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Daddy Issues Part 5!

Also, I hate Izuku's fake name as much as he definitely does but I figured Hisashi would pick something American-ish and an I name so *gestures* if y'all have better ones, though, I'm all ears.

Izuku prefers Iza pronounced like Izu with an A, btw.
The first thing Iza did when he returned home from his secret meeting was flop onto his bed and squeal into his pillow.

Because he just /met/ and /talked/ and
/schemed/ with THE Ground Zero. He thought he'd have been immune to being starstruck by the guy by now. He'd fought (and ran from) the explosive hero multiple times over the past couple of months.

So why did it feel like he was in a daze still? Like the past hour or so had been
a dream?

Iza supposed that's what happens when you sit across from your /idol/. Because, yes, All Might was amazing and strong but entirely unachievable. Ground Zero, though? Iza had always felt closer to him. Maybe because they were the same age? Maybe because Iza loved how the
blond threw himself into a fight with a triumphant grin before he'd even won? Like he already knew.

Either way, Iza had been kind of obsessed with Ground Zero news for the past year. He followed interviews, recent fights, rankings, anything really. He even had a magazine
spread the hero had done for some, uh, sponsor that happened to be, um, sportswear.

Which is why Iza recognized the hero easily out of his hero uniform. Not that he'd ever admit /that/ to the cocky blond with the devil's grin.

The only thing Iza didn't know about Ground Zero
was his fights in the Sports Festival during his days in UA. And that was because Japan had made it a point in recent years to remove all the footage replicated online for their heroes' safeties. Something about finding weak points or how their quirks worked, which made /sense/
but was incredibly frustrating to Iza.

He would have loved to see what the man was capable of back then.

Iza jolted from his minor freak fest at the phone buzzing in his pocket. He quickly grabbed the device and glanced at the screen, heart hammering slightly as he recognized
the number.

253-215-XXXX: u make it back okay?

Iza hid his smile back into the pillow, a giddy fluttery feeling blooming in his chest.

/Calm down, Iza. You know it isn't like that./

Nope, not even in a million years.

Me: think i can handle myself

There. Or could that count
as flirting?

Iza panicked slightly at the already sent text. However, he missed the reply as the sound of footsteps outside his door.

He was off the bed and sitting at his desk before his father ever opened the door. Hisashi frowned at him from the threshold, eyeing him for a
a moment.

"You left hours ago, why are you still in your suit?" he asked suddenly when the two of them got into a minor stare off.

Iza winced internally, cursing the fact he hadn't changed the minute he got home. Not that he had expected his father to be home so early, though.
"It slipped my mind, I guess." He shrugged. "Finals and all."

Hisashi grunted slightly. "How is that going, by the way? Any issues lately?"

"Uh, no? Should there be?" Iza asked blankly.

"Hn, got word someone's been digging up that old case again. I wanted to make sure no one
was harassing you."

"Oh, no, nothing like that," Iza cracked a smile. "Just torture by power point and tests as usual."

"Good," Hisashi nodded, taking a step back. "Don't stay up to late."

"Sure thing, Dad," Iza said lightly.

He melted in his seat as soon as the man shut the
door. Then he remembered the text and ripped his phone back out of his pocket.

253-215-XXXX: bet that's the only thing u can handle

Iza raised an eyebrow at that challenge.

Me: handled you just fine didn't i?

253-215-XXXX: not even close
[*whispers* I'm super lagged from the 4 day drive and it's 4 am so I'm gonna crash, more tomorrow]
Iza smiled slightly despite himself but he had to drop his head back a second later with a deep sigh.

He needed to be on his guard, not... happy or anything. For all purposes, Ground Zero was his enemy. Just an enemy with a common adversary. The blond could turn him in at a
moment's notice.

He had to get it together. It didn't matter that he had some kind of celebrity crush on the guy! No, Iza's goal was to take down his father and he needed Ground Zero's help for that. That was it, he told himself firmly.

Me: whatever you say. I'll contact you
when I have more information.

253-215-XXXX: whatever deku

Iza wrinkled his nose at the nickname again. What did that mean anyway? Maybe he could ask a professor at school? He was certain there were Japanese classes somewhere.

Add that to his list of things to do, he supposed.
Iza's finals were his first order of business. Then it was onto summer break where he could continue his vigilantism in earnest.

The second his last test was over he felt that giddiness creep back into his chest all over again. Iza had made a point not to contact the hero again
and the blond had done the same. Of course, Iza had run into him during his minor vigilante stunts over the couple of weeks but that was it.

Now, they could meet and start planning. Iza had been watching his father closely. He was certain the man was planning something now.
He had no idea what just yet but he had every intention on getting to the bottom of it. And he already knew how.

Me: he's meeting with someone this weekend

The man's response was swift.

GZ: where? When? Are you going?

Iza couldn't even finish his reply before the man was
calling him.

"I-uh, hello?" Iza stuttered into the phone.

"Where are you right now?"

"Uh, on campus? Why-"

"We got to meet. Right now."

Iza felt himself sweat.

"Why now? The meeting is in five days?" he asked, mildly panicking.

"Because. We gotta go over your quirk."
"My quirk?" Iza asked in confusion. "What about it?"

