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At the #cpsboard meeting today. Will live tweet if able. I am in the overflow room. FACE just told us that you can only stand with one speaker- yes this is a written rule but we've never seen it enforced nor have we heard it verbalized.
This is a new unelected, mayor appointed #cpsboard so they may really be enforcing written rules today & forward. HOWEVER, speakers are usually bunched together by topic/org/school so if you are standing w/ 1 just stay on the railing for the next speaker- that's my advice.
New unelected #cpsboard member @DwayneTruss drops in the overflow room to welcome & thank everyone for coming today. Reminds us that we must work as partners. He got a huge round of applause!
Whole new unelected, Lightfoot appointed #cpsboard is assembled. Del Valle just voted in as BOE president. Revuluri just voted in as BOE VP.
Del Valle thanks Lightfoot for the appointment. Says he looks forward to working w/ the rest of the “excellent” #cpsboard member. Tells them to be vocal & engaged at every level. Even if we don’t agree. Transparency will be cornerstone. Trust essential.
Revuluri: excited to be on #cpsboard. Thx teachers & school admin in huge gains made at CPS. Committed to transparency & engagement to build trust. Necessary for the students of CPS & Chicago as whole.
Rome: honored to be appointed to #cpsboard. Very equity focused.
Melendez: being appointed to #cpsboard is an opportunity for doing for others, I could not pass it up.
Todd-Breland: Looking forward to an #ERSBNow. (Some applause) Focus: Equity across schools & nhoods across the District. #cpsboard
Truss: Thx his mom (and points so maybe she’s here?), raised 7 kids in west side alone; thx his wife for all her Comm work & thx Austin community for being so supportive of him & his family. #cpsboard “Let’s get to work.”
Sotelo: had many great teachers, honored to serve. Haunted by pic of immigrant dad & daughter who died before crossing into USA. Could have been him & his dad. Count your blessings. Adds #cpsboard is all about the kids.
Del Valle: for those of you wondering if this #cpsboard has heart... that’s on display today. We will be building. Building a foundation that an #ersbnow can build on. B/c there will be an elected school board.
Del Valle going through changes to BOE agenda... 1) #cpsboard will discuss the items up for vote publicly before public participation. 2) Items will be voted on after public participation in closed session. 3) 30 day public comment period after a vote....
.... 4) Translation, 5) Live streaming starting in July, 6) #cpsboard Committees will be created; these meetings will be in nhoods; based on ed policy, 7) BOE meetings will be in neighborhoods (did not catch if that was always or some), 8) Exec Session will follow Open Mtgs Act
Welcoming district. All students, families welcome.- Del Valle
We will do everything in our power to protect our students & families. ICE will not be let into schools. #cpsboard
Now on to Honoring Excellence. #cpsboard Lincoln Park HS performs for us! #cpsuccess
LPHS student explains that all band members travel from south side to Lincoln Park. Says he hopes #cpsboard will keep all the promises they just stated b/c kids & parents are counting on them & those promises.
Earle ES chess team being honored! #cpsuccess
Various students being honored for language acquisition: bilingual Ed, dual language world languages. #cpsuccess
Newest class of NBCT (national board certified teachers) being honored. #cpsboard
McDade: Anna Alvarado is leaving CPS to go to Freeport IL as superintendent. Chkoumbova moving into the position or something similar? McDade also talking about their ppal pipeline #cpsboard (sorry couldn't keep up w/ the talk)
CEO Jackson welcomes new #cpsboard & reiterates what Del Valle said- sent out letters to all ppals re: guidance from National Immigrant Justice Center. "Committed to status of welcoming school district."
Business portion of meeting started by Jackson after CEO report. Sounds like Del Valle interrupts & asks fellow #cpboard members if they have any ques about the CEO report. None. Del Valle asks the board secretary to please state what will be discussed in the Business portion
Del Valle also states that #cpsboard members can ask ques after each presentation. Starting the pres on ISBE Accelerated Placement Act- policy up ofor approval today.
Presentation slides #cpsboard
More slides on ISBE Advanced Placement Act #cpsboard
Whole Grade Acceleration slides & single subject acceleration as part of ISBEAccelerated Placement Act presentation #cpsboard
More slides from ISBE Accelerated Placement Act #cpsboard
Board member Melendez stating concerns re: early entrance into K. She was a K teacher. Asks if CPS made comments or asked ques to ISBE about how this will be implemented & ECE concerns? #cpsboard
There's a long answer then Jackson says CPS did lobby against this bill.
CPS explaining that there will be 10 weeks of tracking to see how kids are doing & how the policy is playing out. Sounds like they will also analyze policy at the end of next school year too #cpsboard
Todd-Breland asks for cost of this policy. CPS says it's an unfunded mandate.
Todd-Breland asks if all schools have the staff needed for this?
