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[American Traitors 1] [The Excavator Team Production]
[the Bidens, the Kerrys colluded with CCP to make money]
Mr.Steve Bannon when addressing the Committee on the Present Danger, slammed Biden! He questioned the source of their family's assets.
[American Traitors 1.1]
This tweet digs into Biden's son, Kerry's step son to see how they collude with the CCP! At the Shanghai Free Trade Zone they established a so called "USD Investments Fund" and exchanged RMB for USD to perform money laundering for the traitors of China.
[American Traitors 2]
This tread includes people and organizations:
BHR Partners (HNA's subsidiary, Wang Qishan's family's business)
Bohai Industrial Investment Fund Management Company(Wang Qishan's family business)
[American Traitors 2.1]
Bohai Industry Investment Fund (Wang Qishan's family's business)
Rosemont Seneca Partners Capital
Thornton Group LLC (Chairman James J. Bulger)
[American Traitors 3]
Hunter Binden, son of former US Vice President. Biden announced his 2020 Presidential candidacy. If Biden is elected, the CCP is going to be jubilant.
Christopher Heinz, stepson of former US Secretary of State John Kerry.
[American Traitors 3.1]
Shanghai Ample Harvest Finance Services Company (Chairman Zhao Xuejun)
Harvest Fund Management (Chairman Zhao Xuejun)
Shanghai Free Trade Zone
HNA Group
[American Traitors 4]
On 2014-2-27 CCP's financial media Caixin reported BHR RMB M&A Fund was established. Their target size was of RMB 2.5B and was managed by Bohai Industrial Investment Fund Management Co., ltd.
[American Traitors 4.1]
This non eye-catching financial news did not caught people's attention. What does it has to do with the Biden family, the Kerry family and HNA Group? Dig deeper! Bohai? The word leads to much linking thought.
[American Traitors 5]
On 2014-7-11 Sina Finance reported: A consortium of Chinese and foreign private equity firm is raising USD 1.5B for overseas investment by BHR Fund. The RMB-denominated portion were converted to US dollars through the Shanghai Free Trade Zone.
[American Traitors 5.1]
(The RMB was exchanged for US dollars in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone?? Let's guess what this is for? Don't be blinded by its surface reasons. What ever that is, it is money laundering!)
[American Traitors 6]
Keywords: Sino-foreign (CCP traitors, American traitors!)
Private Equity companies (private funds, private business)
USD xx hundred millions used in overseas investment (bold money laundering)
[American Traitors 6.1}
RMB-denominated portion were converted to US dollars in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone (Wow! Who has that ability and mandate?)
[American Traitors 7]
DT comment: The traitors loves this sort of money laundering companies?They can rightfully launder money in name of overseas investment. Remember what Miles Kwok's said?
[American Traitors 7.1]
After Kwok's disclosure campaign has started, the traitors are rushing towards manic money laundering. The discount rate can reach 75% (???)! That is, in laundering USD 100M, the cost can become 75M USD! The traitors has turned maniacal!
[American Traitors 8]
BHR Group was jointly established by Bohai Industry Investment Fund, Harvest Fund and US investment company Rosemont Seneca Partners (Rosemont Seneca Partners Capital) and Thornton Group LLC.
[American Traitors 8.1]
It begun to raise funds in the second quarter of 2014. Their fund-raising target was raised from the original USD 1B to USD 1.5B. The fund would seek global investment opportunities, focusing on M&A investment in European and US markets.
[American Traitors 9]
[Key point] There was another parallel US dollar fund (scale RMB 2.5B). The co-founders of the two funds included Bohai Industry Investment Fund, Shanghai Ample Harvest Finance Services Company, Rosemont Seneca Partners and Thornton Group LLC
[American Traitors 10]
Mainly to conduct M&A investment in mature markets in developed countries like US and Europe, introduction of foreign advanced technology into China and would focus on manufacturing, natural resources,
[American Traitors 10.1]
service markets. The RMB fund would be raised by Bohai Industry Investment Fund and Shanghai Ample Harvest Finance Services in China and the US dollar fund be raised by foreign partners in international markets.
(key: M&A in US and European markets)!
[American Traitors 11]
[HNA show up]
The real investor to BHR Group, after much digging up, is Sunhonorcapital. At their website: In 2016, Sunhonorcapital established BHR Equity Investment Fund (RMB 3.5B),
[American Traitors 11.1]
utilizing HNA's rich in listed companies as platform along with M&A fund as double wheel in building China's largest M&A Fund.
[American Traitors 12]
Website of Sunhonorcapital: 500M US dollars investment in Tu Niu! According to public information, Tuniu's shareholders as of the end of 2017-03; HNA 26.5%, JD dot com 20.6%!
100% HNA's subsidiary!!! It was being ignored before!!!