"I'll explain when you get here. You remember where my apartment is, right?"


"Good. Hurry up."


Iza stared at his phone, feeling more than a little confused. What did his quirk have to do with anything?
But he still showed up to Ground Zero's apartment about an hour later. The blond was already scowling when he opened the door.

"What took you so long?" he demanded, red eyes tracking up and down the hallway for a moment.

"Does the great Ground Zero not know how buses work?" Iza
asked, raising an eyebrow.

The blond instantly sneered. "Don't call me that."

"What? It's your hero name, isn't it?"

"I fucking hate it when it comes out of your mouth," the hero snapped and Iza shrugged helplessly.

"What do you want me to call you then? Katsuki? Bakugou?"
"That's even worse," the blond muttered as he stepped outside, pushing Iza further back from the door.

Iza frowned, watching as the blond shut the door. "Okay... Then what do you want me to call you? And where are we going?"

"Roof. And," the blond paused as he punched the
button to the elevator. Iza watched as he swallowed slightly before he looked him straight in the eye. "Kacchan."

Iza blinked for a moment. "K-what?"

"I want you to call me Kacchan," the hero said with a firmness that Iza didn't quite understand.

The elevator arrived before
Iza could speak and the blond stepped inside, ushering him inside with just a grumpy look. The hero punched the number for the highest floor, shoved his hands into his pockets, and leaned in the furthest corner away from Iza.

"So... Why Kacchan?" he finally asked and the blond
switched slightly.

"To avoid people knowing who I am and shit is all," he said simply but Iza could hear something in his voice. A slight tremor underneath the irritation that man wore like a shield.

Iza tilted his head curiously. "Isn't chan for little kids?"
The man huffed.

"Thought you didn't know Japanese."

"I don't but there's a few people on campus that do," Iza admitted with a shrug. "And Deku's an insult, isn't it? It means useless?"

"Yeah, but that's not what I mean when I call you that," the other man said with a shrug.
"What do you mean then?" Iza said, crossing his arms and giving 'Kacchan' a stern look.

"It means you can do it when it comes to you," Kacchan said simply and Iza frowned slightly.

"How does that work?"

"No fucking idea. That's just what /your/ Deku means, okay?"
"Uh, okay?" Iza didn't get that at all. He'd asked the professor directly about the Deku nickname. And then he ended up in a mini lecture on how he shouldn't abandon his culture to fit in with American kids and yadda yadda yadda.

Iza understood that last part, at least.
It wasn't like he hadn't wanted to learn Japanese. He'd actually signed up for the class when he started college. His /father/, on the other hand, flipped and made him withdraw immediately.

Iza apparently didn't need to learn Japanese. Nevermind the fact Iza's goal in life was
to go to Japan and work as engineering support for the Pro Heroes there.

Then again, he hadn't told his father about his obsession with heroes or his plans to work with them. As far as his father knew, he was studying to be a social worker that specialized in quirk counseling.
Luckily, he could hide good projects at the University workshop.

The elevator pinged above them and Iza squinted as the fading sunlight streamed in, nearly blinding him. There was a helicopter pad on the roof of Kacchan's apartment building.

"Uh, we getting picked up or
something?" Iza asked as they stepped out. The blond snorted.

"No. I want you to fight me. With your quirk," he said simply.

"Uh, no? No, that's a bad idea," Iza said, quickly waving his hands in front of him.

"Thought so. I went back to examine footage they have of you,"
the other man said, crossing his arms. He barely blocked the sun from Iza's eyes with his powerful form. "You use your quirk to run away and to take out large opponents. You probably used it to knock me out that one time but, other than that, you don't fight much with it. Why?"
"I-" Iza sighed. "I don't want to hurt anyone. When I first used it again, I accidentally caused a lot of damage. I got better at controlling it, thanks to Professor Quinzel, but... there's still that risk."

"Well, you're gonna have to get used to it and we got five days to do
it. I'm not gonna have you going half-cocked into this meeting," Kacchan stepped forward then, holding a hand out. "Let me see your arm."

"What? Why?"

"Because you're gonna tell me if it hurts anywhere, alright? I saw you punching all kinds of shit in the footage. Don't your
arms hurt when you do that shit?"

Iza blinked in surprise.

"Uh, I mean, I thought that was just recoil from the punches..."

The blond sighed heavily and jerked Iza's arm to him. A tingling sensation shot up the green haired man's arm and down his spine as the blond massaged
his arm from fingertips to his burn scar higher up. That tingles traveled lower when Kacchan's fingers brushed gently across his skin.

"Uh!" Iza jerked away, face in flames. "I, uh, didn't feel any pain!"

"Hm," the blond grunted before he nodded. "Fine. But when you use your
quirk, only use it in your legs."

"My legs? You want me to kick people to death?" Iza asked and Kacchan rolled his eyes.

"You're not gonna beat anyone to death. I'm gonna teach you how to control your output, alright?"

"And you're gonna do that how?"

"Gonna kick your ass
until you get the hang of it, obviously," he said simply before he suddenly launched at Iza with a close range explosion.
Iza knew a bit about Ground Zero's fighting style. He'd studied it quite a bit in his free time but that didn't seem to matter over the course of the next five days.

