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Thread: News Summary from the Week that Was (23-29 June)

1. My focus in these weekly news summaries remains on stories that the legacy media either doesn’t report or – if they do – then never provide the proper context and follow-up.
2. Fortunately, there are independent journalists who are more than capable of doing the jobs that they’ve forgotten how to do, and a number of them are here on Tw@tter!
3. Let’s get started. This is an obscure but potentially very important story dealing with prosecutorial political bias and abuse. The outcome could portend the future.

3A. Momentum is building to free conservative former Congressman Steve Stockman from prison. The outspoken conservative activist was targeted by the Deep State after he stood up to the Obama administration, which included him calling for the arrest of Lois Lerner
3B. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison for allegedly misusing nonprofit funds for political purposes. His attorneys filed an appeal last month. It was followed by an amicus curiae signed by 27 prominent conservatives, all of whom are affiliated with nonprofits themselves.
3C. The amici are concerned with how the law was twisted to find illegal behavior in regards to the nonprofits Stockman was affiliated with.
3D. They wrote, “Under the theory of fraud used by the government, few if any charitable endeavors – particularly start-ups – could proceed.” Fundraising is protected by the First Amendment.
3E. The amicus curiae brief said that prosecutors “confused the standard of what constitutes fraud in the solicitation of donations for tax-exempt causes, confused the law applicable to what is allowable political speech and press rights exercised by tax-exempt organizations, ….
3E1. … and misstated the law governing ‘express advocacy’ that forms the basis of ‘independent expenditures’ made in the context of federal campaign finance law.”
3F. The 10-year prison sentence was excessive. The amicus curiae notes that William Aramony, the late former CEO of United Way, only received seven years in prison for fraudulently diverting $1.2 million of the charity’s money ….
3F1. … to pay for a romance with a teenage girlfriend and other benefits for himself and friends. Unlike Stockman, he was guilty, and guilty of a far worse diversion of funds.


Seems like politically-motivated prosecution to me! Read the rest:…
4. The next item is a Project Veritas video that dispels any claim that Google might have about being “politically-neutral” (not that they’re claiming that!).
4A. Google is hard at work attempting to propagandize people against @POTUS in advance of the 2020 election, folks:
4B. And here is more – a specific example of Google’s “algorithm bias” at work – in this case concerning Hillary’s unauthorized emails.
4C. Think that story will ever see the light of day in the legacy media? They hate Project Veritas almost as much as they hate @POTUS! James O’Keefe’s people are doing REAL investigative journalism.
5. Samantha Power had the same anti-Trump biases as the rest of the cabal based on emails recently released:

5A. At first blush, the Power emails may seem to be nothing more than political screeds from government elitists exhibiting their disbelief that America elected Trump. But the president’s defenders and congressional investigators see reason for concern.
5B. “The sheer political panic evidenced in Samantha Power’s emails shows that ‘the fix was in’ against the incoming administration even before the 45th president was sworn into office,” said [Jay] Sekulow, one of Trump’s lawyers.
5C. One thing clear from Power’s emails is an effort to turn a burgeoning Russia scandal against Trump during her final days in office.
5D. For example, when a reporter emailed that he was working on a story advancing the Trump-Russia collusion theory, she asked Barack Obama’s deputy national security adviser, Ben Rhodes, to assist. “Sounds serious. Can you follow up, Ben?” she emailed.
5E. But the most important impact of the emails may lie in the ongoing investigation into the Obama administration’s unmasking of American names in secret foreign intelligence reports.
5F. Congressional investigators confirmed more than two years ago that there was a massive spike between 2014 and 2016 in the number of names Obama officials asked be unmasked, including dozens involving Trump campaign and transition officials.
5G. Though Power’s U.N. job did not have regular intelligence-gathering responsibilities, her name was invoked as the authority for unmasking hundreds of American names in 2016 — averaging more than one American name per day, the investigation found.
5H. Multiple congressional investigations continue to pursue how and why those unmaskings occurred, and whether any led to damaging leaks such as the Jan 2017 publication of secret intercepts between Russia’s ambassador and then-Trump national security adviser Mike Flynn.
5I. Power’s obvious anti-Trump predisposition in the emails raises questions about a political motive for the unmaskings done under her authority.


Read the rest here:…
6. While intrepid independent journalists here on @Tw@tter uncovered this many months ago, it is important to see this story getting out into other media now! Obama changed the rules on SIGINT dissemination across federal agencies in his waning weeks in office.