[American Traitors 13]
Sunhonorcapital website self-introduction: Sunhonorcapital is a company invested by Haihang Tourism Group (subsidiary of HNA Group) specializing in tourism equity investment and management business.
[American Traitors 13.1]
It was established in 2012-04-26, registered capital of RMB 100M. In 2014-04, it was registered as a private equity fund manager at the China Securities Investment Fund Association.
[American Traitors 14]
5 government-led industrial funds is managed by the company, and other industrial investment funds such as Dinghong, Dingyu, Hailv Shengyu, Haibaibaijia, Tuniu, etc. is currently initiating the establishment of Guangzhou Dingkun,
[American Traitors 14.1]
& Fuzhou Airline Silkroad Fund with which it has a scale of RMB 16.8B. The company's shareholders are Haihang Tourism Group Co., Ltd. and HNA Tourism Group Co., Ltd.
Hainan Airlines!! Take a look at the organization structure of Beijing Travel Shenghong:
[American Traitors 15]
Sunhonorcapital's office address is directly located in HNA Building: Blk B 9/F, Hainan Airlines Building, No.2, East 3rd Ring North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing.
pic: Hainan airline flight attendant 。
[American Traitors 16]
Let's see the partners of Sunhonorcapital:
Houlihan Lokey, Inc; Houlihan Lokey Investment Banking Services Company, US multinational independent investment banks and financial services companies.
[American Traitors 16.1]
Houlihan was established in 1972 and is headquartered in Constellation Place in Century City, Los Angeles, California. Managing Director Weimin Chen (??? now, not Chen: changed person???)
(FBI shoud investigate this company!!!)
[American Traitors 17]
Clairfield International.
The European House Ambrosetti, is shareholder of K Finance. K Finance has extensive experiences in promoting local and cross-border transactions, and its projects cover a wide range of industries.
[American Traitors 17.1]
K Finance is a member of Clairfield International Partnership and one of the co-founders. (A big international money laundering network?! (FBI! please come out!!!)
[American Traitors 18]
DB&S(IMAP DB&S Corporate Finance): This company is even more! IMAP DB&S self-introduction: IMAP DB&S provides independent strategic advice for mid-sized companies in M&A and corporate finance.
[American Traitors 18.1]
DB&S said: We have cross-border experiences in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa.
(M&A and financing! The so-called M&A has become a polished reason for the CCP's traitor to launder money!)
[American Traitors 19]
IMAP DB&S business transaction name list in China: Huitai Group, Zhongdian Motor, Zhongwang Group, NetDimensions and Sea Group (Sea Group was founded in Hong Kong in 1956 and listed on the HK Exchange in 1973).
[American Traitors 20]
IMAP DB&S have also Advance Printing Company International Ltd as customer. There is also Dutech Holdings Ltd (Multidimensional Technology Holdings, Genesis Group, a Singapore-listed global manufacturer of high-security products.
[American Traitors 20.1]
The Genesis Group is a multi-disciplinary multinational group headquartered in Shanghai, with multiple subsidiaries located in Nantong, China and Germany. It also hold R&D and sales centers in Europe, US, and Brazil.
American Traitors 21]
Advised FXCM Asia Limited (a forex brokerage company later acquired by Rakuten Securities, Australia (RSA) foreign exchange and metal brokers).
Xi'an Shaangu Power Co. Ltd.
Xingyu Shares
[American Traitors 21.1]
Webasto (Hebei Nanfeng Auto Equipment Group)
Zhongtai Huacheng
GF Securities

(to be continued, not final yet !)
[American Traitors 22]
Guotai Junan Securities
Cantone Immigration Consultant
BOC International
Great Wall Securities
Founder Securities (Founder Group! CCP traitors' base camp!!)
China Railway Trust
[American Traitors 22.1]
China Development Bank (Wang Qishan family!!)
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Bank of Tianjin
China Zheshang Bank (Ant Financial Services Group shareholding)
[American Traitors 22.2]
Postal Savings Bank of China

(a complete and complex large international money laundering network?!)
[American Traitors 23]
BHR Partners was established in 2014-07. In September, it invested RMB 6B in Sinopec! Superb! Sinopec disclosed on 2014-09-14 that 25 domestic and foreign investors subscribed with RMB 107.094 billions in cash for 29.99% stake in Sinopec Sales Company .
[American Traitors 23.1]
BHR Partners subscribed 1.68% of the sales company with a consideration of 6 billion yuan, and the subscription amount ranked 7th among 25 investors. Biden, Kerry, do you know your son has done so terrible good??!!
[American Traitors 24]
Regarding the reason of the shareholding, the responsible person of BHR Partners said that it is mainly based upon the characteristics of non-replicability of the huge oil sales network.