He tried to predict and the blond switched it up, as if he knew that's what Iza was trying to do. It was
frustrating. And then there was trying to channel his quirk to a level that wouldn't kill someone on impact. At least he didn't have to worry about moving it to different parts of his body. He was already decent enough at that. Not good enough to beat 'Kacchan's' new fighting
style, though.

Iza had his ass kicked a lot over of the past five days. He'd come over after the hero's work had ended and then they'd train on the rooftop until late at night.

Currently, he was pinned under the blond as they tried to regain their breath. Iza had almost won
this time but Kacchan had grabbed and thrown him at the last second.

"Getting better, Deku," the blond huffed above him, shifting to rest on his heels. "Hopefully, this meeting isn't super fucking important and we don't gotta do shit."

Iza barely heard
him, mind too focused on the fact Ground Zero was straddling his hips. He could feel all the blood in his body rush to his face and somewhere else he really didn't want to think about.

What if th blond noticed? Maybe he'd write it off as being from the fight.
Iza had the issue the first day (because he was apparently more of a disaster bi than he realized, go figure). He'd researched it and found out that it was pretty common for guys to get hard-ons during wrestling and other sports.

So, hopefully the blond would think it was that
and not realize it was because Iza had a fucking crush on the guy.

God, that'd be embarrassing.

"Oi, Deku," Kacchan snapped his fingers in front of his face, jolting him out of his spiraling thoughts. "What's with you?"

"I-" Iza swallowed thickly. "J-just thirsty?"
/Tsk, yeah, in more than one way/, he groaned mentally.

Kacchan sighed heavily before he stood, holding out his hand to help the smaller man to his feet. Iza accepted the offer only because he was certain his legs were straight jello. From the embarrassment and fight.
"You find any more out about what this meeting is about?" Kacchan asked as he walked away. He snatched a towel off the duffle bag near the elevator door, wiping his sweat off of his face.

Iza watched as the final sun's rays played through the ash blond hair. He was beautiful,
even with that permanent scowl of his.


Iza startled again, eyes snapping up to red ones. Oh shit, had he been checking him out? All of him? Ohgodohgod-

"UUHH," Iza immediately grabbed his own towel and buried his burning face into the cotton barrier. "Meeting! Right!
N-no! No new information! But a lot of new shipments have been coming into their warehouse so I'm concerned that it might be a gang war or-"

Iza yelped when the towel was jerked from his face and suddenly the blond was really, really close. Too close. He tried to pull back but
suddenly the man's hands clamped down on both sides of his face, holding him in place.

"You're blushing again."

"No, I'm not, I'm just sweaty and-"

"And blushing like an idiot," Kacchan said simply, a slight smirk tilting his lips. "What's got you so flustered?"

Iza blushed
/more/ at being called out.

"I was just thinking?" he said, unsure.

"About what?" Kacchan asked back, loosening his grip on the other man's face.

Iza's eyes dropped to the blond's lips before he could stop himself. It was crazy how much he wanted to kiss him, right? He'd
never wanted to kiss anyone before. Hadn't even had /urges/ until he saw Ground Zero, honestly. It was pathetic and stupid and gross and weird and-

"You wanna kiss me, nerd?"

"Yes," he answered before he even realized it. Iza grimaced immediately, stepping back. "But that's
not, uh, appropriate or-"

"Appropriate?" Kacchan raised an eyebrow. "What the hell do you mean by that?"

"Just-" Iza swallowed before he laughed slightly. "We barely know each other? I mean, I admire you, a lot, as a hero and even when you're being an ass you aren't that bad
but I shouldn't want to kiss you. It's not right? Fair? I don't know what word I'm looking for here, uh-"

"Deku," the blond stepped forward and Iza gulped as the man leveled their faces. "If you want to kiss me and I want to kiss you, what's the big deal?"

Iza felt his brain
fizz and pop. He-he wanted to kiss him? GROUND ZERO WANTED TO KISS HIM TOO?!!?!

"I-I don't even know how," Iza spluttered out the only excuse he could think of in that moment. He clung to it, like the last shred of his sanity.

Kacchan's grin was devastatingly handsome.
"I got a feeling you'll figure it out."

Iza stared at him, a feeling rising in his chest. It was indescribable. It choked him almost with its intensity and, suddenly, he couldn't hold back anymore.

He flung himself forward, wrapped his arms around the blond's neck, and kissed
him with all he had. Like he was some long lost lover that had finally returned after being gone for so long.

And the strange thing was? It felt familiar. Kissing Ground Zero. The feel of rough hands dragging down his sides, the sweet smell of nitroglycerin, the taste of his

Iza could almost guarantee he'd done this before. He tried to chase that feeling across the blond's skin, from lips to neck to shoulder. The soft gasp that pulled from Kacchan tugged at something in Iza's brain.

"Deku," the blond whispered quietly and Iza whimpered, lips
going back to their starting point. They sunk into a slow, gentle kiss in that moment, Kacchan's arms going around him tightly. Securely.

When they finally pulled away, Iza was breathless. Kacchan cupped his cheek, rubbing a thumb over his freckles slowly.

