The same Fraud as Sylhet Referendum.
If anyone interested in knowing what's the "Fraud of Sylhet referendum" was all about and how same Assam machinery played the game, do read this thread.

Good to see @derekobrienmp finally being able to see ground reality away from his earlier stance after Church window was broken and cry out Intolerance.

It's Hindus (Bengalis) who have been facing intolerance from first partition of Bengal till date.

Follow @abishekbagchi for NRC updates.. clinical news.. no emotional attachment to any Mahamanya..
@abishekbagchi @prasunmaitra

any further addition to the below numbers.. think 1 lac more added to 35lacs Bengali Hindu to be driven into concentration camps...

so its approx. 36lacs now.. Bengali Hindus..


Sahitya Akademi winner Durga Khatiwada among eminent Gurkhas left out of Assam NRC…
More related news on the above Farce…
Next Nagaland

Nagaland to prepare its own variant of NRC…
Virat Hindus who have dug their head into sand, will not understand this harassment...

NRC Assam Claims & Objections – Everything you need to know…
Then Meghalaya

Conrad mulling on toeing Assam line on NRC exercise in Meghalaya…
Shah Babu (Darna Jaroori Hai) is high on Vocal Tonic…
Read about the Gulags set up to send Hindu Bengalis..

The Detention Camps..

I still don't understand as to why people are committing suicide. We faced much more torture, physical and mental, but we never thought of ending our lives. We knew we will make it outside.. we knew, we were nowhere's children.

NRC Suicides:

BJPs spokesperson defending Gulags of Assam

The same way Ballot Boxes during Sylhet Referendum, was filled with false Ballots, so that Sylhet could be lost to Pakistan. Same way this process too is rigged.

Dilli Ka Bangali Fixer, Kanchan Gupta wine connoisseur, blocks me. If one reads his piss on NRC, eloquently he licks boots of BJP. He cleverly avoids Gulags (Detention Camps), Suicides & how Muslim find their name in NRC register instead of Hindus. Let's make holes in his report+
Read this article by Dilli Ka Bangal fixer, Studio circuit & Litfest Bengali... He has brushed over the issues and results of this entire exercise. However, he was ballastic in "Shah Vandana"…
Lets see some statistics.. @maidros78 would be able to correct me if am wrong on demography numbers... (All these information are sourced from various article on internet) and on NRC statistics @prasunmaitra would be the best judge for me, here... let's see..
@maidros78 @prasunmaitra 1)