[American Traitors 24.1]
“The Sinopec sales company has the infrastructure characteristics of stable profit and cash flow from the oil business, and the non-oil business has the potential to achieve explosive growth through this non-replicable network.”
[American Traitors 24.2]
(DT: Is it not that Sinopec's huge market in mainland China was being targeted ?!)
[American Traitors 25]
Bohai Industrial Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. was established on 2016-12-28 with a registered capital of RMB 200 million. The shareholders include: BOC International Holdings Limited (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank of China,
[American Traitors 25.1]
Tian Guoli was once Chairman of the Bank of China, Tian Guoli used to be assistant to Wang Qishan! Tian Guoli’s son Tian Ding is suspected of participated in the killing of HNA’s Chairman Wang Jian in France!).
[American Traitors 26]
Liu Huiwen, Chairman of Tianjin TEDA Investment Holdings Co., Ltd., left the post of Party Secretary of TEDA Holdings in May 2011, and Zhang Jun, secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee of Tanggu, took over as Chairman of TEDA Co., Ltd (Magical!)
[American Traitors 26.1]
Liu Huiwen later served as Chairman of Northern International Trust. Liu and become member of Tianjin Political Consultative Conference. Liu committed suicide at home on 2014-04-19. The police learned that Liu Huiwen had a long-term depression.
[American Traitors 26.2]
(Oh, Liu committed suicide at home?he knew too much~)
[American Traitors 27]
National Social Security Fund Council
Bank of China Group Investment Co., Ltd.
Postal Savings Bank of China Co., Ltd. (On 2016-11-13 Ka-shing Li suddenly sold The Center in Hong Kong, amounting to HKD 35.8 billion, to the Postal Savings Bank of China.
[American Traitors 27.1]
The agent in this deal was a mysterious woman, who earned a commission of over 700 million Hong Kong dollars!
(Boldly sent a big gift! if anyone has insider information about this mysterious agent, please contact me!)
[American Traitors 28]
Tianjin Jinneng Investment Co., Ltd.
China Development Bank Capital Corporation Ltd.
China Life Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd.
China Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
Tianjin Urban Infrastructure Construction & Investment (Group) Co., Ltd.
[American Traitors 29]
Bohai Industrial Investment Fund Management Team:
Li Xiangsheng: GM and Convener of Investment Decision Committee. Director, General Manager and Chairman of the Investment Committee of
Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Management Co.,Ltd.
[American Traitors 29-1]
It's another agent of the Wang Qishan family! Li Xiangsheng, do you remember how Wang Jian died?
[American Traitors 30]
[Look at the beauty!]
Zhu Hui: Chief Financial Officer and member of the Investment Decision Committee of BHR Fund. She joined the Bohai Fund in 2007 and was previously an audit partner of Tianjin Certified Public Accountants
[American Traitors 30.1]
(later renamed: Jinyuan Certified Public Acct, Wuzhou United Certified Public Acct) and Deloitte China CPA. She is now fully responsible for the financial work of the company and the fund, and is responsible for managing the company's investment business.
[American Traitors 31]
CCP official media reports: 2015-09-10 Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. and AVIC Automotive jointly acquired US Henniges Automotive.
[American Traitors 31.1]
The 100% equity project was successfully completed in Detroit, Michigan, and the acquisition amounted to USD 572M.

[American Traitors 32]
CCP media said: Bohai Harvest RST is the first cross-border M&A fund in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, jointly established by four Chinese and foreign investment institutions, including Bohai Industry Investment Fund, Shanghai Ample Harvest Finance Services Co,
[American Traitors 32.1]
Rosemont Seneca Partners and Thornton Group. BHR is a cross-border M&A platform under Bank of China. It seeks investment opportunities on global scale, with a focus on M&A project investment in Euro & USA
(Uncover it! Bohai Harvest RST is HNA!)
[American Traitors 33]
Rosemont Seneca Partners, LLC was less well known, but instantly became the only non-Chinese capital to participate in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone in exchanging RMB for US dollars overseas investment business?!
[American Traitors 33.1]
Where is the origin of this fund? Is it so marvelous? ! Let's keep on digging!
[American Traitors 34]
2018-03 US Amazon new book, which name "Secret Empire", in Chinese "神秘帝國", came out! The author of the book is a US investigative journalist, conservative writer Peter Schweizer. book shows that the CCP has given to former US Vice President Biden,
[American Traitors 34.1]
former Secretary of State Kerry’s family, the current Senate Majority Leader McConnell, and to family of McConnell's wife Elaine Chao, who is US Secretary of Transportation, business which provided hundreds of millions of dollars.