"Why are you
crying?" he asked softly and Iza couldn't explain why. Hadn't even noticed it, lost in the phantom sensations of what might have been another time.

An elevator, hands on both sides of him, a sneer in his face that he adored somehow. A shower stall.

And then there was pain. Excruciating, debilitating pain that sent him straight to his knees.


He heard the blond call him but he couldn't say or do anything. It felt like someone had taken an ax to his head. He clutched both sides of his head and screamed in pure

"Shit, shit, Izu-fuck, Iza, hang on, let me-"

He felt the impact like a dull thud against the already body numbing pain. The darkness wasn't far behind. It engulfed him like a tidal wave; and as he was sinking under, all he could hear was Kacchan saying sorry repeatedly
Katsuki felt like the biggest fucking asshole in existence.

He /knew/ what would happen if Izuku started to remember. And his greedy ass decided to push his luck anyway.

"Fuck," he cursed as he bowed his head, his fingers buried deep into his hair. He was still at the
hospital, even though he knew Izuku's parents had been called. Fuck it if Hisashi saw him at this point. He needed to know Izuku was okay. Katsuki could still hear his screaming.

"Hello?" Katsuki's head snapped up at the voice and was face to face suddenly with Midoriya Inko.
Or Sato Haruna or some something now, right?

Either way, shit, why was she talking to him? Where was Hisashi?

"I heard you're the one that brought my son to the hospital, is that right?" she asked softly.

All he could do was nod in response. He was very surprised by the
gentle smile that came afterwards.

"I wanted to thank you!" she said with a low bow. "My son hasn't had an attack like this in so long. I'm always worried it'll happen where I'm not able to help him. I'm so thankful that a good Samaritan was around to help when he needed it!"
Katsuki stared at her, feeling so fucking useless right now. She didn't recognize him. He wasn't surprised, he was just... so tired and /angry/ of what Hisashi did.

Izuku and Auntie Inko were honestly the best, nicest, kindest people he knew. And Hisashi did this to them.
"Please don't thank me," Katsuki croaked, anger and sadness boiling inside him. "I did what any person would do in that situation."

Inko straightened up and nervously fiddled with her bag for a moment.

"I still appreciate it greatly. I know... his attacks aren't pretty.
They're terrifying if I'm being honest," she huffed a small laugh.

"Wait." Katsuki's guilt ridden brain took a damn second to catch up. "This has happened before?"

"Unfortunately," Inko sighed softly. "Iza's been having them for the past three years."

"Do you know why?"
Inko shook her head slowly. "The doctors have no idea what it is. They think it was something related to why his quirk stopped working, though. It's like a block his body and mind set up. And if he tries punching through it, it backfires."

Yeah, that made sense.
Izuku, right before he collapsed, had been crying. His 'Kacchan' had changed too. It had been /off/ somehow. During those small moments, though, Katsuki had heard the change, had heard it change to something more natural.

Was it possible Izuku had fought through the block made
by the quirk? Harleen Quinzel hadn't been able to but Izuku had always been a persistent fighter.

"Can I see him?" Katsuki asked suddenly, needing to know.

"Of course. He's awake now and I'm sure he'd like to thank you in person!"

"Thank you, Auntie."
Katsuki felt like he was marching up to a firing squad. Dread curdled in his stomach the closer he got to Izuku's hospital room.

He almost didn't have the strength to open the door. But he squared his shoulders, tried to smother the hope also burning in his chest, and stepped

Izuku was staring at the ceiling, eyes glassy, when they walked in. It seemed to take him a moment to realize someone had even open the door.

"Honey, this is the man that brought you here," Inko said softly. Izuku blinked slowly in response, eyes tracking over Bakugou
for a moment.

Katsuki felt the dread claw up his throat at the look on the other man's face.

There was absolutely no recognition in those eyes.

"I'm sorry," Inko said, turning back to Katsuki when Izuku didn't say anything. "He's usually a little dazed at first and-"
"Mom...," Izuku spoke quietly, hoarse.

Inko immediately spun around, grabbing a hold of his hand.

"Yes, baby?"

"Where's Dad?" he asked softly and Inko looked pained.

"He had to work tonight but he'll be here in the morning, okay?" Inko said gently.
"Okay...," he nodded slowly. "I'm thirsty. Can you..?"

"Of course, baby, I'll be right back," Inko rushed out of the room. Katsuki shifted, not wanting to be there. He couldn't stand that blank look and-


Katsuki felt relief flood his body abd he stepped forward,
grabbing a hold of Izuku's hand.

"Deku? You remember me?" he asked, hope surging in his chest, overcoming the worry and fear.

A small smile crossed the other man's lips.

"How could I forget you?" Katsuki sagged in relief, nearly pulled up the nerd up to kiss the shit out of
him when- "Hard to forget a Pro Hero that insists on me calling him 'Kacchan', after all."

Katsuki froze, his hope wilting inside him. It turned to ash in his mouth. The quirk hadn't broken. This was still 'Iza'. Not his Deku.

Fuck, he felt like crying.

"Kacchan? What's wr-"
"Nothing," he snapped, dropping Izuku's hand like it was capable of burning him. "Just was worried. And shit."

