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Are #numerology and #astrology EVIL?

We live in a virtual reality that modern, popular culture has named “The Matrix.”

If you believe the Matrix is entirely evil, then any of its components and systems are evil.

Earth, Wind, Air, and Fire are evil.

Colors are

Mathematics, including geometry, is evil.

Sounds are evil.

Bodies are evil.

Cells and atoms are evil.

Souls are evil.

And so to must #numerology and #astrology be evil under such a scenario, meaning under the assumption that the virtual reality itself is evil.
Ok so everything is evil. End of story, right?


We are in a virtual reality, but there is not enough evidence to suggest that this virtual reality and everything in it is entirely evil.

There is a great deal of good that exists here as well.

From the perspective of
pure good, this place and all of its systems may be evil. It may be seen as a falseness that puts good and evil as polar opposites, where pure good may maintain that it cannot be polarized.

From a perspective of pure evil, the Matrix also isn’t anywhere near evil enough for its

The reality is that the Matrix is a PLATFORM, much like Twitter that we’re all using is a platform. This platform contains both good and evil. Somethings and beings are very good, some are very evil, some are a combination of good and evil.

The platform comes with
Many tools and preset systems, such as the law of physics, numerology, astrology, colors, sounds, etc. all of which carry vibrational energy.

Now from the perspective of both pure good and pure evil, this is a FALSE REALM and therefore all of its tools and systems are also FALSE

Now here’s the problem. Nothing here is 100% pure. The very best good and evil are 99.99999%. And that last 0.00000001% is more substantial than it might seem on paper. It’s a night and day difference.

With no truly pure (good or evil) being or thing on Earth
Everything is FALSE from a perspective of purity.

Now, you human being living in the 21st century have to work with what you have here. Achieving 100% purity is not within your control try as hard as you might. If you could achieve it, you’d disappear from this existence.
But for the rest of us, we have a choice; do absolutely nothing or do something with our best intention.

To do something with your best intention, you must utilize the tools of the Matrix. Some of the highest systems in the Matrix are #numerology and #astrology

An evil person
or entity with knowledge of these things, can indeed commit great evil with these tools.

A good person can commit a great deal of good and help to program a better virtual reality than what we have today.

Any tool in this platform can be used by both good and evil.

It comes
down to you. It comes down to us. What kind of reality do we want to consciously and collectively work to program for the future?

Something closer to good or evil? I know good will see this as the lesser of evils and evil as the lesser of goods.

There’s too much at stake
to worry about appeasing the impossible demands of purity of either side of the good or evil spectrum in my own observation and point of view.

I use #numerology and #astrology to improve my life in this reality, place, time, dimension, and level of the Matrix. I use it to help
improve my family’s life. I use it to try and improve my community’s life, which in this day in age is increasingly an online community of my followers and subscribers.

That’s my way of trying to build a better world with these tools.

But I know intentions imprinted with
ignorance often lead to problems. So I work hard to try and understand the system and all of its facets fully so as not to have good intentions backfire or have the tools do something evil by accident when the programming I was trying to achieve was for good ends. This is always
a risk especially with tools and knowledge not well studied by previous generations.

If you take the approach that numerology and astrology are evil, then everything you know must also be evil. The science and math that have created better lives via technology and innovation
must be completely evil. Methods of communication must be completely evil. Everything you know and love, even family must be evil.

This is not a realistic point of view. Yes, numerology and astrology are FALSE and ARTIFICIAL in so far as the entire existence we live in is
FALSE. But this FALSE existence is in itself is a Miracle. It contains both good and evil. It polarizes good and evil, something that had never been done before and both pure good and evil resent the hell out of this existence for this capability.

Now, I will admit that
evil has historically thrived in this existence. But to me, the main reason for this is simple. Good people shy away from this existence, its tools, and its systems. They refuse to do whatever it takes or the “Ends justify the Means” approaches. Good places many limits on
itself. Evil could give a sh-t less about things like honor or rules or limitations. Evil sees this platform as an opportunity to convert more to itself. Good has been way behind in that regard. That’s why you see evil win out more frequently. It works harder, smarter, and
more viciously to program and reprogram this virtual reality than good ever has.

And strangely, good survives and at times even thrives here. Because BALANCE and YIN/YANG sit as a high law of this realm that remains unbroken.

Still leadership, the top programmers, etc.
within this existence are not necessarily GOOD. From viruses to trojan horses to bacteria to so many other things they can program greater evil into this Matrix. And yes, evil uses #numerology and #astrology along with every other tool at its disposal to win this Game of Life.
Too many people to quickly jump to the assumption that “The Matrix is Evil.” They include all of its tools and systems in this obviously.

Numerology and Astrology is the Devil’s Work.

No, the Devil works with numerology and astrology. There’s a big difference.

So from
a pure good or pure evil or pure anything perspective, numerology, astrology, chemistry, physics, geometry, algebra, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, and everything in this realm is FALSE.

And I’ll never argue against that theory. They are all FALSE.
You’ll never here me say that this Matrix is “Base Reality,” which therefore makes it a FALSE reality.

But to jump to a conclusion about good or evil is a step I’m not willing to take. There’s good and evil here. There’s also goodevel. There’s light, dark, false light, and
false dark, all operating in this realm every single day.

It’s a platform folks. You (and others) are the programmers.

Look in the mirror before you equate FALSE with complete evil.

The Mother will continue to inject her love & light for you judgmental morons regardless.
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