[American Traitors 35]
Regarding the relationship among the current Senate Majority Leader McConnell and his wife Elaine Chao, who is the US Secretary of Transportation, the Chinese Communist Party and the Jiang family,
[American Traitors 35.1]
please look at another extended excavating tweet: [US Foremost Group, the CCP and the Jiang family]【美国福茂集团与中共和江家】
[American Traitors 36]
The book pointed out that the private equity fund Rosemont Seneca Partners has close relations with the CCP. The company is owned by Biden's son Hunter Biden and Kerry's stepson Christopher Heinz. A few days after Biden’s visit to China in December 2013,
[American Traitors 36.1]
the company partnered with Bank of China to set up a USD 1B fund to become the first company in the west world to invest in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone!

[American Traitors 37]
Former Vice President Biden’s assistant said that Schweizer’s book was politically motivated, confusing, that there were obvious factual errors in the book (Was it a factual mistake? Let it be supplemented by DT!),
[American Traitors 37.1]
Schweizer was Influenced and supported by the conservative media Breitbart. A spokesperson for Kerry said that the book used false and fabricated facts for slandering (DT : If the author were really slandering, why didn't they Prosecute the author????)
[American Traitors 38]
The book quotes public information such as news reports and company records as evidence. The information shows the wife of the US Senate Majority Leader McConnell, current US Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao's Foremost Group and
[American Traitors 38.1]
China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) has significant business contacts. The Foremost Group's vessels are manufactured by China state-owned shipyard and are in part funded by the Chinese government.
[American Traitors 38.2]
Chinese are employed as crews on these vessels in operation and are shipping goods for Chinese state-owned enterprises.
[American Traitors 39]
A spokesperson for the Department of Transportation said that the statement in the book is unground and irresponsible, that Elaine Chao has not participated in the family business for more than 40 years, She and McConnell did not invest in Foremost Group.
[American Traitors 39.1]
(Ha ha ha, it’s ridiculous!! This is like Wen Jiabao has said he never participated in his family business!! You Elaine Chao may not engage in business, but your family’s relationship with the CCP is irrefutable!)
[American Traitors 40]
Schweizer pointed out in the book that a government document showed that Elaine Chao and McConnell received a gift worth of USD 5M or USD 25M from Elaine Chao's father James Si-Cheng Chao, the founder of Foremost Group, in 2008.
[American Traitors 40.1]
McConnell’s personal wealth has more than doubled then.
Ten days after the end of 2016 US presidential election, Elaine Chao’s sister Angela Chao was appointed as a director of Bank of China. Angela Chao is the Chairman and CEO of Foremost Group!
[American Traitors 41]
Continue to dig on Rosemont Seneca Partners, LLC. It is such a huge investment fund that invests huge amounts of money in the monopolized industry of the Chinese Communist Party. Its official website www rosemontseneca com has now ceased to exist! Funny?!
[American Traitors 41.1]
Company address: 1010 Wisconsin Avenue, NW Suite705, Washington, DC, 202-333-1880
Bloomberg's brief introduction page:
[American Traitors 42]
In the company overview of Rosemont Seneca Partners by Bloomberg, there is only one name in the list of company executives: Mr. Robert Hunter Biden ! ! ! Robert Hunter Biden, the son of former US Vice President Joe Biden! ! !
[American Traitors 43]
"The Secret Empires" wrote: In 2013-12, Vice President Biden and his son Hunter Biden flew to China on Air Force II. Ten days after the trip, a subsidiary of Bank of China signed an agreement with Hunter Biden's investing company Rosemont Seneca Partners
[American Traitors 43.1]
to form a USD 1 billion joint venture, the Bohai Harvest RST fund. The deal increased to USD 1.5 billion later.
[American Traitors 44]
CCP media "Pedaily": Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd. was established in 2013 with a registered capital of RMB 25 million. It is a company co-founded by Bohai Industrial Investment Fund Management,
[American Traitors 44.1]
Shanghai Ample Harvest Finance Services, Ang Ju Investment Consulting Co. Ltd., Rosemont Seneca, and Thornton, LLC. The company is mainly responsible for managing the BHR M&A fund under the Bohai Industrial Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.
[American Traitors 45]
look at Bohai Harvest RST management team: Devon Archer: a close friend of former US Secretary of State Kerry and co-founder of Rosemont Capital, LLC. He is currently the Vice-Chairman and a member of the investment committee of
[American Traitors 45.1]
Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Management Co., He had served as a senior adviser to the then US Secretary of State, John Kerry, in the 2004 presidential campaign, and served as Co-Chairman of the National Finance and Economics Committee.
[American Traitors 46]
Hunter Biden: Managing Director of Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd., Managing Partner of Rosemont Capital, LLC., World Food Program USA Board Chairman, Center for National Policy,
[American Traitors 46.1]
Truman National Security Project, director of US Global Leadership Coalition, member of the Executive Council on Development of Center for Strategic and International Studies and member of the Chairman's Advisory Council for National Democratic Institute.