"Oh," Izuku frowned. "You're not mad we're gonna miss that meeting?"

"What?" Shit, he hadn't even realized that. "No. We'll get the bastard later. It's fine. Just...
rest, alright? I'm gonna go."

"Okay...," Izuku said, blinking slightly. "Sorry about all this."

"Fuck you and your sorry. Just get fucking better.l," Katsuki said as he left.

He'd never admit that the last sentence came out as more of a plea than anything.
Izuku was only in the hospital for a day or so. Katsuki got the text from the nerd but he was worried about seeing him.

What if it made everything worse? What if he'd somehow opened some kind of floodgates for this shit to keep happening? He didn't want Izuku to go crazy
like Harleen. He didn't want to lose him forever. There was a possibility the quirk could leave permanent damage, according to the specialists.

So, Katsuki stayed away. As far away as possible. Even when he heard the vigilante was back into his old tricks again, the blond made
sure to be as far away from the action as possible. He couldn't see Izuku. Not right now. Shit, maybe not until Hisashi was taken down and the quirk user who did the mind alterations was found.

To keep him busy, and stop himself from going crazy, Katsuki worked around the clock
to find out more about Hisashi and who he had potentially been meeting the other day.

It was another late night for him (or technically, early morning) about three weeks after Izuku's hospitalization when Katsuki stumbled himself to his apartment to find a shock waiting for

"Bakugou Katsuki, what a surprise."

Katsuki sneered at the man, recognizing him instantly.

"Somehow I don't think you're that damn surprised, asshole."

"That's true," Midoriya Hisashi hummed, eyeing him critically. "No one else in your agency would make the mistake of
investigating me again. Not after last time. Though I am surprised Japan let their most promising rising hero to travel to America. I doubt you're authorized to your little background project, though."

"If you're here to threaten me, it's not gonna work," Katsuki growled. "I'm
going to fucking take you down and take Izuku and Auntie back home, you fucking got it?"

"Oh? Are you even sure they /want/ to go home?" Hisashi raised an eyebrow, a smirk playing on his lips.

Katsuki had to hold in his own smirk. The guy had no idea Izuku and he had already
met, it seemed. Or that Izuku was the vigilante fighting him at every turn.

"You clearly don't know your son very well," was all Katsuki said.

"And you don't know me well," Hisashi countered simply, "if you think I'm going to let you run around making my life difficult."
"And you got another thing coming if you think I'm gonna go down quietly or easily," Katsuki's palms crackled dangerously. "Come at me, old man. I'll knock you straight into a jail cell."
Hisashi huffed again. This time a lick of fire came out on the exhale. And Katsuki grinned wildly, feeling like this was a perfect opportunity.

If he took Hisashi out here, it'd finally be over.

Katsuki heard the heavy footballs behind him and knew the man didn't come alone.
That'd be much too easy. Katsuki wasn't a force to be taken lightly, after all. He was a Pro Hero now, not some punk kid.

The first man came from the right. He plowed forward like a freight train and the blond sidestepped easily.

Mortar and brick cracked under the impact, the
building shaking under his feet.

He didn't have time to stop.

The next man and the next and the next came at him from all sides, clogging up the hallway with bodies and blocking any retreat.

He was tempted to blast them all away but there were people in this building.
If it came crashing down...

A hand grasped him.

He smelled ozone, a familiar scent from being around Kaminari. He released a quick explosion to the man's stomach. He flew backwards into the others. Burnt flesh acidic in Katsuki's nose as he moved forward, hands sparking with
no real power.

No one was intimidated in the slightest. They knew he wouldn't put innocents at risk. Was probably counting on it, actually. He either went all out and the building collapsed or they captured him.

Hisashi had planned a win-win for himself. And Katsuki wanted to
fuck his plan sideways.

Question was fucking /how/.

The answer came in the form of a black whip. It latched around the goon that had slammed Katsuki's head into the brick. The guy had long enough to look confused before he was suddenly flung straight out the nearest window.
Katsuki rubbed his wrist across his lips, smearing blood along the skin, and grinned viciously. He already knew what was about to happen.

Immediately, Hisashi's goons started yelping and going down one by one, starting at the other end of the hallway.
Katsuki didn't even have time to start his own assault before his favorite hoodie wearing bastard was before him.

"Are you okay?" Izuku asked, not even looking as his whip tossed another guy out the window.

"'Course I'm okay. Nice whip," he commented and he didn't need to see
Izuku's face to know his cheeks heated instantly.

"Well, this is going to make things easier," Hisashi spoke from behind, having never left Katsuki's door. "Two birds with one stone, if you will."

He spoke in Japanese. Izuku huffed under his mask, turning to face his father.
"Yeah, sorry, we're not that easy, shithead," Katsuki snapped back but leaned in closer to Izuku to speak so no one can hear. "I can't use my shit until I get out of this damn building. Clear me a path?"

He could feel the other man's grin.

"You can count on me."
There's just something to be said about Izuku's quirk. He could definitely clear a room. All it took was a single blast of wind and everyone in Katsuki's way collapsed like dominos.

He ran straight to the window and leaped out, explosions slowing his descent to ground level.
Izuku landed right behind him, electricity rippling around him in a familiar way.

