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@sardesairajdeep Mohammad Khurshid assaulted, tonsured 2 women for resisting rape bid by councillor in Bihar | No protest just becoz he is a Muslim? hindustantimes.com/india-news/2-w…
@sardesairajdeep #Breaking | After Kairana, it’s now Meerut. Nearly 150 Hindu families have been forced to leave.
UP CM @myogiadityanath has now ordered a probe into this matter.

TIMES NOW’s @Amir_Haque with details.
@sardesairajdeep @myogiadityanath @Amir_Haque google.com/amp/s/www.ndtv… in Pune a boy was set on fire by 3 Muslims because he was a Hindu, his dying statement on camera confirms that. No hearts bled for him. Hindu lives are cheap and comes without a pricetag.
@sardesairajdeep @myogiadityanath @Amir_Haque When @$$h01es like you instigate violence by taking sides with one community, u r playing with fire. When u play with fire u will get burnt in the same fire
@sardesairajdeep @myogiadityanath @Amir_Haque बूढ़े ब्राह्मण का यज्ञोपवीत (जनेउ ) तोड़ा , फिर सरेआम उसको नचाया ।
दक्षिण भारत में तेज़ी से पनपते इस दलित समाज (ब्राह्मण) की रक्षा करने वाला कोई नहीं ।
इस बूढ़े बाबा की moblynching दिखाने वाला कोई न्यूज़ चैनल नहीं , इसका दर्द बताने वाला कोई पत्रकार नहीं?

@sardesairajdeep @myogiadityanath @Amir_Haque Jihadi Inspector of police Wahab doused petrol on Hindu boy, burnt alive 4 love his relative. JithuMohan,ViceCaptain ofKerala FootballTeam love wt muslim girl Shabana,Her family opposed it.National medi&regional media silent.
@sardesairajdeep @myogiadityanath @Amir_Haque This how Eid is celebrated in Delhi.
@sardesairajdeep @myogiadityanath @Amir_Haque Kolkata Lynch
June -man was Lynched In Maniktala by Trinamool goons
May -man lynched at Tangra
Mar -man Lynched near Mamta's resi for mobile theft
Feb -Disabled woman lynched at EM Bypass
Feb - carpenter Lynched
No news of these bcoz it is NON BJP state
@sardesairajdeep @myogiadityanath @Amir_Haque This is what you get to hear at India's 1000-year old Bhoga Nandeeshwara Hindu Temple in Karnataka these days. Via @maisooru
@sardesairajdeep @myogiadityanath @Amir_Haque @maisooru BJP workers killed across India after 23 May:

1) 24 May– Mithu Bhowmik
2) 25 May– Santu Ghosh
3) 25 May–Surendra Singh
4) 25 May– Chandrapal Singh
5) 26 May– Chandan Shaw
6) 26 May– Mateen Patel
7) 27 May– Shibu
8) 27 May– Apu Das

8 killed in 4 days. But Democracy not in danger
@sardesairajdeep @myogiadityanath @Amir_Haque @maisooru A well-armed 2000-strong mob of fanatic Muslims roasted to death 59 Hindus including 25 women & 15 children in #Godhra on 27 Feb 2002 at 8 am #Godhra was well-known for riots since 1927. Muslim magazine Milli Gazette also reported these incidents milligazette.com/Archives/15042… (1)
@sardesairajdeep @myogiadityanath @Amir_Haque @maisooru @sardesairajdeep Look at this video 3 times in the morning afternoon and night, it will be great service to this nation

Here is Full Video link:

@sardesairajdeep @myogiadityanath @Amir_Haque @maisooru नारे तकबीर अल्लाहू अकबर के नारों के बीच पूरे हिंदुओं को खुली धमकी मीडिया से बोले-जा कर बता देना हिंदुओं को,मुसलमान लड़ने के लिए तैयार करेंगे अपनी औलादों को
ये चिंगारी दिल्ली को जला देगी
हम ऐसे लोग हैं जो हिंदुओं को ठिकाने लगा सकते

हमारे पास हथियार भी हैं
@sardesairajdeep @myogiadityanath @Amir_Haque @maisooru Uttar Pradesh: Muslim mob attacks Dalits inside a temple for playing bhajans on loudspeaker, six arrested opindia.com/2019/06/uttar-…
@sardesairajdeep @myogiadityanath @Amir_Haque @maisooru A Mullah caught red-handed while he sexually abusing a 7 year old girl.

Mullah was a home tutor for teaching Quran. Her parents called the police and demands strict action againt this culprit.

These Mullah's are real threat to Islamic Society.
@sardesairajdeep @myogiadityanath @Amir_Haque @maisooru Ranchi: Tribal man killed for objecting to weed being smoked outside his house, Md Sajid, Azam Ansari and Ramzan Ansari arrested opindia.com/2019/06/ranchi…
@sardesairajdeep @myogiadityanath @Amir_Haque @maisooru Four "daara hua" Indian minorities Rony Sheikh, Babar Ali, Rakibuddin Miya and Sheikh Nadab abducted a minor school girl and gang-raped her on last Tuesday night, and then tried to kill her! This incident happened in Malda district of Bengal. aajbangla.in/malda-schoolgi…
@sardesairajdeep @myogiadityanath @Amir_Haque @maisooru 18. Vadodara
A 19-year-old man living in Manjalpur was booked for repeatedly raping a 14-year-old girl and recording her videos on his mobile phone.