CPS- every schl has a counselor. Ppal & AP will be involved.
Someone asked if test will be in other languages beside English? #cpsboard
Revuluri: Racial equity impact? Alvarado: Breakdown of students by network so that might give us racial profile. We don't have previous data to compare.
#cpsboard (There are a lot of questions being asked- and very diff ques than usual.)
Next presentation: SQRP 2.0 #cpsboard School Quality Rating Policy. Ratings come out in Fall.
More SQRP 2.0 slides #cpsboard Timeline & “engagement”. Should have included LSC members & parents.
More SQRP 2.0 slides... elementary model. Big change is 3-8 grade on track #cpsboard
More SQRP 2.0... High School Model. Adding Learn.Plan. Success.
More SQRP 2.0... options schools & speciality high schools #cpsboard
More SQRP 2.0... detention centers model (new) #cpsboard
Time for questions. Truss asks how were CACs, LSCs engaged?
Broom says that's the 2nd step/next level. Now we (CPS) have to help Ps understand what these ratings mean. Truss says so they weren't engaged on formulating this plan? (The indirect answer is no.) #cpsboard
Truss: People need to be involved. Parents are directly impacted by school actions that result from this rating system. SQRP level also impacts where a teacher decides to teach so this impacts families, parents. #cpsboard (He said a lot more. Can't capture)
Todd-Breland: How does the SQRP line up with the CPS vision?
HS level: Where's the research that supports using Learn.Plan.Succeed in SQRP? Isn't this really new? ES: ques the 3 - 8 On Track measure- this will bring student grades into SQRP. #cpsboard
Jackson: When we first thought of including Learn.Plan.Succeed. more schools had 100% students with post secondary plan. Equity issue. #cpsboard
Todd-Breland: What are the specific resources, supports offered to schools that are level 2, 3? #cpsboard
Melendez: When we are rating schls & providing supports, we need to take in whole pic not just standardized measures. Systemic variables need to be incorporated somehow. #cpsboard
Rome: (she said a lot more before this, then...) Have you considered any rating system that does not create fear & competition among schools? #cpsboard
Jackson: Part of this is philosophy: is CPS comfortable to allow status quo. Qual is not just based on test scores. If you look at vision, we are moving toward whole child. We also give arts indicator and will be giving safety indicator. Stand behind SQRP but can revise #cpsboard
Revuluri asks for cost of SQRP changes. Jackson says cost neutral, cost of Broom's department. Revuluri pushes back & says there are probably more costs to this. #cpsboard Broom will be a cost to the HSs which will be rated for the first time.
Revuluri says add in measuring the teaching practice (NY did this): can be data based or involve schl visits. (He actually likes the SQRP & likes that CPS is a leader in schl ratings but finds 2.0 underwhelming) #cpsboard
Revuluri adds that he's a "massive supporter of CCSS". MAP does not assess higher level thinking and it's a huge part of SQRP. #cpsboard
What are the goals of SQRP? Are we meeting them? How can we meet them?
Sotelo: There is no one perfect model but we are all marching towards what is best for our communities. What are the strengths, weaknesses of SQRP 1.0? How are we complementing that with the qualitative part? #cpsboard Std test scores are not only way to eval kids & institutions.
Del Valle says this is what you get when you put together a board of members with expertise. This type of exchange is needed. Applause in both Board & Overflow rooms. #cpsboard We want our staff to really understand where BOE members & comm are at.
Del Valle: I hear my BOE members loud & clear. We need the data, We need to analyze. Asks Jackson for time frame. #cpsboard
Jackson: SQRP 2.0 will get SQRP to fair & accurate. Happy to lead on this school qual rating work & work with BOE
Next Pres: first ever CPS Student Bill of Rights #cpsboard
More on Student Bill of Rights #cpsboard
Student code of conduct revisions #cpsboard
Melendez asks about a possible conflict b/w Student Bill of Rights & Student Code of Conduct re: student walk outs. Could be misunderstandings.
CPS: Want students to understand they have these rights
Jackson: Has happened &, yes, it's been ppal discretion. #cpsboard
Jackson adds that student actions still in SCC for things like walk outs that end with traffic disruption and/or disruption at a business. #cpsboard
Todd-Breland: applauds inclusion of students. Believes this doc should hold BOE/ CPS accountable.
Business part of agenda is done. Now they are going through items to be voted on. Del Valle asks #cpsboard secretary to give brief description of the item to be voted on. A few capital items so Arnie Rivera will answer. #cpsboard
Ed tech contract renewal, $2M #cpsboard
Reading lots of other agenda items. This has never happened before.
Public participation hasn't started yet. We are 3 hours in. People will probably start leaving soon. Also, we still can't bring in food or water.
Del Valle encouraging people to register for Office Hours: cpsboe.org
Next #cpsboard meeting is Wed, July 24, 10:30am
Public participation about to start but aldermen first...
