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1) The attempted murder of an independent journalist named Andy Ngo is a turning point in the undeclared civil war our Nation is now experiencing. The purpose of this thread is to collect the information that I have.

2) "Attempted murder" is the right terminology for throwing cement at someone's head while hitting them about the head.

The cement can get in the mouth and cause death.

One punch to the head can kill someone.

3) This is a screenshot of independent journalist Andy Ngo being interviewed by Portland health personnel after being attacked at a protest on 6/29/19. He described the attack against him in the video, and I also saw the attack livestreamed myself.

4) This is a screenshot showing the cement-colored liquid in his hair and on his face.
5) Portland Police, 6/29/19: "Police have received information that some of the milkshakes thrown today during the demonstration contained quick-drying cement. We are encouraging anyone hit with a substance today to report it to police."

6)"Video of the attack shows Ngo being beaten by several Antifa attackers and having 'milkshakes' thrown on him.Portland police said the Antifa milkshakes reportedly were made with quick-dry cement.When wet, cement acts as a chemical agent that burns skin."thegatewaypundit.com/2019/06/andy-n…
7) 6/29/19, 11:23 p.m.: Harmeet K. Dillon, Ngo's lawyer, tweeted Ngo was undergoing treatment for a "brain bleed."

"Update to @MrAndyNgo supporters — he is being admitted to the hospital overnight as a result of a brain bleed."

8) "Brain bleed" = "brain hemorrhage"

9) 75% of people who suffer a brain hemorrhage die.

10) 6/29/19, 7:46 p.m.: This is Ngo's tweet showing himself in the emergency room (ER) for treatment yesterday.

11) This photo published by @DailyCaller appears to show the immediate aftermath of the attack. Ngo is clearly soaked in this substance.

12) This is video of the attack itself. It was posted by local newspaper The Oregonian (oregonlive.com). You can see Ngo bent down and trying to shield himself in this screenshot.

13) The paper described this as being "roughed up" and characterized the situation as one where "rival demonstrators clashed."
14) You can see one man filming the attack. He isn't wearing a mask.

Others are watching.
15) The attackers close in on Ngo. They are clothed fully in black, their faces concealed.
16) The attack continues.
17) This is the moment where the liquid substance is thrown at him.
18) It appears that someone is spraying him with the liquid - see the stream of liquid coming down from the upper right.
19) The person doing the spraying is wearing not just a mask, but what looks like facial protective gear and a padded black bodysuit. You can see the person on the right side of your screen with their arm extended.
20) 6/28/19, 5:15 p.m. - Ngo tweeted that he was "nervous" about being attacked while covering the 6/29 rally. He shared a screenshot showing his name.

21) Here is a closer look at the screenshot, which states: "We realize there are many valid reasons why people cannot engage in physical confrontation."

26) "Attacked by antifa. Bleeding. They stole my camera equipment. No police until after. waiting for ambulance . If you have evidence Of attack please help"

27) "On way to hospital. Was beat on face and head multiple times in downtown in middle of street with fists and weapons. Suspects at large."

28) 6/29/19, 4:33 p.m. Video posted by @Jimryan015

"First skirmish I’ve seen. Didn’t see how this started, but @MrAndyNgo got roughed up."

29) Ngo being continuously sprayed with a thin spray that kind of looks like silly string. Then a shot of him with head bent down, hands up in surrender, walking away.

30) What does it mean to "milkshake them all?"

:17 in this video shows another angle - the gloves worn when Andy Ngo was bashed in the head.

This thread is about covering what is happening and therefore I am sharing another point of view. Do not construe this as endorsement. This person is not endorsing violence against Ngo.
Lauren says she personally drank the milkshakes and “they contained no cement.” (Punching someone in the head can kill them however. We do not currently know what Ngo’s health status is.)
Correction from Ngo lawyer to #1: calls the attack “felony assault” not “attempted murder.”
Correction to #8: “brain bleed” less severe than “brain hemorrhage.” Anyone have more information on the severity of Ngo’s condition?
It would be helpful also to know in determining the specific crime legally whether the intent of the person punching Ngo in the head matters more, or is it the outcome that matters more.
This is another video showing a beating of another person. I assume it’s from the same protest, same day (6/29/19) but don’t have more info.
U.S. Ambassador to Germany and friend of Andy Ngo Richard Grenell calls for investigation.
I am trying to determine the Antifa argument here.

So far what I see is - Ngo provoked it deliberately; we will defend ourselves; violence against us is ignored.

Has anyone said it was right to smash Ngo in the head?
Part of why I am doing this is to unify people around the concept of shared facts. We can’t rely on external authorities or the media alone, and our worlds are so walled off that we literally cannot speak across them anymore.
@tedcruz wants a Federal investigation into the failure of police to protect Ngo.

This is a separate matter than judging Antifa. Anyone exercising their First Amendment rights should be protected, period.

Part of the reason we are currently in an undeclared civil war is that someone decided it’s OK to take away people’s freedom of speech because we disapprove of what they have to say.
It doesn’t matter whether Andy Ngo is good, bad, in it for the money or himself or whatever; he has a right to be there. Does he not?
6/30/19, 6:55 pm (you see Tweets in your own local time I believe; mine is Eastern) Malkon Tweets that Ngo is still in the hospital.

I appreciate her motives but dislike it when people politicize everything instead of trying to understand first.

Because I am concerned about national security. And I feel like there is a concerted effort to divide us from one another. This makes us ripe for invasion.
What the enemy does is they come into our country and ally themselves with a pissed off group. Then they turn the pissed off group against everyone else.

The pissed off group pisses off everyone else and soon enough it’s civil war. That is happening.
As a sociologist I want to know where the mayor is, where the police are, etc. to stop the violence.

I don’t expect individual people to stop it, because they affiliate with groups (“community”) that surround and brainwash (“love bomb”) them. There HAS to be a bad guy.
If we as a society continue to polarize, defining any group as domestic terrorists will lose meaning completely. It will be “your opinion” not an established fact.
Similarly law enforcement will become (it’s already becoming) YOUR police not MY police, etc. We see border enforcement agents accused of being criminals and the New York Times actually publishes a call to dox them! nytimes.com/2019/06/29/opi…
Can we trust that the unknown substance thrown at @MrAndyNgo will be tested?
The people who were at the protest likely know who doused Ngo with the substance as well as who punched him in the head with that deadly looking glove.

Will this be investigated seriously enough that their names are given up to police?
Wanted to go back and add that there were 3 protests on Saturday.

- 1 “involving” the Proud Boys
- 1 with Haley Adams and the “HimToo movement” (conservative)

- Counterprotest that included Rose City Antifa

We could probably have an extended discussion about the ideologies of these groups but I am not going to do that here.
Here is a really good meditation on the current state of affairs.

Basically we are either going to decide to be normal or we are going to have all out civil war with endless justifications for the terror.

If we are going to be normal this means we have to stop making assumptions and focus on the facts.

We can’t infer things we don’t know and demonize people we don’t know.
Speaking as a Trump supporter - I believe we have to try to understand other views even if it’s hard. Because that will allow us to stay centered and focus our energy where it matters, which is the system.
I guess I will stop this thread now. I hope Ngo is ok.
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