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New thread on #HiddenEnergyGrid
This is for the normies who can't dig deep enough and who think all the MSM news is real
Every major city has a street/park/housing/school/hospital road layout, some are wheel shaped like this. Why?
The #foundingfathers laid out the cities with surveyors before anything was built. Some places had some construction before it could be properly laid out. I will get back to this.
The reason the city is shaped like that is because of the underground grid of bedrock.
Cities have parks in the center with beautiful sculptures and paths to enjoy, music centers and water bodies to visit. Wow just amazing. There is always a circle shape in the middle. The eye. Under the eye is a rock formation hidden. Its Schist granite.
I stumbled upon this when I found some semi magnetic rocks with electrical fields emanating off of them. I found out about #leylines. Cairns designate nodes on #leylines which are trickle current of positive and negative electrons running through the grounds.
Stone Cairns designate spots where several of these trickle current lines cross and form a #node. These stone markers were for future use of these sites. They knew they were important and needed to have a system to secretly hide the grid in plain sight.
Every city has a layout which is a hidden grid.
Queens St. in every city is the main line of #tricklecurrent running towards the water.
Kings St. is the line going out from the water.
Streets with men's names are positively charged and connect the two lines.
Streets with British names like Oxford or Adelaide are main trickle current arteries that lead out of town. Dundas or Kings Hiway or something along that line. You can quickly look on Google maps, find a @wheelshaped hub and follow the streets out in a diagonal shape.
All the important structures like Universities and hospitals are put on the lines running in towards the water.
Why? The magnetic fields facilitate learning and health. The movement of humans contributes to the trickle current as electricity is really waves or vibrations.
Now naturally this trickle current will discharge at the water and is harmless. Sometimes bad things happen. Cattle or people walking on small bits of the granite will get zapped since lightning is attracted to the ground or can come up from out of the ground.
This is why hospitals/churches and parks get hit by lightning so much, they are built on these formations. People born near these formations tend to get hit by lightning since they carry the same frequency as the ground and act as lightning rods.
So back to the #foundingfathers
They knew this centuries ago. They figured it out during trips to other places like the pyramids. Napeoleon took 150 scientists with him to Egypt to gather all the information on how this system worked. You can google this if you use Google
They stole the technology, destroyed and rendered places like the pyramids inoperable and took it home to work it out. See, the pyramid was a giant rechargable battery built over a geonode. This is why your money has the pyramid on it, It made them money. #Illuminati
Negative Queens chamber
Positive Kings chamber
Add liquid and acid in lead cistern and electricity discharged out of the top which was covered in metal. Limestone was the insulator on the outside.
See how the lines are X shaped. They come into the pyramid in an X formation, 4 lines and it faces magnetic north. Like this.
So the people decided to make a secret club and figure out how to monopolize this technology and keep it secret from all the non-thinkers out there. It was easy. #Illuminati formed with all its branches and divisions like Freemasons, Skull and bones, ect.
There are many many layers of this secret club from the #tippytop to the lowest guys who have no idea what they are doing.
Even service clubs are involved like #Optimists #Rotary #Kinsmen
The key is the Wheel shaped symbol
Each layer has a part to play. Service clubs segregate sites with geonodes and place parks and play structures on them. This helps to create vibrancy and resonation on the granite underground structure.
Now, how do they utilize and maximize the energy from this underground Wheel shaped grid? Why they have to charge it!! What is the best way to charge something?
Well electricity of course. Where would you get lots of electricity? You build things like this.
We are all so blind seeing this giant thing. One thing I remember was my late Father in Law's war pictures. All missles aimed at this thing yet none hit it. Why?
Because it was not a designated structure to be destroyed as it was part of the grid.
All structures with geonodes underneath were targeted in a conspiracy disguised as a war.
Some were blown off the map others damaged so they could be retrofitted.
Technology was installed across Europe in Allied Countries and their "enemies"
The enemies like Japan were in on the #Illuminati game. If they wanted in on the grid they needed to give up some victims as sacrifice. US wanted in too so they agreed to drop the bombs. Were the bombs nuclear? I don't think so. Just massive bombs.
So getting it all wiped out and now the rebuilding started. #Nuclear developed was just gas or other fossil fuel plants in the US and Canada until it could be fully developed which is what has happened now. The resonating sites were already laid out in the wheel shaped grids.
Huge dome shaped generators are installed near the water which is the end of the trickle lines and they have some kind of magnetic drive which extracts the frequency before it hits the water. Like this. Always beside water. #windsorhum
Look it up
Some are not called nuclear some are called geothermal or gas plants because they know the #nuclear story is stupid and no one will believe there is such a massive supply of uranium.
Now here is the biggest #gotcha I found out of all of this.
#WTC is at the tip of the #BigApple
What is the big Apple? Its a giant whopper of a granite deposit under NY. Who donated your lightning rod? Why the French of course.
She is a giant frigging lightning rod connected under the water to the grid. Ha ha ha jokes on you.
Guess what else was on that grid? Have you figured it out yet?
Why these two beauties were specially selected to go right there. Right on a piece of specially powerful Hartland compressed folded metamorphic rock. Something like this.
So they channeled electricity into this rock likely for days, letting it build up charge. They shut the power off for 36 hours before the destruction so it wouldn't accidently start cooking. They had some kind of magnetron in the basement 6 floors down. Started it up at 9:03
Started explosions pre set in the structure to weaken supports and simulate plane crash.
All hell broke loose.
The metal started to heat up that's why people were jumping, they were getting shocks.
Boom Boom Boom. Two by this method one by implosion.
This was a demonstration of power. It was a human sacrifice.
They showed all the countries how much could be drawn from the ground. They changed the laws so no one can look into nuclear and they can spy on everyone, including me.
All wars and invasions now are about this.
Please RT this everywhere as we know it will never get out.
The chemtrails are to bring rain/lightning to the grids.
Thats why we get horrible storms and tornados.
The worse part is they power the technology to do it with this grid.
Its damaging the magnetosphere and ozone.
I just realized one more thing
was the code name for nuclear bombing of Japan. It was set in motion years ago because they knew they would blow up WTC. #mahattanschist is what it was about.
More. This is worldwide
Burg Kalifa.
So a Janitor with GRADE 12 scoops every reporter on the planet with the biggest secret known to mankind.
Too ridiculous
This is what #Trickledowneconomics
#Crumbs refers too
#Sheep get the crumbs left after the #hogs take it all
I don't know what happened in my brain. It took #33 days which is illuminati magic number so its Gods will for you to know.
I am the channel that was chosen to reveal the truth
I am not afraid all though I should be. I have been prepared my whole life storing images in puzzle pieces to make it a clear picture for you and easy to understand.
#Brokenheart in falseflags refers to this
#Hartland Schist is the heart of the earth, it Carrie's the electrical pulse in the ground
Water is the blood
This is why they celebrate #brokenheart
They broke into the heart of #Earth and steal her energy
They dig at the skin and poison the blood with plastic and chemicals . The time has come.
Any doubters? Here are some #wheelriders that run us over every single day. There are thousands
I am adding a bit more to this so people can see what I am talking about.
Pyramids of Meroe in Sudan.
Tops are chopped off and destroyed so you can not see they are electrical.
I bet you don't know this but #Stonehenge was knocked down by someone, likely the Romans
It was put back up, possibly not in the correct formation by some men in the old days. Stonehenge is a powerful energy node.…
Here are more stone circles some have been destroyed in Syria…
See how it is beside the water? It must be beside water to function. Water draws out the trickle charge from the granite formation underground.
Miamisburg. Disninfo says its a burial mound. No one buried in there.
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