Name of Accused : Another Dara Hua Musalman Tausif Imran Khan, 19 yrs

@PMOIndia @HMOIndia timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/vadodara/…
@sardesairajdeep @myogiadityanath @Amir_Haque @maisooru @PMOIndia @HMOIndia 19. Few outside Kashmiri know what happened on d Black Night of 19th January, that made the Kashmiri Hindus leave their homes overnight. When I read this, I couldn’t stop trembling. 97% Muzlims terrorised 3% Hindus to become refugees in their own country!
@sardesairajdeep @myogiadityanath @Amir_Haque @maisooru @PMOIndia @HMOIndia 20. Attempt to hijack Passenger train by Hussaim Azghar Ali foiled at Parali. Police still avoiding registering FIR. Accused let off by railway police. #Maharashtra
@sardesairajdeep @myogiadityanath @Amir_Haque @maisooru @PMOIndia @HMOIndia 21. Look at the kind of reception that Basha of Al Umma, who is a life convict in 1992 Coimbatore terror attacks case, that killed 60+ innocent civilians, gets, after he was released on parole.
23. Trained Jihadi killer ?
Ajaz, who murdered police officer Soumya in Kerala last month by cutting her down and burning her alive is being investigated for terror connections. The Precise stab wounds on vital organs on Soumya indicate training.
24. “Only Muslims can be victims of any kind of violence, Hindus are chopped liver”
Scathing @RavinarIN rips apart #SelectivePain over their response(s), to lynchings-incidents, which are totally ignorant of Hindu lynchings>mediacrooks.com/2019/06/select…
@RavinarIN 25. Here's some recent lynching of Hindus👇but never amy pain expression 4m Why?
Because perpetrators in all cases, are muslims and Modi (and his advisors) super-consicous of his image among muslims.
Let Hindus die🙈
#SelectivePain mediacrooks.com/2019/06/select…
@RavinarIN 26. Strday night in Meerut 2 muslim men pulled a SC woman (19yr old) into a house n released her after sometime.She had gone 2 buy medicine frm medical store nearby.Police tried to 'sort' d case for an hour during which accused ran away!FIR filed.Pathetic
@RavinarIN 27. Have u heard of this News because victim was 17 Year old Hindu boy,Mohammad Parvez butchered hindu boy Eklavya in Haridwar, ook at the condition of his body, You won't get this news
As hindus lives don't matters

@RavinarIN 28. Dalit Hindu man opposed 7 Muslim youth doing bike stunts in parking lot. Muslims abuse him as 'kafir', force him to say 'allah-hu-akbar', beat up & then stab to death. Lets raise our voice as I don't expect any mediaperson, intel...to speak for Hindus.
29. In Delhi's HauzQazi area, a muslim-boy lynching rumor was spread. Within moments, large muslim-mob gathered and pelted stones on temple +police-station & ransacked them. They even broke Hind-idols in temple👇
Are you feeling any pain?😎
30. Eklavya,18 yr old boy was stabbed to death by parvez who ripped apart eklavya's body over a minor issue of bike parking!Parvez stabbed Eklavya till the time he died!Eklavya was the only child of his parents!

31. "As soon as people stopped some muslim men frm drinking whiskey under their house they brought 300-400 more fellow men to attack us.
Imran Hussain (MLA) came and supported them but no one came in our support " Locals


32. A Hindu living with his family in temple is being beaten, vandalised n abused by 1000 Gunde in Hauz Kazi Delhi, where are Kejriwal n his tukre tukre gang? Old Delhi my birth place has become a den of this intolerant people ⁦
33. A suspect arrested by NIA from Kerala has admitted to be following Sri Lankan bomber Zahran Hashim

34. "Dara hua 4 musalman" stabbed Delhi business man to death for protesting daughter’s harassment timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/del…
35. Ajmal, Kerala
Age 24
24 cases for supplying drugs.
Proudly reveals to media (with the presence of police) that once released will continue to do the same business.
He would've quit had it been haram in his religion book,
36. "Leave our area, you Hindus."

Yet another Hindu lynched. Yet another Hindu lynching ignored by the media and @narendramodi.

Meticulously detailed and objective ground report by @swati_gs. Very distressing to read, but read it must be. swarajyamag.com/politics/leave…
37. After Ushashi's 7 M harassers got bail, today Sealdah Court granted interim bail to all the 5 NRS Hosp attack accused!
Md Shahnawaz, Adil Hadun, Adil Sk, Md Yusuf, Md Badal got bail by paying Rs 2000 ONLY!