"Your quirk...," Katsuki started, eyeing him. "You're using it differently."

"Yeah, something... Ever since my attack, it's felt different," he admitted, his own eyes locked on the guys streaming
out of the building after them. "You'd know that if you hadn't been avoiding me."

"I--" Well, fuck, he hadn't been expecting the nerd to call him out

"Was it the attack I had? Or the kiss? I didn't figure you for the type of guy that runs away," the man continued lightly.
Katsuki bristled.

"Oi, I don't run from shit! I just couldn't... see you anymore," he finished awkwardly and Izuku snorted, dropping down into a familiar fighting style. The one from UA. Katsuki's heart clenched.

"Fancy way of saying you ran away but that's fine-" Izuku
chuckled softly, "because I am here now."

"Are you-" Katsuki blasted a guy back while trying to choke back his own laughter. "Are you seriously quoting All Might right fucking now?!"

"This is the perfect moment and you know it," Izuku laughed himself, kicking villain after
villain away.

"Fucking hell," Katsuki said under his breath, catching sight of Hisashi stepping out of the building. He was walking away. "Oh no, you don't, asshole!"

Katsuki blasted up and over the crowd, coming in fast. Hisashi didn't even have time to turn before the blond
slammed his feet into the guy's back.

However, on impact, the man exploded into a haze of pink smoke.

"What the-" Katsuki didn't get to finish the sentence as he suddenly stumbled, collapsing to his knees. He realized in a rush that his body was completely numb.
"Didn't they ever teach you to think before you leap, Katsuki-kun?" Hisashi chuckled as he stepped out from behind him. "As if I'd run from you and a single vigilante brat."

Katsuki heard Izuku shout something from behind. /Don't come, Deku/, was all the blond could think before
there was an impact that threw him straight into unconsciousness.
When he awoke again, he was tied to a chair with his hands in an iron clad case. Most likely was quirk proof too. Fuck, it brought back memories of the League of Villains and their bullshit.

"Kacchan? Kacchan, wake up, please."



"Oh, thank god," the man
sighed in relief. It sounded like he was right beside him but Katsuki's head was too heavy to look.

"Why..." /Why are you here?!/ he wanted to shout. Fucking asshole and his lack of self preservation!

"Sorry, I couldn't just-" he didn't get to finish the sentence as a door
opened from somewhere. It echoed in a way that suggested they were probably in one of the bastard's warehouses.

Fucking great.

"Wow, boss, you're really putting me to work today! Two guys for me to Rewrite and one of them is a Pro Hero! Ah, you're too good to me!"
"Derek, shut up and get to work already," Hisashi said, sounding tired and irritated.

"Anything in particular you want me to do?"

Katsuki managed to lift his head up to see the man approaching him. He was tall with a Cheshire grin on his face as he approached.

"Make him
into a mass murderer? Send him far away? Suicidal? There's so much to do," Derek said gleefully, leaning into Katsuki's face. "What's ya think, Ground Zero? What do you want your new life to be, huh?"

Katsuki realized with a rush that this was the guy. The one that took Izuku's
memories from him.

"You fucking bastard, die!" Katsuki tried to launch at the guy's face, even though he knew he was tied to a damn chair.

"Oo, feisty," the guy grinned hugely. "How about I give you an easy life with no issues, huh? Calm that fire down and make you a docile
little thing."

"Leave him alone!" Izuku shouted next to him, chair rattling as he struggled.

The guy glanced over to him, that smile still firmly in place. "You're next, kid, don't worry."

"Derek," Hisashi called and the man straightened up with a hum. "Keep Ground Zero the
same. Just rewrite his childhood to not include my family."

"Oh? But boss, that's boring," Derek slumped.

"It's simple. We can't have another Harleen incident. It'll spark another investigation. Just do it," Hisashi said, leaning back against the wall.
"Tsk, that's your solution, huh?" Katsuki demanded, struggling in his confines. "What happened to Deku not wanting to come back home, huh?"

He felt Izuku still next to him, a wave of confusion coming off him.

"Oh, he doesn't," Hisashi chuckled. "My son hasn't thought about
you or missed you for even a single day since we moved here."

"Bet that's because you had this guy invent a whole new life for him, huh?" Katsuki jerked his head to Derek.

"That's right~" the man answered, towering over Katsuki now. "Rewrote his whole life story. Accidentally,
messed up his quirk, though. Kind of a bummer since we had plans and all-"

"Derek, just get on with it," Hisashi said in exasperation before he stepped away from the wall. "Make sure to wrap up the vigilante real nice for the Pro Heroes when you're done."

"Fine, fine," the
man huffed, rolling up his sleeves.

"You did this to your own son?" Izuku suddenly spoke before Hisashi could step outside.

Katsuki wished he could see Izuku clearly. He could feel his emotions crackling in the air, like the electricity from his quirk.

"What of it?" Hisashi
asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Do you even the least bit bad about that? You erased your son's memories. Did you do your wife's too?"

"Why would I? They didn't want to come willingly so I had to take more drastic measures," Hisashi said simply. "It was for their own good."
"Their own good?" Izuku echoed dully and Katsuki felt the ripple of power that came off the younger man. "Their own /good/?!"

