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Ok now, for real, here is the Democrat debate clown show. No propping up Elizabeth Warren tonight. Tonight is all about destroying Biden and Bernie while propping up Kamala Harris. It's going to be awful.
The woman commentating said that it is hard to go "toe to toe with a woman like Elizabeth Warren" LOL oh my goodness these left wing maniacs have literally no clue what is reality and not. Elizabeth Warren is even WORSE than Hillary Clinton. They are all in for her lol.
My favorite part of Lester Holt being at both nights of the Democrat debates is the fact that literally nobody brought up the fake news nonsense claiming President Trump told Lester Holt he fired Comey because of Russia. That's how dead the fake Russia nonsense is. Enjoy!
This is not hyperbole, the only two people relevant on this stage are in this picture. You guess who those two are.
They gave Bernie the first question but unlike Elizabeth Warren last night, it was a trap question! They blamed him for wanting to raise taxes and hit him out of the gate when literally everyone on that stage wants to raise taxes 😂
Crazy Bernie continues last nights trend of Democrats looking literally insane in their faces while speaking. Can none of these people talk and look normally?
Beto opened his answers by speaking half in spanish last night and Joe Biden somehow is less coherent than that. There really is something wrong with is brain
LOL every other word out of Biden, Bernie and Kamala's mouth is "Donald Trump" they aren't on the same page as the Democrats last night that actively avoiding speaking his name. They are out for soundbites
I know who this guy is because he was the governor of my state but nobody else knows who he is. This is the Delaney of the night.
They went back to Bernie with a trap question. "What do you say to the people that say nominating a socialist will re-elect Donald Trump"

Crazy Bernie calls Trump a racist and a liar and no one cares at all because no one there wants him to win.
This man is unhinged. He has a movement but that movement is unhinged just like him.
Gillibrand interrupts and talks about blah blah blah NRA blah blah blah I hate capitalism blah blah blah the NBC moderators shut her down 😂
😂 this dude is also from Colorado, and the moderator asked him a question and he wasn't even ready for it. Michael Bennett has no business being on that stage and almost no one knows who this man is
Michael Bennet just went HARD into going off on Bernie Sanders lol. Smart move but the moderators and Gillibrand shut him down.

This is a circus way more than last night lol
Alfred E. Newman is given a chance to speak for the only time in his entire life and he is saying the most boring generic thing I've ever heard. "You should be able to live well" thanks bud! I agree
"I have $130,000 in student loan debt myself" says the least qualified man in America to be President 😂😂😂
Yang is saying some things that no one, not even me or Joe Biden is listening to, and it may make some sense but I can't tell and no one else can because he sounds like he is an audio book
"I was 6 years old when" Joe Biden came to his school to say that they should pass the torch to the new members of the Democrat party, 36 years ago, lol he owned Biden somehow.
"I'm still holding on to that torch" with his cold dead hands 😂😂😂
Is this a man that was a Vice President for 8 years or is this a mannequins corpse?
😂😂😂 they are all shouting now!!!

They are severely unimpressed by the relatively civil debate that occured last night
"America does not want to witness a food fight they want to know how we will put food on their table" Senator Kamala Harris with a line that was written well in advance by someone far smarter than her lol
Kamala Harris says the stock market isn't doing that well if you don't own stocks, like some sort of an insane maniac
"Now it's my turn" says my mean aunt while she has been drinking too much and I have immediately tuned her out
"What, me worry?"
Joe Biden has dementia
Yikes he is mentally unwell
Bernie Sanders is now praising the weaklings in Canada and their disaster of a health care solution where the rich in their country flee it and come to our country to see the best doctors to solve their issues.
This man desperately needs healthcare so I can see why he demands it's free.
"First of all, blah blah blah health care" no one has ever seen this woman before tonight and she may have snuck on this stage but at least she was smart enough to mention Donald Trump
In between sobbing and a heavy Brooklyn accent, whoever this woman is yelled about chemical policies and food policies and blah blah blah this is her 15 minutes of non fame
Michael Bennet just literally said some people make too much money to get free healthcare what the freaking what?
One of these two men is having a stroke on stage they need medical attention. Maybe both lol
LOL I think Michael Bennet was agreeing with Bernie Sanders but he took his response time to berate him anyways this is so freaking weird.
Kamala Harris, apparently the only real politician on this stage, is now telling a sob story about someone no one has ever heard of and maybe doesn't even exist, paying too much for health care, and this is really wild now lol.

NBC has lost all control
"I was just in the emergency room last week" says this absolute moron and I bet it was because he accidentally walked into a corner of his desk like a toddler 😂
I prefer Cracked to Mad Magazine sorry
LOL the moderator just tried to destroy Biden for something about healthcare for all and Biden, not understanding, disagreed with her and she apologized and now he is ranting incoherently

This is freaking amateur hour lol.
LOL first break of the night. Honestly, last night was WAY more relevant and even with the insane people on stage it went way better.

