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Thread: On the Russian Victory Day Parade

1. The Russians have held parades through Moscow and other Russian cities since 1945. Victory Day parades are held annually to commemorate the end of WW-II (the Great Patriotic War). They’re a BIG DEAL.
2. Here is a Soviet-era picture from a Victory Day parade through Red Square; Lenin’s mausoleum is on the right. The latest military hardware was always on display to show the world Soviet strength.
3. Here is an interesting 45-minute video of the 2018 Victory Parade:
4. 2019 was the first year that no foreign leaders attended the parade - not even the Chinese. Coincidentally, there was no fly-over either due to bad weather. Let’s take a picture tour through this year’s parade.
5. This is Vladimir Putin's new $150,000 armored limo carrying Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu during a dress rehearsal for the parade:
6. Here’s a picture showing Red Square jammed with troop formations and spectators filling the bleachers. You can see the Kremlin in the far-left background. Note that Lenin’s mausoleum is shielded by a large blue banner!
7. “Yars ballistic missile launch units, advanced S-400 air defense missile systems, tanks and 13,000 troops passed in review during the parade.”…
8. Here’s a picture of the “Youth Army” which is a military organization with almost half a million members ages 4 to 18!
9. Kids got into the act, too. Here are some cute girls selling flowers and sporting their Red Army garrison caps (some people call them “piss-cutters”).
10. Military parades were held in almost 30 towns and cities across Russia. Here’s a picture showing marchers carrying posters of family members who served in the “Great Patriotic War” (which is how WW-II is referred to in Russia especially by older people):
11. Even the Russian Orthodox Church got into the act in St. Petersburg:
12. Can you see Steven Seagal center-right in this picture? He was appointed last year as Putin’s “special envoy for humanitarian ties” to the US. Did you know that?
13. Here’s a complete list of units who were part of the ground column: [from Wikipedia]

•154th Preobrazhensky Independent Commandant's Regiment Colour Guard
•Honour Guard Company of the 1st Honor Guard Battalion, 154th PICR
•Suvorov Military School
•Nakhimov Naval School
13. (cont'd)

•Kronstadt Sea Cadet Corps
•Moscow National Guard Presidential Cadets School
•Moscow Cadet Corps of the Investigative Committee of Russia
•Moscow Young Army Patriotic Cadets Unit (on behalf of the Young Army Cadets National Movement)
13. (cont'd)

•Moscow National Pensions School Cadet Corps
•Combined Arms Academy of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
•Military University of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
13. (cont'd)

•Military Academy of the Armed Forces Air Defense Branch "Marshal Alexander Vasilevsky"
•Military Logistics Academy "General of the Army A. V. Khrulev"
•Zhukovsky – Gagarin Air Force Academy
•Military Space Academy "Alexander Mozhaysky"
13. (cont'd)

•Baltic Naval Institute "Admiral Feodor Ushakov"
•Black Sea Higher Naval Military Institute "Admiral Pavel Nakhimov"
•336th Independent Guards Biaystok Marine Brigade of the Baltic Fleet
13. (cont'd)

•Peter the Great Military Academy of the Missile Forces of Strategic Importance of the Russian Federation
•Ryazan Guards Higher Airborne Command School "Gen. of the Army Vasily Margelov"'
•98th Guards Airborne Division
•Moscow Military Police Battalion
13. (cont'd)

•Engineering Forces, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defence and Control Military Academy "Marshal of the Soviet Union Semyon Timoshenko"
•29th and 38th Independent Railway Brigades of the Russian Railway Troops
13. (cont'd)

•Civil Defense Academy of the Ministry of Emergency Situations
•Separate Operational Purpose Division of the National Guard Forces Command, Federal National Guard Troops Service of the Russian Federation"Felix Dzerzhinsky"
13. (con't)

•Moscow Internal Affairs University (first appearance)
•Moscow Border Guards Institute of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation
•2nd Guards Tamanskaya Motor Rifle Division "Mikhail Kalinin"
13. (cont'd)