Ald @c4m17ward: congrats #cpsboard on their appointments. Asks CPS grad (Oglesby & Vanderpoel ES) to stand, he's in college now. Stresses the need for foundation & stability. Compliments Jackson & McDade. Concerned about the lack of representation of SSide on new BOE.
Ald @c4m17ward says the #cpsboard needs to support CEO Jackson, says she listens to the community. Asks BOE to consider moving meeting dates b/c they are same as City Council meeting dates.
Ald Cappelman here to advocate for McCutcheon ES- doesn't have a gym, not ADA compliant. Students currently walk to Boys & Girls Club to use gym. New gym would also bring an elevator. #cpsboard
Ald @48Ward also here to advocate for the McCutcheon gym project. Mom & LSC member also speaking- gym will make a huge diff for our students. #cpsboard
Sharkey @CTULocal1: Welcome. Excited for the potential of this #cpsboard. 20 year backlog of misguided CPS policies. Harmful effects, voted & discussed behind closed doors. Examine SBB, SQRP (discussion was much needed; fundamental change needed), CTU's demand of full staffing
.@TLaRav Chgo Ppals & Admin Assoc: newly reelected as president. Submitting letter & 8 pg doc. Major issues & concerns and opp for #cpsboard to partner w/ CPAA.
.@TLaRav Issue #1: ppal involvement in writing CPS policy. They have to implement & they see the real impacts.
Ppal advisory committee- one ppal said that ppals were listened to like all those parents CPS "listened to" when closing 50 schools. CPAA wants to partner w/ #cpsboard
.@TLaRav Priority #2: Staff our schools. #cpsboard CPS ppal & APs are taking on workload of missing staff. Start to address this. Add these foundational staff: AP; (interrupted by Del Valle: pls give summary). Troy continues- case mgr; dean; ppal option position
.@TLaRav Ppals surveyed not happy w/ SQRP. Also: "Superfluous compliant demands" (many other concerns stated)
Last, asks for delay in votes on Warning resolutions & admin actions b/c fairness and transparency lacking. #cpsboard
Ald @ByronSigcho: congrats #cpsboard. You represent change. City has forgotten the most vulnerable. Make a serious effort to negotiate the teachers contract in good faith. This is what our kids deserve and what our neighbors deserve. Asking to give time to a parent, not allowed
Investing in our schools is a great way to keep families in our neighborhoods. - @SigchoFor25 Wants to work w/ #cpsboard re: Pilsen schools and possible Chinatown HS
.@SEIU73 advocating for CPS SECAs, bus monitors, custodians, etc. We are no longer invisible. We are here. Negotiate in good faith. Negotiations have been ongoing for 1 year. #cpsboard If we are not listening to the workers, esp the low wage workers, there is something wrong.
Come to the table. Hear our story. Every worker deserves dignity & respect. - @SEIU73 Applause in both rooms.
Public participation happening now
.@JiananShi & @JoyClendenning just spoke for RYH. You can read their statements here: ilraiseyourhand.org/ryh_june_2019_…
I was taking video & will add that link soon. Crowd laughed & cheered at "The SQRP sucks."
Nixon ES librarian speaking. Schl libraries are a necessity. Lightfoot's platform includes a library in every schl. Time for our mayor to keep that promise. #cpsboard
Mozart ES LSC member speaking about ppal selection process. Felt the Office of LSC Relations rushed them. Pushed to hire Interim ppal w/o looking at other candidates. Not give right support or tools to hire a new ppal. #cpsboard
Taylor ES LSC member: bullying not being addressed; teachers leaving; sped issues. We need help & we need it now. (Several parents here on this.) Next speakers says LSC has taken a no confidence vote on admin. #cpsboard
Sharon Schmidt, Steinmetz HS teacher & Substance editor talks about her husband, George, who passed away in Sept & who was the editor of Substance for a few decades. Brought a copy of Substance from 2000 when they featured Del Valle fighting for CPS custodians. #cpsboard
Schmidt continued with- get rid of networks, ARA is Kids First Chi which was Ren Fund so do your homework. #cpsboard
Del Valle & Truss had nice things to say about George.
.@reunitefield is back with a few parents. Asking for help to create single K - 8 school. #cpsboard Will improve learning opportunities for both schools.
Ppal of Simeon HS: One year ago he was removed from his school. Calls it a political move by Jackson & Emanuel. Says he is still standing & he is here w/ his lawyer and a copy of his lawsuit. Challenges new #cpsboard to get politics out of CPS.
Ratio of CPS student : CPS social worker is 1053 students : 1 social worker
This a crisis. We are not addressing the trauma. We need to do better. Kids need access to care in their schl community. @erikawozfrancis #cpsboard
#WeAreNTA parent: Use NTA equity team as a model to replicate in other CPS schools. #cpsboard Every educator in Chi needs to engage in equity work. Invite partnership & resources.