You know who is winning this debate? Tulsi freaking Gabbard and she isn't even on stage
Kamala Harris is now talking about a mother that chose to give their child to a coyote and let them take her child and use them to exploit our border and she is a SENATOR and she said it's Trump's fault that happens? And she is for it? this is freaking insane
Gillibrand says Trump is responsible for "separating children at the border" as if she doesn't realize this was an Obama policy (she knows that)

Yet another Congresswoman blaming President Trump for the crisis SHE HELPED CREATE
Almost everyone on that stage enthusiastically raised their hands and said there should be no criminal penalty for people crossing the border except for Michael Bennett
Alfred E. Newman said it is un-Christian and gave an entire anti-Christian rant about open borders this dude is freaking stupid af
Joe Biden, the only Christian moderate on that stage, is rightfully infuriated but he is unable to speak coherently about that or his Catholic faith because he has early onset dementia
The moderator just screamed at Joe Biden about President Obama deporting people LOL this shit is a freaking trainwreck
Crazy Bernie is literally the only person on that stage with a following and he is getting third shift and ignored and it's fantastic
This guy, that earlier tonight said he has $130,000 in personal student loan debts, is now telling us how to fix our economy lol. Look at that little guy, so adorable.
Kamala Harris is struggling to denounce Joe Biden, she is shaking while speaking when trying to go after him, this is super freaking weird.
I wouldn't elect either one of these weird faces to be my President
Kamala Harris just said she would want a rape victim to run into the middle of the street to flag down a police officer without fear as if that is a situation that would ever happen in our freaking country. Absolutely disgusting how they pretend otherwise.
Alfred E. Newman also says China is a problem.

The Resistance hardest hit this and last night debates lol. All these morons told you Russia was the biggest threat until it was time to put up or shut up and now they admit the real threat.
Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow are up next!!! In case you were wondering "can this get any worse?"
😂😂😂😂 they are now showing polls that said Hillary would win how embarrassing is this entire event?
After hour 1, here are my observations:

-Joe Biden has dementia

-MSNBC hates Crazy Bernie but it doesn't matter, he has a large following

-Kamala Harris got shook while trying to denounce Biden, weirdly enough

-Alfred E. Newman getting way more airtime than deserves
Joe Biden oddly grinning while Rachel Maddow asks Alfred E. Newman about an officer involved shooting seriously wtf
Alfred E. Newman says he doesn't know the details but makes it about identity politics and claims that black people and white people feel differently when pulled over by the police. Racist!!!
Kamala Harris makes sure to point out that she thinks all police are racist and that racism is rampant and you know what, that's not the case. She directs it at VP Biden lol wow. This is nuts.
Kamala Harris is now calling out Joe Biden for supporting segregationists lol she is trying to end this mans career. Let's see what happens.
"It's a mischaracterization of my position, across the board. I did not praise racists. That is not true. Number one. Number two, if you want to have this campaign litigated in who supports civil rights and whether I did or not I'm happy to do that."

Joe Biden not laying down
"I was a public defender, I didn't become a prosecutor, I came out and I left a good law firm to become a public defender when in fact my city was in flames because of the assassination of Dr. King" Joe Biden WRECKING Kamala Harris lol
Just shut up, shrill lady lol
Lol how is the man with dementia winning this debate?
Joe Biden just screamed at Michael Bennet that he got Mitch McConnell to raise taxes LOL he is losing it now

Gillibrand just denounced the Koch Brothers without realizing that President Trump hates them and they hate him. She is literally the worst
Rachel Maddow wants to get the debate back on track and talk about how easy it should be for women to kill their unborn children.
Crazy Bernie is for killing unborn babies in case you were wondering
Crazy Bernie says something sane, that he doesn't believe in stacking the supreme court through insane means.
"Medicare for all guarantees every woman in this country the right to have an abortion" Bernie Sanders not only for killing babies but making us pay for it.
Kamala Harris says it isn't "climate change" it's a "climate crisis" and she really, really looks rough right now. She looks Beto level rough. She is NOT comfortable how much she was told to go after Biden tonight.
She says that President Trump is the greatest threat to our country and says it's because of climate change and, she insanely goes after his policy with North Korea. She literally just ranted about Trump being peaceful with Kim Jong Un. She is out of her freaking mind right now.
Alfred is back to bore everyone to death and give Joe Biden a chance to get his wits about him lol
A governor of Colorado and a Senator from Colorado are on stage and neither one of them has brought up marijuana legalization and solving the overpopulation of our prison for non violent marijuana offenses and somehow that means Beto O'Rourke has a better showing than either
Joe Biden is now talking about "our administration" including him and President Obama, and no one will bring up how President Obama refused to endorse his VP for 8 years.
LOL Bernie just claimed that there is "12 years" before climate change destroys the world.