Hisashi's eyes widened. He opened his mouth to shout something, probably to call reinforcements in, but it was much too late. Izuku was pissed.
Katsuki could hear the bindings snap. And in the next second, Izuku was on his father, holding him one handed up against the wall.

"You-" he roared, shaking. "You used a /quirk/ on me?! On Mom?! And it was for our own /good/? HOW?" he demanded, hands tightening on Hisashi's

"Holy shit, boss!" Derek stepped forward to help Hisashi. He didn't see Katsuki slammed his enslaved hands over his head like a club the instant he turned away.

Derek went down and Izuku didn't even flinch.

"I knew you were a villain but I didn't think-" Izuku shook
his head. "I never /once/ thought you'd do anything to hurt us. But I guess that was part of the illusion, huh?"

"Isaiah-" Hisashi started and Izuku laughed. He released his father and took a step back.

"Is that even my name? Is it?" Izuku demanded. When Hisashi didn't answer,
he spun to Katsuki. "What's my name!?"

Izuku stared at him, eyes wild and filled with tears. He looked seconds away from another attack.

"I can't tell you right now," Katsuki said gently, stepping forward. "Just... trust me, okay? Get these off of me and I promise I'll fix
everything, okay?"

Izuku swallowed and closed his eyes for a moment. "O-okay. I'll trust you... Kacchan."

"Isaiah, wait, don't listen to-" Hisashi tried to stand and reach for Izuku.

Big mistake.

The man whipped around so fast and cracked his fist into his father's jaw so
hard that Katsuki could hear the dislocation. Midoriya Hisashi collapsed in a heap on the floor with Izuku standing over him.

Katsuki was mildly disappointed he didn't get the chance to punch the asshole's lights out first. Izuku removed the bindings using the key on Hisashi's
belt and Katsuki reached up to brush away the tears rolling down the other man's face.

"You okay?" he asked and Izuku shook his head.

"No," he said firmly as he tugged Katsuki's hands away. "But we'll worry about that later. Call it in."

"Are you going to...?"

"No, I think my
time as a vigilante is over now," Izuku said, wiping at his cheek with a sniff. "Put in a good word for me, I guess."

"I will. Trust me," Katsuki promised.

Izuku laughed softly. "I do trust you. Always have. Is that because I already know you and just don't remember?"
"I can't tell you," Katsuki said softly. "Not now. It's too dangerous for you."

"Okay..." Izuku released a long sigh before he nodded. "Let's get this over with then."

And Katsuki called Poison Ivy and told her the good news.

"We got him."
Iza was separated from Katsuki the second the Pro Heroes descended on the warehouse. All villains inside the place were taken into custody and, well, vigilantes sort of counted it seemed.

Katsuki was pissed but his head injury stopped him from fighting his coworkers off
of him. Iza went quietly, though. Merely smiled and allowed the heroes to take him in. After all, Katsuki promised to put in a good word for him.

Iza's head was still spinning over his father's confession. His whole life was a /lie/. He wasn't Isaiah Sato. His mother wasn't
Haruna. He was... Deku? Was that his name? If so, it was kind of shitty. Why would his parents name his useless?

Then again, his father /was/ a villain.

Iza sighed heavily, dropping his head to the
desk in the interrogation room he'd been tossed into. No one had interrogated him. He wasn't in handcuffs so he supposed that meant he wasn't being arrested.

Katsuki must have been keeping his word.


Who was he to Iza? In this life he had forgotten, was the blond
someone important to him?

He didn't know, couldn't remember, but he wanted it to be true. Because since that kiss, Iza had started to accept the feelings he had for the hero. It didn't make sense. It wasn't logical. But he was certain he liked - maybe even loved - him.
His head kept going in circles, around and around, with all the possibilities. If he got his memories back, what then? What did that mean for the Iza version of himself?

He had no idea and he didn't have much time to think on it either when a very familiar blond stepped into
the room.

"Hey, nerd," Katsuki said as he flopped into the seat across from him. "You alright?"

"Not really, no," he admitted softly, raising his head. "You?"

"Besides the head trauma, yeah, I'm okay... I-" he swallowed before he sighed. "Look, about your memories-"
"The attacks were from when I started to remember, right?" The blond nodded, lips pressed together thinly. "Then you don't have to tell me. It'll probably just make everything worse, right?"

"It could, yeah," he said and Iza nodded to himself.

"Okay so why don't you tell me
what's next then?"

"Poison Ivy knows everything. About what Hisashi did to you and your mother. I filled her in after we first met. That Derek guy is refusing to cooperate on fixing Auntie, you, and whoever else he's fucked with," Katsuki said easily.

"Of course he is," Iza
said with a bit of a sigh. "So, how else are we going to fix this mess?"

"Ha, lucky for /us/, I happen to know a guy who's a bit of an expert on making people do what he wants," Katsuki said with a slow grin. "And he's willing to fly over here to help your ass out."

Why me?"

"Let's just say the Deku I know has friends in high places, alright?"

"The Deku you know...," Iza said slowly, staring down at his hands. "I'm... a little worried about that."

"Worried? About what?"

