to meet with the courser #Fallout4
not seen this much re-use of areas since dragon age 2 #Fallout4
ah the recall code returns #Fallout4
I return to report my findings to the railroad, Desdemona is so excited she delivers her speech to a support column while the railroad all go to sleep #Fallout4
this whole fifth column thing is getting annoying #Fallout4
I can feel the plot splitting, at this point it's all in for minutemen because the Brotherhood only give me tech quests for vendor trash #Fallout4
going to have to ditch the mole, he's a liability #Fallout4
yeah, my choices here are minutemen or railroad..... I'm getting annoying settlement updates so on with the fifth column #Fallout4
the railroad's inside man is being a bigger bitch than my son #Fallout4
and this is the worst argument for anything ever. Quit being a little bitch shaun #Fallout4
Z1-14 wants an uprising, I can't gaurentee we will survive but fuck it... i'm all in #Fallout4
hope this doesn't lock me out of anything else #Fallout4 (also, I am rubbish at spelling when I am tired)
covert shmovert #Fallout4
dropping in on the BOS #Fallout4
so i'll do some brotherhood quests.... but it wants me to follow a dude and I really don't care #Fallout4
following this dude took 2 hours because he kept getting stuck on stuff. I officially don't care about the brotherhood anymore #Fallout4
so sick of this settlement nonsense #Fallout4
officially done with this shit #Fallout4
fuck this stupid game #Fallout4
well coursers would explain why the safehouse went dark #Fallout4
now on to make contact with doctor Li #Fallout4
eh - not really sure where I am going with this #Fallout4
well, I may have signed Madison Li up to a fate worse than death #Fallout4
oh..... oh my, that quest name..... #Fallout4
my boy lives
still not happy with the brotherhood though #Fallout4
and once again what could be a cool moment is split up into miscellaneous fetch quests #Fallout4
well i'm bored of the main plot again so let's go exploring #Fallout4
fuck it, i'm drafted #Fallout4
I like the cut of these sailor's jib #Fallout4
also, i'm playing this during a heatwave because I am an idiot #Fallout4
scavvers out only for themselves #Fallout4
We do not negotiate with terrorists #Fallout4
i'm a fixer #Fallout4
happy to serve a fellow patriot #Fallout4
okay well let's get ready to set sail #Fallout4
well they have a plan at least #Fallout4
we're under attack, man your stations #Fallout4 (also this quest keeps auto failing and I don't know why)
boarders repelled #Fallout4
I'd like to think I helped #Fallout4
way to reuse locations bethesda #Fallout4 Best be getting those nukes
okay, once more into the glowing sea, might have a bit of an explore while we are here #Fallout4
well, this is going about as well as it did last time #Fallout4
oy vey #Fallout4
quick trip back to patch up the power armour and back to it #Fallout4
turns out someone else has claim-jumped us #Fallout4
quick stop to defend a minutemen settlement (even though they no longer give me quests) and then it's time to report in #Fallout4
okay, Liberty Prime is online (hope I didn't make things harder for myself when I inevitably betray them) #Fallout4
oh dear #Fallout4
please bear in mind my personal allegiance in this game is to the railroad so this is a whole extra complication I didn't want to have to deal with #Fallout4
oh we are going to have a falling out BOS #Fallout4
okay, Danse now has two friends in the BOS #Fallout4
why does Kells' respect make me feel so dirty? this is not your daddy's Brotherhood of Steel indeed #Fallout4
poor poor danse #Fallout4
the lines are getting real blurry up in here #Fallout4
glad we could resolve this thing peacefully and go on wit...... oh balls #Fallout4
I feel like I'm missing a game here, when did the BOS become such an extremist faction? #Fallout4
like they have to know NOT ALL SYNTHS right? how did we come to this? What the heck happened between Fallout 3 and now to bring us to this extreme? It can't just be synth infiltrators? #Fallout4
Danse is good people and he doesn't deserve this drumhead bullshit #Fallout4 #NotAllSynths #DoesThisUnitHaveASoul
well thank fuck there's a third option #Fallout4
well things cool down, but on my arrival at the prydwen a BOS synth infiltrator breaks the masquerade #Fallout4
who knew defying your CO could get you a promotion? #Fallout4
god damn plot.... don't you split on me #Fallout4
this is going to take some delicate balancing, if I talk to my other BOS guys it starts a quest to kill all the railroad guys, so now it gets dicey #Fallout4
damn is it hard to be railroad in this..... I like the Fifth Column roleplay #Fallout4
okay, I don't want to spoil the game for myself so I can't look up a solution on the internet, but I have a plan #Fallout4
I fast travel to Bunker Hill, shoot 3 hostile synths and then fast travel away, I get the objective failed meet father update and take it #Fallout4
Shaun is a fucking ass clown #Fallout4
well time to face the music #Fallout4
again, bear in mind the minutemen stopped giving me quests a long time ago and now the only quest option for the BOS is to wipe out the railroad #Fallout4