More than 40,00,000 plus people have been dropped from the draft NRC released on July 30, 2018
2) Assam-33 Districts presently,of which 10 districts have a more than 50% Muslim population.Other than Darrang,all other,9 Muslim dominated districts of Assam are seeing lower percentage drop rates from NRC draft list as compared to other Districts with lesser Muslim population
3) Example, the South Salmara-Mancachar district of lower Assam, bordering Bangladesh has a population of 96% of Muslims. In this district more than 93% residents have found their names in the final draft NRC. The drop percentage list from the draft NRC is only 6.78%.
4) Even of the 6.78 per cent dropped out, reasons are not their Bangladeshi origin but due to the requirement of ‘weak documents’ as declared by the NRC authority. Due to the cancellation of a large number of Panchayat certificates, the inclusion of such persons has not happened.
5) Second largest Muslims dominated district of Dhubri which is also bordering Bangladesh, and which has a 75% Muslim population, the percentile of drops from the NRC final draft list is 8.4%.
6) Barpeta: The district of Barpeta with 70.74% Muslim population, Goalpara with a 57.52% Muslim population in Lower Assam are also seeing a 13.99% and 12% drop out percentage, respectively. (Contd....)
7)Though number of drop outs(from NRC)of persons from Barpeta District is much higher than the state average,this is not because of the presence of the Muslims in the population. This becomes clear when one goes through the Revenue Circle wise break up of those included/excluded+
7.1) In the Chenga Revenue Circle of Barpeta the District, that has 80% of Muslims in the population, the drop out percentage from the final draft of the NRC is only 9%.
7.2) In the Jania Revenue Circle of the same district, with a 96% Muslim population witnessed a drop out of 8%.
7.3) In the same district, the Baghbor Revenue Circle which is a part of the island area of river, Brahmaputra, there is a drop percentage of 14% (86% compliance) from the NRC. This revenue circle of Baghbor is part of a completely eroded part of the Brahmaputra.
7.4) Contrary to this, in the Rupsi Revenue Circle of the same district, with only about 35% of Muslims in the population, there is a substantial number of Bengali Hindus who appear to have been dropped with 20% of people from this district, excluded from the NRC.
8) Darrang District under Mangoldoi Parliamentary Constituency, where the Muslim population is about 64 Percent, has witnessed a huge 31.39% drop out from the Final Draft NRC.
8.1) This is not so much because of the Muslim population, however. The exclusion of the Muslim Population from the final draft of the NRC, from Darrang district, is due to the issue of linkage certificates, but it is still not above 20% in any place.
9) There is a similar story in the Nagaon Parliamentary Constituency, which has a 50% plus of Muslims in the population, the drop percentage from the final draft of the NRC is 15.27%. In the case of the Bengali Hindu population, the drop percentage is above 30%.
10) In Morigaon district with a 52.56% Muslim population, the percentage of drop out from the final draft NRC is 14.97%, which is far higher than the state average. This district also has a larger number of ‘Declared foreigners’ and ‘D Voters’.
11) The single biggest jolt is from the district of Hojai, which is the only Bengali Hindu dominated district in the Brahmaputra valley. The Hojai District has a 52% Bengali Hindu Population and has seen a drop percentage of 30.3%.
11.1) Going deeper, within different segments of the population, for the Bengali Hindu, the drop our percentage is assessed at 47% in this district, where as in case of the substantial Muslim Population the drop out percentage is below 20 percent!
12) In Bongaigaon district, the Muslim Population is 50.22%, the percentage of drops in this district is 22.71%, which is highest to be found in lower Assam Districts. Even here, the drop percentage of the Muslim population is below 20% in this district.
13) In Karimganj district of the Barak Valley, which has a 56.36% Muslim population, the percentage of drop out from the Register is at 8.4%.

14) In Hailakandi district, which has a 60.31% Muslim population, the district has witnessed a drop out of 9.3% from the draft NRC.
15) Cachar district has a Muslim population of 37.71 percent, drop out of 12.54% in the Cachar District.
16) In sharp contrast, in Dima Hasao district where the Muslim population is only 2.04% and in Karbi Anglong district, with only 2.12% of Muslims in the population, these districts have witnessed a drop out of 16.06% and 14.33% respectively from the draft NRC.
17) Districts Tinisukia & Dhemaji where Muslim population is a bare 3.64% and 1.96% respectively, the Muslim segments of the population have seen a higher rate of drop percentage out of the draft NRC. These two districts have recorded a drop out of 13.2% and 9.7% respectively.
So can we now see the story inside the story...Will the Bengali Durbari's tell us, why the above?

Nope. They need to survive and thrive.... some also want us to unite by sacrificing our self and respect.

Am all game, are they? They aren't, as are cowards and run away blocking.
And will Virat stooges who throw abuse at me like "Mullah","Convert Hou Jaa","Have secretive agenda", threaten sodomy,will they be able to confirm if CAB can be passed under such opposition?

Let's wait. Read the below on kind of opposition expected:…
Woke up, humming few lines of this poem .. which I remember from childhood..

Captain Beware (Kandari hushiar)

