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As always this will be Analysis and Commentary coming from myself...
Same rules as last night I am not numbering these tweets that would be a bit too difficult. I will try to keep the ellipsis to a minimum as well.
But before we get into the #DemDebates lets do the following who needs to breakout tonight... 1. Marianne #Williamson, 2. Let's see if #Yang gets a bump in the numbers and finally does someone like #Hickenlooper, #Swalwell, #Bennet or #Gillibrand come out swinging.
Also does #Biden flop
One important thing... This is a base election, its about getting the base to the polls!
Here we go!
#Sanders: "We have new Vision for America," #DemDebates "We think its time for real change, Healthcare is a human right we need single payer Medicare for All"
#Sanders: "Eliminate Student Debt by placing a tax on Wall Street" #DemDebates "People will pay more in taxes..."
#Biden: "Donald Trump thinks Wall St. built America ordinary America built America." #DemDebates "What I'm saying is we have to be straight forward, we have to make sure they have insurance they can afford, Donald Trump put us in Horrible situation..."
Biden first with applause Lines!
#Harris: "Working families need support and need lifted up..." #DemDebates
#Hickenlooper: "If we don't clearly define we aren't socialists, Republicans will label us as Socialists" #DemDebates
#Sanders: "Last Poll had us 10 pts. ahead" calls Trump "Pathological Liar, Racist." #DemDebates "83% Of his tax Benefits go to the top"
#Gillibrand: "The Debate we are having in our party is confusing... its the greed of the insurance companies." #DemDebates
#Gillibrand: "I wrote the transition in Sanders bill..."
#Buttigieg: "I believe in Free College for Low and middle Income kids who could not afford it... because of barriers."
#Buttigieg: "Yes it needs to be more Affordable to go to College, and it needs to be Affordable not to go to college." #DemDebates
#Yang: "Difficult to do if having Trillion dollar companies like Amazon..." Calls for Value Added Tax...
#Yang: Reason Trump won, is because of Automation
#Swalwell: "We must be a country that technology creates more jobs than it displaces." #DemDebates
#Swalwell: First Candidate to attack #Biden
#Biden Response: "I'm still holding onto that torch, this is why I've advocated for Universal Pre-K, and we should provide for Free Community College"
#Biden: "Debt is Frozen." Re: Student Loan Debt
#Harris: "Ok Guys America doesn't want to witness a Food Fight, they want to know how we are going to put food on their table" #DemDebate
Best line of the Night From Harris and we are only twenty minutes in #KamalaHarris #DemDebates #DemDebate
On policy: Gilibrand's plan allows for a buy in... a transition period until the nation gets to Single Payer
#Buttigieg: "Every Candidate for wants Medicare for All has responsibility to explain how you get there, I do this by giving it to those who want it" #DemDebate
#Biden: "Fact of the matter is... quickest way to solve {Insurance issues} is Build on #ObamaCare We must move Now, I'm against any Democrat who wants to tear down #ObamaCare
#Sanders: "Function of HC System today is to make Billions of Profits for Healthcare Companies." #DemDebates
#Sanders: "We will do it... how all change occurs When tens of Millions of people are willing to stand up when they tell insurance companies their day is done."
#Williamson: "Govt. shouldn't have made deal with pharma companies it's corruption..." "If you think we are going to beat Trump by having a plan, Donald Trump won by saying 'Make America Great Again' "We need to talk about how we have a sickness system not a HC System."
#Bennett: "Quickest Way to get to universal Coverage is to expand on #ObamaCare"
#Harris: "Any night in America their is a child with a fever... and they know if they go to the ER even if they have insurance they will be out a 5,000 dollar deductible that is what insurance companies are doing in America today"
All democrats on Stage: Would Allow Undocumented Immigrants to be covered under their Insurance Plans!
#Biden: "We can deal with Insurance Companies by putting Execs in Jail for False Advertising on Opioids"
#Harris: "I will release Children in Cages... The Microphone the President has in Her Hand" #DemDebates #DemDebate
#Hickenlooper: "It's Kidnapping"
#Williamson: "It's kidnapping, and Child Abuse... These are State Sponsored Crimes..." "Donald Trump attacking the moral core of this nation"
#Buttigieg: "Republican Party likes to cloak its self in Religion, we should call out hypocrisy when we see it"
#Biden: "We all talk about these things, I did it!"
#Buttigieg owns the issue.... of over policing in his town of South Bend Indiana.
#Buttigieg: "It's an issue facing my community and all of our communities."
#Willliamson: "The Democratic Party should be on the side of Reparations."
#Biden: "I ran because of Civil Rights..."
#Biden: "I supported the ERA from the very beginning..." in back and forth with Harris
#Sanders: "Believes that we have the power to rotate the blood of the {Supreme Court}"
#Harris: "We have a President who has embraced Science Fiction over Scientific Fact... Donald Trump is greatest National Security Threat to the United States"
#Willaimson: "JFK included the people..." We need to imagine the future
#Biden: "I think you are underestimating Barack Obama..." "The first Priority is Defeating Donald Trump"
#Buttigieg: "We don't know which nation he will have pissed off... we need to model values at home!"
#Swalwell: "We are Breakin' up with Russia and Makin' up with NATO"
#Hickenlooper: "If we turn to Socialism, we run the risk of re-electing the Worst President in American History." #DemDebate
#Harris: "I have a 3 AM Agenda." #DemDebates
And this concludes... The second night of the #DemDebates... stay tuned for my #FinalThoughts (Which is Analysis, and some Commentary)
So the Winners from tonight: 1. Gillibrand did what she needed to do! 2. Williamson shouldn't be counted out tonight. 3. Harris proved that she can be a formidable challenger to Biden... This says something that the winners are all Females!
So the candidates who didn't do well: 1. Biden had a perfect opportunity to make up for some earlier mistakes re: Segregation comments 2. Swalwell had a few good one liners and 3. Hickenlooper isn't likely going anywhere... #FinalThoughts
Buttigieg did something rare; he owned the issues going on in his city! That maybe a first in the game we love called Politics! #FinalThoughts
Good Night and Good Luck!
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