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(1) Joe love your show. Good stuff. I am about to scare the sh!t out of you.

Hang on.

On your show with Abby Martin, you referenced that "in ten years you would not be surprised if there were technology to read people's thoughts, and also communicate with them."
(2) Unfortunately for the human population Joe, the US Government has had this technology (AKA "weapon") in its arsenal for more than half a century, and it is now utilized by every #ThreatFusionCenter in the US under the guise of a "Pre-Crime" protocol ....
(3) similar to the movie the "Minority Report." It is heavily abused to terrorize members of the population, often referred to as "Targeted Citizens" or "Targeted Individuals," which are people who have been deemed "potential domestic threats" by #FBI #DHS or other ....
(4) Law Enforcement agencies.

Any time a military-grade technology is patented or an announcement is made by a university that they made a "break-through," it is a carefully-timed release orchestrated by the military-industrial complex and often references tech that has ....
(5) already been deployed for decades. The same goes for Hollywood movies (such as Minority Report). It is a mechanism of preemptive programming.

Mind-reading technology, and brainwave-pattern altering tech has been around for nearly 100 years. The Germans were studying it ....
(6) for several decades BEFORE WWII.

In the 1950s & 1960s a man named Delgado did experiments on a bull that were made public (1965), while experimenting on humans & monkeys behind closed doors. At that stage he used antennas & implants

Here's the link

(6B) Here is the NYT (article) link to Delgado's experiments:
(7) Now look what was patented in 1976 by Robert G. Malech:

Apparatus and Method for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves:…
(8) What they have deployed today across America by #NSA, #DIA & #IARPA (in conjunction with universities doing highly illegal Milgram-type experiments on unsuspecting citizens) and thru #FusionCenters makes Malech's technology look like "horse and carriage."
(9) They have the ability to remotely track anyone in the world via their unique brainwave patterns, no cellphone need be carried, no need for implants or GPS.

That is old, old school Joe.

The government has the ability to see and hear what the civilian "target" ....
(10) sees and hears. They have the ability to read thoughts in real time (think of "thought streaming"), and memories as well - in addition to manipulating them, or engaging in "memory gaslighting."

You know what doxing is I assume? Releasing someones private info to ....
(11) the public.

Imagine "thought doxing" Joe, where your private thoughts or ideas are verbally referenced to you by a total stranger in public the day after you were thinking of something very specific.

They also have the capability for synthetic telepathy, which is ....
(12) the (remote) insertion of thoughts or emotions in a "target's" mind.

Here is one example of very basic (and now quite technologically primitive) mood alteration utilized by the US military in Iraq in the early 1990s:…
(13) As I mentioned earlier in this thread, #ThreatFusionCenters have access to this technology and are abusing the He!! out of it.

Imagine of thinking of your long-deceased "Aunt Tabitha" who everyone referred to fondly of as "Tabby" (not a typically heard of name) ....
(14) or "AT" for "Aunt Tabby," not vocalizing your memory of her, and then have a total stranger come up to you the next day and say, "we all felt badly in 1978 when good old AT passed away. We all miss her."

This is an aspect of the new #COINTELPRO 2 protocol, run ....
(15) thru #DHS-funded #ThreatFusionCenters with collusion of #DHS #FBI #JTTF #NSA and a host of other alphabet agencies.

Universities with Departments of Neurology such as .@Georgetown are invited (and funded) by #IARPA #DARPA to run classified studies on unsuspecting ....
(16) civilian "targets" who cannot understand why their moods have suddenly altered, they are experiencing strange dreams and atypical thoughts (referred to as "dream manipulation" and "synthetic telepathy").

These heinous, Nazi-styled projects ....
(17) run secretly through some of America's leading universities are often done under the guise of "stroke rehabilitation" and "Neuroplasticity Studies."

Georgetown University is one of several universities engaged in these programs which equate to remote torture ....
(18) and "brain rape."

Doctoral students, post grads and "fellows" have to sign a non-disclosure agreement to work on these programs, and universities such as Georgetown will host foreign nationals such as Iranians, Indians and Pakistanis to come "research" and "experiment ...."
(19) on innocent Americans without their consent or knowledge.

Our society and government is engaged in acts which are far, far darker & evil than most could imagine or want to.

The technology at their disposal is easily half a century ahead of what the public is aware of ....
(20) or even depicted in Hollywood SciFi movies.

The RNM or Remote Neural Monitoring technology is now widely used by the federal government and #FusionCenter personnel, to extrajudicially target America;s brightest and most creative people.

What has been deployed ....
(21) against innocent Americans on a wide-scale basis exceeds any Orwellian nightmare, as most are unaware of the technological capabilities of the Intel and LE agencies, the US Government & the universities they fund to participate in these grotesque ....
(22) Nazi-styled experiments and targeting protocol.

Imagine trying to go to the police and filing a report that you are a victim of "mind rape."

As a final note, the diplomats in Cuba and China were attacked with frequency-based weapons platforms, and when they returned ....
(23) to the US, those attacks continued. State Department, #FBI and #DHS know damn well what they were targeted with but refuse to make that knowledge public because they are deployed here in the USA against potential "citizen dissidents" as part of the US Governments nasty ....
(24) social credit system - also coordinated thru the #Stasi-style bases referred to as #FusionCenters.

Dr. X

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