38. Recently, 4 JMB Terrorists arrested in West Bengal, 3 of them r Bangladeshis.

Now, MHA reveals JMB using Madrasas in Burdwan and Murshidabad districts of West Bengal for radicalisation & recruitment

Earlier, In 2014, 58 terror modules were operating from Madrasas in Bengal.
39. Why does the media go soft even when motif is known, slogans are clear and temples are vandalised? What stops them from naming them?

40. List of Terrorist Attacks in India: a few thousands killed, 99% by peaceful jamaat. However, colour of terror is not green, but saffron according to the compromised media by @Sanjay_Dixit

@Sanjay_Dixit 41. Maharashtra: Hindu Woman Raped, Given Death Threats For Not Converting To Islam In Ahmednagar...Dara Hua ya darata hua? swarajyamag.com/insta/maharash…
@Sanjay_Dixit 42. #TempleTerrorAttack
Not "20 to 25" but #AasMohammad and "several hundred" #Muslims attacked & vandalised 100-year-old temple": Eyewitnesses

In 1924, #Peacefuls had lynched "15 Hindus: &
in 1974, they had murdered "8 Hindus" in the same area.

By @Prof_Hariom
@Sanjay_Dixit @Prof_Hariom 43. Horrifying!
Watch "Nanga Natch" of peaceful Mob with swords in their hands shouting
"Goli maron RSS walon ko"
"Tabrez tere khoon se inqalab ayega"
Imagine if Hindus had done done same shouting "Jai Shri Ram" Lutyen's media would have gone berserk!
@Sanjay_Dixit @Prof_Hariom 44. Instances of mob violence since May 23, 2019, where the mob belonged to the Muslim community. Just one month.
By @ARanganathan72

45. तीन तलाक: मौलाना मदनी बोले, मजहबी आजादी हमारा बुनियादी हक, सरकार को दखल का अधिकार नहीं

46. दिल्ली के द्वारका में एक 6 साल की बच्ची के साथ हैवानियत ,रेप के बाद बच्ची की हालत गंभीर,आरोपी मोहम्मद नन्हें को पुलिस ने गिरफ्तार कर लिया,सीसीटीवी फुटेज में बच्ची को ले जाता दिखा आरोपी
47. Surat: 4-5 policemen injured after a clash broke out when police tried to stop people from taking out rally in Nanpura area, today. Section 144 (prohibits assembly of more than 4 people in an area) has been imposed . The rally didn't have permission.
48. Dare hue muslims requesting United Nations to save them from Hindoos and the tyrant BJP government

(Advisory: Use headphone)
49. Mohammed Nanhe arrested for raping a 6 year old in Delhi , open the link, toilet paper does not mention his full name, calls him nanhe only timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/man…
50. Cop ( Tariq Ahmed) films women taking bath at Amarnath Yatra; arrested | via @indiatvnews
By @ExSecular

@indiatvnews @ExSecular 51. Md Shehnawaz,Adil Hadun,Adil Seikh, Md Yusuf and Md Badal, punched a hole in Dr Paribaha Mukherjee’s skull granted bail for a piddling Rs 2,000 each. Police had slapped on them,not a case of attempt to murder,but a less serious case. Now they are cocking a ... by @tathagata2
@indiatvnews @ExSecular @tathagata2 52. convicted by SC(after HC's acquittal), in #HarenPandya murder:
Asghar Ali
Mohd Rauf
Mohd Parvez
Abdul Sheikh
Parvez Khan
Hazi Farooq
Kaleem Ahmed
Mohd Yunus
Mohd Saifuddin

Except @JagranNews, all news-media has blacked out the names
@indiatvnews @ExSecular @tathagata2 @JagranNews 53. अब महादेव के मंदिर में घुस पर शिवलिंग पर किया गया पेशाब.

बुलन्दशहर में पवित्र श्रावण माह में जहां चढ़ाया जाना था जल उसी में घुस कर शिवलिंग पर किया पेशाब.

@myogiadityanath @dgpup @HMOIndia @AmitShahOffice @AmitShah @narendramodi @CMOfficeUP
@ExSecular 54. Here are 10 incidents of Temple desecration and sacrilege across the country since June 2019 opindia.com/2019/07/here-a… via @OpIndia_com

By @ExSecular
@ExSecular @OpIndia_com 55. In Assam, quack Hussain Ali beaten to death by a group of women for raping a 22 year old woman toi.in/Lzzkgb/a24gk
@ExSecular @OpIndia_com 56. 15 years old hapless girl of Pollachi, TN, gang-raped by 10 for over a year.

Amanullah, Mohd Asif, Mohd Rafiq, Syed Ibrahim, Mohd Ali, Irshad Basha, Mohd Khan, David, Arun Nehru, Prabhu, all 10 rapists arrested under POCSO.
By @Ethirajans

57. Hamid Ansari, as ambassador to Iran, was compromising RAW officials and helping Iranian intelligence agency SAVAK. He also encouraged ambassadors in Gulf countries to do their bit in their respective missions. Shocking allegations by a RAW officer sundayguardianlive.com/news/ex-raw-of…
58. हिन्दू टैक्स दे ..ये मजे करे this is called population terroism

59. Another Pollachi horror: 9 men held for sexual assault of 16-year-old. thenewsminute.com/article/anothe…
60. Another serial Rapist!!