6A. The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) obtained records that show that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), under Director James Clapper, was eager and actively pushing to get its new procedures in place ….
6A1. … increasing access to raw signal intelligence before the conclusion of the Obama Administration and before President Trump took office.
6B. The documents the ACLJ obtained in one of our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits – this one against the ODNI and the National Security Agency (NSA) – confirmed what we suspected: ….
6B1. … the ODNI rushed to get the new “procedures signed by the Attorney General before the conclusion of this administration.”
6C. The documents also reveal that ODNI’s Robert Litt told Office of the Undersecretary of Defense’s Director of Intelligence Strategy, Policy, & Integration (and also USDI’s Liaison to ODNI): “Really want to get this done . . . and so does the Boss.”
6D. By greatly expanding access to classified information by unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats, the Obama Administration paved the way for a shadow government to leak that classified information – ….
6D1. … endangering our national security and severely jeopardizing the integrity and reputation of our critical national security apparatus – in an attempt to undermine President Trump.
6E. While sharing information among intelligence agencies is not a new concept, and this isn’t the first time an Administration has made amendments to intelligence policy, the timing was just way too suspicious.


Read the rest here:…
6F. Yes, Obama set the table to take out his successor through unauthorized leaking of classified info. More will come out toward that end, including what was discussed with Russian Ambassador Kislyak during his multiple visits to the White House in 2016.
7. This study on gun-related crime will be buried by the legacy media, too, because it doesn’t fit the gun control narrative of the Democrat Party:

7A. A study published in the latest edition of the Journal of Urban Health argues perpetrators of gun crimes acquire their guns shortly before using them, and better enforcement of current law could interrupt these transactions.
7B. The study, funded by an award from the National Institute of Justice, looked at the final sale or transfer of firearms to individuals who then used them to commit crimes.
7C. It relied on data from the Chicago Inmate Survey (CIS), which interviewed 221 people convicted of gun crimes serving time at seven Illinois state prisons.
7D. The researchers said tools to stop such transactions are already available to law enforcement, and that better enforcement of current law could result in a noticeable reduction in gun crime.
7E. "We conclude that more effective enforcement of the laws governing gun transactions may have a quick and pervasive effect on gun use in crime," the researchers said


Read the rest here:…
8. Try as I might, I just couldn’t completely ignore the double-session of the Star Wars bar scene (a/k/a the Democrat presidential wannabes in “debate”) on Wednesday and Thursday. Here are some quotes from an article that captures the ridiculousness nicely:
8A. <quote>

Political debates, like most aspects of the political culture these days, are mere spectacle. Moderators ask questions, the candidates nod, and proceed to talk about whatever the hell they want to talk about, ….
8A1. … deploying rehearsed talking points, or answering a different question altogether, occasionally in a different language.
8B. Each candidate puts his or her own unique spin on this well-worn tactic. For example, here's how the candidates responded, in essence, to some of the moderators' early questions:

• Elizabeth Warren: "The 71 percent of Americans who say the economy is doing well are wrong."
8B. (cont'd)

• Amy Klobuchar: "What Elizabeth Warren said, but different."
• Beto O'Rourke: "I speak Spanish."
• Julián Castro: "I don't really speak Spanish, but you'd never know it by the way I pronounce Hispanic names & Latin American countries."
• Tulsi Gabbard: "9/11."
8B. (cont’d)

• Bill de Blasio: "I have a black son."
• Cory Booker: "I am a black son. I also speak Spanish."
• John Delaney: "Obama gave me an award."
• Jay Inslee: "I'm a governor. Unions are good."
• Tim Ryan: "Youngstown, Ohio."
8C. There's a reason why the candidates spend so much time preparing for these debates. They need to construct and memorize a handful of catchy quips, zingers, and soundbites designed to whip the audience into a frenzy and titillate the easily-impressed political press corps.
8D. Here are a few of the most memorable lines from Wednesday night:

• Inslee: "[Trump] says wind turbines cause cancer. We know they cause jobs."
• Booker: "Health care — it's not just a human right, it should be an American right."
8D. (cont’d)

• Castro: "But let me tell you what: Section 18, Title 18 of the U.S. Code, Title 21 and Title 22, already cover human trafficking."
• Klobuchar: "If billionaires can pay off their yachts, students should be able to pay off their student loans."
8D. (cont’d)

• Klobuchar: "We should not conduct foreign policy in our bath robe at 5 a.m."*

8E. Man, am I glad I didn’t watch that nonsense! Those of you who did will never get those hours back! Read the rest here if you wish to waste more time:…
9. The real winner of the two “debates”? @POTUS! The Democrats in the second increment totally went off the deep end on policy and doomed their chances. How ridiculous is this?