[American Traitors 47]
Robert Hunter Biden, born February 4, 1970, is the second son of former US Vice President Joe Biden! ! ! Director of the US Center on National Policy! ! ! Traveled to China and colluded with the CCP’s traitors! ! ! That is genuine American traitor! ! !
[American Traitors 47.1]
May I ask the former Vice President of the United States, Mr. Joe Biden: Will you be able to say that you have never engaged in your son’s business?!
[American Traitors 48]
James J. Bulger: Current Chairman of Thornton, Director of Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Management Co., Bulger had established a number of companies focused on energy and infrastructure development or construction.
[American Traitors 48.1]
In 2005, a consortium was formed to bid for the construction work on Line 9 of the Beijing Subway (What?! Such Awesome???!!). Since then, it had successfully engaged in cross-country transactions between China and the United States through Thornton.
[American Traitors 49]
With James J. Bulger as Chairman, what this THORNTON GROUP LLC, really is? By @MischaEDM discovery: The Thornton Group is a company in Massachusetts . James's uncle is in fact the gangster killer James Whitley Bulger, boss of the Winter Hill Gang,
[American Traitors 49.1]
which is a part of the South Boston Mafia. Whitley was charged with 19 murders before disappearing but was subsequently arrested, tried and sentenced! An American Mafia!
[American Traitors 50]
Rosemont Seneca Partners is an investment company and is a part of Rosemont Capital. Rosemont is headquartered in Washington, DC. Founded in 2009, Rosemont Capital is controlled by Hunter Biden and Christopher Heinz,
[American Traitors 50.1]
stepson of former Secretary of State John Kerry. Devon Archer, a longtime friend of 德文赫尔(Devon Hill?) and Kerry are also involved. The third partner in China trading is the Thornton Group!
[American Traitors 51]
”Secret Empires“ Excerpt: The US delegation was visiting Japan, China and South Korea. But the visit to China was most likely to create conflicts and controversy. The Obama administration had established an "Asia Pivot" in its international strategy,
[American Traitors 51.1]
shifting attention away from Euro & toward Asia. For Hunter Biden, the trip coincided with a major deal that Rosemont Seneca was striking with state-owned Bank of China. From his perspective, the timing couldn't have been better.
[American Traitors 52]
"Secret Empires" Excerpt: Vice President Biden, Hunter Biden arrived to a red carpet. The delegation then met with Vice President Li Yuanchao held talks with President Xi Jinping.
[American Traitors 52.1]
Hunter and Finnegan Biden met with the US Ambassador to China, Gary Locke, at the Liu Xian Guan Teahouse in Dongcheng District, Beijing. Is Gary Locke the one who Yang Lan went "search for lost keys"?
[American Traitors 53]
"Secret Empires" Excerpt: What was not reported was the deal that Hunter Biden was securing. Rosemont Seneca Partners had been negotiating an exclusive deal with Chinese officials, which they signed about 10 days after Hunter visited China with his father.
[American Traitors 53.1]
The most powerful financial institution in China, Bank of China, was setting up a joint venture with Rosemont Seneca. In 2009, Hunter Biden, Chris Heinz and Devon Archer formed Rosemont Capital.
[American Traitors 54]
"Secret Empires" Excerpt: According to an e-mail surveyed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Rosemont describes itself as "a USD 2.4B private equity firm jointly owned by Hunter Biden and Chris Heinz" ,
[American Traitors 54.1]
where Devon Archer is the "Managing Partner." Devon Archer is mentioned above, the vice chairman of the Bohai Harvest RST fund!
[American Traitors 55]
"Secret Empires" Excerpt: Rosemont Capital consists of multiple funds - Rosemont Seneca Partners, Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners and Rosemont Realty - Rosemont Capital is a separate legal entity.
[American Traitors 55.1]
Rosemont Seneca Partners and the Thornton Group have established a joint venture in China (Bohai Harvest RST fund! - one of the investors is Sunhonorcaptital -- HNA!).
[American Traitors 56]
"Secret Empires" Excerpt: Thornton Group is run by James Bulger, the nephew of an underworld character James "Whitley" Bulger. James Bulger's father Billy Bulger, Whitey's younger brother, serves on the board of directors of the Thornton Group.
[American Traitors 56.1]
He is the longtime leader of the Massachusetts state Senate and a political ally of Massachusetts Senator John Kerry.
[American Traitors 57]
”Secret Empires“ Excerpt: Thornton Group's meeting minutes on its Chinese website tells us: Chinese senior officials expressed their "warm welcome to Thornton Group and US partner Rosemont Seneca chairman Hunter Biden (son of now Vice President Biden)".