Name : ज़ाहिद Jahid आरिफ Arif, शाकिर Shakir..

Religion : Shhhhhhhhh.. Secularism ko khatra ho jayega..
By @seriousfunnyguy

@seriousfunnyguy 61. Shocking report by @MEMRIReports
on the poison of HATE & INTOLERANCE that is being taught in Indian Madarsas against Polytheists (HINDUS) & non believers
The content is simply HORRIFIC!
@PMOIndia @HMOIndia crack down on this & close these terror houses
@seriousfunnyguy @MEMRIReports @PMOIndia @HMOIndia 62. Delhi police arrested one accused Mohd Ali (30-year-old) yesterday on charges of sexually assaulting a 5-year-old in North East Delhi. Incident was reported on 4th July.
Reported by @ani

@seriousfunnyguy @MEMRIReports @PMOIndia @HMOIndia @ANI 63. “When a mob shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ and we were ready to drink poison if they came for us”

64. #Ranchi_becomes_Karachi ,

Muslims take out massive rally in support of deceased Tabrez Alam. They destroyed & burnt several vehicles belonging to Govt & Hindus, looted Hindu Shops.
At the end they tried to kill few Hindus,by @MajiDevDutta
@MajiDevDutta 65. 2/2
Can someone enlighten me, which Political Party is Ruling Jharkhand & what is the Muslim population of Jharkhand ?
JIHADIS destroys Govt & Hindu Vehicles, looted Hindu Shops & attempted to kill the Kafirs. By @MajiDevDutta
66. सुरत और रांची के मुस्लिम बहुल इलाकों में हिन्दुओं को नाम पूछ पूछ कर उन्हें दौड़ा दौड़ा कर मुस्लिमो के द्वारा मारा जा रहा है, गाड़ियों को तोड़ा जा रहा है, अब तक 50 से अधिक लोग शिकार हो चुके है.!

प्रशासन और रिपीट एक्शन फ़ोर्स को ..by @Nationalist_Om

@Nationalist_Om 67. Jaipur: Sexual predator Sikandar Khan, arrested for raping a 7-year old girl, confesses to sodomising at least 25 minors

68. 5 times married school teacher Samshir Mansoori tried to kill his wife so he can marry for 6th time.he made her abort their baby twice, 2nd time he kicked her stomach and killed the baby.
3rd wife lalita Sahu
4th wife Nidhi Gupta
5th wife Anita Yadav
69. A gang that conducted house burglary were arrested by the Mumbai crime branch’s unit-ix. The gang, consisting of three members were arrested while breaking a house in Jogeshwari,said the police.

By: @surajojhaa

Hahaha accused names not in headline

@surajojhaa 70. Muslim mob flags a bus, thrashes the driver, breaks windows, is about to set it on fire, when some occupants plead they are also Muslim.

The Mob separates them, douses the bus with petrol.some elders prevent a tragedy.

71. this is Mohamed Hussain Manbae the Mohan Lazarus of Islam, from JAQH (Jammyiyyathul Ahlil Quran wal Hadeeth) the mother of all TNTJ, INTJ, TMMK, SLTJ etc declares jihad against the government and promises to declare Sharia in India
72. The police say he is a psychopath and a serial rapist and should he be set free, he would continue to perpetrate crime
73. Mohammad Ali (30 yr old) arrested for raping a 5 yr girl in North East Delhi(2nd incident in 7 days)he was nabbed wid d help of CCTV. Girl is battling for her life
Darul Uloom Deoband has issued fatwa against CCTV installation calling them Anti-Islamic
74. Uttar Pradesh: Muslim mob attacks Hindu temple, damages the structure with weapons in Lakhimpur Kheri opindia.com/2019/07/uttar-…
75. Raipur
bigots of media keep talking abt dara hua musalman here is a Life of a Hindu Mother living in a Muslim colony.
They r threatening the Gupta family to leave their area want to build a Masjid r else they will RAPE their daughters! By @RituRathaur
@RituRathaur 76. The incident was reported in Gauriya village in Fardhan area on Sunday
77. Serial abuser Ajaz Khan responds to Payal Rahtogi saying Muslims will explode like a volcano and entire world will become Islamic

78. Dehradun, UttaraKhandHeavily armed Muselim Mob brutally beat up Hindus who were carrying out a peaceful protest against desecration of Durga Temple in Hauz Qazi,Delhi
& In shocking aftermath BJP CMs @tsrawatbjp police booked HINDU Boys instead of ...
79. “अताउल्लाह खान और अब्दुल्ला खान दो भाई समेत 4 मुस्लिमों ने 12 साल की बच्ची के साथ कार में बलात्कार किया। लड़की के पिता ने बचाने की कोशिश की तो उन्हें मारा”
तबरेज की मौत के बाद जो बलात्कार की धमकी दी थी, उसका ही हिस्सा है यह।
80. @BBCWorld Reporting "Jai Shri Ram: The Hindu chant that became a murder cry"
There should be strickest possible action againt @BBCIndia @BBCHindi.
There has been 1000s of Terror attacks across the world but I never saw and article for "allah hu akbar"
@BBCWorld @BBCIndia @BBCHindi 81. #Fatehpur : 6-year-old raped and murdered by FAROOQ after being lured with biscuit - This is 15th such report from UP where a #Muslim man has raped a minor kid.

