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BREAKING the Spanish #YellowVests are saying that there is a Coup in #Honduras right now. I haven't confirmed this yet. But supposedly the Presidential Plane left. Will begin translating this now. #ChalecosAmarillos #GilletsJaunes
#FuerzaHonduras #HondurasResiste
Translation of Tweet 1
📽🔴 #Honduras Coup ?
-National Strike
-Protest of doctors and teachers 
-Overcrowded gas stations⛽️ 
-Health system in its worst crisis 
-Director of the Police took out his own underlings with tear-bombs 💣

(Looks like we have friendly fire)
Breaking! Confirmed :
Departure of #Honduras🆘️'s presidential plane to the United States is confirmed. #FueraJOH


(Again, I have not personally confirmed this. I will believe it when I see it)
Ana Garcia wife of Juan Orlando Hernandez was boarding the aircraft bound for Texas, United States via @notibomba
Demonstrations in #Tegucigalpa.

1. Peripheral Ring at the height of the Suyapa colony.
2. Central America Boulevard in the immediate vicinity of Las Palmas.
3. Suyapa Boulevard by UNAH,
4. Barrio Guanacaste.
5. In El Carrizal under the uneven bridge
Demonstrators continue to burn tires at this hour in the Peripheral Ring near the #UNAH in #TGU.


I'm not sure that those are the protesters burning the tires. They said that the last time
and it turned out to be the Cops doing it as a false flag operation. So I will wait until I have absolute evidence before saying that.
Images of Traffic in the Peripheral Ring due to the Protests

The Slimy #Honduran Cops, now that they see a Rebellion stirring, are claiming they're "sorry for repressing you," saying Dictator Juan Orlando Hernandez ordered them to do it. And that now they protest "with the people" sure, because they must be so ready to defend the people
after butchering then like cattle and engaging in torture and false flags.
I am pinning this thread now. To see the other report I did on the US shipment of Cocaine to Venezuela to try and frame Maduro as a "narco dictator" go here
For people who want back ground #JuanOrlandoHernandez or simply #JOH (Pronounced Ho) as his people call him for short, is an unelected US Backed Dictator put in power by #Obama and #Clinton during their administration because the elected Socialist President #ManuelZelaya began
reforms which made the country wealthy and democratic. The end result was that because he started challenging the ruling oligarchy in #Honduras which is backed by the Americans, then US President Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had the CIA coordinate a coup to
force him from power. This was in 2009. They claimed Zelaya was a "dictator" because he was going to change the law so that a President can run more than one term. As popular as Zelaya still is, he would have continued to win. Blocking US Backed opponents. So they took him out
and installed JOH. JOH hypocritically not only changed the law to run more than once, but his military forces broke down every aspect of democracy in Honduras. Stealing elections, and then after he "won" last year, he declared the country didn't need to have "too many elections"
This was the last straw, and citizens began rising up in peaceful protests that turned deadly when the Dictatorship sent out the army to crush the protests. Meanwhile, the US began attacking Venezuela and Nicaragua claiming they're elected governments were "dictatorial" but
remaining silent in the face of human rights abuses done by their ally in Honduras. And so called "human rights groups" defending Terrorists in Nicaragua and Venezuela, stayed quiet about JOH's death squad massacres. alternet.org/2017/12/human-…
The result? The Honduran Dictatorship and the #UnitedStates created the current #MigrantBorderCrisis. It's no longer Mexicans who are crowding up the border. People from #Honduras and other countries aligned with the US in #LatinAmerica are most of the people inside the
#MigrantCaravan. So #Trump, #Democrats #GOP with diotic speeches about the need for "border security" created this influx in people because they keep bombing the shit out of other people's countries then saying "sorry we can't help" when the victims come seeking refuge.
Typical #US Hypocrisy. We saw this with #Syria where they helped Jihadists in their failed coup against Assad essentially creating the #RefugeeCrisis we see today.
Now for some required reading materials

13 Colors of #Honduran Resistance

Obviously, don't buy from Amazon, they treat their people like shit. Buy it somewhere else. I'm just using their description
"In 13 Colors of the Honduran Resistance, feminist author and activist Melissa Cardoza tells 13 stories about women from the Honduran resistance in the aftermath of the June 28th, 2009 coup against President Manuel Zelaya. On that day, led by a U.S.-trained General, the Honduran
military barged in to the president’s house and took him in his pajamas into a helicopter, flying him first to a U.S. base in Honduras and then on to Costa Rica. It was the first coup of the 21st century in Central America. The military and Honduran oligarchy quickly imposed
an interim government, undid most of the progressive reforms underway, and passed hundreds of concessions to corporate interests. To the surprise of the coup’s backers, however, thousands of people around the country spontaneously came out into the streets.
Their numbers and the depth of their vision and commitment kept growing during hundreds of days of consecutive protest, with fearless women at the forefront.