I just screwed these guys and my idiot boss hands me a promotion, why is it the institute and the BOS aren't seeing eye to eye, they're practically twins #Fallout4
damn, my idiot son might bite the bullet before I can merk him myself #Fallout4
I mean.... I get another INCREDIBLY STUPID promotion for no reason whatsoever, talk about lack of player agency. I screwed these guys hard and they made me boss #Fallout4
I cannot believe I haven't been shot, not only that - THEY MADE ME THEIR BOSS AND ARE TRUSTING ME WITH QUESTS #Fallout4
this has to be a trap, these people are talking about how obvious a mole I am.... jesus tapdancing christ who would trust me? #Fallout4
okay I am trying to be railroad but the game isn't particularly clear on how to do that so I guess I follow the Institute quest chain #Fallout4
oh yeah, the BOS are super hostile now #Fallout4
okay so I make one last desperate attempt to get a quest..... any quest from either the minutemen or the railroad (who I am siding with somehow) but nada. The Brotherhood are now kill on sight so we need to deal with that #Fallout4
I kill everyone on board the Prydwen except for one lowly squire and then head back to the institute only to hear they don't want me.... (The Railroad section of this had best activate soon) #Fallout4
well this guy was all hot air #Fallout4
still no idea how to progress with the railroad stuff.... getting a bit dicey here #Fallout4
since when were they my minutemen, the only quests they have given me for days have been settlement crap.... #Fallout4
this mook isn't even a proper minuteman.... where the hell is the railroad objective. This can't be right #Fallout4
this quest was crap, i'm not even going to dignify it with any more screenshots - if the railroad objective doesn't start soon i'm going to end up rage quitting #Fallout4
I'm asked to make a speech to the commonwealth in my capacity as incoming Institute Director #Fallout4
now we just have to play it cool, any minute now the railroad will give me orders..... right? #Fallout4
okay here we go.... right? come on railroad don't fail me now #Fallout4
seriously, is there anyone left in the BOS at this point? #Fallout4
well, looks like it's all out war #Fallout4
and we have our first casualty.... going to have to make those brotherhood bastards pay! #Fallout4 (any idea where the minutemen quests are....anyone?)
Glory gets a surprisingly well written and acted death #Fallout4
honestly, some of the VO in this game has been a bit sub par but whoever did Glory nailed that death scene #Fallout4
I am become Vengeance (even though I cleared the Prydwen yesterday) #Fallout4
we meet up just shy of the police station #Fallout4
time to storm the station #Fallout4
well, we have a plan #Fallout4
I shoot down an assaulting vertibird and then it's off to the prydwen #Fallout4
it's a hell of a boom when it goes down, right on top of the airport..... I don't think the BOS will ever recover from a loss like this #Fallout4
All my power armour pieces are wrecked now, I scavenge what I can from my materials safe and fix up one 100% suit and give it to Curie. This is it #Fallout4
we're hurting, but we can do this #Fallout4
I would say this is it, but the game crashes for the 100000th time #Fallout4
okay, let's baste this budgie #Fallout4
Shaun is onto us, we need to enact the plan #Fallout4
no son of mine can tell me what to do #Fallout4
I have no idea if this is the institute's only base, but they are about to receive one hell of an ass-whoopin' #Fallout4
time to die #Fallout4
like tears in rain #Fallout4
oh shaun.... #Fallout4
well to be fair, I warned him several times - and he saw what I did to the BOS, and I liked those guys #Fallout4
Shaun still has a stick up his ass #Fallout4
we can negotiate #Fallout4
we can not negotiate #Fallout4
and maybe if you hadn't abducted people and replaced them with kill-toasters this would never have happened #Fallout4
reactor's set to overload let's get out of...... wait.... why is the shota-real doll here? #Fallout4
go away not-shaun #Fallout4
Shaun had one last dirty trick to pull #Fallout4
good god, i'm fobbing you off on the first slaver with a mesmetron when we get home #Fallout4
let's baste this budgie #Fallout4
push button and end game #Fallout4
I get a rather unsatisfactory ending slide sequence that uses default Nora and a build of Sanctuary Hills I didn't create #Fallout4
Naturally this is a Bethesda game, so even without DLC I imagine there is enough content to run forever.... #Fallout4
still going I see..... #Fallout4
well I guess we can see what's going on... #Fallout4
this damn kid..... #Fallout4
kid, I'm uninstalling this in about twenty minutes ...... #Fallout4
and that's it folks, I finished #Fallout4. Well, finished it as far as I'm concerned. Got to be honest, not great but not terrible. If it wasn't for the settlement nonsense I may even have loved it - the railroad storyline was aces. GG
Just for posterity - unroll @threadreaderapp #Fallout4
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