[American Traitors 57.1]
The three Americans met with the largest and most powerful government fund leaders in China. - even though Rosemont was both new and small. - BGY standard practice!
[American Traitors 58]
"Secret Empires" Excerpt: The timing of this meeting was also curious. It occurred just hours before Hunter Biden's father met with Chinese President Hu Jingtao in Washington as part of the Nuclear Security Summit.
[American Traitors 58.1]
In 2011, Rosemont Seneca Partners held a second meeting with the Chinese government fund managers.
[American Traitors 59]
"Secret Empires" Excerpt: In May 2011, the same meeting with many of China’s financial giants in Taiwan was held for the second time. For a small company like Rosemont Seneca with no track record, this was an impressive level of access to China's largest
[American Traitors 59.1]
financial players. And just two weeks later, Biden met with Chinese officials and a strategic dialogue between the United States and China was opened in Washington. - Genuine American traitors!
[American Traitors 60]
In December 2013, Hunter Biden and his father, Vice President, Joe Biden, aboard Air Force II and reached a deal with Bank of China for Rosemont's joint venture investment fund. The new fund is named Bohai Harvest RST-
[American Traitors 60.1]
or BHR (In Chinese it is Bohai Huamei Fund!). Bohai for China's share. RS for Rosemont Seneca. T for Thornton Group.
[American Traitors 61]
The travels to China by Hunter Biden, all coincided with the strategic foreign policy meeting held between Vice President Joe Biden and the Chinese government. It is no wonder that Bank of China raised the stake of final joint venture to USD 1.5 billion.
[American Traitors 61.1]
The Bank of China is a very powerful financial institution that is owned by the government. Its role as a bank blurs its role as a tool of government. The author did not dig out the "Sunhonorcapital" – a company of HNA!
[American Traitors 62]
BHR Equity enjoys an unusual special status in China. BHR touts its “unique Sino-US shareholding structure” and “global resources and networks” enable it to an investment “opportunity”. The funds were sponsored by the Chinese government. In short,
[American Traitors 62.1]
the Chinese government is actually funding a company that is owned by the sons of the two most influential policymakers in the United States. --- This bribery case can be written into a textbook! !
[American Traitors 63]
In 2015, BHR partnered with China's state-owned military aviation contractor Aviation Industry Corporation (AVIC)'s automotive subsidiary to acquire Henniges, a US "dual-use" component manufacturer. AVIC is China's main military contractor,
[American Traitors 63.1]
it operates under the direct control of the State Council of PRC and produces a variety of fighters and bombers, transport aircraft and drones - primarily used to compete with the United States.
American Traitors 64]
The company has a long history of stealing Western technology and applying it to military systems. In the year before BHR joined AVIC, the Wall Street Journal reported that the airline had stolen the technology associated with the US F-35 stealth fighter and
American Traitors 64.1]
incorporated it into its stealth fighter J-31. AVIC was also accused of stealing US drone systems and using them in their own productions.
[American Traitors 65]
Due to the dual-use (military) vibration technology owned by Henniges, the acquisition need to be approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS). The CFIUS is the same US government entity
[American Traitors 65.1]
Uranium No. 1 to the Rosatom State Atomiс Energy Corporation of Russian in October 2010. All details behind Uranium No. 1’s case can be found, Uranium No. 1’s case involves Clinton, Frank Giustra and Kazakhstan uranium assets.
[American Traitors 66]
On 2019-01-29, BHR Equity Chengdu was established! The Global PE Beijing Forum was held in Beijing in December 2016. BHR Equity was rated as one of the top 10 Chinese M&A funds in 2016 by
[American Traitors 66.1]
the China Association of Private Equity and the Beijing Private Equity Association!
[American Traitors 67]
On March 22, 2017, BHR Equity signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Minmetals Corporation.
[American Traitors 68]
BHR Equity won several awards in the “2016 List of Investment in China”. BHR Equity succeeded in acquiring a number of market-influencing projects from Sinopec Sales, US Henniges Automobile, CGN Power Co, Didi Chuxing, Yancoal Australia,
[American Traitors 68.1]
and other leading New Energy Battery enterprises. It’s asset management scale was over RMB 12 billion. (How much US dollars has Joe Biden’s son acquired?!!!)
[American Traitors 69]
2017-04-20 BHR helped Luoyang Molybdenum Co complete the acquisition of Tenke Furugume Mining SA. BHR Equity was pleased to announce that BHR Newwood had finalised the acquisition of 24% shake in Tenke Furugume Mining SA (TFM), which is indirectly held by
[American Traitors 69.1]
Lundin Mining Corporation, for USD 1.136 billion in cash. BHR Newwood completed the acquisition after Luoyang Molybdenum acquired a 54% stake in TFM that indirectly held by Freeport-MeMoRan & Gold Inc.
