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The #LARPwars are in full swing. It's been wild since 2016 WikiLeak, #SethRich - what will happen next now that there's another election in sight? Not to mention an ever increasing number of court cases. #LARPindictments #UnsealTheLARPs
2. I'm making my way through Defango's 4 hour subpoena stream. Some gems already! I believe this is the wife of Defango's former attorney, who is representing Robert David Steele in his defamation suit against Jason Goodman. Note the date: same day as Port of Charleston #govLARP
3. Here's Tanya introducing RDS to her stoner buddy, Nora Maccoby. Her family are deeply involved in Dem politics, "would have known Seth Rich if he was real & she's never heard of him"
Nora "outed [Manafort] as working for Russians".
4. Nora's name came up in my post Debunking Jan Irvin. Jan had been "flirting" with her right before he suddenly turned against Joe Atwill & I - ostensibly over the Russian alternative histories of Fomenko, but I suspect there's more to the story than that burners.me/2019/02/26/deb…
5. Here's the rest of Tanya's email about "GeorgeDave" & mind control alters. She claims RDS asked her to get him a meeting with Trump. She is keen to engage Defango for "overnight trees, highlighter pens, metal detector...work".

Spooky #Pizzagate people speaking in code?
6. Prepper Kitty Intel alerted me today to this video from Truth Convoy, "In Defense of Defango". She speculates that he was mind controlled by a cult within the Democrats.
7. Here's Defango emailing his partners in Shadow Box sounding very informed about Democratic politics, lawsuits, and #PizzaGate. Now we can see where he was getting this info from. Behind the scenes of Professional LARPing.

8. Another email from Tanya. Here she is presenting Defango as the leader of the truth community, he is feeding intel to RDS who is trying to get a meeting with Trump. RDS wants a dozen truther channels. Money, cryptocurrency, superchats are flying around.
9. Emails about ruining lives, setting traps, and coming up with lawsuits where you can make $20k a pop. The "crowdsource community" is specifically mentioned.
10. Tanya confirms something I've long suspected, that George Webb is used to distract people from investigating the real evidence of #PedoGate and the hundreds of children going missing from Washington D.C. every month
11. Some insight into "Shadow Box" from co-founder Fox talking to @lifttheveil411. "Thomas has never once asked for anything for Cicada or his music". Sounds like there were tens of thousands of dollars being made in this reputation business #HalfTruths streamable.com/wtrne
@lifttheveil411 12. Fox said she was targeted after getting involved with George Webb. The "other person" who teamed up with Defango was Trevor Fitzgibbon. He is connected to WikiLeaks and Chelsea Manning. Sounds like he was a target of reputation assaults himself.
@lifttheveil411 13. George Webb said he gave thumb drives to WikiLeaks & knew Assange since he was 13. He's with Jerome Corsi whose Wikileaks comms with Roger Stone were targeted by Mueller & Jason Goodman who went to London, met Craig Murray outside Ecuadorian embassy.
@lifttheveil411 14. See also my recent tweet thread about Jeffrey Epstein's research into artificial intelligence and mind control. Epstein funds Ben Goertzel, who's writing a book with Lisa Rein: Chelsea Manning and 🤡Timothy Leary's archivist

@lifttheveil411 15. George Webb talks about "Debbie Wasserman-Anthony Weiner-Schiff-Schumer" MOS vs "The Great MOS...the Robert Maxwell MOS". Maxwell's daughter is Jeffrey Epstein's alleged co-conspirator Ghislaine. George to Jason: "They picked you to document this" streamable.com/u6719
@lifttheveil411 16. Check out the expression on Trish's face in this clip when George says that Lee Stranahan is an "unwitting MOS operative". He's also told Jason Goodman that before, using the same phrase streamable.com/liylh
@lifttheveil411 17. Rest in Peace Isaac Kappy. [Brackets and Jackets] - Epstein Island Edition

"he's funding lots of people on the street to make sure his shit doesn't get out. That's right, they want the records sealed. They're paying a lot of people"

@lifttheveil411 18. The timing of this email suggests Aaron Rich asked these guys nicely to stop spreading disinfo about his late brother #SethRich. They kept up the operation, so he has been forced to sue. Sorry it's so blurry, best shot I could get from Defango's stream
@lifttheveil411 19. The date of these emails is Aug 2017, exactly 2 months after the #DirtyBombHoax. It takes me a while to redact all personal information. Defango is like the Honey Badger of doxxing, he DGAF. Names, emails, cellphones, home locations, it's all out now
@lifttheveil411 20. It sure looks like Port of Charleston/WhoSpoofedTheSethRichFiles may have been a trial run that inspired the creation and funding of this "reputation operations" organization with about 5 major members, working for Ed Butowsky as the funding conduit. Why'd HoaxWars go dark?
@lifttheveil411 21. 4 Jun 2017, 10 days before #DirtyBombHoax this video was uploaded to Andeism. This #SethRichFiles LARP already had remixes. Jason Goodman made his debut interviewing George Webb about 6 weeks prior. George & J.Go met Corsi then targeted #KimDotcom
@lifttheveil411 22. Now, with the benefit of hindsight, disclosure, and so many LARPs under the bridge...can we say, is this a ground-breaking #Peabody-worthy journalist? Or a D-list Hollywood guy in a School Play? #RawAndUncut . Who's the voice at the end? #ClownSource
@lifttheveil411 23. 6 Jun 2017 Another remix, this time featuring one of the other Goodmans. Jason sure had a big launch, propelled by Defango, Corsi, Cernovich, Infowars, George Webb & others. Even AIM & LTV, who he soon fell out with. "The Danger Zone" is the name of Defango's Internet show
@lifttheveil411 24. The government and the military now openly state they run LARPs. They can use Hollywood magic to create immersive situations so real your body has realistic physiological responses.