Melissa calls those the times “when protests were poetry in the streets.” 13 Colors of the Honduran Resistance is her
most intimate and impactful work to date. It is a book about the multiple and intersectional identities of those who found each other in the streets through the resistance. It is a book about what they share, not just with each other but with all people who struggle for a more
just world. Melissa weaves the stories of 13 women together in a way that leaves readers unfamiliar with the events surrounding the coup and resistance in Honduras convinced of their fundamental importance to liberation struggles everywhere.
This bilingual edition is the product of collaboration with translator Matt Ginsberg-Jaeckle, who was introduced to the author by assassinated indigenous leader Berta Cáceres, to whom this edition is dedicated,"
Buy it from a more ethical place than amazon. You'll probably get it cheeper too.
It's notable that Clinton was shaking hands with the hardline militarist generals in Honduras just hours after the same bastards murdered #indigenous #feminist activist #BertaCaceres.
Before her murder, Berta denounced Clinton as a hypocrite thenation.com/article/chroni…
The #Honduran Shipwreck : The first 7 years after #Clinton's bloody Coup
An interview that Comrade Pres. #ManuelZelaya did with @democracynow after he was ousted alternet.org/2015/07/ex-pre…
I am hearing another report that the #US sent Marines over there to help crush the Resistance. I don't know yet if this is true. Someone pointed out that the US military craft being used looks outdated. So God only knows what is happening in this shit show right now
Not everyone is happy with Ex Pres Zelaya. Many like this Journalist whose tweet I will translate, are asking When Zelaya plans on bringing a Rebel army to liberate Honduras. That the people can't wait anymore.
"In Rebellion :
The Cobra command of the Honduran Police, transporters of heavy-duty machinery, teachers, doctors, students, parents, there is no gasoline in the capital of #Honduras, but what about the insurrectionary commands of @manuelzr? #10años"
The hashtag is 10 years. Many want Zelaya to put up or shut up it seems. Though that is just what I think based on what I read.
"At times we have been tolerant, but it can no longer be tolerated" because economic losses have been very strong, security minister Julián Pacheco said of demonstrations. "We're going to secure every road axle in the country," he stressed.

This was when the tanks came out
They have been *tolerant*? Because nothing says tolerance like death squads.
Also, my tweet apparently got the attention of certain people from old tv shows I had forgotten existed. He claims the US never bombed the countries the Migrant Caravans came from. My thread in reply to him
Also, from a Honduran about the Police and Military apology
The Cops and Soldiers are claiming to be part of the Rebellion now. I don't trust them, in 2017 when JOH was almost removed from power, he hid on a US Military base then asked Washington for help retaking power. The Cops and Soldiers went back to him. Wolves in Sheeps clothing
The Cops wearing masks, probably because they fear being identified if this goes South. I don't trust them.
Some Hondurans believe as I do that the Cops may be a Trojan Horse
JOH may just do the same thing he did in 2017, hide on a base and ask for help
From a Nicaraguan Comrade, pictures of how #Honduras was as of this morning
Breaking, the Cops refuse to obey Orders from US Backed Dictator #JuanOrlandoHernandez they refuse to disperse any of the Protesters.
The so called "Special Forces" Uprising Continues as Cops are now joining in the Revolt against Juan Orlando Hernandez
Also, on the TV show personality who attempted to use his persona and his fans to shame me for reporting this.....he blocked me after many of you and I came at him with facts and information
Lol I thanked all of you there on my thread. Love you all!
The Dictator has ordered those forces that are still loyal to him to stamp out the Protesters.
This is video taken 11 hrs ago. Rebel Cops who have sided with the Resistance are firing Tear Gas at a high ranking member of the Police still loyal to the JOH dictatorship
I'm still not sure what to make of this. I mean, all I see is tear gas. If they were really "rebels" why aren't they shooting the loyalists dead and capturing towns? All I see is one canister that was thrown and then shouting around. Doesn't seem like they want to actually engage
I have never seen "revolutionary" soldiers hesitate this much. They have the numbers to start a full scale uprising at least in the streets. Train citizens and arm them for Urban Guerrilla War. Instead one "rebel" Cop asked the protesters to be peaceful and not vandalise the
Areas. They are only vandalizing capitalist businesses. This whole thing looks like JOH is trying to buy time for himself by dividing the masses and tricking them.
At the very least the Cops should prove their loyalty and surround the Presdential Palace. Force the loyalists to stand down and theb arrest JOH.
They had no qualms doing this to Zelaya. But they hesitate with Juan Orlando Hernandez, why?
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