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I’m dismayed that a Member of
@ScotParl is clearly so misinformed on the issues surrounding the #GRA consultation

That she’s in a position of significant power to influence others is extremely concerning

I don’t have the platform of Joan McAlpine but refute her statement
🧵 👇🏻
Joan talks about the “David and Goliath” struggle against ‘well funded trans lobby groups’...

Trans people are 0.6-1% of the population. Women are 50%

Who’s Goliath?

The ‘campaign groups’ are also actually CHARITIES - the money they receive is to support LGBT minorities!
I suspect the reason Joan feels like her ‘gender critical’ view on trans issues is like David to Goliath, is because the vast majority of people - including cis women - disagree with it, and are 💯 supportive of transgender equality!
Joan supports an equality assessment giving full weight to the ‘protected characteristic of sex’.

The 2010 Equality Act protects people from discrimination, harassment and victimisation.

But the #GRA reforms proposed have NO IMPACT on this!
Allowing trans people to have a Gender Recognition Certificate without a medical diagnosis, lengthy wait times and expensive bureaucracy does not discriminate against ‘people with the protected characteristic of sex’
Nor do proposed changes to reduce bureaucracy in getting a GRC indirectly discriminate against ‘people with the protected characteristic of sex’.

‘Gender critical’ lobbyists say that allowing trans women into women’s spaces pushes them out, but that’s nothing to do with the GRA.
No harassment is experienced by ‘people with the protected characteristic of sex’ if trans people are able to get a Gender Recognition Certificate with less bureaucracy.

Remember: GRC’s are already in existence and cis women are not being harassed because of them!
‘People with the protected characteristic of sex’ are clearly not going to be victimised if a trans person is able to access a GRC more easily.

Again - GRC’s are already in existence, so changes in the bureaucracy in getting one makes NO IMPACT on anyone who isn’t trans!
What it really boils down to is this - ‘gender critical’ lobbyists want @ScotParl to give extra weight to the FEELINGS of a small group of “women who wish to exclude people born male from social activities’ and they are trying to use the #GRAreform to do so!
As an aside, I’m sure the FEELINGS of some white women were of ‘concern’ and fear when black women were first allowed into their spaces when apartheid was abolished.

This is called ‘prejudice’, and is not a reason to discriminate against women of colour!
That the Gender Recognition Act has been in place since 2004 with NO ISSUES proves that it has no equality impact to ‘people with the protected characteristic of sex’.

Making it less bureaucratic to obtain a GRC will make no difference to this!
The “privacy and dignity of girls” is not impacted AT ALL by the proposed revisions to the #GRA - Particularly as @ScotParl has been EXPLICIT in stating that under 16’s are not included.

This is yet another ruse to try and conflate the #GRA with the EA2010 to REMOVE trans rights
“Privacy and dignity” should be afforded to EVERYONE!

Allowing a trans girl her LEGAL RIGHT to use the facilities that align with her gender is not infringing on anyone else’s privacy and dignity.
“Ah, but what about if trans girls and cis girls have to shower naked together? It’ll make the cis girl uncomfortable!”

Damn right!

I’d feel uncomfortable showering naked next to ANYBODY!

This is a problem with the policy and facilities, NOT equality law!
The authorities follow the law. The law uses the terms ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ interchangeably.

It is also clear that trans people can use the facilities that align with their GENDER.

To do otherwise would be breaking the 2010 Equality Act (which is not up for review)
Allowing for data records to acknowledge a persons gender identity and their physical body is incredibly important for medical purposes.

There is certainly no other reason why this would be required - especially not for reasons of discrimination or segregation.
The current medical diagnosis for a GRC does not require a trans woman to have gender confirmation surgery, so removing this requirement will make no difference to whether there are trans women with GRC’s who still have “male genitals”!

p.s. It’s ‘trans women’ not ‘transwomen’.
Equality and human rights apply to everyone, even those who have broken the law.

It should be pointed out, women can also be violent. Should they also be denied the right to have a GRC? Is that also “offensive”?

If protecting against violence is the issue then address that!
I wonder where else ‘gender critical’ lobbyists think someone needs to announce their criminal history?

Should women who have been violent to other women also disclose this information when accessing women’s spaces?

Treating everyone equally is at the heart of equality law.
Safeguard against what?

You already established that medical transition isn’t currently required

The only thing I can think you want to “safeguard” against is more trans people with a GRC?

Remember, this has NO IMPACT on which spaces trans people can access (that’s the EA2010)



denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex.

Problem solved 👍🏻
The EA2010 allows exemptions in order to achieve “a proportionate means to achieving a legitimate aim” on a CASE BY CASE BASIS (ie, not a blanket policy!)

All lawyers should know this - even the ‘gender critical’ ones!

Again, this has nothing to do with #GRA reform!
Trans people are not a safety risk!

Allowing trans people into the spaces with which they identify does not inherently impinge on privacy or dignity.

Personal choice to not want trans people near you is not upheld by law!

This has NOTHING to do with proposed #GRA reforms!
The reason that most organisations don’t understand single sex exemptions is because ‘gender critical’ lobbyists have been pushing out misinformation and propaganda to suit their own ideological ends.

Accurate clarity from @scotgov and @WomenEqualities would be welcome!
Please can we address the issue once and for all that trans people are in opposition to women!

Also, the MAJORITY of women support trans people. The only “fight” comes from a small number of regressive women fearful because of their prejudice.

Also, CHARITIES not ‘lobby groups’
It is not disputed that women have had to struggle for their rights.

Nobody has said that trans people are more marginalised than women - this is not a game of ‘victim olympics’.

Using the term ‘trans identifying males’ shows a disrespectful dialogue about trans women.
I’m tired of having to explain how simple #GRA reforms are going to have ZERO IMPACT on women.

That a SMALL NUMBER of women keep conflating the rights afforded by the EA2010 with having a GRC, shows that they either don’t understand it, or are willfully misrepresenting it!
Some questions for @JoanMcAlpine...

Perhaps Joan can explain how to foster good relations with people with the protected characteristic of gender reassignment after they have been positioned as someone to afraid of?
Another question for @JoanMcAlpine...

What does Joan recommend for those people with religious views that don’t like lesbians? Are lesbians going to be prevented from going to the toilet? Changing rooms? If not, how come some religious views are used to exclude and others not?
I’m just wondering how Public Sector Equality Duty plays out..

If @ScotParl public servants are charged to foster good relations?

So the question is...does the trans community think @JoanMcAlpine is fostering good relations?
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