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Thread: Oregon is Slip-Sliding Away

1. Those of you who live in/around the Portland and Salem areas know this better than I, but the state of Oregon is slipping into Blue state oblivion on a par with California, Illinois, and other Democrat-run hell holes!
2. Those of us out-of-staters have been aghast at some of the Antifa-led riots in Portland in the past, and the seeming inability of local leaders and law enforcement officials to simple enforce public safety laws! Here’s one example:…
3. The left-right struggle has shifted over into state politics recently as well:

4. A planned meeting for Oregon senators on Saturday was canceled amid threats from militia groups, who authorities said intended to demonstrate outside the capitol building in support of 11 Republican lawmakers, ….
4A. … likely hiding out in a different state to avoid a vote on climate-change legislation.
5. Police in a statement to the Salem Statesman Journal said officers have been “monitoring information throughout Friday that indicated the safety of legislators, staff and citizen visitors could be compromised if certain threatened behaviors were realized.”
6. Threats against the state lawmakers and government officials come amid a clash between Democrats and Republicans, specifically over a sweeping greenhouse gas emissions cap-trade-bill.
7. Every GOP senator fled the state Thursday morning instead of sitting by while their Democratic counterparts voted the legislation into law.
8. In order to continue with any Senate business, lawmakers are required to have a quorum. [A]t least two Republican senators must be present to achieve the required two-thirds minimum and move ahead with the agenda.
9. In response to the Republican’s dash to nearby Idaho, Gov. Kate Brown authorized state troopers to find the wayward politicians &bring them back to Salem. The Democrat additionally called for a $500 fine for each of the missing senators for every day they remained on the lam.
10. <unquote>

Sure seems like a bit of a fascist response from the Democrat governor to me. Read the rest here:…
11. This could be the “canary in the proverbial coal mine.” I think it inevitable we will reach a point at which very serious push back will occur. Let’s step back and take an historical view of this situation.
12. History tends to make big swings of the pendulum between rampant Leftist radicalism and rampant Right-wing radicalism.
13. The French Revolution and related anti-monarchist movements in Europe in 1789-1800 were followed by a clamp-down of monarchism (the coalition of kingdoms' victory at Waterloo and the Peace of Vienna system in 1815) ….
13A. … and reactionary absolutist imperial monarchy (Napoleon I and III, the revitalized Romanov Tsars in Russia and Hohenzollerns in Germany/Prussia, and Queen Victoria's all-powerful British Empire (1837-1901).
14. The Marxist Revolutions of 1848 all over Europe and the Paris Commune of 1870 were both brutally suppressed, each after about a year, and followed by more-conservative-than-ever governments and monarchies.
15. In the aftermath of WW-I, socialists, communists, and anarchists – along with radical international movements by huge radicalized unions of industrial workers – wreaked havoc and seemed ready to take over Russia, Germany, West European Republics, ….
15A. … and even created violent labor turbulence in the USA for about 15 years of the early 20th century.
16. In all these cases, the Conservative/Right governments brought out the troops and cracked some heads and kicked some ass, restoring the situation back to normal.
17. Remember even General Patton led the tanks that crushed the veterans' and disgruntled unionists' shanty town on the Mall in Washington DC in 1932 during the Depression.

18. In 1932, 17,000 former soldiers marched on Washington, D.C. to demand wartime pay owed to them. The Great Depression ravaged the country, and a president took desperate measures to disperse the angry veterans.
19. Tanks rolled down the streets. Soldiers held people at bayonet-point. Veterans and their families took lungs full of tear gas. People died.