#WeAreNTA parent Audrey Johnson speaking appreciation for Amy Rome, new #cpsboard member who was the founding ppal at NTA.
.@CBCACchicago advocating for a high school in Chinatown. #cpsboard
Ready to work w/ new board.
Vaughn HS parent: Vaughn ppal will be inviting #cpsboard to visit. Thx for serving. Thx CPS for partnership w/ Chicago City Colleges.
As member of @P4TChicago: Teachers needs & students needs go hand in hand. We are standing w/ our teachers who are negotiating a contract.
Certified school nurse: works in 5 schools. Used to be ER nurse, thought stress would go down. It has not. We need a nurse in every school, every day. #cpsboard
Oglesby ES parents advocating for the Montesorri program at Oglesby ES. Lots of empty promises from CPS. Our children deserve the same quality of program as the north side Montesorri programs. (They've been here several times before w/ the same concerns.) #cspboard
Grissom ES Student speaking. 52 students in her class last year. Yes, 52.
Overcrowded school. Worried that if there's a fire she won't be able to get out. Needs a new building. "Our education matters."
(They've also been here several times on this issue.) #cpsboard
CPS social worker: 20 years,35+ CPS schs. Was helped himself as a child by social workers: "Education of my mind was as important as education of my heart. Trauma happens in all communities. The difference is in the support schools provide." #cpsboard More SW needed.
Hirsch HS LSC Chair: Pleas to last #cpsboard fell on deaf ears. SBB is a problem. It's decimated Hirsch HS. While your backyard is being ripped up while other backyards are invested in, you go to the other backyard. Hirsch did do the RFP process for programming, denied. #cpsboard
Hirsch LSC Chair tells #cpsboard to come out to the comm & talk to the people before you make any decisions.
Dad here about bullying. Son not getting supports nor is Anti Bullying policy being followed. Son suffering from PTSD. Why haven't we received a school safety plan? #cpsboard
Northside Learning Center HS teacher discussing inequities within GoCPS app system for children with special needs. #cpsboard
CPS social worker:I serve students, parents, teachers.Caseloads enormously large. Effectiveness is largely measured by if I meet compliance.However, we know that gen ed is in need of our services just as much as sped. #cpsboard Pls think abt the trauma and increase number of SWs
2nd speaker on property at 31st & Kedzie. Washburne Trade School. 11 acres in Little Village. Comm wants to decide how that land is used. Residents want to participate to create a community plan. #cpsboard
.@debbiekoller: There is not a day that goes by that I do not hear from a parent whose child's sped services are being delayed & denied post ISBE inquiry findings. So many children were harmed. There will be a city after shock when these kids hit adulthood #cpsboard
#SorJuanaRising is back. 2 ed programs in 1 schl: STEAM magnet & Classical. Did not meet enrollment requirements for Classical so CPS is shutting it down. Asking for more incubation time and will help CPS to reach out to families so they understand the school & apply. #cpsboard
Public participation concludes (4:08) Del Valle asks for ques & comments. None. Moving on to items on public agenda. There will be a public vote for each. #cpsboard
1st vote is SQRP 2.0. Revuluri, Todd-Breland, Truss vote no. Del Valle asks Jackson about timeline. Schls need to learn how they will be evaluated. If not passed today Jackson recommends keep SQRP as is.BUT ES wouldn't have a policy-now discussion that #cpsboard did not know that
Truss bringing up that he has issue w/ engagement. (Still no official vote yet. Discussion amongst #cpsboard) (There would be no ES SQRP policy b/c current resolution was just for 1 year, this past school year.)
Sotelo explaining his vote. BOE asking some questions, making comments Jackson saying she wasn't pressed much in briefing (but for Revuluri) & did answer about 60 ques from #cpsboard
Revuluri asks if there can be revisions then a vote in July. Jackson says she does not hear recommendations but rather a question in SQRP as a whole. #cpsboard We'd be ok w/ HS policy but ES policy ended at end of school year. More discussion.
Huh. Being kicked out of the overflow room & told to move to board room. Sorry, going to miss a bunch of this. #cpsboard
Motion for reconsideration. Voting again. Revuluri abstains. Truss no. All the rest are yes. 5 ayes, 1 abstention, 1 nay. SQRP 2.0 Adopted. #cpsboard
The accelerated placement policy passes. #cpsboard
Revisions to Student Code of Conduct passes. (missed 1 abstention)
Ed tech vendors renewal. Revuluri abstains. Passes.
Moving into closed session. They will be back ASAP. #cpsboard
Thanks for tuning in. Please note that these were live tweets. There will def be typos and there may be some inaccuracies. Plus that was 6 hours of live tweets. Have a great night! #cpsboard
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