[American Traitors 70]
BHR Newwood has become a shareholder of world-class cobalt mine, together with Luoyang Molybdenum Co and la Generale des Carrieres et des Mines. TFM located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and is the world's largest reserve of copper & cobalt ore.
[American Traitors 70.1]
BHR Newwood said they were eager to work with TFM to manage this world-class asset for the benefit of all shareholders and the Congolese people. (For the benefit of the Congolese people? I am going to puke!)
[American Traitors 71]
BHR Equity has also invested in:
Wuhan Chengfa fund.
TF Holdings-American mining corporation .(Can Americans make of Biden’s company investing in the US through a Chinese joint venture?)
CATL-Battery new energy vendor.
[American Traitors 71.1]
Easy Joy-comprehensive convenience store chains brand -- A large amount of cash rolled in, and then changed to US dollars through the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, laundered out to the world! ! !
[American Traitors 72]
BHR Equity: “In 2016, continue to practice the "PE + strategic investor" model with 2 billion US dollars! BHR's international shareholder structure, international management team, and a global network of business relationships,
[American Traitors 72.1]
provided unique advantages over cross-border mergers and acquisitions. it is the president Li Xiangsheng's inter thinking, it was fully reflected in their acquisition of the US company.” (Don't spew bullshit! Better to stay low if you are just an agent!)
[American Traitors 73]
BHR Equity: “In 2016, continue to practice the "PE + strategic investor" model with 2 billion US dollars” ? (This message can be reversely read, meaning that Bohai Harvest RST laundered 2 billion US dollars! Come if you need money laundering.
[American Traitors 73.1]
It is similar to those CCAV's Anchorwomen; When broadcasting, they will educate the national audience to love the Party and the country. When finished broadcasting, they just go to their leader's bed and practice the love-your-Party behavior!!
[American Traitors 73.2]
(They feels that affection to one parents can never be as deep as that to the Party!!)
[American Traitors 74]
The latest report on BHR Equity: The Bohai Harvest RST Phase Eight M&A Fund was jointly established by Guangze Co., Ltd., together with Jilin Yaohe Trade Co., Ltd. Of Jilin Province and China Aviation Trust. The fund was of scale RMB 1.5 billion
[American Traitors 74.1]
and a duration of 3 years. The fund manager is BHR Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.

Biden’s son has made a lot of money in China! All the media don’t dare to mention one word about "HNA"!!!!
[American Traitors 75]
Sichuan government website reported in 2016-11: Li Xiangsheng, president of BHR Equity Investment Fund Management Company revealed that he is currently building a cross-border M&A fund management company,
[American Traitors 75.1]
as Sichuan’s first cross-border M&A funds, with Chengdu Industry Investment Group in Tianfu New District, and having a total scale of USD 1 billion.
[American Traitors 76]
For the moment, this temporary come to an end for the digging up of Biden’s son and Kerry’s son in their establishment of the joint venture BHR Equity with HNA in China! I will update if there are new clues.
[American Traitors 76.1]
Of all the dug up information, there is no one explanation on how much money Biden’s son and Kerry’s son have put in. It is suspected that, to a large extent, the CCP has presented them the opportunities to make fortune,
[American Traitors 76.2]
making them able to catch white wolves in bear hands! ! It is the gold of the BGY trap! ! I hope these tweets can be of service to Mr. Bannon!
[American Traitors 77]
【Shocking scandal! 】【 BHR Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. invests in technology companies that monitors Xinjiang! 】 Biden’s son and Kerry’s son established a joint venture company BHR Equity fund with HNA in China! There is more to unveil!
[American Traitors 77.1]
In Oct 31,2017, BHR Equity invested in Face++ of Megvii Technology Ltd ! ! And this Megvii Face++ is precisely the company that provides facial recognition monitoring technology to the CCP in keeping Xinjiang under surveillances! !
[American Traitors 78]
And it’s involving Alibaba! ! ! Jack Ma! Joker Ma! ! ! Let’s add some more! Alibaba was involved in the latest round of USD 500M financing for Megvii Technology. Beijing Megvii Technology has a facial recognition technology platform Face++,
[American Traitors 78.1]
and was negotiating with Alibaba and other investors seeking to raise at least $500 million in new funding.
[American Traitors 79]
This Beijing Megvii Technology has already enjoyed the support of Alibaba. It was negotiating with Chinese private equity investors and hoped to complete this round of financing in 2018.12. Megvii Technology, with a value equivalent to USD 2B,
[American Traitors 79.1]
has succeeded in becoming a "unicorn" company in the field of artificial intelligence in China. Megvii provides its facial scanning system for Lenovo and Alibaba affiliates such as Ant Financial.
[American Traitors 80]
Megvii Technology mainly develops the "Face++" facial recognition systems. Previously, the company received financial support from Ant Financial Services and other investment companies with state-owned background.
