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Hey remember the story that was reported by multiple news outlets about how both Trump & Sessions were in the Oval Office when news broke that Mueller, who they'd BOTH interviewed for the FBI Director job, had just been appointed Special Counsel?
According to MULTIPLE news reports, the story goes:


What's the story about what happened next, anybody remember?

Here's the Bloomberg article on that volatile Oval Office meeting, where Trump starts SCREAMING at Jeff Sessions.
So according to the narrative, Trump is ***already*** supremely pissed at Sessions for recusing himself back on March 2nd without telling him first.

Now, 2 1/2 months later, Sessions gives Trump no 'heads up!' whatsoever that Rosenstein is about to appoint Mueller as the SC.

What did he do that day, May 17, 2017?

Who can find it?

What did Sessions offer to do?

This is the story that made the rounds back in August 2018.
In fact, stories made the rounds SEVERAL TIMES from the day Sessions recused himself, March 2, 2017, to the day he actually did resign, Nov. 7, 2018, that Sessions OFFERS HIS RESIGNATION TO TRUMP and Trump...what?

What does Trump do, supposedly?
Each time Sessions offers to resign, the story goes Trump TURNS HIM DOWN.

WHY would Trump **refuse** to let Sessions quit, assuming the several times these stories were leaked to the media actually were accurate?
I keep telling people Trump uses cover stories to keep his enemies looking in the wrong direction. Trump will TELL YOU things to keep them going.

Look, he just launched a new COVER STORY 2 days ago in regards to Iran.

He called off the strike after ordering it!
You're expected to believe without question that during the briefings about possible military strikes that could be made, when the Joints Chiefs presented the possible options, NOBODY told Trump the **casualty figures** and Trump NEVER ASKED.
Trump waits until he's already given the order for the strike option he picked to go forward to suddenly think of asking the question "What number of casualties are we looking at if we do this?"
That cover story makes BOTH Trump and his military briefers look incompetent, but it was put out there to serve a PURPOSE.

I learned long ago Trump doesn't mind putting cover stories out there to hide what he's doing, cover stories that make him look BAD, if they WORK.
Remember the Scaramucci 'fiasco' of 3 weeks as WH Press Sec?
Trump brings in 'hatchet man' Scaramucci to shake things up, Spicer & Priebus quickly resign, TOTAL WHITE HOUSE CHAOS ENSUES, dozens of people quit/are fired, the media has a FIELD DAY covering this circus....
John Kelly rides in on a white horse to save the day, fires the 'incompetent' Scaramucci, things calm down...

Well yes that's the COVER STORY we're told.
Trump knew his White House was full of leakers and moles. By June 2017 Trump & his inner team had figured out who most of the leakers and moles were.

They formed a plan to GET RID OF THESE PEOPLE and launched it in July.
The COVER STORY is that all these people who resigned or were fired during the 'Scaramucci Circus' either acted up & got fired or quit on their own in disgust over the antics of Scaramucci.

People like well, Josh Pitcock, Pence's chief of staff, for instance.
Recall Strzok & Page were discussing in their texts how to RECRUIT MOLES INSIDE THE WHITE HOUSE.

A whole bunch of leakers and suspected moles exited the White House that July of 2017, but nobody put 2 and 2 together at the time, which was the POINT.

Scaramucci was brought in to the be HUGE DISTRACTION while the house got fumigated.
People in the business world know quite well what a 'hatchet man' is. He's that guy who's brought in to implement the boss's tough agenda while SHIELDING the boss from any of the blowback of the unpopular moves that must be made.

The hatchet man is brought in to make big changes, shake things up, and most importantly, do very unpopular things the boss wants done while ensuring the BOSS doesn't get any of the negative blowback from those things.
Trump directly fires all the people who left that July, Spicer, Priebus, or orders Pence to fire Pitcock, etc. all the blowback comes right to him.

Instead, it all went straight to Scaramucci, who was going to be leaving soon anyway.
Spicer just REFUSES to work under Scaramucci and resigns. Priebus also throws his hands up in disgust and quits.

See, it's all cuz SCARAMUCCI.

The media goes into a feeding frenzy of all the principled, dignified people exiting the White House to get away from this CIRCUS.
NOBODY can see what's actually happening. Inside those first six months Trump figured out who all the LEAKERS and the MOLES were and he ditched them.

There **were** a lot of real leaks going out of the White House competing with the fake leaks Trump's inner team was making.
By AUGUST of 2017, all the leakers and moles are GONE.

Spicer, Priebus, Bannon, Pitcock and a lot of others further down the chain.

Trump now has the Chief of Staff he wanted all along & had to wait for: John Kelly.
Scaramucci, his job done, exits stage right, having saved himself a cool $80,000,000 in taxes.

Oh you didn't know about that? It's right in the column I just linked:
Sessions was never there to directly handle the SpyGate prosecutions. He was working on setting up the investigation of the pedo networks, the drug running networks [including Hezbollah], leak hunts & setting up fed. task forces in all the blue cities to cut down on crime.
The guy overseeing the gathering of the SpyGate evidence & running the Mueller SC was this guy on the right here.
Rosenstein has now made the handoff to Barr and departed.

Sessions has been keeping a low profile, nobody wants to talk about the leak hunts or the US Attorney-led grand juries we know about that started at least last year into McCabe and James Baker.
To maintain cover stories, yes, Trump ***himself*** periodically rails about the useless DOJ and that damn Sessions and why can't Rosenstein speed things up, yadda yadda yadda while leaving BOTH MEN exactly where they were until they were good and ready to move on.
Barr ***himself*** asks Rosenstein to stay on. Did anybody else watch the video of Rosenstein's departure ceremony?

You think ***THAT*** was a snake being allowed to slither out the door?
But hey, why believe your EYES when Trump & Co. SAY things, right?

You are getting conflicting visual and words for a reason. There are real enemies out there who want to know what Trump & Co. are really doing or about to do.

They ***must*** be kept in the dark.
Unlike former stupid Presidents who blathered all their plans in advance to their enemies in the Democratic party and in the DNC Media & abroad, Trump doesn't do that.
"The leaks are real, the news is fake."

He TOLD people a lot of disinformation disguised as 'real' leaks were coming. He did this at the very start of his presidency.

People **assumed** only Trump's enemies would be doing the fake leaking, that Trump HIMSELF wouldn't also.
Trump himself will put out cover stories through direct statements to the media or through leaks. It's not just his enemies putting out fake leaks to the media to try to cause trouble for Trump or hide their own crimes.
People who are slaves only to the present news cycle of this week who don't remember stuff from months ago or a year ago who take EVERYTHING at face value & never question are going to be absolutely confused at this point.

It's a necessary evil. Get used to it.

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