Kazi Nazrul Islam

Impregnable mountains, horizonless desert
Murky fathomless ocean O
Crossing in the nights darkness
Travelers: At once take note!
The boat trembles, the water swells
The boatmans without a way
The sails in tatters, somebody to catch the rudder
Who has the courage,ho?
Are you that youth? Hurry forth!
You, the future beckons
Heavy is the storm, crossing it is the cause
The boat must land at the distant shore!
Peerless the darkness haunts
On guard! Leaders of the Motherland and soldiers, too!
Ancient grievances have raised their heads
The deprived souls heave with passion
To achieve a fair hearing
They, too, must come along!
The hapless nation drowns, for swim it cannot
O Captain! Today you shall be watched
For determination and love
Hindu or Muslim? Wait! Who asks?
Captain! Proclaim: My Mother's children are drowning Human all!
Perils abound the mountains; fear, the travelers, assails
Thunder sonorous rumbles
Turning back strikes as unsound
Captain! Forget not your way; abandon not your post
Through strife, heave ho
You've assumed a duty profound!
Captain! The fields of Palashi recall
With the blood of the Bangali Clive bloodied his sword
Into the Ganga plunged India's sun, snuffed out
That sun will rise yet again, blood red in our blood!
Those who sang away their lives on the hangman's gallows
At watch, they softly surround; your sacrifice, what shall it be?
While the nation stands tested, just one's race appease?
The boat trembles, the water swells, Captain: Beware!
Courtesy: Nazrul Rochonaboli (Dhaka: Bangla Academy, 1996), Vol. I, pp. 288-289
We have seen the statistics.. so what's this pro-illegal immigrants. Already they have been more than regularised.

It's Hindu Bengalis who will get to populate Gulags (Detention Camps).…
Now that we have read about:

✓History of Fraud
✓Callous process being carried out, includes bribing
✓How Durbari Wine sipping middleman trying to white wash
✓ The statistics

Next we will see what's this "Magic Wand or Flying Carpet" Citizenship Amendment Bill is all about.
Well, now on the CAB "Jaadu Ki Jhappi" waiting for all Hindus from Bangladesh or Pakistan or Afghanistan & all Hindu Bengalis who will not find their names in NRC, will automatically get Indian Citizenship. How many of you believe this hyperbole?…
"In the principal Act, in the Third Schedule, in clause (d), the following proviso
shall be inserted, namely:—
'Provided that for the persons belonging to minority communities, namely,
Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians from Afghanistan, Bangladesh +
and Pakistan, the aggregate period of residence or service of a Government in India as
required under this clause shall be read as "not less than six years" in place of "not
less than eleven years."

Note: One has to prove 6yrs as above. So it's not "Magic Lamp" as depicted.
Who all will benefit, if at all?

"Under the existing provisions of the Act, persons belonging to the minority
communities, such as Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians from Afghanistan,
Bangladesh and Pakistan, who have either entered into India without valid+
travel documents
or the validity of their documents have expired are regarded as illegal migrants and hence
ineligible to apply for Indian citizenship. It is proposed to make them eligible for applying for
Indian citizenship".

So dangling ONLY Hindu Carrot, why?
Now let's read the press release by then HM, Rajnath Singh on 8th Jan 2019.

Red - Hindu Sylheti Bengali's aren't just Assam's burden. Well no Sylheti will be a burden to anyone and anyone will be happy to get out of NE.

Blue - Carrot being dangled.

Purple - Not just Hindus.

Again, the press release emphasised, that the ones who qualify to become Indian Citizens, they can reside in any part of India.


So, why this abuse & jealousy.

Red: The point on "proper scrutiny" makes me roll on floor with laughter (ROFL 😂🤣). Why I say so???

Well, how much is the Kharcha Paani for one address, two address, tatkal passport verification?

Blue: Massaging people of Assam. Pleading. Joining Hands. Carrot.
Next, let's see the carrots . Remember that advt, "Pur-a Ghar k Badal Dalunga", well, similar BJP magic, "Reservations, promising reservations."


Will the Virat's & Bengali Boot lickers, be able to answer me! Why?

Nope.For that requires one to suffer as a refugee like us.
Read more twists & turns.

Another advt. comes to my mind:


Why am quoting advertisement? Because BJP is all about Optics & Marketing Campaign.

Because this IDIOT poked me, so had to write this thread.
Generally I don't give much fcuk what's happening and am happy even am under shit, till one doesn't pelt stones at me.
Every thread of mine has been due to some or the other idiot poking me in my eye.

Lou Aab Jhelo BC.
Will all Hindu Bengalis left out of NRC, becomes Citizens of India via CAB route. Already said so, it's NO, though Amit Shah may have said whatever in Parliament, he felt right.

Have already presented twists above, ONE more, if and but.. on CAB.
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