[American Traitors 80.1]
Facial recognition technology that Megvii Technology developed was applied to products and services of companies such as Lenovo Group and Ant Financial.
[American Traitors 81]
During the 4th China-Eurasia Security Expo and the 13th Xinjiang Police Equipment & Anti-Terrorism Technology Expo (Eurasia Security Expo), the Xinjiang Public Security department also hosted a forum on
[American Traitors 81.1]
“Application of Artificial Intelligence and Big (Video) Data in the Public Security Profession”, the first special forum held since the establishment of this Public Security Video Laboratory in Xinjiang.
[American Traitors 82]
[Emphasis! In addition, Megvii has become the official technical support unit of the Public Security Video Laboratory of Xinjiang, and continues to use cutting-edge intelligent security technology in contribution to the long-term “stability” of Xinjiang.
[American Traitors 82.1]
DT Note: Xinjiang's surveillances become pathological: hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, gas stations, restaurants, public rapid transit systems, all access has security clearances!
[American Traitors 82.2]
The places are all deployed with CCP security guards with helmets and batons!
[American Traitors 83]
To enter these places one must swipe his second generation ID card! There are also equipped with facial scanning! The facial recognition technology is from Megvii Technology!
[American Traitors 83.1]
This facial recognition technology is also used at most airports in mainland China! Megvii video surveillance systems on one hand target blacklisted personnel: such as key personnel, fugitives, and personnel with record of illegal behavior.
[American Traitors 83.2]
[The Xinjiang concentration camp is the credits of Biden’s son and Kerry’s step son! ! ! 】
[American Traitors 84]
Megvii owns two self-developed hardwares, a smart portrait capturing device and IOT image acquisition terminal, which can output semi-structured facial images data for security systems, thus reducing the back-end computing workload and improving
[American Traitors 84.1]
the efficiency of Public Security operations. The core technology has also been put into "2016 Ministry of Public Security Science and Technology Department Technological Achievement Promotion Catalog"! ! !
[American Traitors 85]
Look at the investors in Face++, a bunch of well known institutions! From the Angel Options to the C Options , the names that appear is: Alibaba! State-owned capital venture capital fund, Ant Financial, Foxconn! Sunshine Insurance,
[American Traitors 85.1]
BHR Equity (the company of Biden's son!)! ! ! Sino-Russian Investment Fund, SK Group, CCB International, Qiming Venture, Legend Star, Lenovo Capital and Incubator Group.
[American Traitors 86]
DT can't help but swear! Damn! It turns out that Biden’s son and Kerry’s son, Alibaba Jack Ma, Foxconn Terry Gou, all have investment associations! ! Moreover, they are also investing in the CCP's Face++, which is used to keep the people of Xinjiang
[American Traitors 86.1]
under heavy surveillances! To what extent can these people be so shameless that, at one time enjoy the freedom and blue skies in the United States, at another time relentlessly collude with the CCP? !
[American Traitors 87]
Earns black money under the CCP rule! This is a typical American traitor!! Don't say you American traitors don't know what Megvii Face++ is used for!!!! The FBI @fbi should come forward!
[American Traitors 88]
In 2017, Urumchi Xincheng Wangjing Xingxi Technology Co and Beijing Megvii Technology Co., Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation: Urumchi Xincheng Wangjing Xingxi Technology Co became a supreme regional agent for the Megvii’s series of products in Xinjiang,
[American Traitors 88.1]
providing Intelligent security services for the 23 million people of Xinjiang. And on August 17-19, together with the facial recognition dark technology Megvii Face++, made its debut at the "forth Eurasia Security Expo".
[American Traitors 89]
The above-mentioned bullshit, if in sensible words: Megvii's facial recognition technology is monitoring the 23 million people of Xinjiang! ! ! The shareholders of Megvii includes:
[American Traitors 89.1]
BHR Equity! ! That is, the company of the son of former US President Biden and stepson of the former US Secretary of State Kerry! ! ! (Will uncover again when there is new clues! Welcome Internet users to provide me information!)
[American Traitors 90]
[2019-5-20 important update! ! ! 】[BHR Equity and HNA relationship diagram! ! ! 】 This investment and acquisition of BHR Equity has only included a few important cases, such as Megvii Technology Face++, Congo Cobalt mine. There are other investments
[American Traitors 90.1]
not included in the chart. The most important thing in this diagram is the display of the relationship between HNA and BHR Equity fund that Biden’s son and Kerry’s son have participated in!
[American Traitors 91]
Hunter Biden - son of Joe Biden,Christopher Heinz - John Kerry step son: their BHR was invested by Harvest Fund Management <--invested by DWS Investment (30%)<--owned by Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank invested by HNA!
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