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I’ll be unboxing this on twitter later tonight. Join me! #dnd
Tip: it’s not where the board games are at Target, where you’d expect to find it. It’s on an endcap between the toy aisle and electronics.
“Cooperative storytelling game”. No “roleplaying game” in this description. No big deal, curious to note.
Right on the box, @DnDBeyond
Screw it. Lets do this now. Real quick glance. #dnd
Brings a bag of red dice right on top. If you’re new to #dnd, the funny dice you’ve heard of are front and center as soon as you open the box.
Having a pair of d20s is the new standard for the game.
Next, the adventure. Thick book. Nicely bound.
Looks like a nice long gaming experience.
Glossy paper, nice color maps throughout. Quality is A+ (more on the maps later).
Includes monsters of course.
It makes sure the DM understands that replicating these colorful maps is not necessary.

Which is why I LOVE the black and white @DysonLogos style we are seeing these days.

Also, here’s a peak at the solo rules.
No mention of minis or tokens as far as I can tell. This is all imagination driven.
Brings a box! For you to store your cards in it. Tons of cards. No monster cards though. Bummer.
Cards are perforated. Easy to rip apart.
Double sided map. Nice quality. Sigh. The Sword Coast. Again. 🙂
Simple cover.
Same quality as the adventure book. Good stuff.
What’s next?
Ok. This DM screen is kind of flimsy. But that art. THAT ART! may be my favorite 5e piece.
This rounds out the set.
I’ll revisit this thread later. Thought I’d give you a peek. 👍👍
This looks like a Fellowship.
Check out my Patreon, it makes my podcast and reviews like these possible. And it’s for a good cause!
Want to take a look inside the books with me?
The first thing I’ll look at is the 1-on-1 rules, or Sidekicks, as the rules calles them.
There are three types of Sidekicks: Spellcaster (caster to harm foes or healer), Expert (jack of all trades), and Warrior (martial companion who can defend or attack). They have stat blocks like monsters.
They have proficiencies, and gain levels with the PC. As they gain level, a chart tells you what they improve.
They go up to 6th level. At 7th level they tell you that they don’t feel so good and disappear in a cloud of ash.
That’s really all there is to these rules. Not too complex. It’s an NPC that tags along. The box includes 9 in cards.
Can we stop to appreciate the art here? I love 5e art.
The rules are the rules. Nothing new here if you know 5e. Beyond these sidekick rules, there’s nothing you’ll be surprised by.

And no, @SlyFlourish, no guidelines for theater of the mind, although this set says absolutely nothing about miniatures or tokens. At all that I can see
The art, as always, A+.
Char gen: two options to generate ability scores: roll 4d6 6 times and pick the 3 highest results, or use 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8.
The set includes just 5 backgrounds: acolyte, criminal, entertainer, sage, and soldier.
Hiding gets its own sidebar in the rules.
Side thought: if this Is your first exposure, you finish reading this and assume there’s no other way to do combat but straightforward as described here—all in your head. No mention of any other way, implied or otherwise.
Nice art pieces throughout the rules.
This is combat. Fits on a card!
We’re mostly here for this. A new adventure by @ChrisPerkinsDnD
I will NOT be spoiling this adventure.
Sidekicks are available from the start obviously.
The adventure begins in the mining town of Phandalin. A white dragon is causing trouble. Go get it. 😆
Two thoughts: I see no mention of the factions as options for the PCs, at all. At least not in my flip through. Second, this is a quest driven adventure. Non linear in its design. Very cool.
Here is the link to “Lost Mine”
I want to say that the monster art is new. Right?
The adventure makes use of a job board in town, with quests on it. DMs are told to hand out 3 quest cards at the beginning and go from there. When those are completed, more quests open up, or are “posted” on the board.
33 monster stat blocks are included. Some new just for this adventure.
And I think that’s it. I have nothing more to add here. It’s a cool set. I’d love to run it.

Standouts: tactical combat as far as this set is concerned is a thing of the past. Realms factions are not mentioned.

Any questions? No spoilers.
And I guess of you like what I do here on twitter, my blog, or podcast, keep following or consider supporting my $1 patreon! I try to engage with my followers here on twitter— so say hi!!
Y para mis amigos latinos o españoles, si les interesaría contenido en español, dejenme saber. No hago mucho porque me da la impresión que todos uds hablan inglés bastante bién. 😛
Hey, by the way.... on the adventure credits, look who is back... Richard Baker! #dnd
And this is the artist responsible for the cover art and DM screen.
It doesn’t even recommend a 1” grid (not even the adventure grid they themselves sell!). It recommeds the dm have a stack of graph paper for drawing “quick” maps and a note pad to keep track of details like marching order.
And the adventure itself is a made yp of a series of locations (13 distinct ones), each with quests to complete. Finishing quests unlocks others.
Mechanically, the dragon can appear randomly at any location and do dragon things. This adventure is super non linear. 🙂
I like this adventure quite a bit actually, because it is super modular. You could take these (self contained) locales and place them anywhere you want. They really mostly have nothing to do with the dragon anyway. He appears randomly as they visit locations on quests.
Check out how leveling works: completing a starting quest levels you up to 3. Once you hit 3, completing a starting quest does nothing for you. Completing two follow up quests levels you up past 3. Slaying the dragon also levels you up. Very straight forward.
“In the what’s next?” sidebar I would have expected to find an AL mention about places to play or so forth. Nothing. It mentions needing the books or the @DnDBeyond app to level these characters past 6, and buying adventures at DMs Guild or the published hardcovers.
I like how the adventure encourages the use of all the stuff the box brings.
Okay. I am done now. Nothing more to say unless I start spoiling things and I won’t do that. I hope you enjoyed this thread. I like doing them. #dnd
Finally, if you like what I do here consider supporting my $1 Patreon, sone of it goes to a good cause I’m passionate about!
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