•4th Guards Kantemirovskaya Tank Division "Yuri Andropov"
•27th Independent Guards Sevastopol Motor Rifle Brigade "50th Golden Jubilee Anniversary of the formation of the USSR"
•Moscow Higher Military Command School "Supreme Soviet of Russia"
14. Here is a complete list of the participating units in the mobile column: [from Wikipedia]

•T-34/85 medium tank
•GAZ-233114 "Tigr-M" infantry mobility vehicle (45th Guards Independent Reconnaissance Brigade)
14. (cont'd)

•GAZ-233114 "Tigr-M" with Arbalet-DM remote weapon station mounting a Kord heavy machine gun (45th Guards Independent Reconnaissance Brigade)
•Kornet D/EM mobile ATGM system on the GAZ-233116 "Tigr-M" chassis (45th Guards Independent Reconnaissance Brigade)
14. (cont'd)

•BMP Kurganets-25 IFV (27th Independent Guards "Sevastopol" Motorized Rifle Brigade)
•BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle (27th Independent Guards "Sevastopol" Motorized Rifle Brigade)
14. (cont'd)

•T-14 main battle tank (2nd Guards "Tamanskaya" Motorized Rifle Division)
•T-72B3M (T-72B4) modernized main battle tank (2nd Guards "Tamanskaya" Motorized Rifle Division)
14. (cont'd)

•BMPT Terminator armored support combat vehicle (2nd Guards "Tamanskaya" Motorized Rifle Division)
•BTR-MDM "Rakushka" APC (106th Guards Tula Airborne Division)
•BMD-4M air-droppable IFV (106th Guards Tula Airborne Division)
14. (cont'd)

•2S35 Koalitsiya-SV tracked self-propelled howitzer (147th Guards "Simferopol" Self-Propelled Artillery Regiment)
•2S19 Msta-S tracked self-propelled howitzer (147th Guards "Simferopol" Self-Propelled Artillery Regiment)
14. (cont'd)

•9K720 Iskander mobile tactical ballistic missile system (112th Guards "Novorossiysk" MRL Brigade)
•BM-30 Smerch mobile MRL system (112th Guards "Novorossiysk" MRL Brigade)
•Buk-M2 mobile tracked SAM system (6th Independent Tank Brigade)
14. (cont'd)

•Tor-M2U SAM complex on tracked chassis (6th Independent Tank Brigade)
•Patrul-A MRAP (National Guard of Russia Separate Operational Purpose Division, National Guard Forces Command)
14. (cont'd)

•Ural-VV MRAP (National Guard of Russia Separate Operational Purpose Division, National Guard Forces Command)
•Kamaz 53949 Typhoon-K light MRAP (Russian military police)
•Ural Typhoon MRAP (Russian military police)
14. (cont'd)

•RS-24 Yars ICBM on 15U175M wheeled transporter-erector launcher (54th Guards Rocket Division)
•UAZ-23632-148-64 pickup truck with Kord and Pecheneg machine guns as escort for RS-24 (54th Guards Rocket Division)
•VPK-7829 Bumerang wheeled APC
15. To wrap this up, Russia’s defense budget shrank by 3.5% in 2018 to $61.4 billion, according to a report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.
16. That reduction followed a 20% decline in 2017 as the Russian economy was hit by Western sanctions and a lower global price for oil, the country’s main export.
17. And then there are the recent negotiations with (request by) to put a “Fort Trump” in Poland.


President Donald Trump and Polish President Andrzej Duda on Wednesday announced plans to send 1,000 or more U.S. troops from their current station in Germany to Poland.
17A. It was an important signal of U.S. solidarity with Poland - and a direct shot at Russia, which adamantly opposes the current rotational deployments of NATO and U.S. troops on its Western border.


Read the rest here:…
17B. Looks like @POTUS isn’t Vladimir Putin’s play-thing after all, folks!
18. The annual Victory Parade is a very patriotic affair in Russia – a combination of Russian nationalism, militarism on display (at least in the minds of some critics), and basic Russian pride. It’s always good to keep tabs on what the Russians are doing. ///The end.
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