Do you some conspiracy & aggressiveness by them to inflict damage? @myogiadityanath

@BBCWorld @BBCIndia @BBCHindi @myogiadityanath 82. M/s @narendramodi @naqvimukhtar @AmitShah Listen to this bollywood-actor, he wants to make India a muslim-country👇

Do you have a solution for these loud-mouths? Or he will get away despite such volcano-talk, because of #SabkaVishwas?😳
@BBCWorld @BBCIndia @BBCHindi @myogiadityanath @narendramodi @naqvimukhtar @AmitShah @MumbaiPolice 83. We are 40 crore including legal and illegal : Ajaz Khan urges Muslims to come out and hit the streets

84. Peaceful Indians celebrating India's defeat.

Ab inka vishwas jeethne ka mathlab hain, apnoko dhoka dena.

By @KDRtweets
@KDRtweets 85. Police raids Madarasa, finds illegal firearms hidden inside medicine boxes. Mohd Sajid, Fahim Ahmad, Jafar Islam, Sikandar Ali, Sahid, Azizurhman arrested.

@KDRtweets 86. Report: Three over ground workers of Jaish-e-Mohammad, who had allegedly planned the June 12 terror attack in Anantnag, were arrested on Thursday by the police, officials said.

@KDRtweets 87. बाल शाखा पर हमला #Rajasthan approx 50 #Shaantidoots from #peaceloving community attached kids in a park because they were organising daily Sakha in a park @AmitShah @PMOIndia @narendramodi @SouleFacts @RSSorg @friendsofrss
@KDRtweets @AmitShah @PMOIndia @narendramodi @SouleFacts @RSSorg @friendsofrss 88. #Breaking | SHOCKER: Case of intolerance in Rajasthan’s Bundi. An argument between children holding an RSS flag, unfortunately turned violent as children & the parents from the minority community beat them up with sticks.

More details by
@KDRtweets @AmitShah @PMOIndia @narendramodi @SouleFacts @RSSorg @friendsofrss 89. Dara hue Mohamed Faizaan - a Muslim youth from TN who uploaded pictures of himself consuming #beef soup on Facebook (to instigate Hindus) was assaulted by a mob.
Netizens are protesting the assault with #Beef4life and #WeLoveBeef tweets.
91. Coimbatore: Community Members Abuse Muslim Girl For Travelling With Boys, Also Assault Her Hindu Boyfriend

92. #AdatSeMajboor
Taxi-driver Saddam Shaikh arrested in Mumbai for filming neighbour’s wife in the bathroom opindia.com/2019/07/taxi-d…
93. Masjid Imam in Unnao warns of ‘unprecedented action’ after Friday prayers if Hindu boys are not arrested for a fight over cricket match.... opindia.com/2019/07/unnao-…
94. Hate crimes against Hindus and how Muslim women and minors are often equal participants: Here are some examples by @SouleFacts opindia.com/2019/07/hate-c…
@SouleFacts 95. अस्पताल मे लवजिहादी सुवर इमरान🐖 को एक हिन्दू शेरनी ने जमकर कुत्ते की तरह धोया🚩🚩😎😎
शेयर करें🙏

By @Aastha4809
@SouleFacts @Aastha4809 96. @RatanSharda55 Bus from Bandra station to BKC was vandalised by these Goons. लगता है क़यामत जल्दी ही आने वाली है।
@SouleFacts @Aastha4809 @RatanSharda55 97. ‘Quran In One Hand, Kalashnikov In Another’? Large Cache Of Arms Recovered From Bijnor Madrasa In UP

By @SouleFacts

@SouleFacts @Aastha4809 @RatanSharda55 98. Is this a message from them for @MumbaiPolice ??