"What if I'm... different?" he asked and the blond's forehead
furrowed in confusion. "You know, what if... getting my memories back changes me? I'm /me/, right now, and I'll be this Deku you know afterwards, right? What if all the things I feel now won't be there anymore? What if I stop-"

/Loving you/.

"Shit, Deku," Katsuki shook his
head. "That's some stupid shit to worry about. Even without your memories, nothing about you changed, got that?"


"Absolutely nothing," Katsuki said firmly. "You're still a quirk analyzing nerd. You still love All Might. You're the biggest Mommy's boy I know. You
still wanted to be a hero, even though you had to settle for being a vigilante instead. Trust me, they didn't change one bit of you. They just slapped a stupid ass name onto you is all."

"So...," Iza paused as he swallowed down his nervousness, clenching his eyes shut tightly.
"So, even when I get my memories back, I'll still love you like I do now?"

Silence followed his words and he could feel himself sweat. He hadn't meant to confess but what other choice did he have? If he forgot, he wanted Katsuki to know how he truly felt in that moment.
"I dunno how you felt before. You never told me. Either way, it doesn't matter."

Iza felt those words like a dagger to his chest. The tears came instantly, burning his eyes, and stealing the air from his lungs.

"Fuck," Katsuki cursed, standing up from his seat. "Idiot, that's
not what I meant. Let me fucking finish, alright?"

The blond tried to grab his hand but Iza jerked away, refusing to look at him. Katsuki sighed heavily.

"Deku, look at me. Please?"

It took him a second to gather up the courage to look him in the eye, to hear his rejection.
However, the second he took in the other's face, his heart started racing. Butterflies dropped into his stomach and the pain from before disappeared.

Because the blond had the softest, most loving look on his face.

"Deku, it doesn't matter if you loved me before or not. If you
forget, I'll just make you fall for me all over again, got it?" Katsuki said firmly. "Because /I/ love you, alright? And I'm not letting you get away that easily."

Iza flung his arms around Katsuki and sobbed freely into his shoulder. He felt the other's arms close around
him and pull him close.

"Such a crybaby," the blond said fondly, rubbing soothing circles into his back. "And, just for the record, if you forget that confession, you're gonna have to wait for the next one, okay?"

Iza laughed weakly, nodding against his skin. "Okay."
It wasn't long after that Derek was brought into the room. Along with his mother, Poison Ivy, and a taller man with light purple hair.

"You finally found him," the man drawled, looking at Katsuki.

"'Course I fucking did. I said I would, didn't I?" the blond huffed, hand
holding onto Iza's tightly.

"True," he said with a shrug. "Just surprised. You don't remember me, do you?" the man asked Iza, who shook his head slowly.

"No... I'm sorry." And he was. How many friends did he forget?

"It's alright. I'll be fixing that soon and we'll just have
to go out for lunch to make up for it," he said simply, cracking his neck.

"Alright then," Poison Ivy said, situating the villain Derek across from Iza and Haruna. He was tied tightly in vines and couldn't move an inch. "Are you ready, Shinsou?"

"Definitely," he said, facing
the villain. A thick vine removed itself from Derek's face, freeing his mouth and uncovering his eyes.

"Who the hell are you?" he demanded of the purple haired man. "I'm not saying shit, dude."

"Really? You sure you don't want to confess anything?" Shinsou asked with a raised
eyebrow. Derek scoffed.

"I'm pos--" The man stopped in mid sentence, eyes suddenly going blank.

"Well, that was easy," Shinsou said lightly. "How about you undo that quirk of yours now, Derek? I'm sure these two would like their memories back."

The man was released and stood.
He shuffled around the table in an almost zombie like manner. Then he placed a hand against Haruna's head and closed his eyes. Iza watched as a strange glow surrounded his mother, her eyes going blank for a moment.

When Derek removed his hand, however, those same eyes filled up
with tears and the woman began sobbing.

"Mom?" Iza was up immediately. "Are you okay? Mom?"

"Izuku?" she asked wetly, eyes finally landing on him. "Oh, Izuku! I'm so sorry!"

I... Izuku? Was that his name?

He didn't get the chance to ask before he suddenly felt a hand
press on the top of his head. He flinched, tried to move away, but it was too late.

He didn't have words to describe the rush he felt afterwards. One second, he was Iza Sato, son to Haruna and Hisashi Sato. And the next, he /remembered/.

His name was Midoriya Izuku.
And the lavender haired man's name was Shinsou Hitoshi. They were friends during UA. His mother's name was Midoriya Inko. He was born in Japan. He /knew/ Japanese.

And the blond staring at him in mild concern was Bakugou Katsuki. Kacchan, his childhood friend and /boyfriend/.
Before he knew what he was doing, he reached up and jerked the blond into a kiss in front of everyone. His mother stopped crying immediately with a surprised gasp and Shinsou laughed out loud.

And Kacchan kissed him back for all he was worth. He held him like he was going to
disappear all over again. And when they finally pulled away, Izuku brushed a hand over his cheek and smiled.

"I love you too, Kacchan."


So, I don't think this is as long as the FBI one but I honestly love this one SO MUCH. I hope you enjoyed these last two parts, even if I had to make a lot of you wait for them 😅I hope it was worth it, at least?
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