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Thread: Do You Miss Harold Finch? Here’re some comments from him.

1. Harold Finch got suspended/banned from Tw@tter thanks to a few a-holes (EconChick/IntelChick being one). A lot of people miss his skewering of the cabal and others here.
2. He’s over on Telegram at “The Library” doing good work. The news that Mueller will respond to a House Judiciary Committee subpoena on 17 July got Finch going; here’s the background:

3. Key Democratic lawmakers who triumphantly announced that Robert Mueller will testify under subpoena next month about his report on alleged Russian collusion may have played right into Republican hands.
4. The president reiterated that the investigation itself did not find collusion, while complaining that Mueller and his team were biased against him.
5. "They got caught and they're running around going wild trying to do everything they can, but they spied on my campaign, it's as simple as that," Trump said, referring to the probe's origins at the FBI.
6. "It's so illegal, it's probably the biggest political scandal in history and they got caught doing it."
7. Republicans on the two panels will get their chance to query Mueller about the dubious basis for federal surveillance warrants used to spy on Trump associates, what initially prompted the FBI probe that preceded Mueller’s investigation and, ….
7A. … perhaps the biggest question of all: At what point during his nearly-two year probe did Mueller determine Trump did not collude with Russians.


Read the rest here:…
8. Here’s what Finch had to say:

9. Robert Mueller is going before Congress on 17 July! Bob Mueller spent over two YEARS, $30 mil dollars, and hired the dirtiest prosecutors and Leftwing lawyers in America and accomplished nothing. Now, he’s going to face the music during congressional testimony.
10. Well, he did manage to f@#$ over a decorated general (Mike Flynn) using falsified FD-302s produced by Peter Strzok and with Andrew McCabe’s blessing. #witchhunt
11. So he wrote a 400-pg report that didn’t touch the President in spite of all this – in spite of Strzok and McCabe’s help, in spite of Comey directing Mueller, and in spite of Ben Wittes and Susan Hennessy at Lawfareblog and Brookings Institute writing a ROADMAP for him.
12. Epoch Times columnist Jeff Carlson lays that out here:
13. Robert Mueller’s report was accepted, and the redactions legally required BY LAW he refused to do were completed by AG Barr and DAG Rosenstein.
14. Also, the weak ass argument of obstruction was rejected as weak/shaky legal arguments and without merit. Jeff Carlson did a superb job covering this in his article, too.
15. So the problem Mueller has now is a big one: Robert Mueller has to explain everything without deviating from what he put in that report, or he winds up in the same boat Comey is in, as in subject to perjury, misprision, and other felonies.
16. Mueller is in *real* peril here: first, perjury is a serious problem, and he’s going to get destroyed from both sides. The Rs know it was a #witchhunt , and Ds cannot accept his conclusions (they need more or they can’t go forward with impeachment).
17. If Mueller uses his appearance to continue the #witchhunt, he’ll do so with AG Barr, IG Horowitz, and US Atty Durham watching him.
18. He has some other real and serious problems. The FISA on Gen Flynn that hasn’t been made public yet, that we know was illegal, the FD-302s Strzok wrote and Weissmann used to prosecute an innocent man, the exculpatory evidence exonerating George Pdop, and other problems.
19. How does Mueller answer *any* of those questions without admitting, under oath, that it was a #witchhunt ?
20. Mueller has another big problem: he has to explain Andrew Weismann and Jeannie Rhea’s prosecutorial misconduct under his supervision…under oath!
21. You think Mueller wants to do this? There’s a reason Nadler and Schiff had to subpoena Mueller, as well as a reason why Mueller ended his presser with no questions and said then he didn’t want to testify.
22. He wants *nothing* to do with explaining his failure to get Trump to the Democrats who feel he betrayed them by not finding evidence of collusion and fudging on obstruction of justice!
23. And he wants *nothing whatsoever* to do with the damning questions that are coming from REAL prosecutors turned lawmakers on the Republican side about his #witchhunt – all of which will be under oath.
24. Get your popcorn and beer ready! Bob Mueller’s ‘come to Jesus’ moment has a date set now – 17 July.
25. He is going to answer for his #witchhunt, and all because Adam Schiff are Jerry Nadler are desperate. IT'S MUELLER TIME!

26. Finch gets to the heart of the problem for Mueller, doesn’t he? The list of questions for Mueller grows (feel free to add your own!):

A. When did you know that there was no Russian collusion by @POTUS and his campaign?
26. (cont'd)

B. Why did you wait until after the 2018 election to disclose that there was no Russian collusion?

C. Why was there investigation into Russian collusion on the part of the Clinton campaign given all the evidence of same on the public record?
26. (cont'd)

D. Why was there no investigation into real foreign collusion (with the Clinton campaign), e.g., UK, Australian, etc.?

E. Why was the evidence in your report cherry-picked to make @POTUS look bad?

F. Why did the report include hearsay/gossip presented as fact?
26. (cont'd)

G. Why were various quotes taken out of context (other than to make @POTUS look bad)?

H. Why did the report present lack of a common man's understanding and context?

I. Why did the report contain nothing on Cohen lying to Congress (thoroughly discrediting him)?
26. (cont'd)

J. Please explain the perjury trap on Flynn.

K. Why was there no investigation into the fact that P-dop was set up (a C-I dirty trick that wasn't investigated)? Why was evidence exonerating P-dop never made public?
26. (cont'd)

L. Why did you pick Andrew Weissmann to lead your team when his past dirty tactics laid waste to companies like Enron and Arthur Anderson and ruined the livelihoods of a lot of Americans?
26. (cont'd)

M. Why did you exceed your obligation as a prosecutor by including innuendo about possible crimes in your report when your only requirement was to indict or remain silent (determining “exoneration” is not the role of a prosecutor)?
26. (cont'd)

N. Why did you bring Strzok and Page on your team after they had been principals on the Clinton email server investigation.

O. Why did you allow Democrat/Hillary donors on your team when they had obvious conflicts of interest?
26. (cont'd)

P. Why were no Republicans/Trump supporters on your team to provide at least a semblance of balance?
26. (cont'd)

Q. Given that you were/are a long-time friend of James Comey, a seminal figure in the obstruction determination, why did you not recuse yourself due to a conflict of interest?
26. (cont'd)

R. Maybe the Republicans will ask Mueller some questions about this stuff!…
27. This is just a starter list. Mueller should be grilled to high heaven by Republican Reps Collins, Gaetz, Meadows, Jordan, and the rest. I can’t wait for it to happen; 17 July could be lit! ///The end.
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