Pls RT so that they will notice.
@SouleFacts @Aastha4809 @RatanSharda55 @MumbaiPolice 99. By @ani NIA today conducted searches at the house&office of Syed Mohammed Bukhari in Chennai& at the houses of Hassan Ali&Harish Mohammed in Nagapattinam,TN. Case was filed against them for conspiring to wage war against the Govt of India by forming terrorist gang Ansarulla.
@SouleFacts @Aastha4809 @RatanSharda55 @MumbaiPolice @ANI 100. "Muslims must not have Patriotism or national pride, he must not have any nationalistic ideals. Islam does not support or encourage patriotism"
This is the kind of preaching going on in TN.
101. Delhi Police: Ikrar Ahmad, leader of infamous ‘Namaste Gang’ arrested by Special Cell. 1 pistol, 3 cartridges, 1 two-wheeler seized from him.Ahmad was wanted in a case of Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) & over 25 other robbery cases
102. Amethi: Manzoor, Mansoor, Bablu, Shabbu s/o Haji Mahmood, Faizyab tried to molest Gayatri, call Dalit man "Saale Khateek", almost lynched him when he came to save his wife. His sister and brother also injured. @dgpup @myogiadityanath
103. Tu Pakistani hai 😡 And U were given protection by GOI before Shri ⁦@narendramodi⁩ ji govt 🧐 Anyone talking about Constitution of India now among his supporters ?Wanna get to debate ⁦@asadowaisi⁩ who blocked me 🙏 #PayalRohatgi
By @Payal_Rohatgi
105. First Kolkata and now Lucknow – Muslim mob attacks Doctors pgurus.com/first-kolkata-…
106. Dalit Sanjay married Ruksar & he didnt convert.Father&brother of Ruksar murdered him by torturing for hours-rectum taken out, penis cut, lungs not found,eyes gouged out, skin where 'OM' written peeled off, body left to rot in jungle
By @advmonikaarora
@advmonikaarora 107. A 19-year-old aspiring model was allegedly hacked to death by her boyfriend on suspicion of her "character" in Nagpur.

@advmonikaarora 108. Another minor raped by Dara hua musalaman

@advmonikaarora 109. Incident reported on june 11 2019 indiatoday.in/india/story/mu…
110. Two Rohingya Muslim men arrested in Manipur on trafficking charges hindustantimes.com/india-news/two…
111. Ye tho bahut "Dara hua musalman" 9 yrs old girl S3 bahut far gaya...

112. நாடு முழுவதும் தீவிரவாத தாக்குதல் நடத்த திட்டமிட்டிருந்த சூழ்நிலையில் அன்சருல்லா அமைப்பைச் சேர்ந்த 14 பேர் தேசிய புலனாய்வு முகமையால் டில்லியில் கைதுசெய்யப்பட்டுள்ளனர். இவர்கள் அனைவரும் தமிழகத்தைச் சேர்ந்தவர்கள் என்பது தமிழகத்தை அதிர்ச.... By @HRajaBJP
@HRajaBJP 113. .@Javedakhtarjadu sir listen to this peacefool, he is giving plot of next blockbuster.
@HRajaBJP @Javedakhtarjadu 114. Ey musalman Itna dar gaya, see what he did..

In an extremely replusive & outrageous incident, a sexual pervert Mohammed Azhar Ansari, was caught having sex with a calf in Kunjatthabail village in Mangalore, Karnataka.
@HRajaBJP @Javedakhtarjadu 115. By @ricky98566393

Hey @DGPMaharashtra @MumbaiPolice
@CPMumbaiPolice He is Wasim Sheikh a Muslim man abusing Hindu Gods. When he will be behind bars
#SackManishSingh #RichaBharti
@TarekFatah @UnSubtleDesi @Ish_Bhandari @ippatel @AshwiniBJP @Uppolice
@HRajaBJP @Javedakhtarjadu @Ricky98566393 @DGPMaharashtra @MumbaiPolice @CPMumbaiPolice @TarekFatah @UnSubtleDesi @Ish_Bhandari @ippatel @AshwiniBJP @Uppolice 116. Telangana home minister’s kin poses on DGP’s vehicle while threatening the police in Tik Tok video
@HRajaBJP @Javedakhtarjadu @Ricky98566393 @DGPMaharashtra @MumbaiPolice @CPMumbaiPolice @TarekFatah @UnSubtleDesi @Ish_Bhandari @ippatel @AshwiniBJP @Uppolice 117. #lovejihad
Something is terribly wrong with entire Hindu society. Time for serious introspection...!
@HRajaBJP @Javedakhtarjadu @Ricky98566393 @DGPMaharashtra @MumbaiPolice @CPMumbaiPolice @TarekFatah @UnSubtleDesi @Ish_Bhandari @ippatel @AshwiniBJP @Uppolice 118. So gangs still active....Dawood Ibrahim's nephew Ahmedraza Wadhariya operating hawala network for 'D Gang': police thehindu.com/news/national/…
119. Read this story and you will wonder how India has survived for 70 years. Govt contracts to people who lead the poisonous propaganda campaign against India...and then we ask why Kashmir burns timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/nia-quiz…
120. Alwar: Dalit man beaten to death after his bike hits a Muslim woman, family alleges mob lynching by Umar Sher and associates opindia.com/2019/07/alwar-…
121. Hindu boy’s family forced out of village for marrying Muslim girl, police advices boy to convert as villagers threaten to kill.

Hope Media also highlight this case to protect this couple like they highlighted Sakshi Mishra case.