9A. When asked by NBC News anchors whether their healthcare plans would provide taxpayer-funded free healthcare to all illegal aliens, all 10 Democrats raised their hands in support of the initiative.


Read the rest here:…
9B. Well, that’s the end of the 2020 race. I mean, what real American is going to vote for people who believe we owe free medical care to any illegal alien who steals his way into the US? Sheer insanity!
10. Next, we finally have confirmation about what everyone paying attention has known for months – the Chinese hacked Hillary’s email server!

10A. The U.S. intelligence community established that China hacked Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized email server when she served as the secretary of state, according to Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas).
10B. In an interview with The Epoch Times published on June 26, Gohmert said that the Chinese “actually hacked Hillary Clinton’s personal server—as our intel community established without any question—even though the FBI refused to ever examine the evidence.
10C. “There’s no question, China was involved,” he added.
10D. Gohmert said that a forensic analysis of Clinton’s emails conducted by the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) had determined that a copy of virtually every email from Clinton’s server was sent to an unauthorized source.
10E. At the time, Gohmert described the source as “a foreign entity unrelated to Russia” and said that the ICIG could document the forensic analysis.
10F. In a statement closing the Clinton email probe, then-FBI Director Comey admitted it was possible the server was hacked by a foreign actor, but said the FBI found no evidence of an intrusion. He added, nevertheless, that a sophisticated foreign actor would leave no evidence.
10G. <unquote>

Just one more cover-up for Clinton that is finally exposed to the light of day. She belongs in jail until the Devil takes over custody, folks! Read the rest here:…
11. Here’s some more great news that won’t be covered by the legacy media because it doesn’t fit the Democrat narrative:

11A. Border Patrol agents noted a 30 percent average reduction in arrests of migrants along the southwest border within two weeks of implementation of the U.S.-Mexico “Remain in Mexico” policy for asylum seekers, said Brandon Judd.
11B. Judd is the president of the National Border Patrol Council. Judd said, “It’s very interesting how the mainstream media and the liberal media hammer [Donald Trump] and say he’s such a horrible person for weaponizing tariffs — that he shouldn’t weaponize tariffs.”
11C. “But what he did was he got Mexico to do what they needed to do, and because of that, we’ve seen a huge drop [in border arrests].”
11D. Judd continued, “We have seen a 65 percent drop in certain areas across the southwest border. Why? The drop is more like between a quarter to a third, somewhere in between there. We dropped in arrests from around 4,100 per day down to 2,900 per day.”
11E. “We’ve seen a huge drop, and we have seen drops as much as 65 percent in certain areas. To have a drop within just two weeks of that negotiated deal going into effect, that was a brilliant move on [Donald Trump’s] part,” assessed Judd.
11F. “To threaten tariffs, to go after what hurts them the most — the pocketbook — and to force them to actually become true border security partners was absolutely brilliant, and we’re already seeing the dividends.”


Read the rest here:…
11G. You mean tariffs actually work? Not according to the lying Democrats and the legacy media!
12. Once again, I’m going to finish off this week with excerpts from a Victor Davis Hanson piece on “intersectionality.” What is intersectionality? It’s the latest Marxist-driven claptrap that is pushed especially by the academic Left but also most Democrat politicians these days
13. Intersectionality defined in Wikileaks (authoritative, since WL is – if anything – a purveyor of supposed leftist “truths”):

13A. Intersectionality, also referred to as intersectional feminism, is a branch of feminism which identifies how different aspects of social and political discrimination overlap with gender.
13B. It is a non-empirical qualitative analytic framework that applies deconstructionist critical theory (a literary criticism method) to attempt to identify how interlocking systems of power impact those who are most marginalized in society.
13C. The term was coined by black feminist scholar Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw in 1989. There are various forms of social stratification, such as class, race, sexual orientation, age, religion, creed, disability and gender, ….
13C1. … which are included in the consideration of intersectional feminism and its social and cultural effects.
13D. The purpose of intersectionality is to identify that these forms of discrimination are related to one another, and take these relationships into account when working to promote social and political equity.