In case any of you were wondering if this crazy moron had any shot at all of being President.
This insane random woman is talking about the moon a lot. She keeps talking about John Kennedy and the moon. Shut up about the moon!!!
"You get one shot!!! What is that first issue for your presidency?"
Kamala Harris just listed freaking 15 things lol
Bernie started ranting about special interests
😂😂😂 Biden literally brought up Obama again, the man that refused to endorse him, he is really pushing it.
We are at a break and hopefully this is almost over.

You know what hasn't been asked yet? WHETHER TRUMP SHOULD BE IMPEACHED!!
NBC News is the fakest of all news, MSNBC and Rachel Maddow pushed it harder than anyone that Trump colluded with Russia. Joe Biden was VP when this so called attack on our Democracy happened and NONE OF THEM WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT.

😂😂😂 the commercial break person just talked about how unpopular Hillary Clinton was this is freaking hilarious
"We have the NRA on the ropes, because of the moms" LOL
Swalwell just said every parent sends their kids off to school remembering what they are wearing so they can identify their bodies later and that is not a real thing
Swalwell just said Bernie wants to leave guns on the streets what am I even watching lol
Kamala Harris just said as President she would issue vague executive orders to restrict certain weapons and it wasn't a real policy and her voice is shaking. She is really not having a good showing tonight either.
Alfred E. Newman, according to Rachel Maddow, is the only person there with military experience or something I can't even pay attention this man is on the cover of every Mad Magazine since 1950
"Vice President Biden, thirty seconds"

Biden: "A real thirty seconds?"

Maddow: "A real thirty seconds"

Biden: "Obama administration" LOL he literally is just ignoring the fact that President Obama didn't endorse him
"Our enemy is the gun manufacturers, not the NRA" ok now I'm convinced Biden has dementia this is not even a joke anymore lol
Chuck Todd is now going down the line and asking each of them how they would "reset our relationships" with the world after President Trump ruined it lol
Hickenlooper and Yang both say they are gungho to appease China 😂😂😂😂
Joe Biden claims President Trump will destroy NATO if he has four more years of forcing NATO to pay up. Kamala Harris said NATO too. These people are freaking dumb as a box of rocks lol
"My first act in foreign policy, we're breaking up with Russia and making up with NATO" a literal toddler in a suit and tie 😂
LOL Joe Biden just claimed he was responsible for bringing the troops home from Iraq and not Obama this is freaking amazing
Bernie points out Joe Biden voted for the Iraq war while he was opposed to it LOL this is amazing
For the first time tonight, someone promises to avoid war with Iran and it's crazy Bernie lol
They are now showing a graphic of Super Tuesday, 9 months from now, and anyone in the resistance thinking anything would change for the better is now hitting the bottle and hard
45 seconds left for everyone to make a final statement, it's almost over folks!
"When I'm not changing diapers, I'm changing Washington" Swalwell before he talks about how much student loan debt he has again lol. Who the freak voted for this weirdo?
This woman, who is as drunk as Beto wishes he was last night, says that Donald Trump is the problem but no one knows who she is so whatever
"I'm going to harness love, for political purposes" she says, and I don't know what that means but I also love alcohol so that's just great lol
Michael Bennet brings up Colorado to try desperately to remind people he isn't just a random drunk person like that other woman he was a Senator from a swing state lol
Hickenlooper one ups him and talks about being the first state to legalize marijuana and I wish I was still in Colorado right now so I could be smoking marijuana and appreciating this insane debate lol
Stop talking
"I stood up against Trump more than any other Senator in the US Senate" says someone that has stood up to him just as much as every other nameless resistance senator no one knows
If you claimed the Yang Gang was going to challenge Trump you can just shut up like Gillibrand lol. Pathetic. This guy is as irrelevant as anyone on the stage last night, even more so than Swalwell tonight.
Kamala Harris flubbed her big line about being the one to "prosecute the case against Donald Trump for four more years"

She sounds super tired. I don't think she was comfortable at all being the one to try to take down Biden tonight even though that was her obvious role.
"Please join us at KamalaHarris.org" LOL she plugged her website 😂😂😂😂
Bernie really has nothing to worry about, he didn't increase or decrease his following tonight. He is the only person on that stage with even half the support of President Trump. Too bad for him the Democrats will never let him win lol. I'd love to watch Trump destroy this loser
Biden gets the last word, and he looks like a mannequins corpse. He just called President Trump a racist and alluded to working with President Obama while again ignoring the fact Obama didn't endorse him. Ends with a generic "God protect our troops" lol.
Final observations:

LOL WOW what a freaking mess. None of these people have any shot at all of beating the best President in history, Donald J. Trump. I can't freaking wait to see him destroy one of these dummies on a debate stage.
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