122. See what is happening in Delhi.

Here a muslim couple put their shop ahead of a hindu shop. When Hindu men opposed, the muslim woman torn her clothes off to register a fake FIR.

Is it mob lynching ?
By @Avnijesh

@Avnijesh 123. Married Muslim Man, Abbu of 2-3 kids, eloped with an unmarried Hindu girl. Girl is from reputed business family of Agra. 7-8 lacs bank balance in her name.

@Avnijesh 124. Aurangabad: Sheikh Aamer faked ‘forced to chant Jai Shri Ram’ story to get applauded in the community
@Avnijesh Aparna sen please read these tweets of 124 incident were Hindus were the victims.... @ani @Ethirajans @ExSecular @Drpratiksha1 @DrGPradhan @vivekagnihotri @Prof_Hariom @Ra_Bies @desimojito
@Avnijesh But here r 124 incidents were Hindus are victims in the last 2 months

By @OpIndia_com National Commission for Minorities member says no mob lynching case filed with them, Govt says no common pattern of mob lynching

@Avnijesh 125. They hade planned to poison the maha prasad during the Shrimadh Bhagwat Katha organised at the temple in December last year
@Avnijesh 126. Hitesh ask Amin Feroz Khan, not to urinate outside pub(in public) in #Pune. Amin/Shahbaz/Arabaz +2 others, abuse/abduct him. Later burn him alive!

Price #HiteshMulChandani paid 4 #SwachhBharat😳
Will @narendramodi speak-up or let it slide
@Avnijesh @narendramodi 127. Lakhimpur,UP
Hate crime agnst Hindus on Rise!
In yet another incident Maulana Naseebullah brutally thrashed 12yr d Krishna Sharma after tying him with ropes
They beat him with dandas & belts!
y?Bcoz he had come to pick flowers for Kanwariyas
@Avnijesh @narendramodi @PMOIndia 128. Indian Mujahideen threatens to blow up Bareilly railway station if Kanwariyas pass through Muslim areas opindia.com/2019/07/indian…
@Avnijesh @narendramodi @PMOIndia 129. Naveen Yadav from Nunh was dragged by a Muslim mob into a house and brutally thrashed. Like many other cases Muslim women were also involved. He died two days back. No activists, no mediamen have raised this #MobLynching because he was a "lowly" Hindu google.com/amp/s/www.bhas…
@Avnijesh @narendramodi @PMOIndia 130. Forget Akbaruddin Owaisi's 15 minutes rants on RSS. That was just to divert the attention of media.
He was in Karimnagar to give this message. This was the main reason for which that meeting was held.

Their target is to defeat BJP in..
By @KDRtweets
@Avnijesh @narendramodi @PMOIndia @KDRtweets 131. ISIS-inspired youth wanted to poison Mumbai's water sources

132. Muslim men give death threats to neighbour after stealing and slaughtering his cow in a BJP ruled State. via @OpIndia_com hindustantimes.com/dehradun/neigh…
@OpIndia_com 133. Absolute horrorMuslim mob Enters a Bus in Jaipur Rajasthan Seperated Hindus by asking names of Travelers like ISIS/Dhaka Style
Then they lynched Hindus
Dont debate Congress/BJP state govt in this
Few Days ago same happened in Ranchi too
By @khushi2318
@OpIndia_com @khushi2318 134. Don't know when will this stop
Girls are being killed, raped by them
Love jihad is a reality

Not even a child is safe
Hindus shall teach each & every girl to stay away from them

Another incident happened
No outrage,nothing

Ashifa naam hota toh ....
@OpIndia_com @khushi2318 135. 12 yrs old boy saved by local Hindus from being lynched by Muslims at kanwari Yatra
@OpIndia_com @khushi2318 136. Pilibhit, UP
"Hamari Hindu Ki Sarkar aur Ham Kutte ke jaise rehte hain"
Plight of 150 Hindu families left in a Muslim dominated Village
They are beaten by Muslims with dandas for doing Puja
SDM&other state administration keeps sides with Muslims

137. Charges framed against Raqibul Hassan in Tara Shahdeo case for impersonating and marrying her as a Hindu, and then trying to force her to convert. opindia.com/2019/07/cbi-fr…
138. रुग्णाकडून हॉस्पिटलमध्ये तोडफोड, रुग्णाच्या नातेवाईकांकडून डॉक्टरांना मारहाण
139. Bareilly: Muslim cleric Munir Ahmad molests eight-year-old girl in a mosque, arrested by police

140. Constable Prakash was killed by cattle smugglers. 2 were caught. Qureshi & Imtiaz. No outrage & no protests by the so called liberal intellectuals . only selectively protests? True liberals would also be outraged by actions of the beef mafia.