Read the rest here:…
13E. Why is this important? Because this is all the rage in Academia and the Democrat Party these days, and we need to understand what ideology truly motivates Democrat activism and the likes of Ho Harris and especially Fauxcahontas.
14. Now for some excerpts from VDH’s excellent opinion piece capping of this week’s news:

14A. [P]rogressives do not see the United States as an exceptional uniter of factions and tribes into a cohesive whole—each citizen subordinating his tribal, ethnic, and religious affinities to a shared Americanism, emblemized by our national motto e pluribus unum.
14B. Instead, they prefer e uno plures: out of one nation arise many innately different and separate peoples.
14C. Progressivism’s signature brand is now tribalism: all of us in different ways are victims of a white male Christian heterosexual patriarchy—or a current 20 percent hierarchy that past and present has supposedly oppressed anyone not like themselves.
14D. In contrast, our differences define who we are, and are not incidental to the content of our characters. The salad bowl, not the melting pot, is the new national creed.
14E. America is to be a conglomeration of competing tribal parties in the fashion of the Balkans, Rwanda, or contemporary Iraq.
14F. [D]o not mock the tortuous labyrinth of mutually exclusive intersectionality. Treat it instead with fear as if one enters the crossroads with Dante’s warning at the gates of hell, Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate (“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here”).
14G. The 2020 Democratic primary is a showcase of these intersectional Balkan wars—race, sex, class, and comparative claims on victimhood that cannot be reconciled by comparative set-asides, quotas, and reparations, much less by a self-appointed, ….
14G1. … supposed all-knowing, all-powerful old white guy like Biden, playing the role of Alexander among the squabbling city-states and Macedonian tribes, or Napoleon both channeling and transcending the bloody factionalism of the French Revolution, ….
14G2. … or Tito suppressing tribalism by an all-encompassing authoritarian leftist dogma.
14H. Intersectionality ends not by compromise, but by implosion through its own utter nihilism that sees humans as collective cardboard cutouts rather unique individuals who transcend their superficial appearances.


Read the rest here:…
14I. This is the endgame for Marxism in the modern Democrat Party. We saw it on display during the two “debates” this week. We elect fools who spout intersectionality – and Democrats! – at our collective peril, folks.
15. To summarize the week:

15A. Conservative Steve Stockman’s politically-motivated harsh sentence may be reconsidered.
15B. Thanks to Project Veritas, we obtained confirmation about what many have suspected that Google is hard at political bias against @POTUS and is aiming to influence the 2020 election.
15C. Obama’s former UN ambassador and “chief unmasker” Samantha Power has herself been unmasked as a political hack in her recently disclosed emails.
15D. ACLJ obtained records confirming that Obama DNI Clapper facilitated last minute policy changes to allow wide sharing of raw SIGINT across the federal government, setting up all the leaking to the media by Obama embeds in 2017 and 2018.
15E. Next, we learned that a gun crimes study showed that guns used in gun-related crime were usually obtained just before the crimes committed, and that better enforcement of existing laws would prevent many of those crimes (not new anti-2A laws).
15F. The first increment of the Star Wars bar scene resulted in a host of inane quotes from the pretenders.
15G. In the second increment, we learned that the healthcare plans of all 10 of the Democrat pretenders would provide taxpayer-funded free healthcare to all illegal aliens. That’s the end of their chances in 2020!
15H. Next, we finally have confirmation from an official source to a long-suspected blockbuster story: the Chinese really did hack Hillary’s email server. And remember that the Chinese rolled up our spies and sympathizers and executed a number of them, too!
15I. Then, we found out that Border Patrol agents have noted a 30 percent average reduction in arrests of migrants along the southwest border within two weeks of implementation of the U.S.-Mexico “Remain in Mexico” policy for asylum seekers!
15J. This week’s news was wrapped up with VDH commentary on the Democrats’ exploitation of Marxist-driven intersectionality as a basis for their ideology going into the 2020 elections. They must be defeated at all costs in order to preserve the Republic!
16. The news trends remain positive for @POTUS and conservatives – but we must search for those golden nuggets in alternative sources, as the legacy media are hard over in maintaining the Democrat narrative going into next year’s elections! Happy reading, folks! ///The end.
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