@lifttheveil411 25. The Marines are recruiting for ASOT Role Players - Advanced Special Operations Techniques. A SECRET clearance is required for this particular job. Role Players are being deployed by the military in combat zones and urban environments.archive.is/3Cllc
@lifttheveil411 26. A previous thread I did looking at many of the LARPers I've mentioned thus far. The more I learn about how connected everybody is, the more stunned I am - as someone who has been following this story closely for the past 2+ yrs since #DirtyBombHoax.
@lifttheveil411 27. FWIW, Defango says #SethRich wasn't the DNC Leaker. He claims it was Snowden & Thomas Drake's lawyer Jesselyn Radack, who accused his partner Trevor Fitzgibbon of rape then retracted the allegations after a protracted lawsuit


@lifttheveil411 28. This case was discussed in this Facebook mega-thread on #JulianAssange. #127 was a surprise, but I clicked the link, looks like it checks out.

Most of this is not referenced, it's still pretty interesting. #DYOR

@lifttheveil411 29. #FreeHoaxWars. I can't blame him for vamoosing when the heat is on & lawsuits are flying. Sadly I don't have his original "Who Is Spoofing the Seth Rich Files" video on this computer. "A little bit of casino action, graft and corruption...subtle ratlines" will have to do.
@lifttheveil411 30. Trevor Fitzgibbon represented and worked with Michael Ratner, Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange. In the clip at #13 in this thread, George Webb says he gave Wikileaks thumb drives to Michael Ratner and John Jones (both now dead). rixstep.com/1/20190529,00.…
@lifttheveil411 31. May 31 2017, so 2 weeks before the Port of Charleston event, George and Jason are talking to #Progressive Trevor Fitzgibbon. He admits to a previous association with David Brock of Media Matters. George doesn't even know the name of Jason's show yet.

@lifttheveil411 32. Thanks for @JIBCAMERA for finding the original "Who Is Spoofing The Seth Rich Files" video. What YouTuber suddenly appears on the scene and has (tbh pretty bad ass) musical tracks written about his weird mann(y)er of speech?
@lifttheveil411 @JIBCAMERA 33. Trevor Fitzgibbon's "shady operation" (#ShadowBroker) ...The Rancid Honeytrap

"Chelsea is not on Twitter but her PR firm is"

Talk about "The Usual Suspects". Not just Left, but powerbase of Progressive Left.

Infiltrating #MAGA, #Cicada3301 & #QAnon

@lifttheveil411 @JIBCAMERA 34. My last tweet showed one of Trevor Fitzgibbon's clients is the Center for American Progress. That was founded by John Podesta & backed by the Sandlers of "pizza map handkerchief" fame.

TLDR: Defango's business partner's client is Podesta's thinktank

@lifttheveil411 @JIBCAMERA 35. I found some original "Who is Spoofing The Seth Rich Files" footage. #FairUse #KickedOut

Trish was friends with Fox: Defango & Thomas's business partner in ShadowBox. White Rabbit who gave Trish these Guccifer 2.0 files was also part of the Cicada 3301 crew #Pandemic #Vault7
@lifttheveil411 @JIBCAMERA 36."Pandemic" was part of the #Wikileaks #Vault7 hacking tools drop: Jun 1 2017. "Who Spoofed" remixes were Jun 4 2017: the same time.

Did Defango & co modify the Guccifer 2.0 files to insert Pandemic in an attempt to infiltrate George Webb's operation?

@lifttheveil411 @JIBCAMERA 37. Today's Prepper Kitty inspired me to do some digging. Nov 21 2017 Matt Couch sent Defango this information about Jason Goodman, revealing that he had a CIA person in his team. The next day Defango interviewed Dave Acton on his show & shared the intel
@lifttheveil411 @JIBCAMERA 38. The same information then showed up on 4chan/pol Dec 7 2017 as an Anonymous post from tripcode XzTN8g2B. This time, some new information was added about a "video" and the original poster added some infographics & implied connection to Sony/Wikileaks

@lifttheveil411 @JIBCAMERA 39. Defango posted the same content, including "The Goods on Goodman" link section on his Steemit page. Date says "2 years ago" but SteemDB metadata says Nov 23 2017. Defango says CIA Source confirmed by Frank Bacon, named by Goodman now as a conspirator.

@lifttheveil411 @JIBCAMERA 40. The last 3 posts in this thread show how the intelligence community launders psyop information by seeding it to "truthers", who then repackage and rebroadcast it on 4chan, Steemit, Twitter & YouTube. Embellishments & falsehoods can be added like "Jason was in the Sony leaks"
@lifttheveil411 @JIBCAMERA 41. Thomas Schoenberger sent me this email. He spent 8 hours this week giving his sworn deposition to Aaron Rich's lawyers. They had expected defendant Ed Butowsky to be present for the questioning, but he didn't show up. Trevor Fitzgibbon was one of the topics of discussion.
@lifttheveil411 @JIBCAMERA 42. Copy of Thomas's subpoena, which he sent me as part of an email thread with Marcus Conte & others. See my interview this week with Marcus about all these LARPs here:
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