Read the rest here:…
20. And the Pinkerton Agency, police, National Guard, and other troops frequently and violently suppressed labor strikes for the American railroad, coal, steel, and oil barons in the late 19th and early 20th centuries:…
21. The explosion of the Spanish Marxist-Communist-Anarchist Left in the 1930s led directly to Franco's Falange rising & victory in the Civil War by 1939 (and suppression of the Spanish Left until the late 1970s). [Nowadays, there are frequent Communist street marches in Madrid.]
22. The leftward tilt in the 1960s and early 1970s in the US and Western Europe – Vietnam movement, anti-colonialism movements, education (especially the university radicals), the Supreme Court, both houses of Congress controlled by Democrats, ….
22A. … Hollywood Leftist propaganda movies and entertainment, etc. – led to conservatives elected in UK (Thatcher), France, West Germany, and in America.
23. This precipitated the brief Reagan-Bush conservative revolution in 1980-1992, which included defeating the USSR in the Cold War and rolling back many of its Leftist client regimes in all continents of the Third World.
24. Now we are on the cusp of the most extreme and pervasive leftward paroxysm in American history and culture since perhaps the Civil War of 1861-1865.
25. Perhaps close to 50% of the American population have been duped by 90% concerted legacy media propaganda brainwashing by the public education system for the past 2+ generations. This is particularly a problem among Millennials and Generation Z.
26. It is particularly dangerous because the Socialist Democrats may have a socialist economic agenda but are plainly using COMMUNIST totalitarian political methods to achieve absolute one-party state domination, with no dissent tolerated.
27. A guiding light through it all has been Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" blueprint to take over all power.
28. It is quite likely that – if/when they regain political power through the likes of the current socialist-minded Democrat presidential field – they would never again allow free and fair elections under the present Constitution if they can avoid it.
29. Hence, their schemes to eliminate the Electoral College, pack the Supreme Court and all other federal courts, allow massive illegal immigration by easily manipulated low-education foreigners over open borders, springing felons from jail to vote and serve on juries, ….
29A. … implementation of “ballot harvesting” in all states to steal elections (like was done in red districts in California in 2018), and a radical perversion of other voting rights and laws in all 50 states tailored to guarantee Democrats’ perpetual hold on absolute power.
30. The Democrats' methods and policy objectives in 2019 remind me a lot of the Russian Bolsheviks in March to October of 1917. This Green New Deal-related case in Oregon is yet another example.
31. One wishes there was a stable, long-lasting happy medium between Communist radicalism on the Left and authoritarian radicalism on the Right, but the Left is now – as it has done throughout the past 200 years – tearing down ….
31A. … the institutions of moderate, tolerant democratic government and twisting the laws selectively to destroy all possible moderate opposition.
32. And the Left seeks to control all political speech through the use of the “politically correct” construct. There is no “free speech” on college campuses these days unless you’re a vocal leftist!
33. As in previous historical paroxysms, pretty soon the only forces able to resist and survive the Left's totalitarian aggression will be the (armed) Far Right (militias and people off the grid, if you wish).
34. And once again, the confrontations will stretch over years and will take a lot of cracked heads and asses kicked.
35. Just imagine the Obamas, Clintons, Girl-Sniffer Joe, Bozo O'Rourke, Alfred E. Neuman, Fauxcahontas, Spartacus Booker, Ho Harris, Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Cummings, Blumenthal, AOC, Tlaib, Omar, Gillebrand, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, ….
35A. … Soros (father & son), Holder, Lynch, Sharpton, Jackson, Newsom, Jackson-Lee, Mad Max Waters, Steyer, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Acosta, Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell, Avenatti, and all the foaming-at-the-mouth rabid Hollywood communists ….
35B. … rounded up in the middle of the night in one gigantic sweep, jailed, and then after speedy show-trials deported to a remote deserted island penal colony.
36. Yes, just imagine how it would change the world! It would be the start of a new Enlightenment period in human history – and the end of a dark age of globalism.
37. Well, that's what swings of the pendulum can bring about if they are pushed far enough to the extreme. The Left always seems to be surprised by how the law of unintended consequences works!
38. It works for both the Left and the Right. Look at what the 1789-1792 French Revolutionaries wrought with the frequent use of the guillotine; Lenin's firing squads of Menshevik and tsarist officials, monarchist aristocrats, and bourgeois merchants; ….
38A. Stalin's lethal purging of the military and of all landowning rich peasants (the kulaks); Mao's murder of 30 million rich peasants and educated elites in 1949-1972 (Great Leap – into oblivion!); Hitler's roundup and extermination of liberals, communists, and minorities; etc.
39. But then leftists in particular never seem to learn. “Communism will work the next time it’s tried; those other guys weren’t ‘enlightened’ like we are.”
40. Yeah, I’ve heard variations on that theme all of my adult life, and from what I understand, that song has been sung a lot in college classrooms across the land over the past few decades.
41. And that’s given rise to the Antifa and BLM crowd marching in the streets in cities like Portland and beating up MAGA supporters in public places. Keep an eye on coastal Oregon, folks. That area could be the canary in the coal mine for what is to come in the US! ///The end.
Appendix: The latest Antifa violence in Portland:
Appendix 2: Be sure to sign this petition to designate Antifa as a terrorist organization!…
Appendix 3: A great new article here that details the problem in Portland and recommends an unmasking law to expose the Antifa thugs for all the world to see (and make it easier to arrest them for their violent acts):…
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