@sardesairajdeep @myogiadityanath @Amir_Haque google.com/amp/s/www.ndtv… in Pune a boy was set on fire by 3 Muslims because he was a Hindu, his dying statement on camera confirms that. No hearts bled for him. Hindu lives are cheap and comes without a pricetag.
141. Hafizur Rehman, Yuqub Ali and Sariful Islam...Three Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Cadres Arrested With Arms in Barpeta of Assam. Mastermind Radicalised from Kerala, where he was working.
142. Rich MBA Hindu Girl falls in love with hair dresser Ajmal,who posed as Ajay to her.They both get married on the condition that the girl won't convert.Soon after marriage Ajmal rapes the girl with his friends & brothers
Tell me #LoveJihad is not real?!
143. Aadil n Shadab befriended 2 Hindu girls by impersonating as Mayank and Rahul.both went to Panchmukhi Hanuman Temple with their girlfriends,got Tilak applied on forehead by Pujari n broke Maa Durga Murti at d 1st opportunity.

144. Bijnor: Muslim youths break Goddess Bhavani idol after entering temple pretending to be Hindus opindia.com/2019/08/bijnor…
145. Another Love Jihad case in UP: Khalid posed as Hindu to trap minor girl, then raped and blackmailed her
146. Ayub, who tried to sexually assault a kaffir woman, slashed the leg of her toddler, to avenge his failed attempt. Notice the total silence of the liberals. By @India_Policy indiatoday.in/india/kerala/s…
@India_Policy 147. The 16-year-old girl was held in captivity for about 12 days where she was raped and forcibly fed meat by the accused’s sister
@India_Policy 148. According to NIA charge sheet, the accused murdered Ramalingam to terrorize and deter anyone from further interfering in the religious propagation activity of the PFI and the SDPI. And the secular party joined hands with these Islamists:
@India_Policy 149. Ashraf Ali, 68 years old, convicted for sexually assaulting a 7 years old, sentenced to life by Pudukkottai Mahila Court, TN.

TN media & SM activists are programmed to outrage only for Syrian refugees & Asifas. By @Ethirajans
@India_Policy @Ethirajans 150. 12years old Seema (name changed) raped and filmed by Afzal in #Agra. Video goes viral.

No outrage by '49' liberals because this doesn't suit their narrative of intolerance.

#LoveJihad #RapeJihad
@India_Policy @Ethirajans 151. : Class 9 girl who came to attend marriage of her friend, was gang-raped by four 'Peacefuls'!! The girl is struggling for life in hospital. This incident happened in Raiganj of Bengal. Main culprit, her friend's brother-in-law Mortuz Ali, arrested. zeenews.india.com/bengali/state/…
@India_Policy @Ethirajans 152. A Muslim mob attacks Kanwar Yatris in Jaipur, sets buses on fire a week after Congress govt in state passes anti-mob lynching bill opindia.com/2019/08/jaipur…
@India_Policy @Ethirajans 153. Assam: Girl drugged and raped inside ruins of ancient temple premises, accused Kutubuddin Ahmed arrested opindia.com/2019/08/assam-…
154. This should be an eye opener for all the Hindu girls eloping with Muslim boys. Another

She was beaten brutally & was forced to drink urine!

Hindu girls must avoid interacting with Muslims as much as possible. Who knows you may be their next target!
155. A Traffic Cop took licence of a Peaceful for breaking traffic laws

Whole Peaceful gang came & beat cop in front of his Police station

Incident happened in Mumbra, Mumbai where Majority of M

You can hear even noise of Azaan in background
156. Blot on Muslims for being beaten up, get the pistol, I will take care of rest: Haryana judge Fakhruddin incites Muslims to shoot Hindu adversaries opindia.com/2019/08/haryan…
157. Uttar Pradesh: Cattle smugglers Arif, Israr and Kalua Khan abduct and rape a 10-year-old child, arrested
158. Delhi Police arrests Mohammed Ayub accused of slitting girlfriend’s throat, chopping body into pieces for rejecting marriage proposal

159. Three weeks after Jalil Sheikh killed wife for refusing to get into prostitution, Delhi police nab him from West Bengal

159. “अख़बार बेचने वाले मनुलाल वैष्णव ने रफ़ीक से अख़बार के ₹150 माँगे तो रफ़ीक ने वैष्णव का गला काट दिया”
160. “अख़बार बेचने वाले मनुलाल वैष्णव ने रफ़ीक से अख़बार के ₹150 माँगे तो रफ़ीक ने वैष्णव का गला काट दिया”
161. 8 जून को सन्देशखली (बसीरहाट) के भंगीपारा ग्राम में 3 BJP कार्यकर्ताओं को रोहिंग्यों ने अगवा कर लिया था। जिनमें से 2 कार्यकर्ता प्रदीप एवं सुकांतो मंडल की लाश तो मिल गई और एक कार्यकर्ता देबदास मंडल की लाश अभी भी नहीं मिली। वोट बैंक की खातिर रोहिंग्यों
165. Mohammad Aslam took d Hindu Girl in Jungle to Murder Her, He attacked her bt people heard screaming of Girl and saved her from the Monster
She was trapped by this Love Jihadi
He called her for Marriage and took her to Jungle,To Kill n throw her Body

Media won't show or report this, here is the detailed report in Breakingtube...

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